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Posted: 6 years ago
Wishes to Nisha n Prayers for the Quiet one nhis motor mouth
13 is considered to scary/spooky for some reason... This thread could either make for good memories or serve as a threat in their three week old marriage, its upto Nisha ki gaadi ko left ghumaati hai ya right. :)
Am ok whichever way it turns, as long as it diesnt hit a dead end! :)
Wishing you another 3000 parts for this tale n many more that you will entertain us with!
Posted: 6 years ago
I guess it's official now... 13 is no longer an unlucky number, atleast as far as this thread is concerned... though for II it seems that it might be indicative of some turmoil.Ouch

Regardless, thank you so much Nisha- for this reprieve, escape, universe, creation, labor of love... whatever you want to call it- thank you very very much!

This is for you and our resident number 1 Surya Fangirl, the reason that these threads seem to get eaten up so quickly with such interesting interactions... here's to you both- to Nisha & Ashu!Cool

PS: Please let's ignore the hint of 'guyliner' on those eyes...ROFL

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Posted: 6 years ago
Wow 13 already!!!awesomeClapStar
Regarding movers and shakers I had one thing since i am from the field. Typically software is developed by developers from dev labs then you have consultant teams from the same company installing it in client sites something along the lines of IIs team and big companies have to go through rigorous painful certifications before deployment so when scalability is in question its normally software and hardware comparability issues or some bottleneck, typically old shops have slow old hardware it will crash no matter what so it's like egg and chick you ask the hardware guy he will say software is the issue and vice versa LOLLOLLOL
So I don't think it can be Kmpgs full fault they can't sell sub par software they will be chewed by competition . In SoSy world it's perfect cause she deals with software and he needs to own up to his companies  hardware faults  other than just sending emailsWink You know which department I belong to nowLOLLOL
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Posted: 6 years ago
Of "Giving" & Ghatothkach

Ranjan called at around 9 panicking "Where are you betaji?"

"Umm still at work Dad" she said clearing her throat, the girl that cried uncontrollably on being
separated from her husband of two weeks was strangely unaffected by work turmoil
thought every lil change she was informed of today impacted her fully

"U must come home, I promised Mr Iyer you will be home by 8, if he were to visit I wont have any answers" Ranjan said worried

"Dont worry, Dad Periappa had test appointments today, they cant always get a Saturday so Amma & Appa both were off today" II told him somberly

"U should atleast have sent your car" Ranjan said

"Oh! no, Dad has his car" II said firmly... it was unreliable and clunky... it needed a new carburettor around her wedding, it was over 10 years old

She had left the Rs.8 lakhs or so in her Godrej... refusing to take any of it week after her wedding, and yesterday

"If the new car is not booked, I will ask my FIL to gift one to you" she had threatened supreme humiliation for Appa

Appa nodded bitterly... "No new car is needed why do we need new car, I have chartered until Amma's
book is done she can take this car, and to go to NOIDA or Munirka or Katyayani Temple in Mehrauli... Amma can take this car...
thats the farthest we go. Gurumoorthy Mama is in Dubai for 3 months" Appa listed everything out bluntly

"Lakshmi's husband Venkat has been posted in Delhi now, IDBI... u will have to go see her sometime, Janaki Athai is the
only one that really cares for our existence, other than Periappa, so her daughter Lakshmi should be cared for" II mocked

Appa squirmed...

Amma eye scolded her and the topic had ended

"Amma naa solliyachu, Appa order panraar illena I am going ahead and doing it... I will order a Maruti Kizhashi,
Dad was saying it costs Rs.18 lakhs ex showroom. We will only have to pay taxes" II said
(I told Appa I am telling you, take action in a month or I will)
"ayyo vendaam dont do it" Amma warned fearfully

"Buy a good car... I HAVE A JOB..."II pleaded

"Beta" Ranjan called out

II returned to earth
"Umm I dont know kitna time lagega mera ek project plan print ho raha hai" II muttered

"We have printers, we have 60 inch monitors at home, two, three... jitna marzi puttar. Dont waste time come over" Ranjan ordered

II smiled "Jee Dad" "have u eaten?"

"HOW CAN I? i asked mr Sitaraman ji to come he has cooked an authentic Iyer meal I shall wait" he said like Lord Krishna's character from a historical soap

She clamped her hand on her mouth "Mr Sitaraman to cook A CASUAL EVENING MEAL? He must have charged Rs. 2 grand?"

"In an hour Dad... I am hitting cancel on the job... but do let me know if the printer has toner, nahi to main ghar nahi aaoongi" she asked worried

"U havent seen the first floor office, I can open a Staples" Ranjan laughed

"Phir theek hai" II smiled finally

There had been many a nights where her job had been interrupted because Amma had been printing all day, manuscripts
of her book or lesson plans or test Q papers and the printer had no toner...

She packed her stuff and got off the elevator and walked towards Ranjan's Merc... Dhyan ran to open the trunk, she set her bags in, and leaned back as he drove to C Puri

Spoke to Akka on the way... to check on Periappa's tests "most were "OK" they had ordered for an extra renal test"

"Nee romba gudikkaade" Akka warned (Dont get excited) "U are newly married, so calm down... ava paathuppa" Akka whispered (Amma Appa will take care)

"Paavam Amma Appa" II said

"What would u do if you were in the US? Summa daane iruppe? Varuviya tirumbi idukosram? (ull be quiet right? Or will u return?)" Akka demanded

"Hmm" Ii nodded reluctantly

"Appa is any way out of control, they are super nice people, we should treat them with some respect kanna" Akka coached

"I am going to that house even tho Rakshasan is not returning Wed" II was furious

"Hmm" Akka cringed when she heard... but didnt over react... knowing her sister was ready to explode...

