MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 102)

Posted: 1 years ago
Maan get furious not seeing Geet in office too and it's bad luck fr rohan 
After Geet coming office and what transparent between them it's make Maan more frustrated that how he lose in front of hr Geet saw emotions in his eyes but Maan hurts hr by trying to hide his emotions he knows he hurt hr that thing hurting him so much that's y he went roof top 
Other side Geet can't take his rude behavior in front of colleagues after seeing his emotions how long Maan going to hurt hr like this he have to overcome his fear he also need peacefull life 
Posted: 1 years ago
Yaar this Maan what is he doing ... He is msk why is not confessing his feelings to geet... He is simply VB her her and himself..
Want maaneet to confess each other soon... Can't see them like this...
Please end this tourture
Posted: 1 years ago
Angry this is so not done 
Part 44
I'm disappointedAngryAngry
Geet kya Kam royi h jo Aapne aur rula diya use 
N Maan is impossible
I hate him for this 
Sadu idiot 
Itna zyada bol diya geet Ko 
Dimag hi nahi h bande Mai Angry

Aakhir AAP chahte kya ho 
Maaneet Ko sath Lana nahi h kya CryCryCry
Please do me a favour maaneet ke bich sab sort karwa do 
I don't want to see them like this 
It's not acceptable sach
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Posted: 1 years ago
Superb update.maan is too sadu for hiding his emotion he hurt geet alot.hope everything sortout soon.waiting for next.
Posted: 1 years ago
I feel really really bad & sorry for geet..maan is hurting him and geet badly with his insecurity.
i just wish geet tender her letter & teach maan a lesson.. hope maan realize his mistake b4
it is too late..i just want to see maaneet romance for once..
Posted: 1 years ago
Maan missing geet
He showed his anger on staffs 
All were in toes until geet came
Geets one touch n their silent talks
Their communication thru eyes everything was perfect
But  with adis knock
Maan turned off which hurt geet most
N she was hurt more when he blasted at her
Seeing her smile with rohan
He repents it but whats the use after hurting her
Posted: 1 years ago

Hello All,

shik don't be sad baby ill make it up to you soon ...Wink
ferdouz hanisha thanks for commenting you people were running away without commenting since so many updates Ouch
khwaishfan thankyou for your colored  comment your questions would be someone else'e question soon in this story don't worry ..Embarrassed

to everyone else thank you for your honest feedback ..yes i am hating maan too and he will definitely get a good payback but in my own way ...Wink so plueejjj a few more updates are all what you have to bare ..

a big jhapppiii to all of for your likes and comments

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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Maan rather than going to his cabin went to the roof top and kicked every scattered trash in the way until he reached the very edge of it ...he stood looking at the scorching sun in the middle of the afternoon and screamed at the top of his voice ...10 floors above the ground nobody could hear his voice nor his anguish ..the struggle he was going through ..he punched the wall and kicked the stone yet nothing seem to work ..

Why ..why do I always end up hurting her the whole goddamn world why is it always her who has to face the extreme of it all ...

He was so tensed since yesterday ...before the function it was this hype in London media all the backlash of a failed marketing campaign and then reeta's rubbish to top it all he found the one person he wanted to protect from the slightest of hurt unconscious and unresponsive ...what could have been more patience testing than not seeing her at his house as she usually is ...his imagination was out and going in all directions when he didn't even see her in the office ...

Subha peekhi thi raat udaas thi
Uski ek jhalak ki isko bas piyaas thi
Aankh bhar dekhne ko miljaye sanam
Bas itni si ardaas thi ...

His mind would have exploded with all the tension if she wouldn't have been there after the meeting ..he lost his mind having her in  front ...the logic went out of the window the minute he saw her in front of him ...all the tension of the world was in one place and the relief of having her in front was in once place but the way he lost himself in her ...the way he let loose his emotions it scared him scared him to see her not questioning his actions ...not asking stupid question ...that understanding ...those eyes scared him and he jerked away ...snapped at her ...hid his emotion behind the faade of his anger as usual ...

