MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 100)

Posted: 1 years ago
Superb update 
Posted: 1 years ago
Loved the update. Maan gets restless when he doesn't get his daily dose of Geet LOL She is in her own stress and now this new problem. Maan will be fine once he sees her. Waiting eagerly for next.
Posted: 1 years ago
thanks for updating! 

Part 43

terrific update! nicely written! 

Maan is restless without Geet and cannot function! poor staff! 

Geet awoke late!!! hate Mami! she is being nice to Geet as she wants money! 

Geet is so naive! 

glad Geet is at the office! 

continue soon! 
Posted: 1 years ago
Awesome update. It looks like Maan can not handle anything in office without Geet.
Posted: 1 years ago
It is not so predictable you knowLOL
Wese Maan itna stressed hai sirf geet ke kuch hi hours Naa dikhne se 

Really he loves her so much 
Then why he is not expressing it 
Atleast maaneet moments toh hona Banta hi hai 
Geet kab express karegi Apne Dil ki bat 
Full on proposal Naa sahi 
Kuch toh pyar express karegi hi sakte h maaneet
Pleaseee I wanna see some maaneet good moments 
Update soon Smile
Posted: 1 years ago
Nice update..
Waiting for next update..
Posted: 1 years ago

hello all,
so i am apologizing already Shik. don't throw rotten tomatos WinkLOLEmbarrassed ...plueejj 

thank you all for your likes and comments 

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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


She went to check how much time maan would take to finish his meeting with pinky and then went on to prepare his coffee just as she got a confirmation that he has wrapped the meeting ...she actually made it in record time and reached maan's cabin to leave before he comes back but unfortunately (or fortunately)Wink just as she turned placing the cup on his table he entered the cabin ..

She stood rooted at her place and so did he ...there were so many question each of them wanted to ask but didn't knew if they had the right to ...if they should ..time stopped and they were frozen in this moment ...lost looking at each other though they were silent but the eyes were speaking of all their heart wanted to ...everything reeta said came rushing back as if a film was being replayed in her mind all over again and her eyes filled with tears while he kept looking at her lost all the more restless seeing her in that state trying to reason her tears that were pinching his soul. All he wanted in that moment was to take her in his embrace and hold her till eternity but he stood there so did she not moving an inch, his eyes depicting a different tale of pain ..reflecting the concern he has been hiding since last night ..not being able to control the show of emotions he has been suppressing since the morning ...they both didn't even uttered a single word but the heart talked it all ...

Yeh kya hai jo mien aapki ankhoon mien dekh rahi hoon

Kal se tumhain dekhne ke liye tarap raha hoon ...kahan ghayab thi tum ..

Kyun aap har baar apne jazbaat chupa lete hain ...

Kyun tum humesha mujhe bekaabo kar deti ho geet ...

Unconsciously he took a step forward and she took a step back almost involuntarily ..their eyes never leaving contact but she stumbled as she didn't had any space and held the table for support ...he stood towering her making her hold her breath speeding his own heart beat finally having her in front of her ...her just being around set a calm to his heart and soul ..she didn't had to to anything ..."bas uska hona hi kaafi tha is ke sukoon e kalb k liye"

Maan stood their looking into her eyes trying to read the pain in her eyes ...wanting to ask her if she was still affected by what happened last night oblivious to the turmoil she was suffering lost in his eyes still trying to understand the concern she was seeing in them ...still not letting her heart believe reeta's word but the way he was looking at her ...that concern... that yearning could she not get drowned in the depth of his eyes and those emotions ...those deep profound emotions consuming her insides making her immune to the whole world and herself but just him ...