"I told him angeye iru" (stay in Europe) Ii said smugly

"If he stays then dont come to Munirka crying" Akka warnedBig smile

"I wont..." II said coollyAngry

"How was first day di?" Akka asked

"i was promoted AND they gave me a raise, PORUMA?" II spat out

"ayyo EVLAV KOVAM... kozhandaikki" (kitna gussa baby ko) Akka worried

"Bally is getting promoted, Gurtej is quitting... and I have to work for some new guy or woman, starting April" II's fears were apparent

"Ayyoyo really? See what u did? U shud have stayed single" Akka burst out laughingLOL

"Shut up, naa vekkaren" II hissed (I am hanging up)

"Call pannu di avanukku paavam cutie (call R&B) akka did sifarish

"avan ethana kuduthan?" II asked disgustedLOL(How much did he "give" you to say that, in Tamil give and Pay are used interchangably)

"He only GIVES YOU" Akka cracked a risque jokeROFL

II was ready to run someone over with her car... sex was not on her mindLOL

"Aiye CHEEE... BAD JOKE... PO KA" (go away)" II cried "Get number two out and ask Athim to give to you" II muttered smugly

"Ida paar... ipdiye sollindu next month u will throw up" (Keep saying that but u'll be the one nauseous next month)ROFL

"Enna enna Hindi movie alla soap heroine nenacheya?" Ii warned angrily (Did u think I am a Hindi movie or a soap heroine?)Confused

"WHY? Others can get pregnant too" Akka cracked yet another bad jokeLOL

"I told him not to touch me... um... ummm u know(without protection)" II mumbledEmbarrassed

"CHO CHWEET, he cares for your wishes see paathukko" Akka gushed

"Porum romba urugaade, he DIDNT.(wear any protection)..immediately after my cycle" II blushed (stop it!!! zyaada pyaar nahi jatao)Blushing

"SEEE I TOLD U... I KNEW IT I KNEW IT" akka jumped in her bulbous stateBig smile

"Cheee go sit in KV Andrews Ganj 9th standard Bio class ka, ummm I ovulate starting Thursday... so we are safe... every month if he is gone for two weeks... I will never get pregnant" II lamented.. "No sex, no kids"

Akka felt terrible... they were pregnant, yet Bala and her... did the best under the circumstances... and her sister was going to bed by herself the last 4 days...

"Dont push him raja... u provoke people.. dont do it" Akka said softly

"Sure!! I will be the angel. Poruma?" II said unemotionally...
Shravu yelled for Akka's attention "Amma ONE MORE DOSAI... QUICKKK AMMMAAA"LOL

"Kathaade da... one more time... vai la maava oothiduven" ROFL(i'll pour the batter in your mouth)

Shravu, being an incarnation of Devi II... screamed LOUD-ER

"Avana thittaade" II ordered (DO NOT SCOLD HIM)

"Pinna enna panradu dee, seriyana ghadotgajan(Ghatotkach)   4 dosai saptachu no wonder your Rakshasan feels affinity towards him" Akka laughed hysterically
(What else should I do, hes eaten 4 already)LOL
Akka hung up as she poured the sizzling batter on the steaming skillet.. cursing the tyke on the side...
"Anda karandi sambar la podaade da" (Do not put that serving spoon in the sambar)Embarrassed

II's stomach rumbled...she leaned back counting seconds as the driver turned into Moti Bagh Rd...


She didnt check her email, she knew there were texts from him, she didnt check or look... she showered and changed in less than 15 minutes and flew down the stairs almost sliding on the rail like Shravu
Sitaraman Mama had cooked the BEST "evening" Iyer meal, small onion vetha kuzhambu (sambar without dal)
and potato fry and cabbage curry with grated coconut, lemon rasam and papad and... pooran poli and milk poli,( a variation of pooran poli)Day Dreaming

He served on a banana leaf... chatted about all and sundry Mamas and Mamis... II couldnt keep up after a point she just hit "record" on her phone... to share with Amma laterROFL her brain was so fogged up with hunger pangs

She waddled up to the first floor logged on sent the job to the printer... came down... ate another batch of polis... and crashed in the guest bedroom across from the Master

Ranjan shut out the light, and shut the door...
R&B had texted "Is she home?"

"Yes yes... umm.." Ranjan struggled wanting to say "puttar" like his brother did to his kids... or "betaji" or "son"?

"Thanks" R&B said crashing Ranjan's hope... ending the conversation

Something told Ranjan... an endearment sent unaccompanied would get lost... so he just sat on the swing... and stared at the moonCry

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Posted: 6 years ago
Awesome Nisha.

The best thing in all this is your ability to keep the variety coming. Quite a feat really. Appreciate all the effort.

While we fight it out in the real world, you have created a cosy corner for us to tuck in and dream and discuss and fight and fume.

Thanks indeed.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by EnVee

Awesome Nisha.

The best thing in all this is your ability to keep the variety coming. Quite a feat really. Appreciate all the effort.

While we fight it out in the real world, you have created a cosy corner for us to tuck in and dream and discuss and fight and fume.

Thanks indeed.


Its a sartorial, culinary, symphonic, emotional, humorous, technological journeyBig smile  I am glad it has all the elements you appreciate

Posted: 6 years ago
I notice Deepali after the LONGEST TIME

Posted: 6 years ago
congrats Nisha...may this journey never ends...was not an active member of thread 12...:(:(..hope 13 turns out luck for me...R&B ke liye toh pukka unlucky hai but...girl is gonna fry him and i love that...

astounding feat Nisha...its not easy to post 3-4 chapters on a daily basis for such a long period of are really a fantastic writer...yahi umeed hai ki apki kalam kabhi na ruke...Edited by nidhi.b23 - 6 years ago

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