Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 94

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Posted: 6 years ago
Thousand words worth a picture

She first spent some time with Periappa... telling him everything about Malcha Marg... the house her closet... the kitchen
the yard and the birds she spotted... he cooed and drooled

She hugged him and cried, "Subbu va paathen" she told him and didnt say anything else

She went into the kitchen to help Amma make pooris, she came back to the room to ask if he will have something to drink first

She knew he would say "Beer" if she asked... it was a warm day over 85F... too hot for him, he was wearing formal clothes also
She went to her room, and found him face down as usual on her bed, she quietly increased the fan speed to 5 walked around to the other side of the bed
"Ummm... are u asleep?" she whispered  "U need a hair cut every week da, ethana mudi (so much hair)
kozhandai ku " she chuckled softly giggling at her own use of "child" to refer to him
"How can u sleep so fast? Na anju nimisham kooda pola (havent been gone for even 5 minutes).
I think we will need AC in March this year, we say that every year and we act like its the first (she giggled)" He grabbed and lay her down

"Even when u think aloud, do u speak a paragraph?" he asked baffled

She blushed... "Ummm" "uh"
His longgg fingers on her rib cage...
"Sorr-Eee I dont have many one word "thoughts" hugely offended she turned to leave
His legs told her otherwise... strong and unyielding... she struggled pushing his fine grey fabric-ed things
His spotless white shirt smudged with her vermillion around the third button, she smelled like a man...
thanks to the warm weather and hours of driving... and her non centrally airconditioned house.
It was gloriously arousing though... that and the fact that she was laying by him IN BED when her parents were outside
He was on her neck... she clutched his hair however she usually liked to... and pulled he only heard moans

"Can u wear sarees more?" he asked HE HATED THE LOONG kurta he didnt know where
the goddamn thing ended and when he slid his hand underneath, he encountered the chudidaar, its like she was sewn to her clothing

He found her bare belly finally, as she convulsed... he took advantage of it and bent down on her mound...
there was no anklet today thankgod ...her bangles must have made enough noise as it is... fluttering...
 as her body throbbed and quivered, arching and moaning
"Ayyo!! this is my parents house" she begged panicking.. inadvertently she had switched from "my house" to "parents'" in 5 days... he wondered how it came so easily for women
He was thrilled albeit...

She freed her chest with great difficulty and offered her lips in agony, she couldnt even hold his head to feed him her lips she shook so bad
Minutes passed... and when he lay on her... their gasping was most likely heard outside.

"Do you have something I can read?"

"I brought them over to.. ermm.. Malcha Marg"

"I might have Harlequins or Mills & Boons in the study" she giggled he nipped her jaw fingering her nose ring

"Its probably too explicit for me" HE SAID


"Or my CPA prep books or 10th 12th grade Commerce text books" she said thoughtfully, cuddling

"Did u doodle on ur books?"

"How do u know? Practiced writing Mrs Ishita SR Khan" she laughed uncontrollably "or on  some days "Ishita Y Singh" for Yuvraj Singh" she saidROFL
Or on very highbrow bookish days practised my acceptance speech for RBI Governership or Economic Policy Advisor to the PM" she said seriouslyClap

He lifted his head up to ogle... he didnt say anything... just looked... JUST... he could turn her into a mush, he should know that by nowShockedEmbarrassed

he saw the color travel up her cheek.. she warn wrapped in his arms... she had tousled his hair completely... his lips were swollen as hers
He was fascinated by her...

"So U didnt draw pictures" he said... mocking.. like she was a weirdoWink

"When u can say it with a thousand words why waste it on one picture" she muttered...Embarrassed

HE SMILED FULLY... he knew THAT but he smiled FULLYEmbarrassedBig smile

she blushed stronger

"Between SRK and Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor) who turns you on more?" he asked huskilyBlushing

(he saw she had bought the magazine with him on the cover
 from Crosswords on 5th one day and read it all the way up to her desk on 7th, she had even gushed to Sree about him)

"YOU" she wanted to say but didnt... closed her eyes hoping to shade her scorching face with her lashes...Blushing
He gently placed his cheek on hers...

"Do u want something to drink, before lunch" she asked through dry lips...
eyes closed laying on her back, an arm over her forehead, mystified at her own physical response to him
"Beer!" he said

Amma had made paneer and chholey and stuffed capsicum...
Appa had gone and brought some ice cream and Amma made kheer, no chhappan bhog but delectable nevertheless

"Mami epdi irukaar" Amma asked about Gurumoorthy Mami
Mami had some serious illness and was "recovering" she heard...

"OK Ma... she didnt look very good paavam" II said
Those folks were wealthy (well may be not so wealthy as Subbus but wealthy) had enough finances to help them tide through stuff
GM Mama helped Appa years ago when Appa was new to Delhi... in hsi 20s Appa still had the gratitude

"Guess who I saw Ma" II said


"Subbu" "First Spectrum la then umm in Hamilton Ct, avanum anga daan irukaan (he lives there now)

Amma stopped rolling pooris out

Appa wandered in... "Yes yes Rohini Mami was saying they have their own Tamil association in Hamilton Ct" Amma quickly changed subject
Appa: The ex- Industry Secretary is there, the former Finance minister lives there now, very posh...
GM Mama is a good man, good things happened to him his kids are doing good

II nodded...

Appa: Is he asleep?

