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Posted: 6 years ago
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He saw jasmine strings on her shoulder, a string was on her front... she turned and felt her plants, roses and the bougainvillea
She saw his feet and quickly withdrew her hand... "Hey" "kaun tha?" she asked clearing her throat

He walked over... "Where?"

"On the phone?" she asked


"Is he going for the drink too?" she asked

He nodded

"Maybe then u should go" "usko kitne din se nahi dekha" she informed him

He turned her around and stared at her face "what did ur teacher say now" he mocked gently

"Kuch bhi nahi" she said forgetting the lie she had earlier used...

"I thought u were upset about forgetting your class"

"Oh! haan" she smiled sheepish  "i just texted her... I have to pay her so I will ask Amma to pay her"

"Why are u crying now?" he asked patiently

"Arey kaha ro rahi hoon main" she said
Her cheeks were pink and her eyes moist... "I am just just" "Ummm u know" she began to tear up

He hugged her warmly...

"Amma dropped off the flowers" she felt him inhale a string "I just feel Amma Appa love me unconditionally..
I dont think I will ever be able to live up to how Akka is" she said

"What did u do?" he asked

"What did I not do" she chuckled

"OK ... lets approach it differently... what did Akka do?" he asked

"she takes everything in her stride... she knows about everything and everybody... she would never do any dumb ass things... NEVER" she listed

"U do too" he said softly gently moving from side to side

"Mujhe koi idea nahi hai... I breeze through life... clulessly, so I think its a good idea to be told" she choked up gently

"Did Akka scold u?" he asked

"Umm... nahi... I feel Amma Appa.. are too kind... they sent flowers, magazines and home made besan ka ladddoos" she cried

"Do u want to go see them" he offered

She nodded... "aise jaati rahoongi... kab tak jaati rahoongi? nahi?" she cried

she shook her head

"Tum Sam ke ghar jao main Amma ke" she traded

"No" he said moulding her to his body "Clever" "But no"

"u can stay up until 4" she said and he kissed her

"Go for an hour after work next month" he said possessively

She laughed on his chest... "Agle saal kyon nahi?"

"That works too" he said smiling...

They stood breathing heavily on each other...

"Its so muggy" "Lets go in" he requested

"We can pretend light chali gayi" she chuckled

He shook his head

"Do u have power outages here?"

"I cant recall one" he said

"Becoz u are next door to an embassy?" she asked
He nodded

"This is like the PMO then" she said shutting the door, pulling the curtains on both sides

"Or Rashtrapati Bhavan" he offered

He checked his texts as she picked up stuff from all over the lounge...

"Manny is back" he said

"Hmm" II nodded

"I can ask what Sam's doing, do u want to go?" he asked

"No... I have to be at work at 8, Monday traffic at the border is terrible" she said matter of factly walking over to the study desk in the sun room

Her laptop was hooked to the huge iMac... "thanks for the chair" she said softly

It was a comfortable new leather swivel chair you could take a nap on...

"The office has three monitors..." he informed

"I am so busy doing nothing I hardly work from home now" she leaned on the window sheepishly staring out South

"Do they have Bally's replacement?"

"Expedited" the email chain says" "When the bosses want something its always expedited" she lamented being on the lowest rung on the corp food chain

"U could start your own data analytics for FMCG II" he offered softly

It wouldnt pay squat the first 5 years during ramp, she couldnt afford it with a Lakh a month in expenses alone

She would love to do FMCG and the job... but the day only had 24 hours

"Do u love what you do?" she asked looking deeply into his eyes

"every bit of it" he smiled

"How do u manage board seats with your funding role?" she asked  "Is that rude to ask?" she asked quickly

His hands in his pockets turned into fists, tight ones...

"U mean board seats conflicting with funding role? he asked being particularly dense

She shut and open her eyes... getting a clue he was getting angry

"I am trying to show interest... I dont want to be perceived as nosy or prying" she said softly

"Do u want to pretend we are not married?" "Will that help?" he asked huskily

Her eyes lit up... "that might help" she noddedEmbarrassed

"Only for the next 30 minutes" Blushinghe warned, and watched with smug satisfaction as color rose up her cheeks

Her self consciousness over her inability to shed the "wife" title thrilled him

"Do u want to time it?" she flirted... twirling her gajra

"I trust you"... "on this... for the half hour" he muttered... watching the color turn dense on her cheeks

As if he doesnt trust her with anything else esp.. when it came to matters of being honest...

She asked how they handled proposals that involved bargaining for a board seat...

"Some times $50,000 is all it takes for a company to build its product" "We sometimes write a check at the end of the road show u know"

"Its like handing monetary gifts to nieces for birthdays?" she asked smiling he nodded
He took a step forward... he saw her slink back to the window

"Venture capital is where we invest other people's money in exchange for a board seat...
other people's money like large pension funds for which we hold fiduciary or trust responsibility"

"If u were to split the business across the center which do u do more?" she asked

"Angel investing... its exciting... its quick... we turn money faster, we work with younger people, we work with younger companies, lots of promise"

"What if someone thinks there is potential for venture vs angel how to agree?"

"Its not one vs the other venture is atleast $5M, large established companies that are building a new product,
they dont know how to market, or find customers for existing ones, usually a tangible product like lets say... umm... he pulled one out of a book... book marks"

Suddenly reminded of how he proposed she quivered...

"Paper, warehouses, cutting machinery laminating, designs, marketing..." he listed

she nodded

He talked about who amongst the 7 is crazy about board seats, who loves bio tech start ups vs digital tech startups vs Information mgmt...

"32nd minute" he said closing the gap pinning her on the window... as she dodged...

"What do u do when someone is unaware of the power of her own sexuality?" she whispered

"I would probably want more data" he said tracing a finger along the edge of her cami...

"No images? only data?" she begged pushing his face away from her curves

"Neither... I would just expect you to replicate the problem"Blushing he said inexorably, opening his mouth on "his" moles where his name resided not too long ago... watching her buckle under heat and arousal...

Picking her up and walking towards the day bed in the corner

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Isse kehte hain commodity exchange ROFL
Banda bada punctual hai... Har cheez mein ROFL
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Posted: 6 years ago
30 minutes.. ROFL
bookmarks... Clap
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 yeh itna achcha kyun hai bhai? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

 yeh itna achcha kyun hai bhai? 

She has NO clue how attracted he is to her. She is the perfect combination of good looks, intellect, innocence, and sexualityEmbarrassed

She thinks he is just attracted to her physicallyBig smile
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Originally posted by Ashu25

Isse kehte hain commodity exchangeROFL
Banda bada punctual hai... Har cheez meinROFL

I love ur one liners
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by charlie1950

Originally posted by Ashu25

Isse kehte hain commodity exchangeROFL
Banda bada punctual hai... Har cheez meinROFL

I love ur one liners

Mujhe laga kisi ko samajh nahi aayega
Thank you :)

Yeh liners automatically aajati hai.. With the flow of the tale Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha kya ek aur milne ki aavashyakta hai aaj Big smile
Ya hum sochein yehi kaafi hai Ouch

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