Software Symph 4--Walking to Ranthambore on 146

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Posted: 7 years ago
THANK YOU COLUMBIA!!Embarrassed...

Topic 1

Topic 2
Topic 3
250K+ READS in less than a monthClap

Couldn't be happierClap

He is Raman Bhalla, fondly referred to by his family as R&B a 6'3"... 30 year old... Paris based, single... wealthy Punjabi venture capitalist, he's a co investor/partner in a French company called Argent Graines which translates to Silver Seeds  Big smile
He returns to India... reluctantly... to manage his Dad's biz, a chain of automobile dealerships across North India called Excelsior Automobiles... for  M company cars  He abandoned the family over a scandal that rocked it three years ago.  To say he doesn't like his Dad would be an understatement.Cry

She is Ishita Iyer a 27 year old...  5'9" IIM MBA & CPA , and a MS in IT from the USA single... Delhi based Iyer,  daughter of a bureaucrat...she is a Public Accountant and SW Mgr with KMPG Inc. signs off her emails with a "II"Embarrassed
Her company will install and support a transaction processing SW called TransPro in ExcelsiorBig smile 
BTW she has  a broken heart alsoEmbarrassed...

How they meet and fall in love is the story of R&B and IIBig smile and called Software SymphoniesEmbarrassed

I have NO experience in the IT/IS industry, Accounting? yes... so all the IS stuff is all just a figment of imagination... I am sorry if its factually incorrect
After all, its just a storyWink
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Posted: 7 years ago
I AM TOLD Its all of the followingEmbarrassed
Brilliant, funny, Intelligent, Urban, Classy, Racy, Witty, Crisp, sexyBig smile...Any other adjectives it makes you conjure up would be a  sheer windfall to meBlushing

Key Compliments that feed/fed my frenzyLOL

That was mind blowing. BRILLIANT. Don't know how I missed it. Read it in a row and fell in love with this beautiful beautiful story. Your writing is so tight and crisp and all the emotions are so palpable. You're brilliant and funny. Although there is no similarity, but I felt like I'm reading Arundhati Roy's novel. Keep writing and do let me know if there are other stories that you've written on this forum and I've been blind enough to miss them.
Aaw davara/tumbler + filter coffee , R&B does take in  the best of the iyer culture..Starbucks may come and go but drinking filter coffee using the steel containers beats everything .. I have to start my day like that..
Waiting for the next update now..lady i am positive you need to  write a book, Chetan Bhagat started this way and his language or ideas are no different from yours :-)..this story could actually very well translate into a book , think about it
~Payal~ (Sample Review on Page 45 on Topic 2Clap)

1) You're a brilliant writer.
2) I'm obsessed with this story.
3) I'm in love with R&B.

Rom Com Fan

This FF is like a  ready heady red velvet cupcake.. the supercalorific ones that you can't stay away from but you just can't resist licking every crumble off  your fingertips.  You are way too good at this Nisha...I bow to your mastery!ClapClap

Also,  how much do I love the convos in the Iyer house, especially II's thoughts about  Srikanth and the reasons Vandhu is recommending him- it is so reflective of some conversations I've had with my family on the topic of marriage, I can't get over how realistic it is.    So well done!


Oh btw, I just have to share this with you. Big smile *jumps excitedly*
My entire apartment (I live with 5 of my friends in a shared apartment) had a bonding sesh today as we each read this story individually on our own devices while sitting together (we forgot lunch and dinner so we just heated up a frozen pizza after finishing up with the last part Tongue). We were all stuck inside since the first and second day of classes has been cancelled due to winter storm Juno! Dancing Party
And of course we discussed and gushed about EVERY SINGLE chapter afterwards, making sure that everyone was staying on pace and not reading ahead. My roommate and I (having recommended the story) of course looked on proudly as everyone else joined us in our excitement and obsession with this story. 

