Arshi -ss- Silent love - Final chapter/Epilogue Chapter 7pg 4

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A girl who lives in a world where she has no voice but still manages to speak volumes
A brother who looks after her and would lay the world at her feet 
A man who falls for the girl not noticing her lack of sound 
A girl who refuses steadfastly to marry the man that she loves 
A man who will do anything to convince the girl who loves him to accept them 

This is their story  would you like to know some more  -then let me know and i will guide you through their story telling you of their ups and downs , their plots and sub plots 

You know how -let me know 

Part one -scroll down -let me know what you think ?

Part 1 pg 1
Part 2 pg 2
Part 3 pg 3
Part 4 pg 4 
Part 5 pg 4
Part 6 pg 4
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seems interesting!1

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Please update this FF on regular basis...
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simply fabulous
loved it/
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Chapter I

She jingled her bangles at him, right in front of his face. She looked down at his face and smiled, and presented herself before him, twirled and showed of her new sari and earring and looked up at him questionably.
He smiled , appreciation reflected in his eyes, his index finger touched his thumb followed by an a flying kiss. His approval fully granted.He stood up and grabbed his keys "lets get you to the mandir"
As he walked out of his cabin -Khushi grabbed his hand and opened his palm and grabbed the car keys smiling. Jingled them in his face shaking her head , grabbed his hand and smiling pulled him down the stairs leading the way to the car.
Laughter was not a sound that frequented AR designs often but it was a sound that followed Khushi everywhere.
People looked at her and smiled.There was something about her, her persona , her aura that made people smile and laugh. She was like a ray of sunshine, spreading happiness where she went.
The engine roared into life and just as Khushi placed the car into reverse, she heard it , the sound that made her heart stop. The sound that always curtailed her fun, ruined her plans. That ringtone belonged to only one person. The name was flashing on the screen whilst the phone did a little jig all on its own on the dashboard -mocking her , ruining her plans. His hand stretched out towards the phone to answer.
Khushi placed her hand on his gently stopping the action and looked into his eyes pleadingly shaking her head, willing him, begging him not to take the call. He gently shook his head at her and pressed answer as Khushi's anger flared and erupted through her eyes. It was teej, she had been fasting all day and now when it was nearly time -he had to take the call. He could have easily just asked her to starve rather than go through all this natak, that she didn't see the point of when it included her stomach. In fact why was most religious things involved the absence of food from her stomach. Must have been a man who invented these traditions , since it was always women who were having to give up food.
"Yes ASR...when...where...I'll get a replacement vehicle sent out to want one sending to RM as well...OK one to rescue and the other to transport problem I'll sort the vehicles and get back to you"
"What Khushi? why you pulling on my shoulder -its only a five minute delay and then we will be on our way. Slow down what did you say ...there are no spare drivers in the bank because its Teej most people have gone home early ...I'll ring a hire company and they will deliver the vehicle and organise a taxi service for the Raizada house.
Khushi furiously shook her head -she picked up Aman's phone and texted ASR car sent to RM -no spare vehicle whats wrong with yours ?
Text- Aman if I knew that I would fix it ! Order me a cab or pick me up !
Khushi Text him back -think of it as a sick child what are its symptoms ?
Aman -you ass! I hate kids -is that all you could think off ? I don't know !
Aman saw Khushi bit her lip and looked fearfully at Aman
"Khushi -you wanted to text -so text ! you sort it out -I was just going to order him a cab!"
What's he said to me ?
...he laughed "he called me an ass -don't worry -thats mild he calls me worse! It doesn't mean anything -he threatens to sack me at least once a week!"...why do i work for him... he's a good guy ...I've got his back and he's got mine ..just like you have ...and the the pay and fringe benefits are excellent !"
Khushi texted him more Have you got a flat tire or will the engine make a sound when you turn the key ?
"No flat tyre and no sound and if we have stopped playing hundred questions ...order the F******* car or cab for me ...NOW!"
"It's not a nice habit to swear ...did your mother never wash your mouth out with soap and water?"
"Really Aman ?... Please order the F****** D*** CAR ! NOW!"
... Are we going to pick him up ? or order him a cab?...why are your cheeks bright red? What's he texted you now ?
Aman started to laugh -lets go pick him up -he can drop us off and have my car till tomorrow -we can go in yours tomorrow?"
Khushi punched the coordinates into the sat nav reversed the car following the instructions in the sat nav. All too soon they saw ASR outside his vehicle talking and pacing.
Khushi and Aman got down from the vehicle
"About time too you a***... "
Arnav spotted Khushi after launching into Aman-the girl he was with was stunning -he hadn't seen her in any of the portfolios -she must be one of the new models on the books.
"Sorry Aman I didn't realise you were on a date -you never said -you should have just ordered me a cab!"
Aman smiled back -Khushi wanted to come ...she wants the keys. Khushi had already walked round the vehicle twice and she says there are no flat tyres.
Aman took the keys from Arnav and handed them to Khushi.
Khushi put the keys in the ignition and turned the key ? She heard the engine turn but it didn't spark into life.
Khushi jumped out the car and walked up to Aman; Aman erupted into laughter.
"Arnav ... Khushi says the car is like her stomach -starving -it needs feeding -you have run out of petrol"
Arnav had the decency to look up at the girl and nod sheepishly .
Aman took a spare canister from his boot and started topping the petrol tank up. Only to find Khushi shaking both her arms in desperation stopping him. Arnav looked up at the commotion ,he was trying to attend to the meeting that he was late for and all this girl was doing was creating noise -how hard could it be to top up the tank. As he looked up he saw her making various hand signals at Aman and finally point at him and then Aman -shaking her head in defeat.
Aman looked at Arnav -You take our car, and I'll order us a rescue vehicle to tow your car to the garage- at least you can attend the rest of your meeting"
"Why is she shaking her head at us like a pair of idiots?"
"Because thats what she called us ...she said I wasn't much cleverer than you i have just filled your petrol tank with diesel!-she says not to start the car they will be able to drain and wash your engine by tomorrow -if you start it you will be stuffed!"
"Are you sure you don't want to go and let me wait for the cab"
"No you go -the meeting is more important than the ..."
Aman felt his head being struck from behind "Owww now what ?"
He turned to speak to Khushi and then turned back to Arnav looking as sheepish as he could not knowing how to begin when Arnav saw Khushi prod him from behind .
"Your meeting isn't not more important than our 's but your meeting won't wait , while god will be more understanding as he he ... as he ..." Arnav saw her poke him again in the ribs " As he ...forgot to give us adequate brain cells to read a fuel gauge and the word petrol!"
Arnav could see fire being spat at Aman -poor guy -he knew exactly who wore the pants in their relationship.
Arnav -took the keys and without a thank you left shooting off to his meeting



