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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Thanks so very much everyone. I have to thank Columbia for planting the seed in my mind over PM. If it werent for her I would have long quit IF since I quit watching the show mid Dec...
She planted the seeds and took off for Grad School (Thank God I did mine a decade ago otherwise I would have dropped out)

This story has given me the most wonderful opportunity to meet so many people from such different cultures and social settings. Its just a run of the mill story of two people based in Delhi... I am no writer and have no published works or anything

This is a fantastic getaway from the troubles of real life, YOU ALL MADE IT HAPPEN.

OK off to write the next one...I promised Vikas I will bring Subbu in so have to write that before weekend ends...
I can continue for a couple more weeks if people still wanna read their marital journey.  We can all call this story our "great escape"

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING. You all pulled me out of anonymity.

P.S. Nivi I saw your poetry... BEAUTIFUL... will respond when I am done posting the next chapter

Hii Nisha dii, First sorry for not commenting regularly but i broke my hand so i was nt able to write but i hv read yr each and every update after u post it.. i want u to continue till eternity..jst go on on and on and on...dnt end it...its like food to us...and i love to read each and every comment dat the SOSY fans post and dissucions...and I AM ADDICTED TO IT no more ending talk...we willl never get bored...continue it for nth thread...Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
When's 'the update' coming?
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

my bronchitisHug ridden friend Shevane how be you... miss you ... hope the fever is gone and ur kid is eating mac and cheese

Hope you feel better ShevaneCry

My 7 year old has a cough now for two months, redefines chronic they cant find anything
He ruins my sleep and I write SW SymphBig smile
Works out I guess

I hope he feels better soon. I hate but I  use Nebulizer  if the cough persist for more then 1 week in kids. Also do malish with Luke warm oil on the chest  as in making heart shape and also in the back, and of course on the throat. I am drinking vegetable broth with some salt and that's helping.( it's not tasty but I drink it like tea in a cupLOL  , give him ginger tea my gori peds always recommends. Last is get sitopladi from an indian store. Mix it with honey and give that. I think hamdard makes it. Last resort grate ginger, take the juice mix it with honey. That stops the dryness in the throat. 

aaw Nish hope our Shravu inspiration gets better its the horrible time of the year :-(, i have heard about honey too..
@ shevane glad you got the sitter in .. confined to a room not fun .. theekh hojayega they give antibiotics right?
feel better soon and yes ur house is ready for your putter Hug
Posted: 6 years ago

Sam led her to the room by the "Groom", Manny followed handing instructions on the phone to someone
HER family had abandoned her!!!!!!!!

HOW could theye they all sat around and talked and laughed like she didnt even exist. The Iyers had disowned her? All in the matter of two hours?
How could that be? They all smiled and greeted her congratulated her some pulled her cheeks
and kissed her cheek to wish her muttered risque questions in her ear about sex and suhaag raat but they didnt walk with her

Sam: What would you like to eat Ishita? Appa said they had started to serve lunch since it was a early muhurtam
II: Umm... I dont know... I am really thirsty... (she climbed the steps slowly one at a time)
To say she looked gorgeous with the "just married" look would be an understatement

The various garlands around her neck, specks of vermillion at many spots on her forehead,
the blouse for her madisar a skimpy puffed sleeve in gold/cream with tiny pearls sewn all over and a zari border over the trimmed elastic
She looked like the 1920s Iyer bride with kohl lined eyes and puffed sleeved blouse
(Author's note: I totally stole that random chick Janani's muhurtam blouse, SO GORGEOUS)

And the henna minarets almost upto where her sleeve ended... her skinny slender arms encased in choora...
the antique looking ruby armlet snug a an inch below her sleeve... the thick yellow cord of the mangal sootra sat over offwhite jasmine and crimson rose garland
The two M shaped pendants glittering and new, she had noticed his fingers be coated with turmeric powder after he tied the knot... she had left her mark on him
When he had placed his long arm around her to apply vermilion on her forehead the crowd had cheered and clapped, it was a "religious hug" as she sat by him after the Muhurtam
with one leg drawn up and the other touching his... knee after he had applied it on her forehead he was asked to smear it on her heart she had felt his hand briefly
Cold and slender... he couldnt get to her skin through the folds of the saree, but the image to gawkers was of him "touching her".
There was a thunderous laugh at that scene... as well, she had blushed looking down at his hand... he had withdrawn his hand/arm
after following the sintructions politely

