Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 48

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Posted: 6 years ago
Clothes & other Emotional ShitShocked

When they returned to the hotel around midnight, she looked tired and pale, but refused to admit to herself or to him...
The driver pulled into the front parking... she asked him "Do u mind if we took a walk?" very politely
"I dont mind at all" he said with a half smile
"Dont mock me! Mujhe laga pakka koi call hoga oopar chalkar seedhe you will go to your PC and start twirling thoss locks"
He stared like she had him down pat

"Ermm... I am just guessing"
He got down first and then she did...
They walked outside the hotel on the street
"Can u hold my phone?" she asked "Thanks"
He reached and took it from her...
He looked at the background the same one with Amma Appa and Warrior at some temple
"Where is that?"
"Do u go there a lot?"
"Not any more... lots I mean... I would go there every month," giggling
He walked on the outer side hands in pockets...
"What are you wearing?"
"Mere kapde?" she asked
"Haan tumhaare kapde" he said in perfect Hindi
"U are always mocking me"
"I dont agree" he , he reached for her hand as she sprinted/stopmed
"U dont take me seriously"
"I will take you however u want me to" he muttered
She yanked her hand... "Not funny"
"Not meant to be II"
He gently let his fingers slide between hers and folded, TIGHT...
Her insides did a jig? dance? spin?
She tested the grip by gently pulling... "Dont test it" he said
They walked side by side, a 6'3" and 5 '9" out of towners... skinny and fashionable
"So what are u wearing?"
"Palazzo pants" "Do u like it" and then quickly correcting herself "U dont like it?"
His half smile came and went
"Thanks, Yes, and No!" he said
"Whats your favorite clothing?... on... (me?) (a woman?)"
He gripped "What are the options?"
"Not the one you want" she said huskily
"Which one do I want"
"Please da"
They looked like a couple DEEP in conversation, about something...
Since it was Saturday night there were people on the streets and in vehicles
"OK the choices are Indian Western, OK North Indian South Indian and Western?"
"Where does lingerie fit?"
"I am surprised aman with SUCH experience does not know WHERE it fits"
"Clever II?"
"Always" she said huskily
"We'll see" he said softly

"Such enthusiasm? I would hate to see you excited.. " (mocking)
"Uve seen it and u didnt hate it at all" he muttered
She leaned gently on his arm, the arm that held her hand... and rubbed her ear...
"Did u really have plans to return?"
He didnt answer that...
She started to sneeze and cough as a truck blew up some dust off the street
"Lets turn back" he said
"Only 10 minutes da.. PLEASE?"
"Its after midnight, the driver is no where in sight"
"Oh come on... dont tell me u are scared"
He went expressionless just walked with her briskly, she was behind a few steps...
"Ennachu da?" "There are so many people on the street"
"I know... NONE we know of" he bit...
"I live and work in Delhi... small towns are safer"
"I really dont want to argue right now"
"Ive been living and working in Delhi 7 years, kabhi kuch nahi hota" smug
He just held her had tight and walked towards the lights of the hotel parking lot
"Like u knew exactly WHO was sitting on your bed when u were asleep last night?" he asked
She froze... yanking her hand... he let go she didnt have to yank at all
She stood there tears filling her eyes... she looked away he stood there, hands in pockets 
as cars drove up under the portico, the doorman waved asking them to move... she moved AWAY from the front door
He was FURIOUS... like she wasnt going to go up, if he did she would just WANDER?
At midnight?
She sauntered around the huge potted plants... he trailed her
"I dont want to go up, you should if u have a call"
He shut down completely... he was aready for a fight, but not on the street
She coughed and walked on
"I can stomach a scene on the street II, I dont think you can, lets go"
"Thanks for rescuing me last night from the wolves I think I am OK, I am a big girl now"
If ANYONE in the planet knew how to send him from 0 to 200 SHE DID...
Topped that list actually
They stood by a potted plant and stared at the patterened sand stone inlaid on the ground
An employee walked from the lobby "Did u lose anything Sir?"
"No" he said shortly
"Lets go II" he hissed inaudibly
She walked by his side and they went up to their floor... GORGEOUS VIEW... he always turned out the lights when he left the room, she was too afraid so she always left them ON
From there from the door step, EVERYTHINg was different about them, even in a hotel room she took her 
shoes off by the door, he left it on EVEN in bed if he was taking a call and letting his feet dangle, her things were a million, and organized, he travlled with little and had them strewn
around... he always left his wet towels on the floor... when he worked he didnt eat or drink or talk, she ATE more than she worked