Raat beeti ...din guzra soch mien humara
Kaise karenge ab ke saamna unka
Kya pata tha waqt yoon tham jayega
Saamne jab wohh aayega 

She kept looking at him without fluttering her lashes for once .. and she noticed the lines on his forehead those formed as he was tensed and focusing ...she straightened only to diminish the last inch of distance between them and raised her hand placing it gently on the wrinkles on his forehead making him close his eyes ... she exhaled and he stood still holding his breath ...their bodies just a breath apart they stood literally enveloped in the warmth of each other listening to other ones heart beat so close that even a simple movement as taking a breath would make their bodies come in contact with each other ...but the minute she touched him time stopped and they were still ...maan was aching to hold her.. to be more close yet fearing a slightest movement would break their bubble so precious ...he simply surrendered to her touch exhausted with all the events of the night and she touched their foreheads seeing his closed eyes ...for the first time ever she needed him near ...she needed to know what she saw in those eyes it pained her to see him so stressed but it equally pained her to be in this confusion all the time ...she would have lost her self if she didn't got her answers but the question never came from her mouth she couldn't form the words and all she could do was this .. and his surrender this moment ...the way he relaxed under her touch it said it all for him ...may be her mind would never acknowledge it but her heart knew in that moment that she doesn't need to ever question him ..the answer are and always were right in front of her ...

In this one moment it seemed as if they were in their own world immune to everything and everyone around them ...nothing mattered not her questions ...not his anger frustration ...not all the complications surrounding their bandhan was just them in this moment was their minute ...and they cherished it to the bits ..closing their eyes feeling the other one close and near when they could listen to every breath taken in and feel every heart beat ...but the moment was shortened with the knock on the door and they both jumped away ...and looked at one another horrified at what happened ..

Their eyes met and They both looked shocked ...maan was the first one to look away and turn his back while a tear fell from her eye.. the realization struck her at what happened how she initiated and what she felt ...he let her ...he was ...he do l ...// she clutched her mouth trying to stifle the moan & she exhaled seeing his back turned towards her ..she knew he would be regretting this ...regretting the most beautiful moment of their no of her life ...

What the bloody hell maan .. kya sochegi tere baare mien ...what a per****

She exhaled and wiped away her tears trying to look normal ..telling her heart to know that even after what happened nothing is changed he is still the same person and would always be and tried to control her emotions while he went to stand by the huge glass window away from her to control his raging heart ...while with another knock Maan shouted in an angry tone and went to sit ..

Come in ...

Adi came in stumbling ..geet almost went ahead to help him but he steadied himself ...and started laughing nervously ..

He he ..he ...he ..he ...geet tum ...

Adi ...

Sorry ...sorry sir wohh ...patels ...patels are waiting for you PPT chal gayi hai ...

Maan looked at him his whole face red by now ...

Tell them to leave adi ...I cannot work with such incompetent careless people ..

Adi stood there shell shocked so did geet ...and for the first time since coming to office she realized just how much his mood was off ...adi looked at her pleading to do something and she nodded turned to maan looking up shooting a quick prayer ..

Geet (started nervously still trying to find her voice): umm ..sir ek baar ..

Maan (maan was flipping through file trying to gain his senses back as all he could still feel was her touch and her presence in the same room only made his heart beat abnormally his focus was all over the place and that frustrated him): Adi I have given you my answer ..

Geet (saw the way adi was loosing the argument which didn't even began and the way maan was doing this under the frustration and not for some solid reasons): but maan sir ...patels ka project sach mien buhat acha hai ...and I think ..//

Maan stood up abruptly snapping at her 

Nobody is asking about what you think Ms. Handa... and if you people has forgotten than I guess I must remind you all that I am the CEO of KC and I make the decisions here ...and nobody else ..

Geet looked down realizing he is just being himself mentally telling herself don't get it to her heart but she couldn't help not to ..she sighed trying to hold her tears at bay ..

