Software Symph 4--Walking to Ranthambore on 146 - Page 2

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Posted: 6 years ago
Res! My first ever on IF

I think I am running short on finding adjectives to praise your work. All I want to  say is Thank you for this Symphony. It has become an integral part of my life ( last 6 weeks). My morning cuppa feels incomplete if I don't get to read an update. You are weaving a tale about alluring relationships. You have touched all the angles & aspects of a relationship whether  it's about leads, parents, sibling, friends, couples or colleagues. You have described all the tangents so beautifully. I am always in awe for the first few minutes as i read. I skim it and then I read it slowly and savour it like kheerWink. Your attention to details is unequaled whether  it's a Monet at princely house or a simple calendar in middle working class house, you don't miss anything. I have read this kind of description in a literally books only .Most romance novels are never divulge these things. It's just about the leads.

The description of your scenes is so potent, I feel as if I have been transported right there.Humor is at the right place never OTT, You give your readers a very good time.Party

The characters are evolving so beautifully, you have portrayed all the women to be level headed and yet goofy. I love everyone's dynamics. That's another piece of this story that I enjoy the most and look forward to.Star

Last but not the least, II and R&B are most lovable characters. Arya did a wonderful job at describing them so I will it for now. I look forward to reading more of this Symphony. I can see it as a big movie, mini-series or just the best a PUBLISHED BOOK.Clap So that I can cherish it over and over again like do Pride and PrejudiceEmbarrassed
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Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats Nisha on the 4th what an achievement. 
Will edit with more comments once you have updated :D
Posted: 6 years ago

Soaps & Stars
Part 136?

She called Bally after dinner on Sunday night, "Busy ho aap?" she asked politelyBig smile
"waah Iyer aaj kya baat hai, itni adab?" he laughedLOL
"Soye to nahi they?"Cry
"Nahi yaar, Suman ke saath recorded Saas Bahu show dekh raha tha. I mean yaar... kaise kahoon..."ROFL
II laughed out loud...
"Kaun sa waala?"
"Milo Monday ko batata hoon" deeply troubledAngry
"Bally" Ii began
"Yes kiddo"
" I AM ENGAGED"Blushing
" oh teri!" "Kaun hai?"Shocked
"R&B" she said softly, barely audibleEmbarrassed
"KYA BAAT KAR RAHI HAI" he shoutedShocked
Suman shushed him... "Sorry yaar, ruk, doosre kamre mein"
"Iyers mein break up aise hota hai? Sagai karke?" he askedLOL
"Bally" II laughedConfused
"Nahi, batao, hafta pehle, baap jaata hai, family mana kar deti hai, uske agle hafte sagai? Iyers mein tum log "NO" badi ajeeb tareeqe se bolte ho yaar"ROFL

"Toone propose kiya, usne?"Evil Smile
"Ummm... usne... Saturday ko shaam ko" II saidEmbarrassed
"Minute aur second bhi bata de zara"LOL
"6 49 PM? 38 seconds?" Ii giggledWink
"Great news BTW... ab kya plan hai kiddo, naukri etc karni hai ya khanadani pasa Emporio Mall mein kharchna hai?' Bally askedBig smile
"Good, kyon ki latter tujhe main karne bhi nahi deta"Clap
She smiled knowingly... she knew he expected way more from her..
"Shaadi kab hai?"Big smile
"Family has not agreed... Appa has completely not.." II said somberly
"I dont know if he will even" Ii saidCry
"Phir toone kya socha?"Shocked
"I dont know" she said deeply, worriedCry
"Uski family maan gayi? Haan why not, nahi... what is there to hate?" Bally was thinking aloudClap
"arey nahi... us high society mein teri tarah unko kidhar milegi?" Bally said firmlyClap
"Bandey ki girlfriend ka kya chakkar hai?"Dead
"I think she was an ex... he is no longer she is no longer... I mean"Embarrassed
"Sincerely bola woh?" Bally was suspiciousAngry
"He did"Embarrassed
"I think the guy's OK" Bally said thoughtfully "Opinionated hai, dogmatic hai, but I think he is smart" "Kidhar ka hai toone kaha?"Clap
"CMU" she saidClap
"Dekh, ab kisi ko bhi nahi lenge CMU mein usme koi to baat hogi" Bally made a caseClap
"Baap ka soch raha hoon yaar" Bally looked worriedAngry
"He seems nice" Ii saidCry
"Yahi baat us admin ne bhi boli hogi maloom?" Bally said, sickAngry
II cringed
"usne tere saath kuch aisa waisa nahi kiya na?" Bally asked in a very protective wayAngry
"No bally, nahi... nahi... no please" II refutedCryDead
"I am sorry... I am sorry kiddo" Bally was apologetic
"Appa wont agree" she repeatedCry
"shaadi kab ki hai?"
"Two weeks? he said" II chewed the words painfullyShocked
"He has to go to Paris on 22nd ya kuch"Embarrassed
"SHITTT Iyer" "Do hafte?" Bally sounded dumbfounded
"Ek to tera banda kuch kehta nahi, phir seedhe 15 din mein shaadi?"LOL
Ii laughed nervously
"Bache bhi soch liye hongey usne?" he mocked in thick UP accentROFL
"Teen" she said
"Oh teri!... oh teri!!! Hes HARD to figure out kiddo" Bally said in AWE, COMPLETE AWELOL
"Hmm" Ii said
"Tu to chup nahi hoti, woh bolta nahi"
"I know riight" Ii giggled
"Kapde dhang ke pehankar aaya ya nahi?"ROFL
She laughed out loud again, "navy suit and tie" she said
"Sahiii" Bally smiled
"What should I do at work tomorrow?" she asked

