*NEW*Celebrity profile picture change Rules

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Posted: 2014-06-04T07:38:00Z

Due to questions arising regarding the picture uploads , we have decided to make things more precise.

Procedure to get Celebrity profile picture changed

1)If the celebrity page has not got a profile picture change in last 6 months ,you can request for a picture change .

 2)You can choose a specific picture and create a topic in forum of the show the actor is presently in or in Updating cast,actor's pro|read Guidelines & Post|thread.

 3)You have to get 20+ positive comments.And votes should be of fans of the specific actor and not from the topic creators buddy list.

4)In case members are suggesting for various pictures , create a topic (not a poll) and ask the members to vote for ONE picture . The picture which gets  20 comments first  shall chosen.Again a separate thread need not be created for this picture.It can be directly sent for profile picture change. 

4)After the voting is done /20+ comments is achieved , kindly PM me(BilliCat.) with the picture as well as the thread the voting has been done.I will forward it to technical DT.

5)The profile picture update is done by technical dT ,so please be patient with


Choosing an apt profile picture.

1)   Should be clear and of good quality.

2)   The face of the celebrity should be fully visible .

3)   Side view images are less preferred due to the fact that they hide half of the face.

4)   Do not use pictures where the celebrity is wearing shades/cooling glasses (sometimes this makes them unrecognizable).

5)   Choose pictures where celebrity is posing for camera and not instantaneous shots taken from side .

6)   The whole picture should not be dark.

 7)   The picture should be only of the celebrity.(he should not be accompanied by anyone)

8)   Do not cut group pictures to make profile pictures.It will only end up with the profile piuctures looking messy.


General Rules

1)Profile pictures of celebrity fan clubs will be changed only after   six months of last update. No request of changing the profile will be accepted in between.

2)Profile picture change will require a minimum of 20 positive votes (the likes wont be counted ,only comments will be).

3)Newbies Votes wont be counted.

4)If any MID votes are found ,they will be disregarded along with the vote of member owning the MID .WL of the member will be increases by 20% following the iF general rules.

                                India-Forums.com- Participation Guidelines & Rules

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