New AsYa OS: The Wrong Foot

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AsYa OS: The Wrong Foot
Zoya's POV

There is nothing that I hated and loved more than the subway. I hated it because it was always so crowded in the morning, so crowded that you felt claustrophobic. But I loved it because it was an opportunity to watch so many different kinds of people.
You could see the Wall Street bigshots holding their black briefcases and the day's copy of the New York Times. Interspersed among them were construction workers, in their bright orange vests just hoping to make it to the site on time. You had other professionals frantically looking at their watches and typing away on their phones. There were university students who looked like they hadn't slept for days, high school kids that thought everyone was looking at them and judging them. There were guys with guitar cases, girls trying to hide their smile while they read some cute story on their phones or iPads.  There were also tourists, a camera around their neck, huge smiles on their faces as they looked around.
And then on some occasions you saw peculiar cases, a girl in her wedding dress, a guy who looked like he just lost everything with tears streaming down his face, a couple that stared and smiled at each other. Everything and anything could be a story, it was f**king wonderful.
But then you had to deal with the creepy guys that leered, people pushing and shoving. I sighed and got up as the train doors finally opened, out came pouring a lot of people. I did what I did every day and tried to weasel myself into the closest car before the doors closed, I succeeded.
The car was full, as always, people were sitting on those ugly discoloured seats and others were standing around hanging onto the bars. I stood in the middle of the car, between the two doors where most people were gathered. It was the safest place to not get pushed around as the cars filled and emptied.
Sitting in front of me was a girl, possibly around the age of 18, with a copy of 50 Shades of Grey in her hands. I rolled my eyes hard and wondered what was wrong with the world. I still didn't understand how the book was so popular considering it was so horribly written and was about a very abusive relationship - and I am not even talking about the sex. I wanted to rip it out of her hands and yell but I didn't, I hoped she figured it out on her own. 
This is what I hated about New York, it was such a big city that no one really cared about anyone else. No one would try to strike up a conversation on the subway, no one smiled at other people and it annoyed me. The train came to a stop at the next stop and a bunch of people got out and another bunch entered. I stayed where I was until I noticed a vacant seat on the side by the door. I let go of the bar above me and walked towards it but all of a sudden the train lurched forward and I lost my footing.
"WHOA!" I yelled as I fell, I fell on someone, a body. A man's body, a man's hard body, my hands had grabbed onto his stomach and I could feel the indents under his shirt.
"What the hell lady?" He yelled in his deep baritone voice, with me still in his lap.
"Sorry!" I said trying to get off of him while brushing my hair out of my face. "The train just moved suddenly and I-"
"You are so lucky I was running late and didn't have time to grab coffee." He said his tone snappy.
I finally looked up at him and stopped myself from gasping. He was hot, definitely desi. Tall, muscular, perfect short hair, a chiselled jaw and a strong nose. Too bad his personality sucked ass, if it didn't I would have sooo wanted him.
"So is the lack of coffee the reason for you being an asshole? Or are you an asshole all the time?"
"Excuse me? Why don't you watch where you go and not fall on people?" He snapped angrily, clearly not expecting me to talk back, well he had another thing coming if he thought he could be so rude and not get a reply.
"I apologized, you could have accepted my apology instead of making such a huge deal out of it." I snapped back. "Now move the f**k over to that empty seat and let me sit here." I said, the seat was closer to him anyways and he was blocking my way with those huge long legs of is.
"How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am?"
"I don't care if you're the f**king president of the United States. You know what, keep that seat for yourself, so you have two. One for your body and the other for your colossal ego! Asshole." I murmured as the train stopped again. I looked up from him and noticed that everyone was staring at us. "Sorry about that, some people are just assholes without their morning cup of coffee." I said to them before stepping off the train at my stop.
"Excuse me lady, who do you think-" I heard him yell after me as the doors closed. I just turned around and flipped him off. Asshole.
"Wait, so he yelled at you even after you apologized?" Michelle asked at lunch the next day as I regaled the story to them.
"Yes, he made such a huge deal out of it."
"She flipped him off." Humeira laughed.
