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HOLA! So, this follows the QH storyline somewhat, this is after Asad and Zoya's initial wedding, let us pretend that Tanveer doesn't exist and AsYa realized how crazy in love they are without all of that ugly stuff!

: This story is mature, so if you shouldn't be reading it, don't? I don't want to scar little children okay? So if you are in anyways uncomfortable with sex...then don't read this. Duh. But if you like reading about sexytimes, especially AsYa on!


"ALLAH MIYAH! HELP ME MR. KHAN!" I felt the chills move down my spine when I awoke to that sentence. I shot up in my bed trying to figure out where the scream was coming from, scenes of the past flashing in front of my eyes, of all the times her life was in danger. "ASAD HELP!" She yelled again.
I threw the covers off the bed and ran out of the bedroom and towards to the living room only to come to a screeching halt trying to take in the scene in front of me. Ammi and Tamatar were dying of laughter while Zoya stood in front of me with her iPhone pointed right at me, a huge smile on her face. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her standing before me in one piece and then I felt confusion settle over me.
"Finally got you Mr. Khan!" She said smiling at me before sliding a few thing things around on her phone, I heard the all too familiar shutter sound of her camera before she turned the phone around so I could see the screen, her giggles reverberating off the walls among Najma's and Ammi's.
My mouth fell wide open in shock as I took in the picture on her screen. "Happy Holi Asad." Zoya whispered before dissolving into a fit of laughter. My face was covered with about five different colours, I had a red forehead, pink cheeks, a blue moustache, a green nose and a purple chin. I didn't know how the colors got one me or when they got on me. I was a light sleeper on most days, I didn't know how she managed to do it without waking me up.
"You scared me, I thought someone was trying to kill you again." I glared at her.
"Ooops. I just didn't want you to go to the bathroom and wipe it off before we saw it." She said looking almost sheepish.
"Zoya-" I started but was interrupted by my mother clearing her throat.
"Well we'll leave you two to fight this out." Ammi snickered. "Najma and I are going to Khala's house. We'll be back...soon."
I noticed that the two of them were already dressed, in white clothes, with a bunch of boxes in their hands for the Holi party. Zoya was still dying laughing as she high-fived Tamatar who was giggling as she walked past Zoya. I rolled my eyes at all of them, I was almost used to being the target of their laughter being the only male in the house. I stood their waiting for them to leave so I could have a word with my wife.
"Your face!" Zoya laughed. "I told you that I could do anything! This more than makes up for the failure of last year." She grinned at me. I smiled her and waited until the door closed shut. As soon as I heard the thud of the door and the sound of disappearing footsteps I looked back at her with a grin.
"You're so dead Mrs. Khan." I said as her eyes grew wide. Zoya was always a quick one and before I knew it she was running past me towards the room, but she forgot that I had longer legs and thus more speed. I quickly turned around and chased a giggling Zoya into our room.
"Asad, what are you doing- DON'T I'LL THROW THIS AT YOU!" She said picking off the pillow off the ottoman by the window and throwing it at me, she missed by a metre and it flew and hit the door.
"Scared?" I teased picking it up and putting it back where it belonged, on the ottoman as she jumped around the room.
"You're funny, not scary. But I have the perfect way to scare you." She grinned jumping up on the bed with her slippers still on. "I have my feet on the bed, are you scared?" She said walking around on the bed, another pillow in her hand.
"Get off the bed Zoya." I groaned, she was stepping all over the sheets with her shoes.
"Why, scared the bed is going to get dirty?" She teased knowing me all too well as she started jumping on the bed laughing, I groaned, and definitely not because the bed was getting dirty.
"Nope." I said leaping towards her, but she moved away last minute and I ended up falling on the bed, the white sheets were now colourful from the amount of colour on my face, it should have bothered me but it didn't.
"HAHA YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME!" She yelled at me before leaping off the bed and running towards the bathroom. I sprinted after her, shaking my head at her stupidity, she should have ran out of the room rather than running into a smaller room. I stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind me, locking it before looking at her, her eyes grew wide when she realized that I was blocking the only way out of this space.
"A-Asad, what are you doing?" She said backing away from me as I stalked towards her, she looked adorable with her wide eyes and that worried look about her face.
"This was payback! You drenched me last year!" She yelled defensively as I stalked towards her, she was moving back towards the wall as I moved towards her, exactly what I wanted.
"No, that was retaliation for you breaking into my room and putting colour on my towel, hoping that I'd use it." I said cornering her against the wall, I noticed her gulp when she realized she was stuck. "This is payback." I whispered moving in closer to her and pressing her body against the wall with mine before leaning in and dragging my cheek against hers. I felt a shiver run through her body as her hands found purchase on the sides of my kurta, she clenched the fabric in her hands. I loved how I still had the same effect on her even now, and sometimes I loved to pretend that she didn't effect me the same way, but the truth was that she affected me like no one else ever did. I pulled back and did the same thing to her other cheek smothering the pink colour all over face before nuzzling her neck, I smiled when the colours blended together creating blobs of the different colours, her white shirt now had purple on it by her neck.
