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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by harshita27

Maar daaala... Murugan... Maar daala!!
Yaar Nisha ab tum 3 parts ek saathlikho n then post... Actually write until theyhave had a decent 1:1 personal time... I dont care if they've DONE it or not...but I want a decent 1:1 time... You leave my BP high by just making them standing side by side...i need my eyes to believe by readingthat they were together n yet I did not die of hyperventilation and lack of anxiety. Clean shaven on demand, well combed, almost married, Sleep deprived R&B who has just been asked to "not die of suffocation" is the main cause of my increased heart beats in this update..

Need I say it was awesome update??? Well, if i do...l  hereby solemnly state that this nice n cute teasing about " did your daughter tell u I am getting married" n " well no coz she is getting married" was thebest behaved conversation they have ever had till date... Awww so endearing... I could almost picture them standing side by side... Will you fulfill my wish about II suprising everyone with wearing Savvy's simple BIG JHUMKA for the wedding ceremony please??? I want ranjan to gift her those in flashback, while R&B was out in Geneva, as Savvy's blessings ... Want the dude to gawk n Sam,Manny n Ranjan to cry with happiness at the lovely gesture of II's.

Yayyy!! I think I'll cry with Ranjan too!! Not coz of II's lovely n endearing gesture but coz mera Dude ab mera nahi rahega... Humne ladka de diya... Aisi wali feeling aarahi hai yaar... Anyone wants to stop this wedding n help me kidnap the groom for myself?? Any takers?? I think my parents will flip if they come to know I have real intentions of kidnapping n marrying a fictional character... A very first am sure for anyone!! I will not even look for one in real life... I'd rather live with this exact fictional one!!! LOLROFL

i will cry more .. i have to dig my thread 1 response some place where i said i was RAnjan ,Manny and SAm to hug and cry seeing these two get married ...thats like my dream...oh the jhumkasss so perfect so perfect...we have lost it i am trying to find R&B for my 8 year  old future wedding !!! i think we need a doctor ASAP LOLROFL Edited by TanjoreGirl - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
@Nisha sorry to be a nag when is the next update..
my snow saga continues 2 hour school delay which means i can stay up late Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Kashi Yatra & Beaches of Normandy

Amma personally brought coffee and when she returned to the room II's friends and the parlor waali were there,
Amma instructed her not to wear too much make up as the flames from the havan and smoke will make her eyes water.

Amma set out her Kashi Yatra saree, it was

She went in to change, Akka appeared with a sulking Shravu

Akka: See chithi is getting ready, if u are not down there on time Uncle R will take him with her, then u dont get to see her for a while

Amma: Vaa kanna paatti will make u ready
Shravu went on to hug paatti sleep deprived at 4:30 AM... Akka was not planning to wake him Nandu and him were sleeping in Room 6 on the
Groom's side, when people there started to get ready both boys woke up crying and sulking

Amma: Let him sleep here no? Vandita?

Vandu: No Ma, does he get up every day? No... only on Deepavali and today... let him be up Chithi's wedding, how can he not witness

Fareeda: I can make him ready Akka?

Vandu: Please? will you, I have to go talk to his Dad about breakfast, Amma come here a minute

Amma went out with Vandu "Did Appa pass on the extra to Mr Gopalan? Bala said he acted like he didnt get  to pay the oonjal decoration guy
Amma:I gave it to him this morning

Janaki Athai: Madhavi go down   Vishwa is calling you, where is Anna's stroke marundu? (meds)

Amma looked at Vandu

Vandu looked clueless "Amma Ishita packed it with her stuff ask her

Amma knocked on the bathroom door "Ishita do u have Periappa's stroke meds kanna?"

"Yes Ma in the side pouch of my Samsonite navy tote, Appa's BP meds are also in there only in our pill box (every home has a pill box)

Amma smiled U are indispensable kanna"

Janaki Athai : Neeye vechundru avala (winking) (You keep her then)

Amma: Are u kidding? He came again this morning asking for black coffee

Janaki Athai giggled

Kamakshi Athai sauntered in and said Vandu, Appa's eye glasses are missing (her brother's).