"Oh god Zoya, no one would believe that you're one of the most successful women in all of New York. I mean, you hang out with your employees, you wear jeans to work on most days and you let the staff wear them too and you walk around flipping people off." Michelle laughed. "If you were dressed up yesterday like you are today, you could have been like do you know who I am?"
"I am a cool boss." I laughed, I treated my staff like co-workers. I owned the web designing and security company but I didn't act like it. I wore jeans to work on most days and my staff was allowed to as well unless we had a client coming in. But thankfully, most of our clients interacted with us virtually to safe-guard their website and servers.
"That you are." Humeira laughed. "Want to head back now?" She asked, we had all finished up our lunch a while ago and then the tales of the asshole took up our time.
"You guys head back, I am going to head to the meeting down the street." I said, that is why I had decided on having lunch at Panera today, the meeting with the new building firm was today, they were expanding to New York from California and wanted a redesign, which made sense, beachy California was nothing like upstate New York.
"Cool, see you later!" Michelle and Humeira said as they got up and headed back to my office. I got up and decided to get a cup of coffee before leaving. I stood in line and checked my phone, I still had time until the meeting.
"I asked for a black coffee, I didn't ask for sugar." The guy in front of me snapped at the barista and I rolled my eyes, another asshole. And then I realized that the voice sounded really familiar and I looked up to see that it was him. The same asshole.
"Oh my god, I see you are an asshole no matter what." I said out loud so he could hear me.
"YOU!" He said, well yelled, when he saw me.
"I am surprised you didn't ask for two coffees, one for you and one for your ego." I glared at him.
"I am surprised that you didn't fall on someone."
"Well even if I did, most people accept apologies over accidents."
"Yeah, because the person doesn't flip them off."
"I flipped you off because you are a f**king asshole."
"You called me egoistic."
"Well you are, with your do you know who I am. Why the f**k do I care? I didn't ask you if you knew who I was?" I snapped.
"Well you didn't look like you were anyone important."
"Excuseee me?" I said shocked. How dare he? I looked down at my dress and then back up at him and noticed that he was also looking at my pencil dress. "Maybe you need to stop being so judgemental, just because someone is wearing jeans and a hoodie doesn't mean that they aren't important. For all you know, I could be a f**king millionaire." I said, I was, but he didn't know that.
"Maybe you need to start acting like a grown woman rather than a teenager, swearing and flipping people off-"
"Maybe you need to stop being such an asshole. We wouldn't even be here if you had just accepted my apology like any normal person. I fell on you, by mistake, it's not like I fell into your lap on purpose and grabbed your dick." I yelled and smiled internally when his eyes grew wide at the work dick. Haha.
"Excuse me-"
"You're excused, stop being such an asshole to the staff. Miss, make sure you put like ten expresso shots in his coffee, maybe he'll be less of a f**king asshole with caffeine in his system."
"Oh, and put soap in her coffee so she can wash her mouth out." He snapped at the barista who was looking between the two of us in shock.
I glared at him as he stormed out of the restaurant after slapping a five dollar bill on the counter, his coffee in his hand.
"Ugh." I groaned. That is two f**king days in a row now.
"M'am, your phone is ringing." The barista said to me with a tentative smile as she made my latte.
"Sorry about that, that man just gets on my nerves." I said to her before getting my phone.
"Hello, Miss Farooqui. This is Tanya Qureshi from Dilshad Constructions. Mr. Khan is not feeling well and would like to postpone the meeting if it is at all possible, if not, he can see you now."
"Actually, that would be fine. Can you please call my PA and reschedule for some other time then?" I said, I honestly didn't feel like going to a meeting right now.
"I shall, thank you so much for understanding Miss Farooqui." She said making me roll my eyes, she sounded so practiced not like a real person at all.
"Are you following me?" I groaned when my cart ran into his at Costco. He was still wearing a three-piece suit, to a warehouse store, on a weekend, this guy had no chill even though we were in the frozen food aisle. HA.
"I think you're following me around." He snapped. "Aren't you going to apologize for running your cart into mine?"
"Excuse me? You should apologize since you're the one turning corners without looking." I snapped. "And I would apologize if I wanted to but you'd be an asshole about it anyways."