I have to tell you that 4 of my flatmates are Indian (including me) but I am the only one who watches YHM or any Hindi daily soap for that matter. The other two are American (I translated some of the Hindi stuff but they appreciated the authentic Indian/Iyer touches and even did a few Google searches to clarify the stuff they didn't get). Yet, every single one of us is obsessed with SW Symphonies now like our life depends on it. If we showed even 0.1% of this interest in our classes, our profs would love us and we would all have 4.0s. LOL

This is the power that you have with you writing Nish! You made a traditionally raised Southern belle from Alabama and a total white urban city chick from Chicago fall in love with R&B and II. These two firangis are hounding me now (won't even peacefully let me eat my late night chocolate treat Cry) to tell them all about India and show them pics from my previous India trips so they can better understand and visualize the setting of your updates. 

I blame you for not being able to get my chocolate fix today and you'll only be forgiven if you give us the next update quickly. Wink

"My, by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel - it is, before all, to make you see. That - and no more - and it is everything."

Nisha, Just like a few books, this quote has stayed with me over the years and today after reading the pt.Strangers on a subway, I see you in the Quote more than Conrad...
I have read somewhere that we do not remember days but we remember moments. The symphonies in
Letting Go...
Reading &YT History...
Morse Code...
Strangers on a subway...
will stay etched in me forever. Looking forward to lock away more in my 'Godrej Safe''''



You evil, evil, evil woman, who writes far, far too beautifully for my good.

You stopped right there. 
Ittana kodumai yedakku??! Ouch
Ippo naa epidi ennoda college-work mudippen?!
That cliffhanger ending is going to keep replaying in my head, with all the different outcomes that my poor sleep-deprived brain can come up with!! Confused
Poor Aristotle. How does his Book of Rhetoric even stand a chance of competing with THE Software Symphonies? D'oh

R&B in suit!!! Embarrassed ::swoons:: Day Dreaming
And. You made R&B and II match (burgundy tie & II's dawani)!!!! LOLClap

So. I am pulling an all-nighter in an attempt to catch up on my work & assignments. And. I can honestly say that I've spent more time refreshing SW3 than reading for my assignments Confused
That's the power of your writing. 

You have this ability to convey the emotions of the characters by using their smallest gestures, without the blatant expression which is the norm in most writings. So much so, that a good workaholic college student (namely me) can't focus on work anymore.

I'm constantly empathizing with II... and seeing me in her actions and even the lack of them... 
R&B gave me hope... and disappointment... and then again brought hope back to me... Just as he does to II.

R&B ki himmat toh dekho! 
Khulle aam ladki ke baap ke saamne darwaaza bandh kar liya!
::swoons again::
Gosh. Your R&B has made a total fan-girl out of me. 
The time that I don't spend reading his antics, I spend fantasizing about finding my own R&B. 

It's the littlest actions/inactions that make Software Symphonies and all these beloved characters come so, so, so close to life.

Again, at the cost of being repetitive and boring, I must say this... 
You write far, far too beautifully for my sanity.

Holding onto the edges of the cliff with the tips of my fingers,

We're on page 149.
Pudu thread-oda linka kudungo! LOL
We absolutely refuse to let you not continue this Tongue

As for those lines by Alfred Lord Tennyson... 
That was an edited version...

Here's the original.
" Half the night I waste in sighs.
Half in dreams I sorrow after
The delight of early skies;
In a wakeful doze I sorrow
For the hands, the lips, the eyes,
For the meeting of the morrow
The delight of happy laughter,
The delight of low replies."

I thought this perfectly described how II and R&B felt about each other... especially since their relationship was almost purely physical when it started...
And. It perfectly depicts the search for that elusive, purr-fect R&B.

You've managed to create a character who has absolutely no parallel. 
And, that is extraordinarily amazing. And. Spectacular.

I like that word.
Spectacular. Like you.

Res! My first ever on IF 

I think I am running short on finding adjectives to praise your work. All I want to  say is Thank you for this Symphony. It has become an integral part of my life ( last 6 weeks). My morning cuppa feels incomplete if I don't get to read an update. You are weaving a tale about alluring relationships. You have touched all the angles & aspects of a relationship whether  it's about leads, parents, sibling, friends, couples or colleagues. You have described all the tangents so beautifully. I am always in awe for the first few minutes as i read. I skim it and then I read it slowly and savour it like kheerWink. Your attention to details is unequaled whether  it's a Monet at princely house or a simple calendar in middle working class house, you don't miss anything. I have read this kind of description in a literally books only .Most romance novels are never divulge these things. It's just about the leads.