Vandu: I gave to Bala Athai... the havan had begun

Amma pounded the bathroom door "Ishita quick kanna we can hear nadaswaram the boy is already down seated for the morning prayers

II almost had a panic attached she held the washbasin...  clamping a hand over her mouth in agony

"OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Odi poyidu dee... RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW"
"He can get married to whoever he wants JUST RUN AWAY.
You will not last ONE NIGHT IN HIS ARMS

"Hmmm" she croaked...

Her hooks wouldnt latch, she tried, once twice, thrice... her lingerie was NOT matching, lacy pink underwear did not match hot pink bra...
She groaned imagining his eyes roving on her


She practised saying that in the mirror.

"Please da atleast give me 24 hours to get my sleep?"

Thats more like it, one week? Hew ill just murder you
"One day da?" "Please?"

"Ayyo othuppaana? Avan sandai pottinde iruppaan"
(Will he agree? He only wants to fight)


May be he looked for a ball room dance with dimmed lights in a shimmering red gown...


"I am going to fight you" "Until u spend 10 minutes gushing about my dance"

Maybe he doesnt care II, he thought it was cheap? and you were a exhibitionist?

Akka pounded this time, she hooked herself up with great difficulty and stepped out wrapping a towel

The parlor lady helped her drape her friends stood at her beck and call handing safety pins hair pins and the like as she braided her still wet hair in the Iyer kunjalam/parandi

Amma scolded "wear a bindi first" "U can dress up later PLEASE NETHIKKI ITTUKKO KANNA, U ARE A MARRIED GIRL NOW" (Wear something on your forehead)

II spent 10 minutes finding the right bindi, Amma took it off picked out a nice oval burgundy one and placed it between her brow

Akka whistled "OMG! stunningly beautiful kanna"

By the time she went down, it was  past 5 AM

The nadaswaram beats rose up to a crescendo, Akka, and Fareeda and Evelyn walked her to "her side of the stage"

R&B lokked up to see her walk in, talll slender and graceful, her bindi was bigger than usual, her eyes never leaving him one moment

He wore a veshti, and angavastram... whatever systems she had inside all went for a tailspin on seeing him like a Iyer dude

Rakshasan in Iyer attire, she had imagined that many many Saturdays ago when Amma put away ironed clothes from press waala, Appa was saying something to her
She lay there in bed fantasizing him as an Iyer groom

Sam literally sprinted up to her "OMG!! Look at you. Did u see my brother?" Sam asked

"Where?" quivered II "I only see an Iyer" she whispered through dry lips

Manny walked over "U do look lovely, just like those models in pictures and magazines

II nodded shyly

Shravu and Nandu ambushed her
"Are u married now?"

"Not yet" she said bending down

Lifted her head up to see, he was still looking at her

He leaned forward to listen to the vadyar/priest and repeated the mantra

Appa stared aghast... he hadnt expected this day to arrive so rapidly, he was hoping to stall delay as much as he could, but the boy sat 10 feet from him, Amma bent down and whispered something

"Paathela evlav azhaga irukka namba kozhandai" (Did u see HOW LOVELY our baby looks)

Appa nodded unable to say anything fighting a lump

As she sat down with help, on the lil wooden plank decorated with kolam/artwork
The nadaswarm beats accelerated...
The 7 or so priests, chanted loudly, Appa indicated she should do a namaskaram, she bent down and her forehead touched the floor, scraping off the pristine white liquid kolam on the floor and the brick red border

Akka wiped her forehead off

She sat gently...
Ranjan sat by his son following instructions, also wearing a veshti Iyer style...
R&B's friends and family sat in front along with II's

(Author's note: Here is a LOVELY set of videos of the Muhurtam morning

Vandu: U know Kashi yatra right, do u want to go on the mike and explain or should I?
Sam: U do it u know what it is (giggling)

Akka wore a green saree with a orange border, her baby bump clearly visible, she was frazzled talking on the phone running around and generally preoccupied

She spoke with the sound guy and got a mike, the hall was filling up fast...