Samandar sa gehra hu jo ishq Ghalib
Rok lagao ge us pe kaise
Lehroon aur sahil ka rishta hai sadiyon poorana
Inke milne pe tok lagao ge kaise
Laakh pehre bethao tum dil pe
Ishq khushbo ki tarha hai
Isko parde mien rakh paoge kaise 
Mehboob ko dhoka de lo tum
Par aaine mien khud ko dekh paoge kaise 
Iss ishq ko jhutlao ge kaise

He had went in her cabin seeing the blinds closed with the intensions of making mends for his previous behavior and explain what has happened in London but seeing somebody else making her smile while all he ever has done is to make her cry made him mad in fury, envy & jealousy the seven deadly sins and he possesses them all ...sloth, envy, anger, pride, gluttony, lust and greed ..
how could he over come his monsters ..but as usual he regret hurting her usual he is left with nothing but to remorse ...he know she wouldn't say a thing but that only makes things worst for him ...but his pride would never allow him to make it upto her and apologize another sin he possess ...he went down only when his mobile buzzed with an incoming call from veer ..

while on the other hand geet continued her work wearing a mask of indifference as she always does ..wondering until when she will be able to continue like this ..she glanced at her left seeing his empty cabin through the glass wall and remembered the way he stood leaning on her ...that one moment meant so much ...she didn't even knew what should she is supposed to think of it ...abruptly she looked away and indulged herself in the work before she could get carried away with her emotions again ...    


It was almost evening when he stood looking at the site plan and when nothing made sense anymore he walked away and stood at the top of the under construction site ..remembering the first time geet was with him on a site visit and she nearly tripped from third floor of a under construction building ..


Maan held her hand and jerked her back as a result of which he landed on him with a thud breathless and sweating in fear ...while maan held her shaking form in his arms he looked at her face .. eyes closed in fear wet beads forming on her forehead ...she looked so beautiful in that instant innocent and pure ...he feared even his sharp breath would hurt her and he lost his breath just as she looked up at him opening those big hazel duo with those frantic expression and horror filled eyes he felt such an impulse to protect her ...for the first time in his life he felt so protective for someone out of his family ...he stood lost in her and so did she they only stepped away when his site manager came rushing to them ..

Sir are you two alright ..

Maan left her to stand on her own and she stood still confused with what happened why she was standing in his arms even after he saved her ..oblivious to the fact that the manager had left and maan was walking forward ...noticing she isn't following he sighed and walked back to her ..

Geet ...what are you doing ..??

She snapped out of her trance ..

Jana nahi hai ..yahin rehna hai ..

I am sorry wohh mien ..

Kho gayi thi usual apni imaginary world mien ..right Ms. Handa

Han ...NAHI I mean nahi mien wohh ..

Stop it geet ...please ...when would you start being responsible ...itni careless kaise hu sakti ho tum ...(he held her right arm in a tight hold glaring at her ) .. tumhain thori si bhi sense hai ...bachi nahi ho tum do saal ki geet ... abhi tum gir jaati ..kuch hujata tu ..

She snapped his hand away and glared at him with equal fervor ..

Hujata tu hujata ...aap ko kya farq parta ..

Maan held her both arms in extreme anger and passion glaring at her furiously ..

Farq parta hai damn it ...mujhe farq parta hai ..

Geet stood there gobbed smacked ...his anger always scared her ..left her speechless ...those red flaring eyes and his high pitched voice ..she never had anyone scold her like that in her whole life ...and she never knew why she tolerated his rudeness but even then she didn't realized it was not his anger but his concern  ...and her innocent question made him gain his equilibrium back ..


She kept looking at him ...while he felt timed in front of her truthfulness and those deep hazel brown eyes looking at him expecting nothing but truth and even then he didn't had the guts to confess what he realized back then for the first time ... farq parta hai ...instead he turned away from her ..

Kyun kya ...tumhaari wohh employee association aur labor union pata nahi kya kya mere peeche parjayengi aur kyun ..

She twisted her lips at his answer if she expected something else ..something even she didn't knew back then and just like that what could have been the starting moment of their love story just went by like hundreds other in the coming 5 years ..


Geet was working on the final bit of the report alone in her room as she had released rohan for other work and lunch ofcourse while Anushka was gone with maan for the site visit ...that's when her phone buzzed and she saw it was dadi maa calling her ...

Namaste dadi maa ...kaisi hain aap

Hum ache hain aap bataiye ...maan ke saath rehte rehte bilkul unke jaisi hugayi hain ...itna hectic weak tha bet eek din off kar lete ..

Geet was silent at the mention of his name ...and that didn't went un-noticed by her ..

Geet bache sab theek hai na ..

Gi dadi maa sab theek hai ...wohh bas already itne din se office neglect huraha tha kaafi reports pending hugayi thi ...aap bataye how is your swelling ..mene nakul ko kaha tha aapko hot water kar ke dene ko ne diya ya nahi

Dadi maa smiled over the phone ..

Tu yeh aapke orders thay ..

Aapne apne legs soak kiye na salt water mien ...kaafi swelling thi kal ..

