Software Symphonies 18 Democracy & Heels on 150 - Page 85

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

not ashu LOL
ishruhi...(no problem...just kidding) bad!Embarrassed
Mistake committed in my half-awake stateOuch
Posted: 7 years ago

wow that was a brilliant update...according to Ishita her married life is too messed up but when you see it from Vandita's point of view the message is loud and clear every marriage has its share ups and downs and it just depends on people as to how they deal with them..according to me Vandita is facing bigger problems and I really felt bad for her plight and I just wish Bala was a little more considerate towards the situation...on the other hand we have II and R&B these two never let any chance go, it seems like they are always ready to attack and strangle each other's throats with their scathing remarks and actions...well I agree R&B was downright mean and his words hurt II but II too should have seen things from R&B's points of view..II needs to understand that the fight between Ranjan and Raman is not just a father-son ego clash, the reason is much, much more is scandal which literally killed Raman's mother and R&B blames his father for it, so it is obvious R&B just cannot go and pretend to be all goody-goody, strike a conversation with his father and Ishita cannot expect Raman to forget the bitterness suddenly..yes I also know II is not wrong in wanting the father and son to be in talking terms yet I somehow feel she should not push it and give it time...things will fall in place automatically..see for example R&B for whatever reason it may be he helped his father during the mess created by Samar and R&B's chacha...although he may never accept it nevertheless Raman helped his father indirectly...this shows R&B respects his father but he cannot just go be all friendly with him, share a drink with him because the hurt of the past exists and the wounds of the past still hurt and they would take time to heal..and just because Ishita wants things a certain way does not mean it will happen.. they say other side of grass is always green and this is true for II, because she sees a slight problem in her married life and she ends up comparing her life to Vandita and how she wants that life, well I am really glad Vandita being the sensible one explained to II in her own way that all that glitters is not gold...II feels Vandita's life is a bed of roses, but the truth is, it is not...I guess Ishita has to understand this and I have no problem in II camping at DII, it is her home and she can come and go whenever she wants but I just wish II stops landing up at DII as soon as there is a slight turbulence in her married life...I know II wants R&B to come and get her and yes R&B would come too, but I am also wary of the possibility that if this continues than their might be a time when R&B might not come to take her and in-turn both will be left away and longing for each other..I know that this rootna-manana phase adds a little more spice to their recently married life but I wish these two are more communicative and I feel they need to stay Appa is happy that his Ishita is staying at DII but yet he fails to realize though Ishita is residing at DII her mind is elsewhere..I am sure II these days at DII would have been like 'body present, heart and mind absent' because I am sure though II was naraz with Raman he would have solely occupied her I liked how Vandita told II "I have a house I LOVE my husband unlike you who looks for every opportunity to run away from yours"; though it must have been hurtful for Ishita to listen to this it was much needed because as I mentioned earlier II cannot really always come running back to DII as soon a problem or difference of opinion may seem like I am supporting R&B more but that is not the case, I just feel yes he may be mean yet he is not uncaring and indifferent, if he was then he would never have landed up at DII woh bhi bin bulaye...his landing up there shows he cares and cares a lot..I really wish this time around during dinner Mr. Iyer should asks Raman indirectly if he has come to pick II...R&B should say he has just come to have dinner at DII as Vandita invited him and he should make this clear to Mr. Iyer saying II can stay back as long as she wants in DII and this should in-turn make II understand she cannot take R&B for granted and this time to Mr. Iyer's shock II should insist on going back to Malcha Marg with Raman...ohhh...I really would love this...I hope II and R&B patch up soon...I really feel sad when they are away from each feels as though a part of their soul and heart is missing without the other... loving the updates Nisha..I am totally in love with your writing is simply awesome..keep up the good work going...please do continue soon...waiting for the next update eagerly...Day Dreaming

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by vibhutii

BangBang wala hrithik as R&B par b karooo hi5 ROFL

i know R&B ki body hrithik wali nahi h... :(
vese hrithik mera fav. nahi h...

No hi5
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader bad!Embarrassed
Mistake committed in my half-awake stateOuch

no problem.. Wink
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

No hi5

Pata thaaa... u would say this only... I KNEWW IT LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Prince & the moatBlushing

Appa: Why do u park three blocks down u shud park on the side by Ishita's window
R&B: its usually taken sir!!

