Fan Fiction Armaan n Jassi ROMANCE PART5

Posted: 2005-06-05T00:08:13Z

Hey Guys here is the next part armaan offically proposes to jassi!

Ok here it goes...

Armaan is standing in front of the mirror looking at himself n reciting his lines, Jassi, i love u will u marry me.. again n again when raj comes in

Raj is standing at the door looking at armaan like he is a dork reciting how he is going to propose to jassi...

Raj in jassi's voice: Armaan Sir I will marry you

Armaan turns exictedly smiling broadly when he sees raj his smile fades


R: What tum propose kana ka liya practice kar raha ho, lanat hai tumara pyaar par... LOL armaan nods irrated n gets out of house to the office...

At office jassi isnt here yet n armaan is going crazy.... when jassi enters he says hi n thats it jassi is to busy in her thoughts she also says hi n goes on...

Going back to home

In the eveining armaan tells jassi he will drop her home Confused n they go off its raning outside jassi smiles while armaan gets irrated

J: I love barish! she is all smiling when armaan looks over he says to himself perfect time!

jassi steps into the rain enjoying every moment armaan also steps out and grabs jassi's hand and says i love u.. jassi smiles n goes back to enjoying the rain armaan smiles at her thinking how happy she is, jassi looks over at armaan n notices that he is disturbed she goes to him gives him a hug

J: Kay howa

A: pulling her away kuch nahie

jassi seems to be hurt when armaan turns around all smiles n stars

A: Jassi i love u, jassi is smiling... main appni zindagi ka har din, har pal, tumhara saat betana chata ho... jassi is happy to hear this he goes around her and grabs her by her waist n jassi closes her eyes...  it starts raining harder... armaan cont. tum mari zandagi main aayi aur main jeena seeka... tumna mujhe pyaar ka aasli matlab samjaya.... tum wo pelhi ladki ho jisko maina saacha pyaar kiya... jassi is stanind enjoying every momnet n while armaan is saying all this he is playing with jassi neck with his nose (dont know how to explane better) jassi turns around seeing armaan with tears rolling down his eyes while he is saying this she takes his hand n says

J: Main janti ho aap mujhse kitna pyaar karta ho

A: Ha...  jassi will u marry me... jassi dosent say anything armaan is disapointed and starts to walk away... he is near his car n jassi is standing in the rain away from him.. for a moment armaan feels jassi still dosent trust him truly he opens the door for jassi n stands there armaan looks at her, n shouts at her come in... jassi starts walking as she gets closer she remembers every word armaan had said in the past minutes n stops abot 12 feets from him, armaan looks at her n she can see how sad he upon not reply to him... sudennly armaan finds  her running towards him n he stands up straight jassi stops 3 feets away from her, armaan takes a step...

J: Jo tumne kuch deer pelhi pucha phir se pucho

A: armaan's lips r trembling n he says Jassi i love u, will u marry me, jassi takes a step closer n says

J: main bhi appka saat aaoni saaaaaaaaaaaaaari zindagi guzarna chati ho, kay aap mujhse shaddi kara ga... armaan smiles n they both say yes at time same time n share a long hug until armaan's cell ring, its billu papji, n armaan tells him they willl be home soon n he needs to ask him something important.


sorry might have been borning tried my best!


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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:12:34Z

That was chhhhhhooooooo chhhhwweeeeet Big smileTongue. Why cant T & D get inspired by such beautiful ideas instead troubling their grey cells.

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Posted: 2005-06-05T00:43:54Z
Claploved it!!!!!oh this is making me all the more inpatient for monday to come!
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Posted: 2005-06-05T02:08:16Z

    Awwwwwwww!!! I loved that so much that I am crying so much now!!!Good job Armaans4ever!!! Yes, why can't TerrifyingDoofusClub and DoofusDoofus get such lovely ideas!!! 

They are so ****Edited by Moderators for Profanity****

Monica, we please request you to refrain from using bad language for Terrifying and Doofus, even if they are a**holes, oops, umm never mind! Keep that in mind.

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Posted: 2005-06-05T02:14:12Z
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three Cheers to Armaans4ever!!!!!  Brilliant Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!
One more day left and counting!!!!!!  Thanks alot yaar, tumne tho kamaal kardiya!!!!!  Ab mujhe achi neendh aayegi aur armaan ke bharehuye saapno bhi aayengeEmbarrassed!!!!!

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Posted: 2005-06-05T02:26:51Z

guys with such good response i will get next part up tomm

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Posted: 2005-06-05T02:34:56Z

good story..very romantic has to be a romantic one....good dialouges too..will wait for more...Clap

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Posted: 2005-06-05T02:59:40Z



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