II blushed... "ille pa" (no)

Appa: Madhu quick if he wants to sleep feed him lunch first

Was Appa rushing so that dude can sleep and he can have his daughter for long? or did he really care for the tired dude

Amma:U can go chat with him

Appa:Umm... I have to go D II 912 to see Mr Mulay for a bit

They both wont make the first move II realized, Bala would be in the living room laughing and talking loudly discussing Sun news

Her rakshasan had just tormented her and was trying to take a nap... he would read if he had brought his book.

Amma whispered after Appa left: Enna sonnan rascal? (Angry)
II: Onoda Appa othindu iruka maatale odi poi pannindeya nu kettan (ur Dad must not have agreed did u run away from home)

Amma: ayyyo-yooo (clamping hand on her mouth) I wish.. grrr I wish I wish grrr (she cursed), nee enna sonney? (what did u say?)

II: Aamaa sonnen (giggling) (Yes I eloped)
Amma: ADI PAAVI (My word!!) Romba kozhuppu onakku (u are too much)

II smiled smugly

Amma: Avar enna sonnaar? (eye signalling towards II's room)

II smiled... gratified  "not a thing ma"

"Good u didnt "do" anything foolish" with Subbu illena innikki u wud regret it" Amma said

II groaned "Ayyo Ma, u have no idea what a fool I was..."

Amma: R&B is very refined
II watched her mother's expression become pleasant and peaceful


Amma was done in 20 minutes, she set the table.

She went in to wake him "Lets eat da" "U can come back and sleep?" she rubbed his back gently

He stretched... got up used the rest room to wash up and came to the dining table.
Amma and Appa both noticed his smudged shirt exchanged a look... II did.. he didnt have any clothes here...
Appa: She said u have a meeting
R&B nodded quietly...

II sat by him the first time in her parents home... Amma served rotis he only ate 3 though Amma made the softest phulkas

Appa asked about his company, he talked about how they assess proposals and the analysis they do, all in less than 5 sentences

Appa nodded... Appa loved talkers... but this son in law only nodded
Bala would have talked about it long after washing his hands even.. citing examples, drawing maps and pictures
Subbu was argumentative


amma: did u meet GM mama?

R&B: Yes he is very knoweledgable

Appa: Yes yes he was  Home Secretary between 1988-1991 he is an IAS u know..

R&B nodded... to Iyers bureaucracy was an addiction like gambling or alcoholism... R&B didnt know that... well not yet...
Iyers can talk about so and so being a so and so someone in government as far back as Nehru's times
RK Puram germinated out of Iyers' love for the government many would say
Like Muscat and Dubai germinated out of Mallus love for Middle East

You can take an Iyer away from the government but cant take the govt away from him/her

Appa talked about every Ministry he knew of from 1975-2015...
so as to keep it as impersonal as possible not wanting to know about the dude.

Appa:I wanted Ishita to apply for IAS or IRS... no not IPS POlice is corrupt, the Commissioner is in the pocket of the politician (dismissive)

R&B looked at Ishita, she was telling Amma about GM Mama's house and the complex

Appa: She didnt want to work for the government, I see a lot of disillusionment in your generation, thats not good
R&B didnt say a thing

Appa: i saw her as an IAS... I STILL DO, she can test until 30, you must convince her

Appa: what is there? U go from office to office... IAS has prestige (like every Dad always dreaming high)

II: Its corrupt too Appa... no not in Gurumoorthy Mama's times but in THESE TIMES

Appa: She is very brilliant, she is made for big things (YOU MARRIED HER AND HAVE INTOXICATED HER WITH THE PUNJABI SEX APPEAL)

R&B: I agree (softly)

Appa: I want her to achieve a lot (DONT BE TEMPTING HER WITH SEX)

R&B: agree (softly)

It bothered Appa that R&B was so into his daughter...
his "intellectual, smart well read" daughter was being seen as a sex object by her husband... what a crime!!

Appa: when do u return from Paris?

II:I have to be back at work on 30th

Appa: come stay here for a week (order) Did u see Amma bought new bedsheet for your bed? the divan cushions are also new

Appa in a very cute way tempted his baby dangling her room in front of her
II:Paathen pa (I saw) Amma it looks gorgeous
Amma: Mrs Munjal the Sanskrit teacher she does this now its all from her (PROUD)
II smiled...

Appa was missing her like hell... if it was possible he would pick R&B up and swing him a few times and toss him like a shotput... off to the North Pole
Amma: She has to learn the ways of that house (smiling at R&B)

Appa grunted...

R&B ate quietly... as usual with a inscrutable expression..



Posted: 6 years ago
Taara and Adlin are missing too
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

i have to leave for a team lunch in half hour ... lets see hoga ki nahi

Team ko lunch karne do...
Aur beech mein washroom mein chupke se padh lena LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
@nisha i responded on page 93
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

i have to leave for a team lunch in half hour ... lets see hoga ki nahi

Team ko lunch karne do...
Aur beech mein washroom mein chupke se padh lena LOL
nee maaramateya di..Ado update vandachuuu
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

i have to leave for a team lunch in half hour ... lets see hoga ki nahi

Team ko lunch karne do...
Aur beech mein washroom mein chupke se padh lena LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Originally posted by Arya1991

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

i have to leave for a team lunch in half hour ... lets see hoga ki nahi

Team ko lunch karne do...
Aur beech mein washroom mein chupke se padh lena LOL
nee maaramateya di..Ado update vandachuuu

Naan yeddukku maaranum? Confused
I'm perfectly happily insane. Thank you very much.Big smileLOL
You can change. And I'll keep R&B.LOLWink

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