HT- Sumona Chakravarti refutes rumours of dating Gaurav Chopra

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Posted: 8 years ago
Best known as comedian Kapil
Sharma's on-screen wife, the
petite Sumona Chakravarti has
come a long way in her career.
She calls herself an actress; not
a stand-up comedian, and
doesn't take herself too
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (BALH)
and Comedy Nights With Kapil
(CNWK) have been big hits. How
have they changed your

Well, BALH made me popular. It
was my seventh or eighth show,
but people think it was my first.
It got me into the limelight and
CNWK took it further. It brought
me to every household, made me
more confident and helped me
evolve as an actress. Today, it has
gained a certain respect for me
even in the film industry.
What'fs the best part about
being Kapil's on-screen wife?

(Smiles) I know a lot of women
would love to be in my position,
but I am the one who gets to be
his wife. Yes, people do forget
the reel and real and think I am
his wife, and I am amused.
Don't you get offended by the
jokes he makes on you, your
lips, etc?

No, why should I? I don'ft take
myself too seriously. Besides,
that'fs Bittu Sharma for you. He
makes fun of everyone. That'fs
the nature of the show. He
doesn't make fun of Sumona; he
makes fun of his on-screen wife.
There's nothing to feel upset
about. It draws the laughs and
that's what matters.
Have you ever made changes
to the script or modified lines
that might have offended you
or anyone?

No, I don'ft do that. I take the
show with a pinch of salt and I
am sure everyone associated
with it does that too. There's
nothing to feel bad about. It's all
in good spirit. I feel it's
important to be able to take a
joke on yourself, and only then
will people laugh along.
Do you discuss film offers when
people from the industry visit
the sets of the show?

No, but the avenues have
opened, and today they know
me. Sometimes we bump into
each other socially and exchange
greetings. I know for a fact that
if there is a role that suits me,
they will call me.
What do you think of love? Do
you see yourself marrying
someone from the industry?

I do like the idea of love, but
being in a relationship and
getting married are two different
things. Right now, marriage is
not even on the periphery of my
scheme of things. It's not about
the industry; it's about the
person. There are pros and cons
to both, whether you marry an
actor or someone from outside
the industry.
There were reports of Gaurav
Chopra and you being a couple.
You were spotted in Dubai too.

Well, I have two-three very good
male friends. Ram (Kapoor) and
Jai (Kalra) are married and
Gaurav is not, so people try to
link us up. Yes, we hang out at
parties or at events, but I have
been single for the last seven
A question you get asked often?
Do I feel bad when Kapil makes
fun of me?
A question you don't want to
answer any more?

The same one as above and
those on link-ups.
A show you like on TV currently?
I don't watch Indian shows, but I
love foreign ones like Game of
Thrones, House of Cards and
An actor you feel is popular?
Ram Kapoor is very popular.
A habit you want to get rid of?
None, because I am very sorted.

link- by ArsyRam - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Awee such a honest interview she doesn't take jokes seriously godd spirit darlz
And ram is a close friend of her I love Der chemistry n she thinks ram is most popular
You made my day rather night
Posted: 8 years ago
Nice one
Tfs arsy 
Mera Ram and Unki ChotiDay Dreaming
Posted: 8 years ago
Isn't Gaurav Chopra too old for her..
btw smart answers of some stupid questions..thanks for sharing
Posted: 8 years ago
good answer given by herEdited by aanchaltulshan - 8 years ago

Sumona Chakravarti

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