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Going by the length of my previous OS, I've cut this story into several parts. This is one of those stories which I came up with after a lot of hardships. It took me a lot of time to think up what would happen next. Not only that, I was also influenced by @Hiral_Halwa's work and the rain and some previous MP episodes in between. But even after all these hardships, I'm here with my second story! Do read and comment. Roses and tomatoes, all allowed :D :P .

Story time...!!

Till now:  Chakrapani and Rao Mamrakh are badly wounded in the fight with Afghans. Ajabdeh, Hansabai, Phoolkanwar and Saubhagyawati are in the same room, all very scared about the Afghans entering their palace and nobody present to protect them, all except Ajabdeh. She is very confidant and trusts Pratap with her life that he will, he will surely save them. He won't let any harm happen. And 100% right she is, because Pratap has defeated and stopped the Afghan soldiers from destroying Bijolia and entering the castle.


"Ajabdeh, Ajabdeh, Hansa massiji, Phoolkanwar, Ajabdeh, Ajabdeh...kahan hain aap sab? Ajabdeh, Ajabdeh...????" Pratap was shouting around, searching the whole castle for Ajabdeh, Hansabai and Phoolkanwar. Although he had defeated the Afghan soldiers, he still wanted to make sure that everyone was safe, especially Ajabdeh. She had sent her dupatta all the way to him, was she okay? He went around calling their names, but no replies could be heard...he was very anxious and a little scared as well...
But there wasn't any need to worry, cause he was already heard, he just didn't know that...
When Pratap called out her name for the first time, Ajabdeh had heard him there and then. She exclaimed with a big smile on her face and tears of happiness, "Maa, hum bach gaye. Maaa, ab ham sab surakshit hain. Hamne kaha tha na maa, hamne kaha tha, ki Kunwar Pratap hame kuch nahi hone denge. Dekhiye, ve aa gaye maa, ham sab bach gaye..."
"Ajabdeh, aap theek to hain? Jaanti bhi hai ki aap kya keh rahi hain? Kunwar Pratap kahan se aa gaye yahan? Konse vicharo me dekha aapne ye brahm?"
"Brahm dekh kar nahi maa, hum ye sab sunkar keh rahe hain aapse. Kya aapko nahi sunai de raha? Kunwar Pratap ke chalne ki aawaz, Kunwar Pratap ki pukaar, kya aap sabko nahi sunai de rahi? Suniye maa, Kunwar Pratap ab aapko pukaar rahe hai, Phool aapko bhi, dhoond rahe hain ve ham sabko mahal me."
"Ajabdeh kya ho kya gaya hai aapko? Kahan se aapko Kunwar Pratap ki awaaz sunai de rahi hai? Aap pagla to nahi gayi hain? Kya sun rahi hain apne kaano se aap?"
"Kaano se nahi maa. Kaano ki baat sune, to sab sunsaan lag raha hai. Hame to Kunwar Pratap ki awaaz, apne dil me sunai de rahi hai. Hamara hriday hame sab bata raha hai, ve yahin hain, hamare nikat, isi mahal me. Afghanon ko to ve kitne samay pehle hara chuke hain maa. Ab ve yahin aa rahe hain, hame dhoondte hue..." and very slowly, Ajabdeh turns and starts walking towards the door.
"Ajabdeh, rukiye Ajabdeh. Kahan jaa rahi hain aap? Kyu mrityu se haath milane ke liye itni utavali ho rahi hain aap?"
"Maa ham rakshas se nahi, rakshak se haath milane jaa rahe hain." And she again started walking towards the door. Hansabai called her a lot, but she didn't listen now.