I know maan sir .. I know you are the boss here but still in my opinion we should give them a chance ...koi bhi galti itni bari nahi huti k maaf na kiya ja sa'ke

Ms. Handa shayad aapke liye yeh philosophy work karti ho mere liye nahi ...for me my time is the most precious thing and I can't work with people who don't value time ...they wasted my 1 hour with their carelessness ...but mien yeh kis ko samjha raha hoon ...aapko tu khud time ki importance nahi pata khud office 2 hours late aate hoon ...unka department kya kar raha huga ..

Geet looked away after what she saw a moment back she couldn't take that furious look any more was hurting her more than ever even though she knew he is saying all this because he is angry and stressed but why always she has to be the one to take the burnt of it all ...

Maan would have said more but the tears shining in her hazel duo shook him back to reality and he immediately looked down and turned away exhaling in frustration  he ran hand back his hair while adi stood confused at his outburst while geet wiped her tears away discreetly and looked down ..

 I am sorry for being late today maan sir ...and for again intervaining in your decisions ...ill get back o my work ...

She left the cabin and maan shook his head in remorse while adi stood there .. 

Adi koi kaam hai ..

Sir wohh ..nahi ..

Then I guess you should find some..

Gi sir ..

Adi leave NOW ...

Right sir ...

And he left the room and closed the door not before he heard the sound of a glass shattering ...and saw geet standing outside waiting for him ..

Geet today is going to be a very bad day ..

Ache din aate hi kab hain adi sir ...anyways just don't tell patels maan sir has refused to meet them ..once this London fiasco is over you might get a positive response from him on rescheduling ..

Geet how you do this ...understand him so well ..

I am his chief client advisor adi sir ..thats my job ..this is what I have to do make sure he sign every deal profitable for this company you go take care of those patels and ill go see what rohan has done so far ..

She turned to leave and just then adi walked ahead and stopped her ..

Ge...Geet tum theek ho ...

Han adi sir mujhe kya hona hai 

Na...nahi wo...wohh MK ne jaise bola ..

Oh ho Adi Sir ..mujh se ziada tu aap jaante hain unko aur unke ghusse ko ...5 years mien mujhe bhi thori thori aadat hugayi hai ...kal tak yeh London project ka issue sort hujayega n unka mood bhi ...ab mien wohh 5 saal pehle waali geet nahi hoon jo maan sir k ek baar daantne p poora din sochti thi relax I am fine

Adi smiled and so did and they went their respective ways unaware of the destruction maan was upto in his cabin ..


Rohan: so we have the stats ...finally ma'am ..

Geet: rohan 2 days ...just 2 days I go away and not even go away I was inactive in office and you people start making such blunders ...thank babaji for making maan sir busy with this London PR Team ..

Rohan: Man'am actually aapke hute huye na humien tension nahi huti that's why for once instead of babaji ill thank you for saving me ..

Geet: Dekha Anushka ..this is how they butter me ..

Rohan: Mister jaldi jaldi complete the report and no lunch break for you until you finish this up ...

Anushka: But literally geet ma'am ..the way you handle maan sir is phenomenal know he finished his coffee ...subha waali tu went in the sink ..

Geet smiled still typing off on her laptop while rohan walked by her side of the desk and stood placing a hand on the back of her seat leaning on her chair a bit ..

Rohan: wohi tu talent hai meri boss ka Anushka ..she is simply the best in the whole office nahi actually she is the most beautiful amazing and sweet boss in whole of the world ..

Geet couldn't hold her smile anymore and looked up from the corner of her eye ..

Rohan I still won't allow you for lunch break and mas'ka ziada hugaya ...get back to work ...

Geet ma'am kya aap bhi mien tu geniounly tareef kar raha hoon ..(he bent down and looked at her) .. seriously you saved my ass from DD today otherwise I was surely dead are the most lovely person and ..//


They both snapped out of the sweet coversation listening to he curt voice of non other than MSK ...geet stood up resulting in the chair slipping back consequently the arm rest hit rohan in the stomach making him hold his stomach in pain ...while geet cursed her luck in her mind ..