Geet beta u just don't miss anything ..aapki waja se maan careless hugaye hain ..dekhiye na subha se ek call nahi kiya unhoon ne ...aur hum kar rahe hain tu receive bhi nahi kar rahe ..

Dadi maa he is on site visits may be network issue huga ..

Hmm ...acha aapko koi idea hai maan ne lunch kiya bhi ya nahi ...subha breakfast kiye bina hi office chale gaye thay ...humien tension hurahi thi ..

Her mind started remembering but couldn't collect him coming back to his cabin after their talk ...even veer mentioned meeting him at the roof top ..why would he go their ...he only ever visit th roof top ..

Geet ...geet aap sun rahi hain na ..

Gi dadi maa ..

Maan wapis aayen tu humien call karne ko kahiyega ..

Gi mien keh dungi ..

Bye bete ..

Bye dadi maa ..

She put the phone down and checked with the peon who serves his lunch and ofcourse he didn't had anything ..

Jhaali ...bewakoof kahin ki ...unhoon ne breakfast nahi kiya tha aur tu ne unko empty stomach black coffee pe la di ...geet tu itni badi ghaddi hai na ..par ab kya karoon 5 baj gaye and he isn't even back yet tu lag nahi raha ..

While she was pacing the length of her room in worry adi entered with rohan pinky and romeo ..

Gete ma'am chaliye jaldi se cafeteria chalte hain

Romeo kya hua hai ...mujhe nahi jana kahin bhi ..

Adi: geet report complete nahi huyi kya ..

Geet: wohh hugayi just proof reading rehti hai ..

Pinky: geet tu phir problem kya hai please chal na ...rohan aur adi sir yummy samosa rolls aur sandwich laaye hain chal na chalke khaate hain .. 

Geet: thanks everyone but mujhe bhook nahi hai

Rohan: geet ma'am dekhiye iss report ke chakar mien aapne lunch nahi kiya and I feel so guilty about what happened ...please chaliye ...

Romeo: Dekhiye gete ma'am aap world ki best boss hain but humien bhi ache sub-ordinate hune ka chance milna chahiye ..

Adi: Geet please chalo ..

She really didn't wanted to go but seeing all their pleading faces he could barely refuse them ..

While sitting with their snacks and tea they started their gossip .

Waise aaj itne din baad maan sir phir se DD avatar mien dekhe hain ..

Rohan: I swear mujhe tu laga meri job gayi aaj tu

Pinky: but adi sir London project ke saath aisa kya hua hai ..?

Adi: well it's the same project jiske investor Mr. Garewal hain and it's the longest standing project of KC's London branch and finally in 6 months time we'll be launching the mega housing project ...but our marketing team made the blunder ..they made an advertisement showing an Asian woman being watched by a white woman in the market with a look of degradation and they show the same Asian woman enter a poach society which is ours and then give a mean look to the white woman ofcourse the nationalist in london are grilling our company and all local investors too ...

Pinky: yeh tu bilkul acha nahi hua ..

Romeo: wohh tu theek hai adi sir but ive never seen MK loose control over business matters ...itna tension nahi lete MK tu why this project only ..

Geet: Because yeh maan sir ke elder brother ka project tha which he wanted to launch but he couldn't do that in his life so after maan sir took over and when things got stabled he launched on his behalf.. its not just a project its one of his brothers' last planned projects ..which is finally in the last stage after good 3 years 

Adi: Geet is right ...which is why maan is so hyper today ...

While everyone continued to debate geet stood and walked away wondering how is she ever going to keep a grudge from a person she has started understanding so well this moment now with a clear head ...she realizes it was not her he blasted on it was all this tension that made him loose control ...the British media is brutal when it comes to Asian and she can't even imagine the things they must be saying about him and his company ..not to forget Mr. Garewal he already had his reservation about the marketing team and now this ...she sighed and went back to her cabin not being able to tolerate all the laughter and the noise ...


Geet was engrossed in working when her phone buzzed and pinky informed her of maan's arrival she turned to see the blinds of his cabin still close ..she sighed and dialed to the kitchen to get the peon on line ..

Gi geet madam ..

Wohh mene kuch sandwiches rakh waayi thi na ...woh aap maan sir ko juice k saath serve karwa dejiye 10 baad ...

G ma'am abhi hujayega ...aap k liye kuch laaon ..

Nahi thank you ...

She so wanted to go and meet him but her mind was so angry at her for even wanting to do this ...after all he did and said ...frustrated at her own contradicting feelings she stood up and went back to the large window of her cabin ..