Appa:No no! its too far, its an expensive car it might get scratched, there are many pranksters in the area

R&b nodded at the concern

Amma:I was JUST telling her to invite you


Amma:she makes good Chinese, when she is here, I thought she should make...

R&B sat down in the corner seat of the sofa...

Appa:I went to Bala's to drop food off, Vandita is here no

R&B nodded
Appa: His parents are missing Vandita... I told them I have both my daughters at home so I wont sympathize (Appa obliquely took a pot shot at R&B)

R&B just looked on

Appa: Vandita needs rest... Bala is very kind, he has told her not to go for any errands, he takes full charge of it all

R&B smiled

Amma: Would u like coffee?  I only have Frooti or Fanta for cold... Mr Iyer or the nurse can go get coconut water from Moti Bagh intersection

R&B:Oh! No! I am good water is fine

Amma:No no... you must have coffee
R&B I am OK i just got out of a work meeting
Amma smiled sitting down

Appa: Bala is using this opportunity to have the house cleaned for her

R&B smiled again

Amma: Their family is big no

R&B nodded
Amma: Athai is supposed to be in NOIDA but she is mostly here only (distressed)

R&B nodded
Appa:SHE LOVES VANDITA Enna pesare nee (what are u saying) Vandita is adored

R&B: she is very kind

Appa:Yes yes... kind, adjusting, hard working and caring...

Amma: ishita is caring and impulsive (smiling) she means well

Appa: Vandita is blunt (so what if Ishita is impulsive)

R&B watched, amused at Mr & Mrs Iyer warring over their daughters

His wife was nowhere to be seen...

Amma: Ishita wants to be everything for everyone (softly, sadly)

Appa:Its her GOOD NATURE!!!

Amma: she is young, she will learn hopefully (Somber)

Appa: She can change the world, she is brilliant... she has an illustrious career ahead...

Amma nodded not caring to explain to Appa what context she was even talking about

Amma: They say tavippu in tamil it can be translated into "agitation, angst, restlessness" in her attempt to "cure". She will take actions that are... um... ummm.. ummm

Amma searched for word

R&B:Reckless? (softly)Blushing

Amma nodded startled

Appa: If u dont take chances in life u cannot achieve LOL

Appa was a million miles from the mother in law son in law conversation
He always feared this "unusually tall white man" he was sure he was here with an agenda tonite like take away his darlingOuch

Appa: Madhu... u must tell him about the plans both sisters have madeEvil Smile

Amma squirmed

Appa: they have all the activities lined up for the next 10 days

Amma: U can send her if u like

Appa:He is here for a visit (smugly)

Amma:Avala kootindu poha vandrikaan (hes here to take her home)

Appa looked at R&B like.. "You are no longer my friend" Appa crossed his arms across his chest and felt his veshtis edge, plotting his next move

His face looked like  II chose her  R&B/best friend from school, and he was her "neighborhood friend" and upon seeing her best friend from school
he was going to be dumped


Amma had shut the other half of the door on her way out... when she came back she found the sisters in the exact spot she left them in

"INNUMA MUDIYALA ONGA SANDA?" (Are u two still at it?) she asked startled  "Are we just like the families we talk about?"

"Ammma stop it" Vandu scolded her quickly wiping her tears on II's shoulder  "We are not fighting"

"Thats nice" Amma smiled in disbelief

"Ida thittittu namba enga poradu?" (after scolding the brat where will we go? We all have to live here only) Akka chuckled

"MEAN!!" II hissed

Akka kissed her forehead  "U are good kanna"

"Can I come to your house this weekend?"

"Why? u already have a topic to fight over on Friday?"

"Shhh!!" II eye singalled Akka since she couldnt use hand gestures Amma was standing right there

"U CAN COME BUT WITH HIM" Akka said smiling

"If Shravu is home he will come" she said with envy

"ONAKKU Shravu pidikalam avanukku pidikka koodaada?" "Idu enna logic dee?" (U can love Shravu and not him?)