Geet(st): Lo hugaya siyap'pa ..babaji kya kar rahe ho aap aaj ...LOLTongue

Maan on the other hand was burning in rage seeing the proximity of that guy with geet and the way they were talking he was craving to talk to her without having to argue and this guy was having fun chat with mishty ...the green monster of jealousy raged in fury and he entered the cabin in quick steps making rohan shiver and geet pray for help not even knowing what she has done to get these murderous glances ... 

I asked you to get me Darla project file almost an hour back and you are cracking jokes here ..

Rohan: sir wohh actually ..

Maan: I don't want excuses rohan ..file now ..?? (he stood there giving him looks that could melt him there and then) 

Geet: maan sir ...the file is not complete yet ...(she started carefully trying not wanting to get blasted infront of rohan and Anushka knowing his mood today and now he would probably get thermonuclear angry listening to this) .. but we'll hand it over to you before the end of the day ..

Maan woudn't have lost his mind if it would have been any other instant considering the project was at initial stage and with the London fiasco he barely had time for this but seeing geet sheltering her staff's mistake made him so angry ..

Really Ms. Handa .. guess if you pay more attention to making them productive rather than listening to their sugar coated prases it would only be good for us and for the company because if you can't make them complete their tasks on time that it your presence here doesn't even makes any sense as the HOD of R&D Team and as my chief client advisor ..

Geet stood shell shocked listening to his words did rohan and Anushka ...she couldn't believe he said all this ...he has lost his temper a million times with her but never has he even did this in front of her colleagues ...she exhaled trying to over come the emotion and the look on her face made him snap out of his shades of green only to realize what he has said a final glare to rohan he left the room with the same pace as he came and geet leaned on the table taking breathes in quick succession while rohan came forward and offered her the glass of water placed near ..

Ma'am I am so sorry ...akriti had a date today and we were supposed to complete this yesterday but in between teasing her and everything else this got pending I seriously ..

Geet sat back on her chair and sipped water while Anushka walked to her table from hers' ..and adi came in ..

Geet I was just outside ...maan sir itne ghusse mien kyun gaye ..

Rohan: darla project ki file jo nahi mili unko and he blasted on geet ma'am ...

Anushka: Did he just fired you ..??

Rohan & Adi: SHUT UP ANUSHKA ..Angry

Anushka: I am sorry but its ...he said ..//

Geet snapped at her: Anushka it will take another 5 years for you understand him ..and rohan please sit and complete the work

Adi left the room seeing geet had already started typing and Anushka went back to her seat ...after a moment geet stopped typing as she couldn't understand a single figure and went to the girls common room ...

She stood in front of the mirror and splashed her face with water continuously trying to hide her tears ..she just couldn't take this moment he had the world's emotions reflecting in his eyes and next he would just snap at her... a second he would look as if he was trying to say something and then when he would speak it would be so bitter that he'll shatter her heart ...she exhaled and looked in the mirror with red swollen eyes ..

Why do you always have to do this maan sir ...why ...why ...


Maan rather than going to his cabin went to the roof top and kicked every scattered trash in the way until he reached the very edge of it ...he stood looking at the scorching sun in the middle of the afternoon and screamed at the top of his voice ...10 floors above the ground nobody could hear his voice nor his anguish ..the struggle he was going through ..he punched the wall and kicked the stone yet nothing seem to work ..

Why ..why do I always end up hurting her the whole goddamn world why is it always her who has to face the extreme of it all ...

PRECAP :- rotten tomatos accepted but posting summaries would not be i really need to know if you felt the emotions.. what geet felt ...what maan is going through please i know what events took place here i need to know what you felt reading them ...

awaiting your responses Day Dreaming

luv ya
Posted: 1 years ago
chalo abb maan shant ho jayega...geet jo agayi...magar maan k samne geet jayegi kya?maan kyun apne dil ki baat nehi bata rahen ho geet ko...

lovely update...

loved it...

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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