"You have no idea how pretty you look in this Iyer outfit" Sam gushed "I wish I had gotten married this way"  "Dont be afraid Ishita we are here for you"
She squeezed II's arms tight...
Manny: I am sending Great Aunt and Co to yours aaj raat ko


Sam eye signalled her

Manny: Arey she will be happy right? She has the house to herself
Sam:Mannnyyy!! Shut up yaar
Manny winked @ II " I am doing u a favor hon

II sealed her lips and walked almost to her room, Sam pulled her elbow "Udhar nahi idhar" she giggled

Amma's bhajan mandli had finished eating and were sitting around on the dhurrie enjoying paan and chatting,
some dozed off leaning on the wall, being a early early morning muhurtam, they all had left home at 5 or 6 AM

Bala Mami waved at her, she turned to Sam, "Can I go say hi?"

Sam burst out laughing "Oh hello, u are not a prisoner. I am taking you to his room to rest, JAOOO GO MEET HER"
Manny was again on the phone Sam talked to Tan about lasya using the opportunity

Bala Mami: Enna? Athukarar vandara? (winking) (Has hubs arrived?)

She nodded shyly... her MIL's jhumkas dancing...
Rohini Mami: Okkaru paapom onnoda jewelry (sit lets see ur jewelry)

Bala Mami: muhurtam saree Amma Mahaveers sonna, SOOPER AA IRUKKE? U coordinated everything to match the ruby red, very nice"

Usha Mami: I like the blouse its not the plain red ille? Its different, is it from a boutique?

II "Saree is from Mahaveers, blouse is Anusha, Mama's daughter's friend has a boutique in Nungambakkam she sewed

Bala Mami: Everything u were able to manage in three weeks, paiyyan jaasti time tara maaten sollittana? (the boy was desperate to marry?)

II blushed furiously... "Ummm avanku...(quickly correcting herself) avarku Paris pohanum in March" (he has to go to Paris in March)

Bala Mami smiled "Parava illeye odanne AVAR nu mathinuttaye? (nice nice u change usko to unko)
II continued to blush

Sudha Mami: He looks SO handsome raja, so tall and lean... piano mridangam edanu vaasippana, veral ellam evlav neelam" (in awe)

(Does he play any musical instrument his fingers are so long)
II: Ummm..


Bala Mami: jaasti pesa maattano? (doesnt look like he talks a lot right?)
II nodded shyly

Bala Mami: Nee pesinde iruppe, avan pesave maatana? seriya pochu po (u wont stop he wont talk? niice)
Usha Mami: He will listen to HER

Bala Mami:Doesnt look like the paavam listening type Usha... nanna shrewd aa irukkaan (very shrewd)

Rohini Mami: Ival enna kammiya ival seriyana vaal (is she any less she is very naughty too)
Bala Mami: I know I sound like Kamakshi Athai but we will be very happy if you make Amma a grandma soon, double bonus this year it will be Akka in August, you in December?

II stood up immeditaley "No Mami... I have work... LOTSSS"

Husky and helpless against the onslaught of Mamis

Rohini Mami: Honey moon enge?

II: Ummm Paris...

Usha Mami: Moorthy Mami ponnu ippo paris la daan irukka Rishbh nu per avanukku avanum
North Indian daane, but he is not so handsome as your husband kanna (Moorthy Mami's daughter is also married to a Northie  she lives is Paris too )
Mrs Vasan that had been quiet all this time "Ado anga phone la pesarale ava rendu perum sisters aa? (are they his sisters?)

II nodded

Mrs Vasan: THEY are not very tall


Bala Mami: Nathanar osarama irukkanum nu yaar sonna (giggling)
(The SILs dont have to be tall)

Mrs Vasan grunted " Where is the boy?"

II: downstairs...