"You are the most infuriating woman I've ever met."
"Women probably don't want to meet you much since you're such an asshole so I am not surprised."
"Do you have a fascination with the word asshole?" He asked.
"I call them like I see them." I snapped glaring at him.
"You fell on me."
"I apologized and you blew it out of proportion!" I retorted.
"Fine, I apologize for not accepting your apology. Can you stop following me now?"
"The audacity! Do you really think I care about your apology? And please deflate that ego of yours, I am surprised it fits through the store doors." I glared at him.
"Stupid girl." He murmured.
"I heard that!" I said as I walked away. Asshole.
I walked through the grocery aisles and filled my cart with chips and frozen pizza. I was planning on working for the whole night today and I needed my food. I also picked up the normal - bread and stuff. I was about to check out when I noticed a huge crowd gathering at one side of the store. I was a curious soul so I walked back towards it only to hear someone coughing like they were choking on something. I pushed through the crowd and my eyes grew wide as the asshole stood there coughing and turning red.
"What's wrong with him?" I asked the lady at the sample counter.
"I don't know- he just tried these and-" She held but a container of satay chicken.
"Are you allergic to chicken?" I asked the asshole, and I swear he gave me an exasperated look even though he was in no state to. "Shit, are you allergic to peanuts?" I asked and he nodded. "Do you have an epipen?" I asked and he nodded.
"I-I can't f-find it. It w-was in m-my p-pocket." He got out and I wondered if he had dropped it when we rammed into each other. I nodded at him and ran towards the frozen food aisle where I had ran into him and looked around to see if the epipen was laying around somewhere. Shit shit shit, I didn't want him to die no matter how much of an asshole he was, he was kind of hot, and it'd be sad for the world to lose someone that hot.
"AHA!" I yelled when I saw a yellow tube like thing on the side of the aisle. I grabbed it and ran back to the area where he was, he was not laying on the ground, almost breathless. "Shit!" I said removing the lid and safety release before stabbing his thigh with it and holding it for ten seconds. Thank god for first aid classes. He stopped coughing all of a sudden and laid still.
"Is he dead?" Someone asked from behind me.
"Of course not!" I snapped as he took in a deep breath.
"Thank you." He got out as he sat upright.
"I didn't know there were peanuts in it!" He yelled.
"Well then you should have asked!"
"Since when does chicken have peanuts in it?" He snapped.
"It's satay chicken! Of course it has peanuts." I snapped.
"I didn't know. I said thank you, why are you snapping at me?"
"Oh, now you know how it feels. You're such an idiot."
"And you're obnoxious."
"I saved your life."
"I know, I said thank you but you are too busy yelling at me to accept it."
"Ugh, you're such an asshole!" I snapped turning away from him to find that everyone was looking at us. "WHAT?" I snapped glaring at all of them, they looked away and started to disperse.
"Thank you for meeting today Miss Farooqui." The receptionist, also know as Tanya Qureshi, said. Her smile was as fake as her tone. I nodded at her and waited for her to get up. "Please follow me."
I walked behind her in my black Louboutins and tuxedo dress, I was dressed to impress for this meeting, it was a big one. Apparently, the owner wanted to turn the face of the company around and make everything computerized. He wanted clients to be able to access their individual files without compromising the security of the company and its projects. The company was also looking for a redesign, their old website was horribly done, it got the job done but it wasn't impressive by any means, definitely not impressive at all to New Yorkers!
"Mr Khan, Miss Farooqui is here to see you." Tanya said opening the door to Mr Khan's office before she stepped away and motioned for me to enter. I nodded at her as she closed the door behind me.
"Miss Farooqui, it's nice to finally- YOU!" He yelled.
"I own this company!" He snapped.
"I own Z-Tech!" I snapped back.
He took in a deep breath and motioned for me to sit down, I wanted to march out of the office at that instant but I kind of wanted his money so I sat down. He sat down across from me, and I had to admit that the man looked hot behind the desk. All powerful and shit.
"I wanted to apologize." He said looking at me.
"I am listening."
"I am sorry for snapping at you that day, it wasn't a good morning and I took it out on you."
