SS 8--Transfer of Power on 123 - Page 112

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Posted: 7 years ago
Abhi time hai but still Happy holi to everyone...May festival of colors brings colors of joy to each and everyone's life...
R&B n II ko bhi happy holi...fight less love more...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
Talk about insanity, I was taking a nap and all I could think of was I have to get up at 230 for an updateLOLLOL My day dreaming was full of II's wedding and my kids running in that wedding ROFL
Its still snowing here. I wish I could upload the pic, trees are looking very beautiful.
Posted: 7 years ago
No update yet :(

A very Happy Holi to everyone :)
Posted: 7 years ago

OMG Nisha, this update was hilarious to the core, the star of it being of course Kamakshi Mami. You always had a great sense of humour but this one had me in ruptures!!!
K mami giving gyan to II abt Kamasutra! ROFL   II ki shakal dekhne layak hogi. Poor thing, she is surrounded by people who want to give free advice esp abt having sex and kids. ROFL

On the other hand a big hug to Bala's mom.Such a sweetheart. So happy for Vandu, she being such a sweetheart herself. Hug
Posted: 7 years ago
Shave Wagers & Wedding news

Appa came knocking on the door labeled "Groom" at 3:30 AM

Not that any one was asleep, they were all awake chatting and playing cards. Mihir, Tanmay, Devesh,
Chachu's kids, Nalin. the room had a dozen guys inside, even one French man

R&B was in a far corner leaning on the wall with multiple pillows on his back for support, his eyes  half asleep
were red and tired. Ranjan had come in a couple times to ask them to go to bed, between 2 AM and now.
After he returned from II's room he got on the phone with his partners and talked about the Bangalore
proposal tossing the ball back and forth on who needs to take it, since R&B spoke Hindi it was handed to him

Ranjan: u guys should go to bed, they will wake you up at 4 AM (he looked at Mihir but spoke to his son)

R&B stiffened and changed stance a bit listening aware that it was directed at him... "after this game may be?"

Ranjan nodded pleased that he wasn't ignored
Tan: Dad, u should atleast get an hour's sleep, yeh to sota nahi hai aapko maloom hai
Ranjan: Hes getting married, he has to sit all day at the havan you know

Mihir whispered :Chal yaar zyaada pangey nahi lenge Uncle se

R&B lets finish this game...

Alex, the French Dude got up politely "I should be going now" and then said something in French to R&B. Pulling Euros out of his pocket to pay for poker debt

Mihir took his money

"I owe him Rs.20,000, I could use some of that"

R&B grabbed it from him and threw it in a pile

Ranjan leaned on a wall

"30 mins" R&B said politely

Ranjan smiled and left, he didn't care if they stayed up all night now, his son had SPOKEN to him. Chachu and him wandered the grounds of the Wedding Hall, there were 6 guards wandering outside the gates, guarding Bhalla/Iyer property and people

The guards nodded reverentially on seeing Ranjan sending a slight twinge of envy inside Chachu at the unconditional respect his Bhaisaab received at all times

His son didn't talk to him, so what everyone else thought the world of him

The guys wrapped up the game at 3:30 ISH... R&B dozed in a corner, on the dhurrie leaning on the pillows His friends sat all over the bed...
Appa was taken aback for a few minutes at how nonchalant and careless the "groom was"

He or his family had not thrown ONE tantrum had not asked for one unreasonable thing "No Horlicks requested at 2 AM" "No gluten free diet demands" "No special elevators were installed to carry oldies up the stairs"
A pleasant change from Iyer alliances

And now the groom lay on the floor albeit on a dhurrie... fast asleep... hair tousled his long fingers clutching the edge of the pillow, Appa saw the turmeric soaked string on his right wrist... the promise string... that's the only thing that connected him to Iyers at that minute

He was quite used to sleeping at airports, smaller ones across Europe that did not have first class lounges, or bus or Eurail stations... while backpacking

All he carried was his backpack and bottles of water... no fuss...

Appa thought about how the room would have looked if Savita Bhalla were alive. She would have kicked his friends out at  1 AM, let her son sleep on the center of the bed, shut the door, sat by him or chatted with him...
Ensured he was rested, cared for his morning prep

Tanmay got down from the bed

Touched his feet "Please come in Uncle"
Appa smiled politely

Handing the huge tray with all the bath requirements, a simple new towel, comb, and his new set of veshtis for the morning

They followed tradition, he had strictly told Sam he didn't need to be treated like a "celebrity"

Appa could see clearly he was NOT being.