Bala Mami: when he is talking with his French friends he looks and sounds French only (very happy)

Mrs Vasan went back to texting really uncomfortable

Natesan Mama and Mami had given the wedding a miss citing Mama's bypass,
Appa had grunted "Ival Sree proposal reject pannitta epdi varuva? 30 year friendship all gone in one stroke...
dont u think Sree would have heard about the wedding?"

Amma had shushed him as II had come by to the living room to pick up the newspaper, two weekends ago

II:Mami I want to lay down (softly)

Bala Mami: Seekram po, avan vandaan na toonga vida maattan (go quick if he comes by he wont let you sleep)

She blushed red... nodding

Walking back to Sam, Sam and Manny did a namaste to the Mamis politely

They took her to his room... it was spotlessly clean now, Minion scampered out giving her a toothy smile
There were stacks of magazines on the table in one corner... a Nike tote bag and a
unpretentious black suitcase lay in one corner in another corner there were many bags and suitcases...

"I dont know where your things are how can I look for your charger?" Ii worried

Manny: OK sun I am going out with Vik for an hour to meet a friend, be back for the afternoon game thing

Sam:Please you cant go now Lasya has a cough I am waiting on the Doc... or will go with Dad to his Doc
Manny: yaar Ill be back soon

Sam:OK send her friends no... she will be bored

MannY: will do

II: Can I change? (softly)

Sam: i am sorry I dont know... let me ask Vandu... please rukogi?
II nodded,
"Can I atleast take the garlands off?"

Sam "Oh sorry sorry let me help you
Sam took many pictures first... and then took pictures while she took them off watching her long braid catching on every garland
The braid decorated with ruby medallions all the way down...
"U have no idea how beautiful u look Ishita" Sam smiled

"I miss my Ma, she ould have loved you" Sam cried

"Thanks thats very sweet" II nodded graciously

"I mean in my wildest dreams I never imagined he would agree to get married and pick someone like you"Sam said

"I know I am way out of his league" she said somberly taking the last one off

"OH NO OH NO NOT IN THAT WAY... U are WAY out of his league... I mean the Iyer boys downstairs were simply ogling at you..." Sam giggled
II " Everyone looks nice on their wedding day
Sam: u two look the best... I dont think Ive been to a made for each other wedding like this one in a loong time, cant believe its my own bro's"

Sam got up wiping her tears...

Gently one after the other 7 came off... leaving her neck bruised, sore and red... with the yellow cord, a gold chain on which one of her wedding pendants will go on later
And a ruby necklace...


M hadnt come to the wedding... was she here but just not at the wedding? Would she come by later? Whose sister was she?

shutting the door on their way out... she wandered looking for the charger... the drawers had a bunch of other stuff but not a iphone 6 charger
She wandered to the bathroom she found HIS THINGS there the aftershave the can of shave foam Gillette not some unknown French brand
And  some male scent... and her favorite tube of after shave... "Oh good" "I am protected"

She leaned on the wall and looked at her reflection smiling slowly... turned sideways  admiring her waist... and the armlet... "no phone no selfie" she muttered

I HAVE ONE" he said taking a picture of her leaning on the bathroom door staring into the bathroom mirror, her braid in front hand on her wedding pendant

They stood staring interminably... they heard sounds from downstairs and outside people chatting laughing cars leaving arriving... random ring tones from phones

"I am still searching" (for the charger) she said

"I  see that" he mocked softly,
Sure! U are admiring ur "Just married" look in the mirror U LIAR!!

"Ummm I never looked at myself this morning" II grumbled

he placed his hand on either side of her head bending down

"Kiss me" he demanded

She felt her insides implode... a landslide of organs systems blood and whatever was inside her

She wore MAC Diva today on her lips creamy and moist but yet it was dry... she moistened

"Yep thats a a good idea" he whispered agreeing with the wetness

He leaned forward. she held his waist, his veshti under his tee... the red and green neatly folded edges layered over his belly
fanning down...