"This is so unfair." She whispered, her voice a bit deeper than it usually was, it did that when she was aroused and it was the sexiest thing in the world, especially when she whispered my name in my ear like that.
"Now we are even." I murmured.
"But you drenched me in water! How is this even?" She whined.
"Hmmm, and you looked so sexy with your hair all wet and your clothes clinging to your curves." I murmured running my hands across her covered waist and to her stomach and she let out a moan. "I really wanted to this then too." I ran my hands from her stomach up to her breasts before pushing her hair to one side of her neck.
"What happened to your tameez and tehzeeb then Mr. Khan?" She murmured as I moved in closer to her neck and ran my lips along the column of her neck.
"You are one who called me a dekhe layak cheez and eye candy." I murmured against her collarbone as I dragged my lips across the skin of her exposed neck and shoulder.
"I was just making an observation." She murmured.
"And you weren't thinking of doing what you are with your hands right now?" I mumbled, her hands had found their way to the front of my body, the palms laying flat against my abs, they somehow always managed to stray there.
"Maybe." She mumbled, I was sure she was blushing underneath all that color and it made me smile. I picked her off the ground causing her to let out a little scream. "Asad, what are you doing?"
I didn't reply but pulled her into the shower stall and turned the water on but pulled her away from the initial cold stream as the water heated up. "Cleaning myself off." I said moving us under the stream of warm water, I felt the water hit my face and clean the colour off.
"You drenched me again." She whined. I opened my eyes and looked down at her, she looked beautiful with her hair plastered to her skin, and the little drops of water that seemed to just stick to her skin.
"That was the plan."
"My clothes are wet. You could have let me take them off, I like this suit." She whined as I traced her cheek with the pad of my thumb trying to get the pink colour off.
"But then how would I get to live my fantasy of taking the wet clothes off of you?" I teased.
"Wow, you were such a pervert Mr. Khan, dumping water on me and thinking of stripping me down." She teased pressing up against me and making me hold back a moan.
"Says the girl who walked into my bathroom while I was bathing."
"It was an accident."
"You could have left rather than just standing there."
"I was stunned by the abs." She laughed, her hands grazing the front of my shirt again before her hands trailed up to the buttons on the kurta. "Why are we standing in the shower with all our clothes on?" She asked unbuttoning the top few buttons.
"Because you talk too much." I murmured pulling the kurta off.
"Hm, much better." She murmured tracing the indents of my stomach with her nails, I couldn't hold back the groan this time. "Now, Mr. Khan, are you going to take these clothes off of me or what?" She smirked making me laugh, she was definitely something else.
"Maybe." I said running my hands to her back and up towards the wretched zipper I knew was at the back of her suit. I toggled with the zipper and pulled it down slowly causing her to huff in annoyance, she was an impatient one. I leaned down and took her lips between my own as I slid the zipper down all the way, she slid her arm out of the top and it fell around her waist leaving her in just her plain lace white bra. I think I was going too slow for her because she unsnapped the bra from the front and slid it off her arms.
"Much better." I whispered repeating her words as my hands found their way to her full breasts, tracing the right nipple with the tip of my finger before pinching it, and like always she let out a loud moan. I bent down and bit the other nipple and her hands tangled into my hair, holding me to her. I licked, bit, laved and played with her as she moaned louder and louder.
"Off." She said as her hands travelled to the waist of my bottoms and then over my erection that was straining the material. It was my turn to groan when she squeezed it over the material. Her fingers pulled the strings and the bottoms fell to the ground along with the boxers, I kicked them off my feet and reached for bottoms when she wrapped her hands around my erection, running them up and down the length.
"f**k Zoya." I groaned as she worked her hands up and down. "Stop distracting me." I mumbled undoing her bottoms, they refused to slide down her legs themselves, the wet material clinging to her legs. I heard her giggle as I bent to pull them down taking her white panties with it.
"Aren't the wet clothes lying around bothering you?" She teased with a smirk as I threw the clothes to the side.
"I am definitely not thinking about that right now." I murmured sliding my hands up her legs as I stood upright. And I wasn't, whenever she was in front of me naked, cleanliness was the last thing on my mind, rather the urge to own her, to mark every inch of her body, taste her and have her was overwhelming.
"So back then, were you thinking about this?" She murmured moving closer and wrapping her lips around my Adam's apple before kissing down towards my chest, her hands once again found their way to my abs.
"Maybe." I groaned, my eyes closing, as she bent down and licked the indents of my abs, this woman drove me absolutely crazy with the things she did with that mouth of hers.
"And this?" She mumbled and before I could say anything else her mouth engulfed me and my head dropped back while my hands found purchase in her soft hair. Her tongue was swirling and licking while her hand pumped what she couldn't fit. "Hmmm?" She hummed her mouth still around me, and the little sound made my whole body shiver, she was killing me.
I pulled her up and grabbed her hips pulling her closer and kissing her roughly. She moaned as my cock rubbed against her wet folds. "You didn't answer me." She smiled when I pulled away.
"Maybe." I said.
"I am not liking these maybes." She groaned as my fingers found their way to her dripping folds, I ran my fingers across her wet flesh and groaned at how wet she was.
"Maybe means yes." I whispered.
"Well then I maybe wanted to do that back then too." She mumbled.