"Should I wake him?"

Appa's heart wanted to say "yes yes" "I want to see him"

"No that is fine" "Let him sleep some more, my daughter is probably not awake also"

tanmay smiled

"U mean our daughter in law?" teasing

Appa's grief was visible

He wasn't ready to let go of his little girl... let her go to a unassuming unpretentious man like R&B that almost got his approval each time... UNTIL his daughter's face came into his line of vision

ALL sympathy , respect and admiration for R&B's simplicity flew out the window at that excat second

"U are right she will be married soon"
Appa couldn't bring himself to say "she belongs to your house"

In his heart she will always be HIS.

Well... the tall lanky dude was asleep so he let Appa think whatever he wanted... for now

Iyer grooms would be full of themselves, even Bala was a little stand offish during the wedding, "the Amma effect"

Vandu had the best in laws, but all son in laws had a "maapillai murukku" or "groom stiffness"

This one was different, he was curled up like he waited for a plane... alone and unmindful

"Can he sleep on the bed?" Appa couldn't control himself

"tanmay was startled at Appa's concern "I will wake him Uncle"

"No no... its OK" "I better go" "can he come down at 4:30?" "I will send Bala to tie the veshti traditionally"

Tanmay smiled cheerfully

"I will also send coffee, did u need anything?"

"Oh no! Uncle, we can go get it if we do... Mahavir and 3 others are here already"

"I saw them" Appa said somberly, realizing that moment...the distance in wealth and class between him and Bhallas was JUST INSURMOUNTABLE.

20,000 crores in annual sales? vs not having a home after he retired to go to?
 $3M in net income annually as Managing Partner for Venture Capital Co. vs. Rs. 8 lakhs annual as Joint Secretary.

Tan may tapped him gently "was there anything else Uncle I can help you with?"

Appa: oh! No, its all been taken care of Bala helps a lot, you have too, a lot yesterday, with the band and dinner

Appa was willing to look at Tanmay pleasantly, or a LITTLE pleasantly.
His fiercest temper was reserved for the dude on the dhurrie. He was something else when awake... Appa HATED that smug quiet self confidence

The "I want her & I will take her away" determination he saw in his eyes.

Instead of being angry at II... ummm.. well.. he was that too... but he was more unapologetic about his resentment for the 30 year old..Now that he was asleep Appa was being secretly compassionate and he couldn't explain it.

Tanmay: Ghar ki baat hai uncle u don't have to thank me, when my sisters got married I was too little.. I got a chance to give back he said

Appa stared admiringly, he was pleasant, warm and friendly, unlike erm... quiet brooding and shy, why couldn't their personalities switch? I might be able to reconsider what I feel for the "boy"

Appa: the oil needs to be massaged all over and no soap
 should be used, he can use the scented mixtures after washing the shikakai powder off
It has a religious significance and health benefit

Appa narrated everything

Tanmay nodded respectfully

R&B stirred and woke... burying his face in the pillow, face down

"he should not sleep like that there is a chance to suffocate" Appa panicked

tanmay couldn't control his smile "I will scold him Uncle"
Appa smiled "I wills end coffee" he left

Tanmay placed the tray carefully on a study desk, walked over to the dude and bent down, U are not supposed to sleep burying your nose"

R&B had heard that... the sounds of Iyer shehnai wafted in... the majestic beats of the drums, like a wake up call... his heart skipped a beat...

He lifted his head and smiled "So he does want me to live?" he smiled his half smile

Tanmay laughed out too...
Mihir "Hey guys knock it off the door's open"

He shut it gently

Appa reappeared "And yes he must shave"

Mihir nodded "Yes sir definitely"

Appa left, Mihir shut the door again "Suna khotheya, shave kar"

Tan: Did that demand come from HER or from him?"

R&B was sitting up now, stretching his form to 6'6"...

"Want to bet?"

"I bet a grand it came from Appa" Mihir
Tan: II, 5 grand
Devesh: 4 the dudette
Vaibhav: bhabhi 10
R&B gave him a "really? YOU? kinda dry look

Trehaan: Appa 2

Samar: 4 grand Ishita
He shook his head giving up

Tan:Hes probably going to lie to keep the money

Mihir:No doubt!!

A picture trickled in from Akka, Fire Cracker in slumber? awake? he couldn't tell

Flushed face, her eyes sleep drugged... he noticed a nip/bruise below her ear... grinning at the discovery.