I nodded and decided that I had a lot to do with what happened too. "I am sorry too, I think I also blew it out of proportion a bit."
"I also wanted to thank you...for Saturday."
"You are welcome." I said. "And stay away from Malaysian food, they like their peanut sauce." I warned.
"I realized." He sighed.
"How about we start all over again?" I asked. "Hi, I am Zoya Farooqui."
"Asad Ahmed Khan." He smiled, and I almost sucked in a breath because the man had sexy dimples.
"It is nice to meet you." I said flashing him my dimpled smile that I reserved for a few, I internally laughed when his eyes grew wide.


"You got flowers." Humeira chimed when I walked towards my office. "Again."
I tried to stop the smile that threatened to break out on my face but I failed, big time.
"There is a note!" She squealed passing the bouquet of pink roses to me, they were beautiful and my favourite.
I know I sent you thank you flowers already. But I quite miss seeing you since we're not working together anymore and I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight. - Asshole
I laughed when I read how he had signed off.
"What?" Humeira asked.
"He asked me out to dinner." I smiled. "And he signed the card with asshole."
"He has it bad for you. I've noticed as much in the past three months. And you have it bad for him."
"Apparently, he isn't such an asshole after all." I shrugged.
"The man looks like he walked off the cover of GQ, I wouldn't care if he was an asshole." She replied, well, I did care. I rather he looked like a GQ model and wasn't an asshole.
I walked into my office and put the flowers on the desk before picking up my cell phone and finding his number and sending out a text to him.
I would love to have dinner with the asshole tonight. - Obnoxious girl.
P.S. Thanks for the flowers.
Pick you up at 7? And you're welcome, for some reason I think they'd be your favourite. -Asshole
It's kind of creepy because they are. And see you at 7. - Obnoxious Girl
That is creepy actually. Dress casual. - Asshole
Are you taking me to Costco? - Obnoxious Girl
Yes, for free samples. - Asshole
Sounds like a plan. -Obnoxious Girl
P.S. I am seriously hoping that I am right in assuming that you are kidding.
Maybe. - Asshole
Stop being an asshole. - Obnoxious Girl
I don't think that's possible. -Asshole
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eeks, loved it! A request... Can you write a ff/ss on asya. Pretty please... *puppy face *
3 Likes this
Posted: 2015-02-27T19:36:02Z
Loved it...Heart
Too Beautiful...
Can you please continue this...
Will love to read more on Asshole and Obnoxious Girl
Edited by ammusjyoti - 2015-02-27T19:54:49Z
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Posted: 2015-02-27T19:41:56Z
I loved this OS
First of all
Im a New Yorker Cool
I go on the train everyday 
The trains are awesome yet again they suck ass 
Crowded trains, train delays ugh
Constructive Criticism Embarrassed
The too much cursing was overrated
Yeah, We New Yorker curse a lot, but like in almost every sentence, Nah
I kind of felt offended Embarrassed
But its totally fine
We're the hood, but were nice people Wink
Im Sorry
I dont mean to hurt you or anything
But Im a True New Yorker
Like I was born and raised in NY
Again, Im Very Sorry Big smile
I would love a part 2 to this
Cuz its that AWESOME LOLApproveStar
Asad and Zoya running into each other
That was hilarious
But at the end
Opposites Attract 
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Posted: 2015-02-27T19:54:13Z
this was perfect asya os LOL
their train encounter...and the bickering starts... she flipped off... asad's reaction... shocked nd my reaction LOL
then in coffieshop... zoya's statement that she just fell on his lap not grabbed his dick... asad's reaction Shocked
my reaction LOL
typical zoya
she really has fantacy for word ass hole LOL
and then in mall...she saved him bt then again bickering
you have to write part 2Edited by kaju27 - 2015-02-27T21:13:08Z
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Posted: 2015-02-27T20:00:46Z
It was so so so so so so sooo lovely n beautiful loved their faights they r so cute totally loved it if possibel plz continue it love to read more Big smile Edited by shailu143 - 2015-02-27T20:43:18Z
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Posted: 2015-02-27T20:23:37Z



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Posted: 2015-02-27T20:34:56Z
love it..
thnxxx for pm...
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