Ajabdeh closed her eyes, took a deep breath and involuntarily smiled and opened the door.  She stepped out into the sunlit corridors of the Bijolia castle, her eyes still closed. It felt like a new day, a new sun, a new hope, a new light. She didn't look around for Pratap. With her closed eyes, she listened to her heart, turned to her right, and said very calmly, "Kunwar Pratap..." and as she opened her eyes, she heard a very familiar voice with the same calmness and a hint of surprise, "Ajabdeh..." Both of them, looking at each other, with a silent smile, paused for some moments, and started walking towards each other, very slowly. It was as if the time had stopped, the world had stopped. It was only the two of them in that moment. They both could not stop looking at each other and admiring each other's presence. All of it felt so positive and there wasn't anything that was hindering their ultimate, selfless smiles and twinkling eyes. These seconds were one of the happiest moments in both of their lives. Pratap came to his senses first and asked (although the answer was quite clear from Ajabdeh's smile), "Ajabdeh, aap yahan? Aap theek to hain? Aapko kuch hua to nahi? Vo aapki chunni, Laxmi hamare paas layi thi, hum to tabhi samajh gaye the. Parantu hame thoda sa bhi vilambh to nahi hua aane me? Aap sab surakshit..."
"Shant ho jaiye, Kunwar Pratap, shant ho jaiye. Ham sab theek hain. Aap bhi, ham bhi, hamara pariwar bhi. Aapne samay se pahunchkar, ham sabko bacha liya. Ab to aap ke liye ham sab ka jeevan rini(under debt) hai."
"Auron ka to ham nahi jaante, parantu aapka to bilkul nahi hai. Aapne hamari jaan bachayi, hamne aapki..."
"Parantu vo to hamara kartavya tha..." both of them confessed together. They looked at each other with a taken aback look, and then broke into a smile. Then both of them started walking towards the room.
"Lekin sach me Kunwar Pratap, Bijolia ki raksha ka sara shrey aapko jaata hai. Aaphi ne ham sabko bachaya hai."
"Ajabdeh...sara shrey hame nahi jata. Aaphi hume bataiye, ki agar aap apni chunni Laxmi ke saath nahi bhejti, to hume kaise pata chalta?"
"Agar hamne aapko yahan se jaane ko nahi kaha hota, to aapko pehle hi pata chal jata" said Ajabdeh, with guilt in her voice. Both of them stopped. No one said a word. Then they resumed walking.
They were almost at the door. Pratap was walking but suddenly, Ajabdeh had stopped in between.
"Kunwar Pratap.." she called from behind. Pratap turned. "Hame shama kar dijiye. Hame aapko yahan se jaane ke liye nahi kehna chahiye tha. Hame laga tha ki aapke jaane se dada ko apne tanaw se mukti mil jayegi, parantu, aapke jaane ke baad se toh, ve apne pran dene ko aur bhi zyada utsuk ho gaye. Hame shama kar dijiye Kunwar Pratap, hame shama kar dijiye..." Ajabdeh joins her hands and lowers her eyes.
Pratap walks back to her, "Ajabdeh...hamne kaha tha na aapse, ki apne is nirnay ke liye swayam ko dosh mat dijiyega. Aap thodi na jaanti thi ki aapke nirnay ka yeh parinam niklega. Aur vaise bhi, agar aap maanti hain ki sach me aapse bahut badi bhul ho gayi hai, to yeh bhi maan lijiye ki Laxmi ko bhejkar, Bijolia ko bachakar, aapne apni bhul ka prayashchit kar liya. Theek...?"
Ajabdeh smiles. "Arthat, ab aap Bijolia me rukenga na?"
"Ab aapka nimantran hum kaise thukra sakte hain? Aavashya rukenge!"
They both go inside the room together. Pratap comforts everyone by telling them that he got Ajabdeh's message in time and everyone was safe. Hansabai becomes so happy at hearing the news that she instantly pulls both Pratap & Ajabdeh in a hug at the same time. They both look at each other, and smile.

There it is Part-1. I wrote this a long time back, when the attack had happened. But I'm posting this now. Do tell me your views in the comments and hit the like button(if u think that this story deserves it). 

More works by me:

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Posted: 5 years ago
AMAZING!!! Its really a nice one!!! Just loved it the core. Specially I loved the part when Ajabde opened the door, closed her eyes and turned to the correct direction as if she could see him even with her eye closed. You are an amazing writer. Keep writing more.
Do update soon.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Wow its amazing I loves conversation between PrAja
Pls update soon 
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Posted: 5 years ago
AWSOME bahen LOL update soon, it's amazing and for me the best part was when ajab opened the door with her eyes closed and said kunwar pratap Embarrassed Clap keep it up :)Edited by Realtalk - 5 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
Amazingly awesome loved it ^^
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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by jyotic74

Very good

Originally posted by Chit15

Wow its amazing I loves conversation between PrAja 
Pls update soon

Originally posted by daisydee425


Originally posted by worldequalsyou

Amazingly awesome loved it ^^

thank u so much people!!!!!! i really do appreciate it and i'm feeling encouraged...and i also love these amazing comments...keep them coming and i'll update even sooner...
do check out my other posts/works in my profile!!! :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Realtalk

AWSOME bahenLOL update soon, it's amazing and for me the best part was when ajab opened the door with her eyes closed and said kunwar pratap EmbarrassedClap keep it up :)

Originally posted by Celana

AMAZING!!! Its really a nice one!!! Just loved it the core. Specially I loved the part when Ajabde opened the door, closed her eyes and turned to the correct direction as if she could see him even with her eye closed. You are an amazing writer. Keep writing more.
Do update soon.

thank u so much Celu(can i call u) and Liala!!!! LOL Liala!!!!
yup this scene!!!!!!! doesn't it feel so very positive...???
i re-wrote this scene 3 times to make it just exactly the way i wanted it to feel...whenever i read that scene,or even think about it...i involuntarily close my eyes and feel as if i just opened a door into a new world of positivity and hope and light, my heart says this...i feel as i just stepped into the corridors of a new sunlit life...and everything, all of a sudden, it my dream world and real world, everything all of a sudden becomes so calm,as if the time just stops for a while...i can feel my every breath even in the hushed life of cities...its like, its the feeling,its the world wherei wanna live forever...and even in the this atmosphere, PrAja are in their desired world, ie with each other and no-one else, and then  there are those calm smiles of happiness...
(sorry if i got too poetic, and philosophical...i just get carried away sometimes :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome dear <3 , loved the part where Ajab says "kunwar pratap humare nikat hai "
luvd it! Heart
updt soon
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