"You're killing me." I said grinding against her again before picking one of her legs up and pulling it over my elbow before lining myself up at her entrance before slowly entering her, and like always she let out a loud moan and threw her head back as I slid fully into her. I groaned at how tight she was like this and my head fell into the crook of her neck, her nails dug into my shoulder as I pulled back against and thrust back into her quickly.
"A-aaasad." She moaned in that deep raspy voice I loved as I thrust back in and out letting out grunts of my own as her nails raked down my back. as every thrust pushed her up the wall she was leaning against. The water continued to fall over us.
"I might have thought about this a lot too." I murmured against her ear and she let out a little mewl which turned into a scream as I started thrusting harder into her.
"Maybe I did too." She whispered causing me to move back from her neck and look at her, her eyes were glassy and hooded as she looked at me.
"I love you." I whispered before hooking her other leg over my other arm so that I was essentially carrying her, both of her legs were over my elbows and she was completely against the wall, she let out a little scream when the angle changed. "Better?" I whispered leaning my forehead against hers and she nodded as I started pounding into her again. Her eyes never left mine even though I knew that she was fighting to keep them open.
The cries coming from her were causing my resolve to slip and I felt my muscles tightening in wait of release but I had to feel her coming around me first. I needed it. I kissed her hard and swallowed her moans, they intermingled with my own groans. There were way too many sensations at once, her nails were scratching at my back making me shiver, her moans in my ears were driving me crazy and the feeling of her wet and warm softness around me made me want to scream. She was so soft everywhere, her breasts bouncing with every thrust, rubbing against my chest.
I pulled her away from the wall a bit causing her to lean back more, the next time I thrust into her she let out a scream louder than any she had let out before and I knew I was hitting the right spot. "Come for me." I whispered into her ear and she gasped and screamed out my name as her walls clamped down around me, she whispered my name over and over again and it pushed me over the edge. I buried my face into the crook of her neck as I felt myself shudder and release inside of her.
I don't know how long we stood there, me still inside her as the bathroom filled with sounds of the water running and our pants. "You okay?" I whispered pulling my head away from my neck.
"Hmmm." She nodded with a content smile as I pecked her lips. She let out a whimper when I pulled out of her and put her feet down on the floor.
I turned the water off and pulled a white fluffy towel hanging outside the shower stall and wrapped her in it before grabbing another one.
"So...if I get dirty again, considering today is Holi it is bound to happen, can we do this again?" She mumbled causing me to laugh.
"Maybe if you don't scream as loud." I said.
"Excuse me! You screamed louder than me!"
"I did not!"
"You did! You didn't even notice it! You were growling like a f**king lion."
"I was not louder." I said, all I heard was her screams.
"Lies! You so were!"
"You were louder."
"Prove it." She yelled.
I picked her right up off the floor again and carried her out of the bathroom and into our room. "Maybe I should."

TADA?! Idk why but I felt like writing this because of the sexual tension between Asad and Zoya on their first Holi together, with the whole dumping water over each other and caressing each other's faces pretending to put color on them. Sigh. *Fangirls*

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Hey that was super one it was so hwwwt n cute one Big smile Edited by shailu143 - 2015-03-06T11:11:51Z
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Absolutely Awesome One-Shot
lHeartved it
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oh my !!!!!
this is awesomeBlushing
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Posted: 2015-03-06T09:17:02Z

awesome os...
asya n holi...
thnxxx for pm...
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Omg this was fun 
Even I felt the tension between them them 
Love this 
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Posted: 2015-03-06T09:24:04Z
awww you made me remember asya's holi... Cry
that was not this hot bt still Wink
i love your work either its sahil asya or sehaan Smile
bt asya will remain my all tym favrt
please start some ff or ss on asya
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edited :)
Awesome OS!
Loved how Zoya pranked Asad LOL
Asad's payback was Really Hot Embarrassed
Thanks for the pm :)

Happy holi Big smile
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