"Yep! thats pretty much it" she said smugly

"Do u atleast let him love u or do u say "Only I can love you?" Akka sniggered


II: The latter!  she hugged Akka warmly trying to hide her flaming cheeks

Amma:Porum dee paasa malar between two sisters (Paasa malar is a famous movie about bro-sis bonding)

Vandu: Po deee go change and make my Chinese

Amma: A French man is here!Blushing

Vandu began to laugh...

II blushed the only French guy she knew was her RakshasanBlushing

II:Is he tall ma? (softly)

amma: Hes sitting down so I cant tellTongueEmbarrassed

Vandu: OH! HO!!!!!! Vanduttaan... to take her home... she likes to torture him... and he likes to be tortured... and very soon it will spill over to and tortue all of USROFL

Akka smacked her on the back teasing

Amma: Change kanna HE IS HERE

II: he has seen me after a long day so he knows
Her heart began to race she could feel her collar bone throb at the pulse on the base of her neck vibrated... she quickly tucked stray locks of hair behind her ears
Checking her appearance surreptiously...
Vandu: Amma YAARO DRESS CHANGE PANNIKKA MAATALAM but she will pretty herself up secretly (she wont change)

Amma smiled smugly, happy her  daughter was aching for her husband

II stopped immediately  "Umm... My hair was all over the place" mumbling

"Vandu:and he hasnt even touched you yet!!!
Akka giggled heartily

Amma: Vaango dee rendu perum velila (comeon over to the living room both of u)

Vandu:WHY ME MA... I am tired I want to rest I will rest here... (winking)
So II cant meet her husband privately in her room

Amma: Enga room la poi paduthuko

Vandu: Why? Oh! right Akbar is here for Jodha!!

Akka cracked herself up uncontrollably, II smiled softly...
Amma: Appa is the crocodile in the moat!!!

II burst out laughing at Amma's sharp sense of humor

Vandu was stunned she stopped laughing for a second and began with more energy...

amma: I am going to go chop the bok choy the carrots and cabbage..
and set water to boil for the Chinese noodles... seekrama dress pannindu vaa di front room ku(quick quick)

II:should I shower?

Vandu:I could send him and he could help

II: Can u?

Akka started walking away...  "Ayyyo" "I was kidding, do u have any cute clothes ka?"

Akka: no no... bala only likes me in garbage bags and sacks CuteAA? what does that mean

III:AYYYO! I am sorry I asked what u brought...

Akka:Sarojini Nagar market maternity clothes... (chuckling)

II: I think I have a pink saree I left in March...

II opened her Godrej and found the saree...

Vandu:Becoming all gharelu or what

II:One can only try

Vandu left her chuckling

She showered and braided her hair, he opened the door and sauntered in she was looking for a orange scuncie in the big plastic
hair accesories box in the chest of drawers


She dropped the box... the 100s of safety pin clusters, hair pin wads, scuncies, bindi strips scattered all over the floor

she leaned on the Godrej mirror, he placed his hands on side of her head, by her ear... and began checking her out...
She? Ermm... she was dead too long ago for it to even matter to her BlushingBlushing
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by bluebell11

Originally posted by ishruhi

Originally posted by Seriousreader

Why does Vandu think Bala is a wimp?

may be bcoz she feels he is pretending not knowing vandithas discomfort on their everyday life.he cant find a solution to make her life a lil bit easy...and he cant make any strong decisions regarding his parents...then he finds its better to ignore some of vandus problems than trying to sort it out...

I think every wife wants a husband who's her knight in shining armour..
Bala's practicality doesn't quite fit with that idea..but in a middle class scenario he can't do much about it.
i think when vandu says he's a wimp she means he can't take a stand for her..letting her quit is a privilege he can't really's out of his reach in a way..
but then he hasn't even offered it..that would hurt any wife just the way vandu is


Great analysis

Wimp not only for that reason alone Wimp also in matters concerning Athai and his parents he cannot tell Ambala Anna "My wife is going to have a baby we tried to have one for 7 years it worked... its a risky pregnancy CAN U PLEASE care for Amma Appa for 6 months?

Har family mein kisi na kisi ka undue advantage liye jaata hai, in Vandu's its Bala... he is the best son in law but when it comes to his own matters he is weak as a  noodle

In Bhallas its Ranjan and Sam to a certain extent
Posted: 7 years ago
Im the first,hayee long update:-D

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