lakshmi-vishnu incarnates[topic 1 introduction]

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Posted: 2015-03-06T01:39:39Z
Smilehello everyone,
this is my first topic in this forum.we would be discussing the incarnates of lakshmi and vishnu one by one ,in separate topics. in this,i am giving a short intro of their eternal relationship.Day Dreaming

when he is Sheshasayi in vaikunth, she is vaikunthpriya
 when he is Mahavishnu, she is Mahalakshmi

when he was varaha, she was varaahi

 when he was Narasimha, she was Chenchu Lakshmi

when he was Rama, she was Sita

when he was Krishna, she was Radharani

 when he was Dwarkadhish, she was Rukmini,

 when he was Gautam Buddha, she was Yashodhara

when he will appear as Kalki, she would be his Padma.
the vishnu puran describes the inseparable relationship between vishnu and Lakshmi.' he is speech,she is the meaning.he is  the knowledge,she is the intellect. he is the support of the earth,she is the earth herself. he is the creator,she is the creation. he is a tree, she is a creeping vine,which clings to that tree. he is love, she is pleasure. he is the one with all males,she is the one with all this way , mother lakshmi and lord vishnu are inseparable.Smile

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