Bilkul deserve nahi karte wohh k mien un se baat bhi karoon ...ab kam se kam kal tak saamne nahi jaaongi dusht danav ke ...kharoos kahin ke ...

She wiped away the small tear rough off the edge of her eye and snorted ..

Ek pal mien aise dekhte hain jaise ...jaise ..aur phir jaise hi bolna start kerenge sirf zehr hi bolenge ...pata nahi kya baat hai jo aapko rokti hai maan sir ..pata nahi kabhi mien aapko samajh sakoongi ya nahi ...

She turned with a knock on her cabin and saw the peon standing with a tray in his hand and she walked across her table surprised ..

Yeh yahan kyun laaye aap ..??

Madam wohh MK ne khane se mana kar diya ..

In ki tu mien ...// (she took the tray from his hand)... ek kaam kijeye yeh mujhe de dijeye aur aap jaiye ..

Maan was sitting lost wondering how would he apologize to geet when without knocking she stormed inside his cabin with a tray in her hand and stood with both of her hands placed on her waist after she placed the tray infront of him ...maan was surprised bordering on shocked seeing her in front of him as he was so sure she would be giving him the silent treatment for at least 24 hours but the way she entered and stood now glaring at him with those big duo shaped eyes and red flaring lips she thought she looked angry but for him she looked anything but utterly cute ...he just couldn't help that smile that came instantly nor could he take his eyes off his mishty ...opps that only inflamed her anger and she walked across and stood in front of him... 

Aap has rahe hain ...seriously ...samajhte kya hain aapko khud ko ...poori dunya ko tension de kar you are sitting here smiling at us ..

Geet mien ...//

Maan stood pushing his chair back but geet interrupted whatever he was about to say with her index finger pointing at him and her aner filled eyes glaring him he knew better than to argue now ..

Chup bilkul chup ...subha se aap bol rahe ho aur mene suna ab aap meri suniye ..

Aapne lunch kiya ...(maan was still looking at her struggling to hold his smile and make sense of where she was going with it but she never let him utter a single word even).. nahi kiya right ...breakfast kiya aapne ...(he just nodded negatively) nahi kiya ... tu black coffee empty stomach zaror pee'ni thi ...bol nahi sakte thay.. aur khane p kuan ghussa huta hai ...aapko kya lagta aap aise ghusse mien rehne se problem solve hujayegi ...

Maan looked away finally realizing it was about him not having his food ...but this was of least importance to him yet he was glad at least she was talking to him ...

Nazrien mat churaiye aur aapko aise hi rehna hai na tu ek kaam kijeye dadi maa ko call kar k khud boliye least mujhe tu aap ke liye cover up nahi karna parega ...

Dadi maa ne tumhain call kiya ..??

G wohh bhi shaam se do baar ...aap tu phone utha nahi rahe unka ..

Wohh mien ..//

Pata hai mujhe .. (she snorted turning sideways) wahi aapka ghussa as usual ... (she turned pointing the tray) .. ab please pehle kuch kha lijeye aur phir dadi maa se baat kar lijeyega .. (she looked away still flaring in anger) waise bhi abhi aapki abhi press meet hai ..

She was saying so much about how dadi maa has been worried and calling her and his sole concentration was the way her eyes expanded and contracted those big eyes so expressive it drowned his senses and the way her nose turned red ...she looked utterly sexy and gorgeous scolding him like a school teacher and he just wanted to hold her in his embrace and kiss senseless devour every single inch of that pouty mouth and sweep her off her foot until she forget everything about food and her jhoota ghussa 

Oh hello ..aap sun bhi rahe hain ..?? mien ainvayin bole jaa rahi hoon aura ap ...kisi ki parwah nahi hai na aapko dadi ma ki .. na meri ...///

He was still lost in her and scared of doing something stupid he turned away hiding his obvious shameless arousal ...

Geet ..(he turned away taking a file as an excuse).. mujhe bhook nahi hai ..

She snatched away the file from his hand 

App na ...

How dare you geet ...

She jumped back at his high pitch scared for a moment ..totally oblivious to the emotional high he was on ...the way her dare only compiled him to cage her and put a forceful stop to her blabbering ...they both were panting with heated emotions and after a second of silence ..geet started again ...

Bilkul sahi dare kiya hai mene ...(he sighed and closed his eyes for a second trying to tell his body to relax) kyun k aap meri baat nahi sun rahe ..nahi khana aapko kuch tu mat khaiye but pehle dadi maa ko khud yeh boliye coz mien dobara aapki waja se un se jhoot nahi bolungi ...samjhe aap (he turned away to stand behind the chair while she continued looking down)

Aur ab iss sab batameezi ki liye aap mujhe fire karna chahte hain tu kar dijeye ...waise bhi bol tu chuke hi hain aap 

She turned to leave but her last sentence stunned him making him jerk away from his pervy thought & he stopped her holding her hand forcing her to look back

When did I told you that ...mene kab kaha that I will ...

