SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 33

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Posted: 6 years ago
Very Good Update..Nice...Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Life's like a box of chocolates
Part 113

"Things in life happen for a reason they say" ... with a "Southern accent".Wink Amma and Appa headed to NOIDA to meet Brig Moorthy at 6.
Appa picked up Amma at Andrews Ganj, he left early from North Block and spent an hour 
weaving through the AIIMS mess to get to KV Andrews Ganj, they headed towards Ashram on Ring Road
"Aval enga pora, where is she going?" Appa askedBig smile
"Edo friend sonna" Amma said NOT revealing the whole truth but not lying eitherWink
"Australia poralam, farewell sonna, she is headed to Syd so farewell" Amma said haltinglyCry
"Good good, youngsters should enjoy weekends, these days they are all going clubs and bars., Ishita is a very good young lady" Appa beamed in Iyer styleClap
"yes, she has given us so many things to be proud of" Amma agreedClap
"Yes, Subbu was a black mark, more like Subbu is a black mark" Appa said vehementlyAngryDead

He was a man in his early 60s, old fashioned even HE wasnt so obsessed with his Amma or his mentally retarded Anna
It was shameful for Appa to think a man  in 2015 would be such a "Mamm's boy"AngryDead

"Seri vidungo" Amma said, we are going for a good thing...ClapBig smile

"Yes, Squadran Leader Ashwin Moorthy, he is 6 feet tall, what Sector they are in NOIDA?"Embarrassed
"Amma looked at her text Army Sector 37?"Big smile
Appa waited at the Ashram signal, 10, 15 minutes passed... there was a jam all the way up to the Mayur Vihar bridge they were told...Cry
Amma texted Mrs Moorthy... they said they could wait until 6:30. They had to go to some Army Officers Wives Gala at 7Cry

Amma Appa, waited at the intersection at 6:30Cry, Appa somehow managed to turn left towards Nizamuddin and take the by lanes and they returned to South Ex and eventually to RK Puram Sector 12 at 7
Mrs Moorthy texted saying "We are sorry, dont worry we are headed to Malai Mandir on Saturday for Thai Poosam festival, we will come see you"EmbarrassedBig smile

Amma was very happy...Clap
Appa, a very religious man, a man that equated delays and cancellations as divine intervention (they call it sahunam in Tamil)suspected this was not good news, he didnt tell his wife thoOuchCry
He couldnt bear to see her disappointed again about Ishita, first Subbu, then Sree, then Ashwin?Cry
No no, everything with be OK "Krishna" appa prayed mentallyCry

His wife had even planned the sarees to get for Ishita both at the time of Subbu  and Sree... and WHAT the "tiffin" (Iyer wedding breakfast) should beCry
Based on recent South Delhi weddings of Iyers/Iyengars she had been part of...Cry

They walked up the stairs as Amma chattered about WHAT to make for Moorthys' visit tomorrow, "theratti paal and bonda?" "Milk cake and potato bonda"EmbarrassedBig smile
"Appa said "Sure!!" CHEERFULLYBig smile

Appa changed, Amma hadnt, they tuned to Sun TV after checking on Peraippa, Amma put a quick batch of idlis for dinnerBig smile

The door bell rang, Appa lowered the TV volume, let down his folded veshti and opened the door.. turned on the bigger lights in the living room

Ranjan Bhalla stood at the door..Shocked.
Appa was startled...Shocked

"Oh! hello" he said politelyBig smile

"Is this a good time Sir?" Ranjan asked

"Yes it is, Yes it is," Appa said inadervetently not intending to be rude
(Who knew it was indeed a "good time"EmbarrassedClap)
"Ranjan bearing two huge boxes, of dry fruits expensive mithai and chocolates, atleast 5lbs of each

"What is this" Appa asked smiling

"Just something for you all, Ishita can have it if u cant"

Appa noticed he was not referring to her as Ms IyerEmbarrassed

Amma peeked from the kitchen, pulling her pallu over her shoulder, kinda "Iyer respectfully"LOL

Hello Mr Ranjan, welcome" she saidEmbarrassed..And looked to see if she had decoction for filter coffee
Appa and him sat down

Amma came and sat down also

"How is everything Mr Iyer?"
"Good Good" said Appa hiding his disappointment from earlier, skilfully
"What brings u here?" Amma asked
She got up to get water and arranged for filter coffee...

"Is Ishita not home? Ranjan askedEmbarrassed
"No, she went for a farewell, some friend is going to Australia" APPA SAID
AMMA dropped the sugar dabba's lid in the kitchen, it clattered to the flooorROFL

"Incidentally my daughter thats studying for her Ph D in Sydney is also leaving tomorrow night" Ranjan said extremely happyLOL
"What a coincidence":Appa saidShocked
"Yes in fact there is a  aparty for her now at our place, she visits every 3 or 4 months, but u know youngsters" Ranjan gushedEmbarrassed
Appa shifted uncomfortably, and looke dt Amma... she looked away...Ouch

Amma served coffee murukku and coconut burfi

Ranjan drank from the davar tumbler. He asked why Amma Appa were not having any, they said its dinner time

"Well I am here to ask u something and hope you wont decline" Ranjan said "I will come straight to the point. I cannot talk windingly (MUST BE LIKE HIS SON MAN OF FEW WORDS)
Amma felt a churn strangely in the pit of her stomach...
"I would like my son Raman  to marry your daughter Ishita Mr Iyer. I want her to be my daughter-in-law" he said cheerfully.

Amma & Appa's expression? 
Well all that and more coming up...ROFL

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ashni0905

your story is such a tease...a slow burn...

Lekin main KHAANA fatafat bana leti hoonEmbarrassed
Aaj shaam ko kaam se lautkar I made chholey, in less than 20 minsLOL
And after returning from the gym I made rotis in less than 12

Bus is kahani mein main tum logon ko tadpa tadpa ke maarti hoonLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
You CANNOT leave us hanging like that tonight! Ouch
Tell me the next update is soon, like within the next few mins?? An hour at max!
I beg you Nish! Please hurry! Shocked
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by ashni0905

your story is such a tease...a slow burn...

Lekin main KHAANA fatafat bana leti hoonEmbarrassed
Aaj shaam ko kaam se lautkar I made chholey, in less than 20 minsLOL
And after returning from the gym I made rotis in less than 12

Bus is kahani mein main tum logon ko tadpa tadpa ke maarti hoonLOL

I could deal with all the cliff hangers up until now, but this one? I am slowly dying with anticipation to see Appa blow his fuse internally and try to cover it up with polite rejection in front of Mr.Bhalla.
Posted: 6 years ago
I want more II n RB di.. No amma appa vandu bala subbu periappa sree or the army sector wale...Dont disappoint me ab.. Please...
Posted: 6 years ago
Keep the readers on tenterhooksAngry
I revel in that...Evil Smile

Yep... kya karoonCry

But exciting aint it?Big smile

Posted: 6 years ago
Please tell us coming up soon means how many hrs...an hr or 2 or will it be like 11-12 hrs later...
Itna bata do so that i remain sane..

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