Chapter 1 pg 1

Chapter 2 pg 2 

Chapter 3 pg  ???

Chapter 4 pg  ????

Chapter 5 pg ?????

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simply amazing
loved itb
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Chapter 2

Arnav received a text "Your vehicle is ready -fully fuelled and in the parking bay "

It was 6:30 time to go home -he would find Aman and return his keys and pick up his car.

Arnav entered to find music belting through the airwaves and a man in overalls strumming along on an air guitar to dancing in the dark by Bruce Springstein.

Obviously the mechanic who delivered the car -what the hell did he think he was doing behaving in this manner in his offices. Arnav not used to raising his voice at his employees -usually his cold glare was enough to reduce them to a quivering mass- that was if he could be heard. Here he was being drowned out by Bruce Springstein.

"Enough !" he screamed as Aman came through the door.  Aman was witness to Arnav's screaming -which could be heard halfway down the corridors putting the fear of god into those employee's finishing off their days work and sending a prayer of thanks that it was not them at the receiving end of ASR wrath.

"Just exactly what are you doing ?"

Khushi looked like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Startled and scared -her expressive eyes showed fear and then looked for reassurance from Aman.

"Arnav what's the problem ?" Walking over to Khushi and standing next to her.

"What's the problem ? I come to return your keys and find ...find ..."

It was a rare event that ASR was lost for words -find what ? A young boy enjoying himself in Aman's office after working hours.

