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Simmi was lying in her bed in darkness. Toshi ji comes and calls her,and put on d light.she asks her if she was sleeping.Simi says not and starts to cry.Simi told that women ruined my life and sends my husband out frm here.she was beating my param ji and no1 of you said anything.and she cried loudly.Simi tells toshi ji u were proud of ur bahu na,go and sits with her.toshi ji cries and says I feel sad seeing u in this state, seeing u I gets hurt like stabbing my heart with a knife.she is my bahu but ur my daughter.she tells her to come n have food.Simi says no I can't face that ishita.toshi ji tells its ur house, so come. Simi gets angry and screams to leave her alone.toshi ji leaves and says I wont eat until u comes out n hav food.Simi gets a call from some1.she listen to other person silently.
Mr bhalla asks abt Simi to toshi ji.she cries and says she locked herself in dark room n s not ready to come out.and all this happend coz of that bhalla says ishita saved Simi .toshi asks him if ishita saved Simi by ruining her home! Raman comes and asks which home,he said he will do d same to another girl tomorrow, then what.toshi ji says he might be wrong but Simi can't stop loving him n a day, he s her husband and her daughter's father.did u thought what will happen to them.but u dnt had any lose, u become hero by sending him n jail, if u wanted u could deal this matter silently.he gets angry and says u being a woman speaking like this.toshi ji gets happy seeing Simi there and told her to hav food.when raman tries to talk to her she stops him saying she need time to forget. Then she tells she s going out for sometime.toshi ji told she too will come with her but she says no and mr bhalla tells toshi ji to let her go alone.Simi leaves. Raman tells his dad that nw he is worried for bhalla consoles him saying everything will b fine and he s proud of him for what he had done today.then he tells raman to bring back ishita from her home. He asks from where. Romi says she goes to her home.raman tells she went to bring bhalla told him d way u ask her to leave this home it hurts her heart, so u should go and bring her.he gets angry and ask why its needed, he did everything for her and why she s not understanding it.let her stay there. Romi tells he will bring ishita.he says fine I dnt care if whole society ppl goes to bring her but I wont go.saying he leaves. Romi asks ishita to come back to him.ishita says she s grateful to raman for what he did for her, but I heard what he told to bala jeeju to justifies himself.he requested her to come butshe says she can't.he thinks.
Back to bhallas romi takes blessings frm mr bhalla and says m leaving.Raman comes and sees his suitcase and asks where he s going.romi says at ishita's place to support her.but idli and sambar doesn't kill my hungry still I ll go there and says "commitment jo diye hai, aur ek baar jo mein commitment deta hoon (says sorry to his dad) toh mere pappa ka bhi nahi sunta ROFLRaman tells him to stop his drama.romi asks him to bring her.raman says he can' bhalla asks why cant he go there and bring her saying sorry.raman says m not going bhalla says then i ll go there.
@ishita's home.he asks for sorry folding his hand.she says dont do so.he says we should hav believe u at first but we were blind in our daughter and SIL's pride.mrs iyer was hearing to all this, then she tells when all were blaming ishu u were silent.we will not forget bhalla says I knw u can't forget but its her home and she should stay there.mrs iyer says ishu wont come. Mr iyer ask her to go inside.ishita asks him not to ask sorry. She says first she was hesitated to tell anything abt him.if I did told anything things will get worst, if I didn't this will happen with every girl, so I did, I got justice. But because of me Simi's family s broken.he says its not her fault and asks u can decide as u wish. Shravan and ruhi were fighting with pillows.shravan tells ruhi that ur dad throws out ishita from his house. Ruhi denies that no she came here to meet her mom.shravan said no only teachers gets holidays not doctors. So ur parents fighted and ishu di comes here like n tv after fighting heroin comes to live at her maayka.ruhi gets angry and says she will ask this to papa and pushes shravan in bed.
Raman tells mr bhalla that ishita insulted bhalla tells him u insulted her and u didn't talk to her nicely. Ruhi comes there and asks if he thrown ishi maa frm his house.raman says no its lie.she asks then what she s doing at her house, when doctors dnt get holidays like teachers.she tells mr bhalla to scold bhalla says ur ishi maa is angry with ur papa.romi tells she will come here only when papa will say sorry. Ruhi tells raman how many told told u that women want attention so go n bring my ishi maa.he says fine i ll go.
Raman is sitting at iyer's sofa.bala invites him for dinner.ishita comes to kitchen and starts working ignoring him .all r at dining table.raman goes near to her nd says I want to talk to you.she says why u didn't stop me when i was leaving ur house. He holds her hand and takes her to a room n closed d door.all were looking at d door.Raman opens d door and says u might b hungry so pls have ur food and m talking to my wife so pls dont disturb us .and he close d door Thumbs UpClap ishita s looking out . (Kabhi kam na hoge ye chahaten male version plays n bg) he says I'm sorry ishita.she gets happy.Raman says I know i was doing wrong, I was stucked between my sister and wife.and I knw u didn't do anything. He lost his words.he continues that he brought her to his house as Ruhi's mother and u always take care of her.but I couldnt do it for u.I feel shame for that, I will never forgive myself. He ask her to forgive him and leaves.ishi cries and asks r u going to ur home? He says yes.she asks alone? He says ha and turns n surprised and smiles. She asks if he wont take her with him.he comes near to her holding his ear and said good ur coming, I dnt knw what to say other than sorry. If u dnt come with me dadi amma would hav punished me.she was telling me that doctors dnt get holidays so what were u doing at ur home.he says good u saved me.both laughs. He says lets go to home.but she stopped him holding his hand and said thankuu ( beautiful title song starts to play in bg)they both were holding there ears to say sorry and they laughs.they both goes to their house. Day Dreaming

Precap : Simi meets param at jail .she says she hates that madrasi.he tells her that u should stay there.he asks her if she loves him? She says he tells her to do as he says Ouch


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Thanks for the update..
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Thanks for the WU! Smile
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Thanks for the update
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Thanks for the written update..
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Thanks for the Written Update
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Thanks for the update...
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I lie Simmi , what's the name of this actress...she is good...acts well...
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