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Posted: 2005-06-01T11:10:41Z

after today's episode, kripa will be separated from angad and she will go back to nainital to heal her wounded heart. naina will stage such a show that even kripa is convinced that angad is toying with her. naina will film a saucy scene between angad and mishti and eventually mail it to kripa anonymously. she will ask kripa to leave angad and is paid a price. but kripa refuses. she will go back to nainital with a feeling of regret and pain. she will feel a jumble of emotions turmoiling within her. she severes all contact from mumbai and only prithvi will know how to find her. she left her contact only with him. she will not go back to her parents house either.

meanwhile angad is fed the story that kripa left him for money just as naina suspected. she will slander kripa in a way that makes angad slap her and leave the house. he vows to find kripa no matter what happens coz he is pretty sure that kripa is not that kind of girl. he made himself invisible by severing all contacts with the khanna family. only mannan is given his contact and whereabouts after being sworn to secrecy. he then leaves mumbai to look for kripa. as he sits at the beach, he started reminiscing about his wonderful times shared with kripa and realises that kripa is meant to be his soulmate coz he cannot bear to be apart from her.

he decides to go to nainital as its the only place she would go to. he goes to kripa's parents house only to discover that kripa was not there as well. this raises more questions and gayathri feels that something bad had happened to kripa for her to runaway without telling a single soul. kripa's dad asks angad to stay at their place since it was getting late. he accepted and retreated to the room. there he sits wondering where kripa could be. a sad KYPH song plays in the background. angad cries thinking of kripa and teh times they shared.

kripa on the other hand turns to prithvi for help. with some difficulty she managed to get a place of her own and she decides to start a new life with a new identity. she wants to escape her past. but as she sits in her room at night, she discovers taht no matter how hard she tries, she wont be able to forget angad and the moments shared with him. her heart still belongs to him. and however hard she tries a part of her will be his always. as she remembers the sweet memories of her first love with angad, the song of their first love confession plays in the background. she remembers the fun at the beach and how they were both so carefree then. but all that is over now. she does not want to believe that angad could betray her so but she also feels that angad is a big rockstar and he can do watever he pleases. emotion got the better of her and she starts to cry torrents of tears. she feels so trapped in her own feelings. she cries herself to sleep.

this is where i stop... pls give comments whether shud i continue... thx...

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Posted: 2005-06-01T11:14:26Z
wow this is so cool and plz do continue
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Posted: 2005-06-01T11:23:46Z
thx guys.. i will do so tmrw... its pretty late here in spore and i got school tmrw.... thanks 4 yr comments...SmileSmile
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Posted: 2005-06-01T11:26:44Z

Continue!! itz reallie gud!!

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Posted: 2005-06-01T12:25:58Z
omg this is really good plz continue!Clap
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Posted: 2005-06-01T15:50:50Z

wow...thats so good...plz contiune....


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Posted: 2005-06-03T09:15:55Z

yeah plz continue


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Posted: 2005-06-03T09:27:43Z
wow this nis so cool. ekta needs to read this
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