"We have a lot of confidential information in our offices -not privy for the likes of every Tom Dick or Harry -that's what wrong!. Who the hell said he could be in here alone -unaccompanied -and then blasting music out as though he were the radio station."

Khushi didn't want an argument flaring between her brother and his employer. She tugged on Aman's sleeve.

Aman spoke to her with a hand gesture what ? But the look that entered his eyes was different from protector to love when he looked at her. Arnav saw the look change in Aman's eyes leaving him more confused state than he was a moment age

Khushi ran to his desk picked up a set of keys and ran over to ASR. She gave him the set of keys and opened the door showing him the exit.

What the ... Is he showing me the way out my own building ?"

Aman laughed - "yes she is !"

" Khushi - i have to have a word with ASR why don't you go make me a drink and a black coffee for ASR and no sugar and ..." He had just been face palmed. " What do you mean no snack ? I am not carrying extra few pounds" looking down at his waist. "Khushi I'm hungry, I haven't had any lunch!"

Khushi glared at ASR "Unbelievable -what did I do ?"

Khushi returned a while later carrying a plateful of samosa's and tea and coffee.

"Thanks monkey -you go home I'll meet you at home ...what do you mean you're going to wait for me ...oh I see you brought ASR's car -you have no car to get home- I'll be half an hour ...don't screw your face up -you don't look pretty like that "

Arnav noticed the smile that lit up her face and eyes -it was the girl from yesterday did she ever say anything -Aman seemed to be able to read this girl perfectly. Why was she dressed in those overalls ?

"ASR lets finish -Khushi I'll meet you in the car -go see what you can wreck!" Aman threw his keys to her.

"Aman you go home -I took up your time yesterday and now she's waiting for again. I'll see you tomorrow this can wait"

Arnav watched form above as he watched Aman and Khushi from his cabin -it suddenly struck him as he watched the two of them laugh and "talk". She couldn't speak, she spoke in sign to Aman and he was her voice. He was her voice. Suddenlly felt his heart constrict. Now he was confused and perplexed -why had she no voice -no that was wrong she had a voice -Aman ! Her eyes spoke volumes. She intrigued him. Why was she wearing those overall's

Yesterday he thought she was model and today she overalls bearing the logo of AKG motors.

They were responsible for servicing the fleet of cars that AR designs and AR enterprises ran.

Was she a delivery girl- a job that involved little or no speaking. He could make her a model she would earn more in one job than she probably did all month. Also she seemed to be close to Akash.

It was obvious from the way they communicated -they had a long standing relationship-the true nature would reveal itself in time. Akash had a very protective streak in him which surfaced every time she was around.

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Chapter 3

The following two weeks had Arnav in a tizz, he found it hard to focus on meetings and tasks that required his full attention -one particular meeting he found that he his brain had wandered of imagining the the girl with laughing eyes and dazzling eyes calling him and Aman Idiots. It was actually Aman who came to his rescue.
"ASR what happened in that meeting -you seem distracted"
"mmm nothing -I've just got a lot on my mind"
"What more than the normal fifty ball that you juggle"
"Yes -more than that- it's more of a puzzle ,I'll work it out"