Akka texted him "In 4?" he texted back...
He went into the bath with the tray, and did as Tan told him to... he inhaled the scent of the shikakai powder, and chuckled...

He stepped out, and went back in to shave...He was out by 4:18,
the second round coffee was being served... he had refused the first, he wanted black with no sugar

He hesitated to ask

Mihir: So golf at 3? I am told theyll wind up by 5?

Tan walked in " 3s a lil early I suggest 6? One game"

He continued to shave...

Utkarsh: Bhai looks like Mom has stuff planned at home, Chachi called for him to get ready

R&B chuckled shaking his head the guy left reluctantly, following his Mom/Chachi.

Mihir: It cant be SUHAAG RAAT, SUHAAG DOPAHAR hota hai kya?
Tan rolled on the bed...laughing

Devesh returned after a shower in a snazzy kurta pajama Nalin was still gone... getting ready...
Sam asked him to have a word with Vik downstairs so he left

Tan: So whats the plan?

R&B for what?

Tan: For life after 8:30 yaar

R&B: I dont know (lying)

Mihir: cant be 8:30 my girl said they have stuff lined up until 2?

Tan: Chal theek hai 2, then what?

Mihir:We were hoping golf or poker at your place...

Tan:Smug bas***d!! (his phone rang so he stepped out)

Mihir: Right on!! (went to take a shower)

R&B: I am going to go find some black coffee (isncrutable)

Bala's his Ambala brother came by, a lil nervous and hesitant to speak wondering if the wealthy Punjabi had an attitude maybe?
He unwrapped the dhoti from its packaging... briskly

"Hi! thanks for stopping by"

"No problem, I am the expert according to Bala so might as well use my expertise u know"

"How long have been posted in Ambala?"

"4 in June, might move to Srinagar Cantt but family cant go, so I am requesting a Rajasthan posting, lets see"

R&B: Gimme a second? BRB?
His brother nodded smiling politely

He wandered the hallway he didnt see any of his family only Iyers he didnt know,
walked over to the Bride's room partially closed and knocked, the others were bolted on the inside so he didnt go (ahem!!)

Amma opened... startled at first smiling later... to see him in a tee and shorts showered and shaved

"Mrs Iyer May I get a cup of black coffee please?"

II showed up in a pink kurta... screwing her clasp on her ruby jhumkas, she froze on seeing him

She LOOKED LOVELY her hair wrapped in a pink cotton towel, wet tendrils all around her face... he didnt have to feel her cheeks to know she was blushing

"I am going to go get some for you" Amma rushed immediately  "BTW Congratulations, I heard you were getting married today" Amma joked gently

"Did ur daughter tell you?" he asked, his eyes on his soon to be wife
Amma smiled and left...

II dropped her working hands, and stood frozen, he stood leaning on the door jamb hands in pockets...
 "Well no...She is getting married too" II said huskily

"I heard" he said softly scanning her body visually... her heaving chest, her shaking hands...

Neither said anything to each other... he could hear her breathe through her mouth in agitation...
Satisfied with what he saw he left her... staring at him...

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by taara113

No update yet :(

A very Happy Holi to everyone :)

Happy Holi to you all too. May the colours of holi fill your life with joy and happiness!

Yesterday during my customary call to India ,Me and my mom were reminscing about holi when we were in Delhi. In our quarters in RK Puram our house was flanked by 2 UP families. Amma used to finish her pooja early in the morning and change to another sari to get ready for the onslaught. By 7:00 am, Mrs Gupta and Mrs Verma would promptly land at our doorstep and call out, Mrs Rao , Mrs Rao bahar aayiye.( We are telugu brahmins btw). Amma would nervously but sportingly go out to be met with gulal followed by a bucket full of coloured water. LOL Good old memories. Nothing new abt holi here but just felt like sharing .Still get nostalgic abt Delhi . Day Dreaming
Posted: 7 years ago
He lifted his head and smiled "So he does want me to live?" he smiled his half smile...Favorite line...
Posted: 7 years ago
Nish...Love you Heart Heart 
Shave wagers ??? ungaluku epdi ithellam thonarthu ??? Can we bet also ?

I am betting on Appa. I will start with $10..(garib log ya Cry).. becos if he shaves now, the guy will have 6'0 clock stubble during wat is the point for II ??  

and he called II as bhabhi ??? chooo sweeet... first time someone is referring to II like that... I am soo happy as if someone is calling me like that.. and R&B getting a chance to see his would be wife... and kannalaye pesarthu... romantic re...

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