"Bande ne propose kya kiya madam sab kuch bhool gayi. Ab tere jaise logon par hi yeh saas bahu shows banaate hain." Bally mocked
"How mean, kaam ka nahi pooch rahi... I am asking team ko kya kahoon? I have the ring on" II sounded distressed
"Hmmm.. keh de, I cant talk about it right now?' Bally offeredBig smile
"Ya medical shop mein ruk kar hafte ke liye crepe bandage pehan le, jab tak sort out nahi ho jaata?" he offeredBig smile
"Agar Appa nahi maaney to?" he askedShocked
"I dont know"Cry
"Can u imagine life without him?" he asked DIRECTLYBig smile
"Nahi" she said firmlyEmbarrassed
"Phir to bus theek hai... chilll Iyer"ClapClap
She smiled

"Main jaaoon ab, ek darwaaze ke peechhe khare khare sun rahi thi, woh to ab tak chali gayi hogi, jiski lagaane waali thi uski lagi ya nahi mujhe maloom karna hai"ROFL
"Niice" she saidLOL
"Main Suman ko kehta hoon WIG lagaakar so, utaar deti hai"LOL
II began laughing

"Kal batata hoon kya hua... I JUST HOPE THEY SAY ILU THIS WEEK YAARRR yeh wait mujhse bardasht nahi hota" he gushedEmbarrassed
She laughed uncontrollablyROFL


Amma came by after 11:30, unable to sleep sat down... "Toonagleya?" she asked Amma
"No not sleepy da" Amma said
She moved so Amma could lay by her
Amma did
"Appa is still upset?"
"Hmmm kanna, they are VERY NICE PEOPLE, I MEAN namba relatives la yaarum ille apdi... none in our relatives" Amma said firmly
Ii smiled
"Such warmth, affection, graciousness" Amma gushed
"Hmmm, Sam is nice ma"
"Appa daan innum kovama irukka, he is still as upset as he was"
"Nee?" "you?' asked II
"Ummm.. seri vidu" Amma skirted it cleverly "Lets not talk about it
II closed her eyes and worried...
"Ana manushar, na paiyan kalyanatha kooda miss panna ready sollittaar, he is even willing to not attend the wedding, the senior I mean" Amma said
Ayyyoyyo" II said opening her eyes in shock, her hand flying to her mouth
"Amaam" Amma said troubled
"Ayyyoyyo"Ii repeated
"Paavam Sam was not there, ethana kashtama irundu irukumo illena, wonder how sad she would have been Sam was not around when he said that"
"Hmmm" II teared up...
"Vera paiyan paathom na pannipeya Will u marry if we find another boy?" DIRECT
"Amma... epdi mudiyum... naa avana... HOW CAN I MA, I... (like? love? adore? obsess? hunger? need? want? crave? require?) him" 
she said trembling, not saying the key words
"Appa othukka maatala. Appa wont agree" Amma said
II sat up... and looke at her Mom... 

"Ishita we did not expect this from you" Amma was stern
"I know Ma, I didnt either" she said guilty
"They are way out of league, they fed us in ALL silverware, Sitaraman kooptrinda, was the cook, Uma seemandathula samachare Vasant Vihar cook" Amma said in awe
"Ayyyoyo" "Nejama va?" "seriously?"
"YA All IYER food. AND she gave me tamboolam. How can I doubt that sincereity?" At the same time there is no guarantee R&B is a good boy" Amma said bluntly
"Amma he is not bad... he is great"
"6 weeks work panni ivlav periya conclusion, such a big one?"
"amma u got less with Appa, u met him once and married him" II said
"True, but Thatha was not a womanizer" Amma said bitterlyAngry
II was completely quiet

"Here is what I can promise kanna, Sam wants your horoscope, I will send it to her tomorrow, nalla naala irukku (its an auspicious day) (Iyers follow a LOT of shastras, good days bad days good hour not so good hour)
"she has sent his, I am going to get it matched, from various people, just so that its not a false positive. IF THEY DONT MATCH the deal is off" FIRM AND CRISPAngry

"IF they do?"Embarrassed II asked in a whisper, her eyes filling up with tears
"Paapom" "Lets see" (Iyers use this term a lot)Ouch
Amma turned off the zero watt bulb, and shut her door and left the room


Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats For The New Thread...Thumbs Up
Posted: 6 years ago

oh it is going to be pathu kku pathu porutham ( 10/10 ) match for II and R&B!!! no doubt.. cause the stars aligned them the first time they met and now the horoscope will just confirm it.. my GUUUt feel.

oh Bally is back loved it.. and i liked that she couldnt be without him and amma & II convo was perfect but i doubt even if the horoscope doesnt match II will ever marry anyone else..
Some one please help me I need to get back to work LOLLOL
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Posted: 6 years ago
Happy to know amma is willing to match horoscopes atleast..
Appa.. Pls stop being grumpy..
Baldev is back with a bang.. Lol.. He is such a great friend and a confidant.. Love him totally.. His convos are always hilarious wid II..
Amusing update Nisha!!
I should probabaly not ask u for more now.. Lol.. I know I wont get any, today being work day
Posted: 6 years ago
I'm copy pasting my comment on the previous thread hereNisha that was BEAUTIFUL. I always wanted a Sam-r&b scene. I teared up in office. The entire scene was so well written, like a screenplay. It was amazing. 
You know I noticed one thing that after the proposal we know what everybody thinks from Sam to amma to appa vandu, even r&b but we didn't get much about II whose reactions and introspection are what we typically get. Do you have something planned? 
Posted: 6 years ago
CONGRATS for the new thread Nisha...ClapClap
keep going...

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