Geet looked at him and the accusation in her eyes pinched his heart ...but she was so angry may be that's why she said so much to him over such a pity matter ...maan looked at her trying to reason with her while she struggled to free her hand ..

Mere haath choriye sir ..

Nahi chorunga ..

She looked up listening to the conviction with which he said those 2 words 

but then twisted her lips in anger increasing her struggle trying to free his hold with her other hand ...

Leave my hand sir ...

Not until you tell when exactly did I tell you this rubbish ..

Geet glared at him ...

Acha tu "your presence here doesn't even makes any sense... iss ka aur kya matlab huta hai ...?? Boliye 

Maan closed his eyes in remorse ...and then shook his head ..

Geet look at me ...

She continued to look away trying to free her hand ..

Please geet dekho meri taraf ..

She did and he said with utmost sincerity ..

I didn't mean it like that ...I just ...mien ghusse mien tha ..i was angry and ..//

Really sir ...ghusse mien tu aap humesha hi hute hain ..

Geet looked away not bulging from her anger while maan stood in front of her trying to make her forgive him desperately ..

I know but I can never even think of saying something this ..//

But you did said it ..
She had so many accusation reflecting in her eyes while Maan looked into her eyes and he knew he won't be able to explain to her anything not his concern for her not his jealousy over rohan nor his emotions ...unknown to him his grip over her hand loosened and she walked away ...leaving him sighing in remorse ...


Geet sat wondering in her seat past 7pm while Romeo was going through a file ..

Geet (st): I didn't mean't it like that ..uh dusht danav ...sorry bol ne mien tu jaise naak kat jayegi unki ...sado ...egoistic ...pata nahi kya samajhte hain khud ko ... mien bhi iss baar nahi man'ne waali ...

Rohan: Geet ma'am yeh lijeye ...formatting done and here is the complete report on darla project ..

She looked up suddenly out of her cursing program and smiled ..

Good chalo ab maan sir ko dekar bhi aao ..

Mien ..

He had that look of horror on his face that made Romeo chuckle ..

Geet ma'am maan sir tu already nikal gaye ..wohh international press meet jo PR team ne arrange karwaayi hai us ke liye ..

Oh ..

Thank god bach gaya ..

Rohan file mujhe de do mien maan sir k cabin mien rakh dungi ..

He left and her phone buzzed with an incoming call ..

Tanmay: Geet puttar tu kab tak aarahi hai ghar ..

Geet: bas 10 minute mien nikloongi mamaji ..

Tanmay: aaj bhi late hhugayi .

Geet: wohh ek file complete karni thi na ..
Tanmay: acha acha abhi jaldi se ghar aaja humien dinner p bhi tu jaana hai ...tujhe gayatri ne bataya na 

Geet: mama gi bataya tu tha ..but mujhe jaana huga aisa nahi kaha tha mami ne ..

Tanmay: Puttar hum invited hain tu understood hai na ...waise bhi sharma gi aur Sudha bhabi ne specially tujhe lane ko bola hai ..

Geet sighed ...

Mama ji mera mann nahi hai ..society parties .../

Beta gi I know ...but kabhi kabhi jaana chahiye everybody inquires about you ..

Acha theek hai mujhe ATM se kaam hai mien karti vi aaongi aap log chale jana ill join late in the party ..

Theek hai jaise aapko better lage ..

She went to his cabin and kept the file on his table just so she could avoid meeting him first thing in the morning and noticed the empty plate and the glass of juice ..she called for the peon to clear it while she was here and stood smiling at her own plight ... her inner self giving her a sarcastic smile making her question the relief she felt knowing he ate something ..after all he said why can't I just be immune to it all ...why can't I remain angry at this person ...



Geet: Fernandis ...i need to meet you ...NOW 


Alright so my banked quota of updates are finished .. meanwhile you all guess why geet would want to meet maan's security head ill be away typing .. 

please do leave your comments 

luv ya

Posted: 1 years ago
pt 45
Enjoyed the update. Tussle between heart and mind continues for both Maan and Geet. In her heart Geet knows Maan cares for her and she understands him so well but her mind needs to hear the words form him. Poor Maan, one side he is always in remorse for unintentionally hurting Geet all the time and other side his need for her is creating havoc. waiting for next

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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