"Aman I have to drop of some papers to you,but i m running late "
"I'll pick up from you later,ASR from Shantivan"
Arnav sat there puzzling lots of things one of them Aman never, repeat never invited him to house infact in all the years that Aman had worked for him -he had never had an invite to his house. Other employees invited him -the fact that he didn't attend any employee's had nothing to do with the fact that in the last nine years had never invited him to his house. Despite him being his right hand man, trusted work colleague, friend he had never been invited to his house. All he knew about Aman was he had no parents and seemed to be recently hanging out with a girl who wore overalls from AKG motors.
Aman looked at his watch -deliver the documents and get home -it was Rakshbandan today -he was dead -Khushi would have. He was going to have to do some serious grovelling to make up for being late. ASR really had some timing -it wasn't often that Aman booked time off work -this was one of those days and now he was going to be late - but those documents had to have ASR 's signature ready for the courrier to be picked up in the morning.
Khushi -well - he would take his punishment , she would forgive him -she always did. He would buy her some galaxies and chaat on the way home.Her stomach was always the route to his forgiveness.
Aman knocked to find HP opening it -
"Aman Bhaiya -Arnav Bhaiya is having dinner at the table with Nani Ji"
"HP call him out -I have a two minute job"
"Bhaiya you know Nani will not allow Bhaiya to get up until dinner is finished -you come in"
"I am running late -I just need a signature "
"Bhaiya -you know Nani wouldn't let you go without eating"
Oh boy -ASR -you owe me, big time Khushi is going to make mincemeat of me -and you , as it is she really hates you.
"Namaste , Nani Ji, I am sorry to disturb you bit I need ASR's signature -30 second job"
ASR got up to get sign the papers.
"Chote sit!"
"Nani Ji it will.."
"Arnav I said sit-it's dinner time" turning to Aman "join us Beta, HP "
Aman sat trying to stifle his laughter and not look at ASR who was presently glaring at Aman.
Aman looked up ASR and then said "It doesn't work anymore -Nani Ji's is more scarier -two grown men, whizz kids of the business world who strike fear in majority of people they know ,are no more than two purring kittens in front of a beautiful 65 year old lady. If only the world knew"
"Aman -may I remind you who you work for "
"Chote! Stop your bullying ASR tactic's - mera bechare Aman - you tell me if he gives you a hard time -I'll twist his ear"
"Ji Nani ji" -looking at ASR .
"Unbelievable ! It's a good job I never let you come to AR designs -Nani -you will destroy my reputation in minutes"
"Aman -why are you taking so little ?"
"Nani ji, I have to go I'm already late and who jo hai...woi ..."
Arnav now started to smile squirm -you were laughing at me a minute ago -now Nani has caught you -it's your turn. Arnav started to enjoy watching Aman squirm his way out of this little trap that he had got himself into.
"Ji Nanai ji -woi ...she phone!"
Aman saw his text and then the next and then the next
You're late .
Arnav saw the change in Aman -he was literally wolfing down his food swallowing it whole .
"Aman beta -slow down the food is not running away"
"No Nani Ji , but time is, I need to get home soon or Arnav will have to find some one else to shout at tomorrow"
"I've finished let me sign those papers"
Arnav saw the next text
Do you even love me ?
Care for me ?
I've been waiting for you for the last two hours - my forgiveness is rapidly vanishing as my hunger seems to increasing exponentially.
"Aman -you had better go -you are being summoned !"
Arnav knew he didn't like that. He didn't like Aman being called by Khushi -he had finally figured out that part - he like Khushi -a lot! The question was what was her relationship with Aman.
He had see a few of Aman's aquantainces but they never lasted very long but this girl was different -he couldn't put his finger on it.She wasn't his regular run of the mill types of girl. He had taken time to learn sign , for her , she was special to him . He had already figured that out ;but the rest he wasn't quite there.
"Where is she waiting for you ?"
Aman didn't like this line of questioning. Why was Arnav asking about Khushi he looked up at Arnav's face and saw the look. He knew that look well -he was on the prowl, something about Khushi had caught his eye. He knew Arnav 's reputation with women well- he had protected Khushi from him and many like him. Those who thought his ray of sunshine was an easy target. He put them right soon men and aunties all alike. Those who thought she would be an easy catch , those who thought that no one would tie themselves to a mute girl-she wasn't worth much. Khushi was used to being treated like dirt by a lot of people until Aman had shown her her worth. It was there loss that they didn't spend time with her she had a wealth of knowledge and love to share.
Where he had been living for the last nine years people knew Khushi -here she was treated as an equal-they knew her there were no prejudice against her. Here where she lived she was treated as an equal. She had fought her battles and won. She had made people acknowledge her and won their respect. She had shown how to overcome adversity with love and laughter. They had built a safe world for her in which to exist in Laxmi Nagar. He could have moved out of here and into a far more affluent area -but Khushi would have to start her battles again -No they were happy where they were. Thanks to Arnav he was rich. Richer than he could have ever believed possible.
But that look in his face meant that he and Khushi were in trouble.

"She is waiting -I had better go! nani Ji ijazzat ho thoi"


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