The description of your scenes is so potent, I feel as if I have been transported right there.Humor is at the right place never OTT, You give your readers a very good time.Party

The characters are evolving so beautifully, you have portrayed all the women to be level headed and yet goofy. I love everyone's dynamics. That's another piece of this story that I enjoy the most and look forward to.Star

Last but not the least, II and R&B are most lovable characters. Arya did a wonderful job at describing them so I will it for now. I look forward to reading more of this Symphony. I can see it as a big movie, mini-series or just the best a PUBLISHED BOOK.Clap So that I can cherish it over and over again like do Pride and PrejudiceEmbarrassed


Warning: Not proof read, not spell checked... either Cry In my defense I will say impossible task... at the frequency at which I update Big smile

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Posted: 7 years ago
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Part 19 Mahipalpur & Backless Choli on 51
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Part 135 "I am Sam" on 139


Topic 4

Part 136 Soaps & Stars on 2
Part 137  Square yards of Silence on 9
Part 138 Payback in full on 10
Part 139 Love for potatoes & ethics on 14
Part 140 Traps & Radioactive isotopes on 25
Part 141 4 and 20 Questions on 30
Part 142  Defects & Diabetes on 42
Part 143 Kurti Thief on 44
Part 144  Courage & Confession on 53
Part 145 Between 11th & 17th on 53
Part 146 Cheer leading  & Fangirling on 58
Part 147 Willing CaptiveBlushing 60.
Part 148 Mid Morning naps & Muhurta Naal on 70EmbarrassedParty
Part 149 Do you like her" on 74
Part 150 "Does she SING?" on 77ROFL
Part 151     on 83
Part 152 Pill and Water on 102
Part 153
Part 154 Likewise on 108
Part 155 Tug of War on 116
 Part 156 Bijnore & Bay Area on 134
Part 157 Mobility & Self Defense on 142
Part 158 Walking to Ranthambore on 146


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Posted: 7 years ago
Whatte dhamakedar start to a new thread woman!!! Respect.. Totally!!!
3 complete threads and a 4th now?? Nisha.. Unbelieveable.. In my 4 what so ever years on IF.. Only topoc that crosses 2 threads is this..
I simply adore this tale.. The leads.. The characters.. And YOU for creating it!!
I wont congratulate you cause I know, you have many more threads coming up...
I am so very happy for you on such an achievement!!!
Its spectacular...
Wish you write to eternity.. Yes.. I will keep saying this everytime a new thread opens.. Edited by ashu9 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Wowww... congratulations and celebrations. ... Star on 4th thread...
seriously Nisha this SS jave become my habit... sochne lagi hu ki ye tum khatam karogi to mera kya hoga... Cry Confused
And cuming to the updates. ...
Mr.Iyer naye thread ki khushi me hi maan jaate...cant wait for mr.iyer to agree for the wedding... LOL Wink Edited by Nazz_naz - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Thrilled to bits. Don't write/comment very often, but look forward to reading these fantastic updates. Congrats Nisha.
Posted: 7 years ago
RES :-) my first RES in IF LOLLOLLOL

I thought I will use this comment to Gush over this amazing tale!!!
I am in love with this tale.. its been my life for over a month now .
Nisha is one of the finest writers in this genre.. the story revolving an Iyer girl and Punjabi boy is so real and so perfect that its difficult to find the boundaries between fiction and real here.

Each and every character in this FF is so well etched that you fall in love with them.
She is a master story teller the details , the situations, the chapter names, the clothes, the texts, the house descriptions,Delhi I mean each and everything is so well thought of its beyond amazing..

I am sure writing is her calling and she is going to publish books and IF will find its first author ..and I will be one of the many cheeringClap

Edited by Ranu1234 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
congrats Nisha for 4th thread
hope u grow like this more and we get to read more Wink i know selfish me

but really love to read ur story
the day doesnt end or begin widout reading it
u r the only one i think on IF who do a regular update that too min 2-3 update a single day

Waiting plzz update fast

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