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Ola Lovely Readers! Yippi Second Thread of Broken Heart, Thank you so much guys for loving my FF and showering me with lots of lovely comments and likes. A tight hug to everyone who had Commented and Press the "Like" Button.I am very happy to post 2nd thread of this FF. Once again Thank you so much guys.

Love you all Hug

Scroll Down For Index And Chapter 8.

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Rey and his friends were sitting in hall, were busy in chit chatting. They were meeting each other after a month or something as gang was busy with their academy and rey in his business.

Taani was on terrace, Unaware about gangs visit and kids were sleeping in bedroom. Other family members were in their respective rooms.

"Guys I was thinking that we are meeting after long time, So why not we go out tonight, wese bhi kitne din ho gaye hai hum sab kahin bahar nahi gaye, What say?" Anamika said gaining everyones attention.

"Great idea anamika, I think we should go club, What say rey?" Sharon asked him. Rey looked confuse don't know what to say, Now he is not alone that he can go anywhere without any worry Now he has a wife and kids too to look after.

"No guys, I wont be able to come" Rey told them getting glares and fallen sad expressions of his friends in return.

"What? But why Rey? You never say to us now happen?" Sharon questioned him coming in her siren mode.

"Yeah dude why?" Vicky asked almost screaming.

"Sshh dude, cant you keep you voice down?" Rey said to him, Worried about his babies sleep, what if they get disturb because of his friends useless shouting.

"Rey whats your problem? Why are you behaving all weird? Is everything okay?" Swayum asked him, Rey look at him not knowing how to explain about the sudden change in his life.

"I cant come guys, Mere bacche.." he didn't get the chance to complete his sentence as rinni jump in between.

"Tumhare bacche, Rey tumhare bachhe kaha se aaye tumne toh apni wife ko chod diya tha na 4 saal pehle" Rinni said while others gave her deadly glare for saying something like this.

After hearing rinni don't know why but Rey felt pain in his heart, Though it was truth what rinni had said a while ago but still he couldnt able to digest it, It was paining like hell.

His chain of thoughts broken by baby cry which was coming from his room, Immediately he got that It is his princess. Without caring about anyone he ran toward his room leaving shock gang behind him.

They too go behind him.


When Rey entered in his bedroom, scene in front of his eyes was beautiful, any father would feel proud seeing his son consoling his crying sister.

He walk towards them where aryan was trying to console crying aarushi.

"What happen princess? why are you crying?" He asked her lovingly, He lifted her in his arm.

"When she woke up and didn't find mumma She started crying, Always She gets scared when She don't found mumma around her" Aryan Explain him, Rey smile at him. He look for Taani but didn't found her Then He realize She ran out of the room toward terrace When He asked her That question, Once again his close his eyes in regret.

Arushi stop her cries and look at him.

"Where is mumma?" She asked him in childish tone.

"Your Mumma is on Terrace I guess. You wait here I just go and call her downstairs" Rey said, He made her sit on bed was about to go out but stopped in his track seeing gang standing there outside the room with their Mouth open.

"Rey your kids?" Swayum asked coming out of shocked, Rey nodded in Yes

"Guys come Inside" He said, Gang entered inside the room, Both the kids look confused and a bit uneasy seeing so many New people. Both look at each other than at gang.

"Guys Meet my cute princess aarushi and my champ Aaryan" He introduce them to gang.

"Hi" Both said, Gang smiled at them, Introduce themselves.

"Aryan, arushi they are my friends" Rey said to them.

"Rey would you like to explain us what had happened here That you didn't bother to tell us" Sharon questioned him. Rey sighed.

"I will explain you but not now" He said. Taani too came there was shocked to see Gang there so was gang.

"What this witch is doing here?" Anamika thought to herself. This is not a good news for her, From past 4 years she is trying to get close to rey but he always think of her as friend and to add more in her isery Taani is back that too with Kids.

Taani look at their faces, She was about to greet them but stopped herself remembering past memories when rey take her out on dinner insisted by anjali, Gang was present there too, They Insulted her, was laughing at her Because She was not rich like them, But what hurt Her most that time was Rey too laughing with them, Supporting them.

She felt anger building inside her seeing there faces, She walk toward her kids without giving them single glance.Rey understood what she was thinking, Another shameful act he had done in past, Let his friends insulted his wife in front of him.