She explained Kashi yatra, the groom leaves, vowing to renounce worldly life, he carries with him a umbrella a walking stick (dont ask) and a coconut leaf fan

Bala and his brother, helped R&B up and explained it to him he smiled his half smile II noticed... he nodded carefully listening

II's priests gave her a reprieve, women did some rituals on the side (paaligai, is basically sprinkling water on soaked sprouts, leaving them over night, on the 3rd day which is usually the send off day
they are mixed in holy water, its a sign of fertility)

Amma invited married women from both sides to perform this ritual, II was asked to as well


Kamakshi Athai: 8 maasathula onnu pethu kudu paapom
(Give me a baby in 8 months)

II stared dumfounded, Akka translated in Hindi

Chachi giggled and agreed "Haan haan humey bhi ek pothi chahiye, bhabhi ki ashirwad hogi (it will be Savita's blessing)

Sam groaned audibly crying uncontrollably, Manny and Vandita hugged

"U just wait and watch this brat is going to keep him so happy" Akka promised

"I hope I want her to" Sam prayed

II stood blushing and squirming

The crowded abandoned the girl and shifted outside... the umbrella was opened up.
Men and kids followed R&B as he wandered to the gate.
Tan: Would you pick Paris if u were opting for Sanyas?

R&B: Some place sunny may be?

Tan: where:
R&B: Beaches of Normandy?
Tan: Should I tell II then?

R&B turned back...

... Appa followed him to thunderous beats of nadaswaram

And with folded hands offered "II's hand in marriage"
Amma stood by him deeply emotional, Akka Bala, and the whole Iyer clan moved beyond words... unable to say a word

Appa repeated the priests prayers, and placed a coconut dipped in turmeric in his open palms

Kamakshi Athai, Chachi and the Great Aunt were invited to perform arti to the dude...

Akka ran in to remind her friends to bring her...
She walked up wearing a mustard kanjeevaram with a red border
She took baby steps trying her best not to let her heart fail...

Somewhat like the above except way heavier)

She didnt look at him he wasnt looking any place else...

The garland exchange was next... the people split into two teams  based on party lines like politics, and  Bala and Ramesh were II's warriors

R&B was expected to go first, he leaned and gently tossed the jasmine garland (open ended) over her neck

Akka: OMG! Did u practice?

II gave him a look... "hes too tall" she muttered

Bala: Whose side are u on? Why didnu give us a warning we were supposed to lift her
Akka giggled

Shravu: Uncle R give it to me I can fly like spider man and throw it over her head

Nandu: I can do Batman

They yanked and pulled on the dude
He stared inscrutably at II

II reached to wrap it around his neck... he appeared very obedient and in the very last second leaned back taking HER WITH HIM, he held her waist to steady her on her way back to stand
She quickly shoved his hands off her bare waist...

It was his turn next... Bala and Ramesh lifted her even before he could hold the garland... they held her for one two three minutes...
The dude didnt move, just stared at her...

Their little private war in full swing


But after 5 or so minutes amidst "Ohhh... keezha erakkina avlav daan avan velai easy" (his job is easy dont set her down)

Bala gave up and set her down the dude stepped forward and firmly tossed it over her head,
She was supposed to go next and pick the one he had used one toss ago, not the one from last toss

Amma helped her retrieve it... " I am not going to try Ma, he is a creep" II hissed

Kamakshi Athai" Enna solra" "
Amma: Paiyyan polladavan solra" (he is very naughty she says)
K Athai: Romba paduthuveya da kanna avalai? (Will u torment her love?)

VANDU TRANSLATED FOR HIM "Will u torment her a lot?"