She dodged his lips... he held her chin

he felt the ruby border on her face... softly carressing every inlaid stone...
 felt her triple diamond clover nose ring... his toes... gently flirting with her toe rings intermittently


He LOOKED like an Iyer but did not kiss like one, she was a Punjabi by marriage but did not kiss like one
He tasted like coffee... he sucked her lower lip for the longest time... she groaned clinging to him

There was no one to take a picture of their first kiss as a married couple

Leaning on the bathroom door, wearing veshti & madisar
their tongues met... and they both buckled on contact...
They savored the taste and feel for the longest time... tongue wars... she gasped pushing him away

"So is this an apology? (for not appreciating my dance?)
"Nice try, we will talk about "things" when we get home" he warned... nuzzling her neck

(Paying for the cars and offering to pay for the Doc?)

Inadvertently he had used "home" for Malcha Marg, the first time in 4 years...

"If u let me go I will tell u where ur charger is" she said holding his hand... it crept on her blouse sleeve
 counting the tiny pearls... and then moved to her braid counting the ruby medallions

The pallu was on her right shoulder exposing never before seen (in a saree) skin on her right mound... exposing a tantalizing mole

"Only if u say my name" he bent to taste the mole...his hand on her pendants... cool and firm.."say it II" he insisted growling like a tiger
in concealed passion...

She tousled his hair pulling his head up, letting her yellow cord & pendants slide to her right curve,
she hooked her fingers on his sacred thread on his wrist pulling his hand away..

He was too stubborn

"RAKSHASAN!" she muttered hoarsely

He smiled his half smile

But continued to plunder her

"R&B" she begged

They both smelled like havan smoke and flowers

. he nipped the mole... sucking on her skin over her blouse? saree?...
His lips roved... kissing the tip of her mound... over her saree and blouse
soaking her  yellow cord, moistening kissing and nibbling the yellow gold pendant...he opened his mouth and took them in
tongued pendants...

EROTIC? Of course not... he is only sucking on my dumb pendants... they happen to be on my ermmm... something about the rasp of tongue on the coarse fabric of her blouse, something about his lips on the tiny pearls sewn on the fabric... grazing.. sucking?

AYYYOO!! U TORMENTING B------her every pore tingled like he manually rubbed every inch with a feather tip
"Raman" she said weakly, buckling... on him in defeat

He kissed her fully on the lips she tasted the turmeric from her cord...

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Posted: 6 years ago
You're trying to kill all of us, aren't you?

Ever heard of AutoEroticAsphyxiation?
You've caused a new one - BibilioErotic Asphyxiation (totally made up that one)
And. I just realised I'm mostly going to die because of that and you're to blame.
Such hotness. And that too not even so explicit.
I swear, my heartbeats are like a hummingbird's wings, fluttering away at blurred pace.
And I'm breathing like I was the one R&B was working on. Panting, more likely.
Personal fave was him suckling on her taali.

And. All this gushing is just for the last bit.
I just couldn't hold back!

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

You're trying to kill all of us, aren't you?

Ever heard of AutoEroticAsphyxiation? 
You've caused a new one - BibilioErotic Asphyxiation (totally made up that one)
And. I just realised I'm mostly going to die because of that and you're to blame.
Such hotness. And that too not even so explicit.
I swear, my heartbeats are like a hummingbird's wings, fluttering away at blurred pace.
And I'm breathing Liked was the one R&B was working on. Panting, more likely.
Personal fave was him suckling on her taali. 

And. All this gushing is just for the last bit.
I just couldn't hold back!


Thanks for gifting me a strange medical afflictionBig smile
Nothing more erotic for a Iyer woman than to have her tirumangalyam sucked on by her dude two hours after the wedding while she stands in her madisaarBlushing
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

You're trying to kill all of us, aren't you?

Ever heard of AutoEroticAsphyxiation? 
You've caused a new one - BibilioErotic Asphyxiation (totally made up that one)
And. I just realised I'm mostly going to die because of that and you're to blame.
Such hotness. And that too not even so explicit.
I swear, my heartbeats are like a hummingbird's wings, fluttering away at blurred pace.
And I'm breathing Liked was the one R&B was working on. Panting, more likely.
Personal fave was him suckling on her taali. 

And. All this gushing is just for the last bit.
I just couldn't hold back!

Love this new word, totally perfectWinkWink

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