He was Jerk, Insensitive jerk in past but now He has changed, Taani and Kids changed him without his knowledge and He himself was loving this change, He is not a rude arrogant jerk which he used to be in past.

Rey vowed that Now He won't let anyone Hurt her, He wont let a single drop of tear come in her Eyes.

- Rey's Pov -

I look at taani who was with aarushi, After taking her in her arms then she hold Aryan's hand and walk of room, may be she wasn't comfortable between my friends and i completely understand her, She has her own reason, Valuable reasons.

"Oh now i understand because of her you are distancing yourself from us, Why she is back in your life?" U heard anamika saying, suddenly i felt rage building inside me, Protective husband take over me.

"Shut up anamika, Think twice before you talk, You are taking about MY WIFE" I shouted on her, Guilt was eating me up from inside, I should Show this protective side 4 years ago when They insulted her, Mock at her but No I was too supporting them. Blinded by my ego and anger i ruined her, completely destroyed her, I broke her beyond repair.

Anamika made a hurt face as this is the first I had reacted in this way but i don't care.

"Rey What happen?" Swayum asked me in concern filled voice.

"Yeah am okay" I replied.Then I explained them How Khushi told us about Taani and his baby, And He brought them here.

As I finished and look at them, Their face was showing many emotions, Happiness, confusion. I got shocked when Swayum Hug him.

"This time Don't hurt her, don't lose her" swayum whispered in my ear, I smiled.

"I won't, I will take care of her" He replied back. We pulled away, Then we all friends Talk a bit , I promised them to go out with them tonight, I couldn't able to see their sad faces.

Then They all left for their respective homes.


I walk downstairs in hall where my wife Its sound so good I realized it now and kids sitting with family. All were laughing over something that i couldn't get it But i got one thing and that is Her smile got vanished seeing me, may be she is not comfortable around me Or some other reason.

Then a flash of past appeared in front of my eyes where i told her I Hate her smile, Her smile give me immense pain, I couldn't bare her with my family. And The last most hurtful thing, I slapped her because she was sitting with my family and having fun.

I saw her getting up and going but i stopped her by holding her wrist, Immediately a fearful look come on her face, I leave her hand, I know It is difficult for her.

"Where are you going" I asked her, i could feel the teasing looks of my crazy family which i chose to ignore.

"Kitchen yeah I was going in kitchen to prepare snacks for evening tea" She said to me while fumbling which was showing how nervous she is. I nodded the She left from there and goes in kitchen.

Just then I remembered that I hadn't tell her about going out with gang. I went in kitchen to talk. Its so strange na 4 years back I never to tell her where i am going and with whom i am but now I felt an urge and need to tell her everything about me, When she wanted the rights of being my wife i didn't gave her and Now When She didn't care about it Or Don't want them I wants to give her every right of being my wife.

I saw her working in kitchen, She was struggling to get the container from upper shelf, As container was heavy she didn't able to balance herself was going to drop the container on her foot but I ran toward her and Hold the container on time or else her foot was surely going to hurt badly.

"You should have called me, what was the need of doing this on your own, what if you get hurt" I scolded her, She was surely shocked seeing me caring for her well that was written on her face How much shocked she is. This is also my fault I never showed her my care for her, probably now she was thinking that This heartless monster has caring side also. After doing all this to her what you expect me to call my self.

"Sorry" She whispered in low tone, I shook my head can't she talk me, I Had heard only Sorry and thank you from the time I brought them here, I wanted her to talk to me, scold me, Say anything she want But I got nothing except her silence, The Silence which was killing me. 

We both were staring into each other's eyes, Her eyes were conveying the pain She has suffered all because of me.

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yehhh me first
so coming to the
update  it
was like
rollar coaster ride
mujhe to bohot mazaa
aaya read karke
n yaaa
i really love
rey's pov 
u describe it very 
beautifully dear
good job
n yaaa mee too
giving u a tight hug for
giving awesome storiesClapClapClap
update soon n pm mee
take care
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Awesome part
hope anamika koyi prblm creat na kare taarey ki bich..egarly waiting 4 nxt part
n congrtz 4 new thread
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Awsme update.. I hate this anamika bloody bitch.. Update soon
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Nice update.   Congrats for the new thread.  N thnx for the pm. 
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Awsm update
Loved it
Very nicely written
Continue soon
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