She went to the bedroom and rummaged through her bag through tears.. her vision fogging up
" They are Bally's family" she shouted
"Did u know who was on your BED?"
she looked startled
"The DOOR was open, there were 100 people in that house, do u know who was an employee who was family?'
"Did u come into rescue me JUST SO you could taunt me?"
He walked up to her and just stopped
Shoved his hands into his pockets
"Why did u come to Jaipur?"
"Why should I tell you?"
"You dont even know the family or the baby"
He froze waiting for another name or relationship to pop but it didnt
"So ALL it takes is a few kind words II U will hop in the car and ride with anyone 400 kms?" DUMBFOUNDED
"DO NOT talk to me like I am FIVE" she hissed
"Well u seem to be ACTING like it"
"Thanks... then u are probably violating the Hindu Marriage Act by marrying a five year old, its illegal, you shouldnt" she leaned on the cupboard
"Oh so THATS the new excuse for not getting married now?"
"U looked for excuses to NOT marry I WANTED TO (until that bas***d Subbu dumped me at the altar")
"Whattt?' he rubbed his eye brow  scratched his head baffled...
"U are the boss of running away" she yelled... "U agreed to marry me because I wouldnt go to bed with you otherwise"
"Niiice... so we both have the SAME thing on our mind dont we?" 
He approached purposefully
"WRONG!! Coz u cannot think beyond sex" she yelled
"But its OK if YOU worry enough about it that the man u are marrying is marrying you only for it"he hissed
His hands on either side of her face...
"U know what YOU will be the last person I come to if I ever worry about something (LIKE APPA HATING ME)
"That would be fantastic since I am only marrying for sex, I couldnt be bothered with the emotional shit anyway"
His phone rang... so he answered and stepped out to the living room, she picked up her night clothes... and went to the bathroom
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Posted: 6 years ago
WW5...Loved it!!! Big smile
Will add more later.

To II-R&B:
"Sometimes the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you've ever had." - Author Unknown

I borrow the words of others because I'm not eloquent enough to come up with such insightful stuff myself. The words are completely fitting for the couple at hand though. 

She could never have imagined that she would fall so hard for a guy who has probably been in more relationships than the number of crushes she has had. A guy who her parents (read appa) would hate. A guy who probably speaks as many words in an entire day as she speaks in a minute. A guy who will pack up a few clothes and head off to any corner of the world without a moment's notice. A guy who will (probably) never see eye-to-eye with her on the professional front. A guy who...ok I think you get the point. LOL

As for him, he (and the rest of his family) never expected that he would ever even consider marriage. Let alone to an vegetarian Iyer firecracker who (in your words) can "send him from 0 to 200" a matter of seconds...with just one phrase. A girl know how she is, so fill in the rest as you wish Wink

As you wrote so aptly, "EVERYTHING was different about them"
The more they talk, the more their differences come to the surface...and the more this marriage seems like its doomed before it even happens. She is a mature, professional, working woman with extremely ambitious goals, but she has a childish, insecure side that comes as a part of the package. I question if he is ready to handle the entire package. He is making these grand plans for permanently heading off to Paris after the AGM and keeping her completely in the dark about this. I question if she is ready to handle his quiet, mysterious, off-the-radar type nomadic personality.

That ended up coming out longer than I thought it would...TongueEmbarrassed
There's more I have to say, but I'll save it for another day. Wink Big smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
That rings a bell too!!

Worried about one and hounding another...

These 2 are so cute ...Hug
They really don't need any other villain in the plot now do they??

Charm will work? ya bus sirf II ko wo bolne de...

Aurgurs well for the future - both can see what's wrong with each other and only feel what's right Embarrassed

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Posted: 6 years ago
Pooh, intense Han! Superbly described. 
Posted: 6 years ago
What a wonder 24 hour troller Ashu asleep LOL.
Get here missing your gushing... before I pay for my sins...( of staying here for so long) 
The one day I get to stay longer you are not there...Broken Heart
Posted: 6 years ago

Audio & emoticons - Bally R&B convo - that was a mighty good insight into R&B .

 Yes, he is gung ho about II but has he really really thought through the implications of marriage with II. He cares for her, is possessive, yes can't wait to bed her, and claims her as his... but outside this realm what about II ...

She is as smitten now but her ambitious zeal is no hidden fact either.  But does he give it the significance it deserves?  Does he really believe Paris is an option? Surely he needs to realise somewhere that there is a LOT of ground to be covered in this marriage...  

But to be fair... and simply put - it's a first for him too  and he will eventually get thereSmile

And the last update:  Great that they are battling it out, to provoke each other is one aspect of their personalities that they are completely attuned to!!!

Oh... and just this morning I was wondering does R&B ever speak Hindi... and bingo ... here it was Smile

Posted: 6 years ago
Got to folks..
Wish me luck have something important the next 2 weeks.
ALL by myself till my RnB gets back  on Sunday...
Stay happy !

And Nisha love you for my mornings here bright and them all the time even if don't got to write in..
Awesome writing Clap

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