Young girls squealed and shrieked..."Did he just say he will torment her?
K Athai: Hot enge ma COLD aa irukku sirisugalukku sudarda? Vayasu kolaru (the young ones are hot? jawani ki beemari)

Akka warned her sasural lik Athai" One more word Athai, I am taking you inside"

II held the garland and waited

The Dude didnt care, he waited too

Appa: We have many ceremonioes to finish, go kanna

II: No Pa irungo

They traded  hot steamy glares, unsmiling

Mihir: AISE KAISE Sam? NO NO Dont rey
Tan: Dude give it up... they get what they want anyway
Bala: Hey our girl is not a wimp, she can wait, she had Horlicks this morning

K Athai: Vendaam vittu kudukkade ippo vitte na raatriyum nee daan vittu kudukkanum

Amma nudged her "Ayyo Vandu PRESS is here, Athai is out of control"

Vandu: Amma relax dont worry

Ranjan: Beta please bahu ka haath dard karega

Heat rising up her cheek.
The second Bala and Ramesh hoisted her, Tan and Mihir hoisted him he was over 15 feet tall she fell on him, he held her waist firmly
 and she had to bend over him to garland him... her palms running over his cheeks accidentally she balled into fists as her body tingled at his touch
HE smelled thevsignature woodsy lemony scent coupled with shikakaiEmbarrassed

"Pochu da, AVAN KAI OSANDU IRUKKUM" Athai declared (the boy will win)
Athai reached and grabbed the Dude's hands and shook it "U are winner" she said in broken EnglishROFL

"I guess" he muttered in signature R&B style, his gaze not leaving her weak defenceless shaking form... pretending to be humbleEvil Smile


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Posted: 7 years ago
Hmm interesting ritual. Now I know Kasi Yatra is more than just umbrellas and walking sticks Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
"Satisfied with what he saw he left her..."
My heart is doing funny things. Palpitations. To loud tabla beats.
"Vendaam vittu kudukkade ippo vitte na raatriyum nee daan vittu kudukkanum"
Pfft. Whatever anyone says. Whoever wins. Doesn't matter.
He's going to be the winner at night.
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Posted: 7 years ago
6:00 AM to 8:30 AM is the SLOWESTTT time on this tale,I am the MOST BORED then coz I am on a treadmill


After I return they start pouring in
Kya chakkar hai
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by DesiUs_fan

Abosolutely amazing wedding updates Nisha.

You did not leave a single stone unturned regarding indian weddings. Everything is so picture perfect  and nostalgic .

R&B stirred and woke... burying his face in the pillow, face down

"he should not sleep like that there is a chance to suffocate" Appa panicked

tanmay couldn't control his smile "I will scold him Uncle"
Appa smiled "I wills end coffee" he left

Tanmay placed the tray carefully on a study desk, walked over to the dude and bent down, U are not supposed to sleep burying your nose"

R&B had heard that... the sounds of Iyer shehnai wafted in... the majestic beats of the drums, like a wake up call... his heart skipped a beat...

He lifted his head and smiled "So he does want me to live?" he smiled his half smile.

what was that LOL. I just laughed out loud when I read it.
You are unbelievable Nisha. How do you get these ideas. You are not leaving single stone unturned in these wedding updates.

Loved how II gave it back to dude's not clapping for her performance.
Cheesy corny Baaraat music reminded me of the cheesy 80s , 90s songs played in weddings back home.
Mama advicing RB to learn tamil. Those people really exist who try to make their presence felt striking up unnecessary conversations.

I am astounded by how you are able to maintain the quality without slowing down the pace.Clap

Thank you very much... DUSF, They say "if u love something a lot it becomes effortless" must be one of those thingsLOL The group waited for their wedding since the day they bumped into each other at Taj Man Singh

It HAS TO BE GRAND and detailed... just because they stayed on with me on this journeyEmbarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Oh god Guys was trying to post a perfect picture for R&B, but somehow couldn't from my iPad. But please check him out. He is the liberal party of Canada's leader  Justin Trudeau, would perfectly fit the bill. All those from Canada would certainly know of him. Please check him out. Don't know why I can't seem to post a pic.

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