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Posted: 8 years ago

In a conversation with's Jescilia Karayamparambil, Pritam talks about his Bigg Boss' hangover.

Will you like to go back to the Bigg Boss' house again?

What are you asking me? Right now, I do not want to go, but in the future, why not? If they invite me as a guest, I would like to go.

How did your family react to your decision of picking up the briefcase'?

It was not a good reaction from the family when I chose to take the briefcase. Fortunately, my wife and parents went back to normal soon after my decision. They were happy that I came home after being away for so long.

How much did your son miss you?

My son is too small to express that, but he did show some emotion when he saw me. It took him a while to understand that I will be around and will not be going anywhere.

Where do you think you lost your fans?

I do not believe that I lost any of my fans. Actually, I gained many through the show. I am grateful that these fans stayed with me throughout the show. I received their support through voting. It is true that one person will win the show and that happened. One can win with five votes or 50 votes who knows, but I am happy that I gained new fans through the show. I came second and I am happy about it. I received several messages from people across the world- especially from UK, Pakistan and Canada.

What do you miss about the Bigg Boss' house? 

I was being monitored and watched by my fans. They liked what I did and how I did it; they judged all my moves. That 9 to 10 pm slot that I went on-air is something that I miss the most. It is not just me, but the audience watching it also feels the same.

Red FM is planning to take your shows to a national level. What is your expectation?

I have no expectation, when it happens, it will happen. I do not think much about my work. I like my work; I do what I like doing. I never think about the outcome of my work. But in case Red FM is thinking about it, I would be very happy and so will my audience.

Did you miss RJing?

I did miss RJing, like most of the things that I missed. I missed playing with my kid. I used to spend a lot of time with my kid but that has changed a little after Bigg Boss'. There are so many calls, meetings and parties.

Which RJ would you like to see on Bigg Boss'?

I would like to see Malishka in the next season of Bigg Boss'.

How is your rapport with Malishka?

Malishka and I have been very friendly right from the start. We respect each other and she is my very good friend. I have learnt a lot from her. She is India's top RJ and I believe that there is no RJ bigger than her. She has a personality on radio and if even I am able to do five per cent of what she does on radio, I will be more than happy. I watch her and understand more about RJing from her.

Are you getting film offers?

I have been getting offers from producers and directors in Bollywood. I am waiting to see what to pick, if I want to establish myself as an actor. 

Is there any other reality show you would like to try?

I would like to attempt Khatron Ke Khiladi' as I have never played with danger and I would like to try it. I might try myself in a dance show, but I am really weak at dancing.

Posted: 8 years ago
tfs girlie...
pritam pyaare is an honest and down to earth guy no tall claims n no show off.
Posted: 8 years ago
Ghatya paltimaar ka ghatya interview
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by snehaHCAPK

tfs girlie...
pritam pyaare is an honest and down to earth guy no tall claims n no show off.


Absolutely...he's very real and down to earth..His likeable nature and honesty will help him go places...

Wish him the very best...His second baby is also due next month...So happy for him..
Posted: 8 years ago
It's good that he's getting movie offers.
Best of luck to him.
Posted: 8 years ago
He doesn't think he lost fans!!! Lolll!! He always tries to dodge the real question by doing gol gol batein!

Looser u lots thousands of fans when u showed ur ugly real face! A dirty , undignified, greedy and low class man! That's how you became a looser from being the top contender!

He said he went to jail n has come from a very Gandi background! And you kow what it showed pritam!! LOL

Btw, why r all his interviews done by his RJ frinds?? Wink
Posted: 8 years ago
Palti ka fazool interview LOL
And obviously He walked out with 25 lacs becoz he himself knew it that he can't win ..
Posted: 8 years ago
Pritam rocks,bashers shocksROFL

Pritam Singh

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