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Broken Heart
Thread 3


Eeeps...Thread three that too this soon... I Still can't believe this is happening... Thank you all For supporting me and showering  your Love. Love you all.  I once again thank all my readers for liking and commenting on my SS which has made me reach this far.

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I was driving from past one hour, I look beside me at her, she was bored I guess, After our encounter with her dad and shyaam she was upset so I wanted to cheer her up and also spend some alone time with her thats why I am taking her to my farmhouse, Outside weather was cloudy and dark, Any moment rain would get start.

"Rey, how far it is?" She asked me.

"5 minutes more than we will be there" I replied and concentrate on road, After sometime We reached there, Taani look at me in confusion.

"Its my farm house" I said understanding her confusion, In our 8 months of marriage I never bring her here nor tell her about it, Truth to Be told I never took her out with me anywhere thats why most of the people I interact daily Don't even know that I am married. Our marriage was also a very private affair, Only our family members and some close friends were there. I took a mental note to introduce her to everyone and tell the world that she is mine Only mine.

Rain was pouring down heavily, I stepped down from the car making myself drench in rain water, I hurriedly walk toward her side and open the door for her and held out a hand for her, She happily took my hand and come out, In seconds she was also completely drench, Her see through saree was clinging to her Body giving me clear view of her perfect body curves. Closing the door of the car we walk Inside the farmhouse quickly.

"Why we are here?" She asked was soon as we entered inside. She was shivering in cold and was uncomfortable as her saree was sticking to her body. I was staring at her, Lost in her completely.

"Woh i wanted to spend some time with you" I replied sheepishly. She gave me small smile.

"Do you have some clothes?" She asked me, Uncomfortably shifted in her place.

"Yeah I have some clothes, Come with me" I said to her, holding her hand i took her inside the room which is mine but from Now its ours. I goes toward closet and took out a towel and my shirt for her. Thank god i have kept some clothes here.

"Taani you have to wear this only, I don't have anything else, sorry" I said, handling her towel and shirt. She took them then look at me oddly.

"Urmm Don't you have something to wear in bottom" She asked me in low tone, I turn toward my closet and try to find something for her to wear in bottom, Finally I found my smallest boxers though they are still oversize for her, she has to roll it from waistband two three times, I gave them to her.

"I've found only this, others are very big for your size" I said running my hand through my wet hair. I showed her washroom and she went to change. I too quickly dried myself and change into trousers and vest. I was some kind of excited to see her in my clothes, I know I am behaving like a Love sick puppy But I can't help it.

Sounds of her payals catch my attention, indicating me about her presence behind me. I slowly turn toward her, there she was, standing there her eyes glued on ground, Her milky bare legs were visible then her wet strand falling over her face making her look more tempting , I ogling over her. I could tell by looking at her only how nervous she was. uncomfortable. I walk toward her and hold her by shoulders.

I made her sit on the bed and covered her bare legs with blanket.

"Hey, you don't have to feel uncomfortable. Its just you n me" I said in soothing manner, trying to ease her nervousness. I cupped her face between my palms. She was still uncomfortable So i thought to leave. I bring her here to ease her tension not making her uncomfortable. I stood up from and started to leave but I stopped feeling soft grip on my wrist. I look back at her.

"Where are you going?" She asked me innocently, I felt an urge to smile which I did.

"I am just outside" I said to her, Instead of leaving my hand she tighten her grip.

"No you are going because I am not comfortable, Aapko jaane ki jarurat nahi hai" Taani said, with cute innocent pout, She pull me down and made me sat on bed beside her.

"No its okay taani, if you're not comfortable then I have no problem" I said to her, but she shook her head in no.

"No aap kahin nahi jaa rahe hai" She said to in commanding tone, Like a typical wife which I liked it, Finally we are behaving like a normal husband-wife.

"Okay" i said and sat on the edge of the bed.
We both were looking at each other, Our trance broken by me.

"Taani come, I'll show you farmhouse" I said, giving her tour will decrease the awkwardness between us. She gave me a slight nod, she remove blanket from her legs, I gulp hardly seeing her bare milky skin.

Holding her hand in mine I lead her outside, Showing her hall, She was in aww, her childish expression was so cute. I was holding myself back from pulling her cheeks. 

Only me and my friends used to come here for parties, There is another farmhouse in which we go for family holidays.

"Do you like it?" I asked her, she nodded still looking at the interior, I took her to show  her kitchen and other things .

"Come I'll show you most amazing thing" I said to her, she look at me which excitement in her eyes, I  let out a chuckle and took her upstairs toward terrace. As soon as i opened the door, She gasp as she saw the view in front of her, Backside of  farmhouse was hills and greenery, because of rain it was looking more beautiful. She ran outside, In few seconds she was completely drenched, Rain was pouring down heavily. Her shirt was sticking to her body, giving me clear view of her milky skin but she seemed to unaware about her state. I lick my dry lips, seeing my Wife in this state has definitely arouse desires in me.

Not in my sense I walk toward her where as she was busy in admiring the view to notice me. Her back was toward me and now I was drenched too.

Standing behind her I wrap my arms around her petite figure, She jumped in my arms as starlet her. Swiftly I turned her toward me, She lowered her eye lids, I could see the blush forming on her cheeks, I understand she had finally realized about her state. She bite her lower lips making me go gaga over her.

I lost my self control by placing my lips on hers, I nibbled her lower lips seeking for entrance which she gave me. Her hands were roaming in my hair, massaging my scalp, Its gives me immense pleasure. She responded to my kiss with same Love, We broke apart after what seems like eternity. Not able to control myself anymore, I scoop her in my arms and take her downstairs, In our room.

Precap : Romance continue 
I know boring update tha, It was just a filler update So if you want to throw tomatoes and anything else on me, you can.
But Do Leave your feedback. Wink
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Update quick...beautiful Taarey dose needed
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loved the update Pooja dii!!!!
It was just awesome!!!
Rey loves Taani so much!!!
BTW, agar Rey ke pass Lower tha to Taani ko boxers kyun diye!!
Rey ne Taani ko boxers de diye aur khud lowers pehen liye!!!
and wasnt it night time??
Kyun Taani ko Mountains aur Greenery kaise dekhegi!!
A biiiggg congratulations for the new thread diii!!!!!
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congrats dear
awesome updt
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loved this updateBig smile
so much of loveEmbarrassed
update next part soonSmile
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Congratz for new thread
Awsm update
Loved it 
Very nicely written
Continue soon
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