ArHilicious Droolers #15: Tu Jaane Nah...

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Posted: 7 years ago

ArHilicious Droolers #15: Tu Jaane Nah...

Summary of the Week: Preet.kc
Achari Scene of the Week: Preet.kc
Joota Scene of the Week: Preet.kc
Funny Scene of the Week: Pancakes
Filler of the Week: DeviatedTesoro.
Best Character of the Week: deeps_92
Most Irritating Character of the Week: Preet.Kc
Funny Character of the Week: deeps_92
Costume of the Week: pancakes
Song of the Week: pancakes
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Posted: 7 years ago

The week's episodes start with Aakash leaving the house and Khushi telling to Arnav to convince Mamaji with the sweet talks, explaining her that Jodiyan to God banata hai, all filmy dialogues. Arnav try to talk like that, but kya kare he understand just deal ki basha and upar se Mamaji was not willing to listen anything, what matters to her was just that she want a high class daughter-in-law.

Mamaji said her to remember how she got in RM, that she too belongs to a middle class family and Mamiji replied that it's for her background that she is still not accepted in the family, hurting with this Naniji deeply. Mamaji got angry and asked her if she is not happy then what she is doing still in the house, why she hasn't left yet. For the first time I felt like Mamaji has a voice in the show, he too has a spine. A very interesting scene.

Arnav told to Khushi that no matter if the problem is related to business or heart, the solution is always related to money and that he will handle Mamaji in his way and he did it; in his full ASR mood he convinced Mamaji, showing her what she will get if she goes against the marriage and left the house as she was blackmailing to do, and what will she gain if she accept the marriage. Of course Mamiji decided to accept the proposal; she loves her status too much. Arnav told Khushi that once again he was right, that this world doesn't work on emotions but with deals. I simply loved his ASR mood in the episode, it was awesome, you feel like watching episode one, his entry.

Khushi tries to hint Payal that the Raizadas are coming to their home to ask her hand for Aakash, but she is not getting anything. She tries to hint the same to Buaji and Garima too but nothing to do; Buaji got that someone died since Khushi was hinting to the sky.

The next day the Raizada's come to Gupta House, scaring and irritating Shyam; of course he locked himself in the room and then disappeared. Mamiji once again showed how low is her mentality, talking about the differences between the two families, it was so obvious that she was humility the Gupta family, thank God Mamaji shut her up time to time, but bhoori addaten jaldi se nahi chooti.

Shashi seeing Anjali remember that she is Shyam's wife and tried to communicate it with his hand, but all thought it was an attack and took him to another room. Before going away Arnav confessed to Payal that it was his fault if her marriage broke, Payal forgave him.

The scene Khushi changing the tire of the SUV was simply too lovely and knowing that ASR is not able to change a mare tire, it's really funny and shocking. God who doesn't know how to change a tire, all knows, me too. Once again Khushi proved that girts can do anything, even though I find it quit weird, because in some scenes she is not able to push a trunk and here she is able to lift a tire, strange. Okay we can take it like sometimes she loose her superpowers.

OMG the haven episodes were amazing, full of suspense and drama, filled with every shade of emotions. So finally the trust is out, the creep got what he deserved, Khushi's five fingers printed on his cheek. I hated the way he tried to explain, but that God Khushi gives him her piece of mind. I simply loved the way Arnav care for her and let her cry on his should, absolutely a heart touching scene, and finally they can kick out the sneak from Gupta house.

For this week we have two Achari scenes, first one related to the kitchen of Gupta House when Khushi panicked seeing Arnav and instead of cleaning his shirt managed to mass it. Even though he doesn't asked her to clean it he just asked for a napkin, seems like ASR is getting a weird, but amazing effect on Khushi, when he is in front of her she doesn't know what she is doing.  

The second scene is Khushi crying on Arnav's shoulder, the one that seemed sweet betrayed her, hurting her deeply and the one who seemed a rakshash give her a shoulder to land her head and cry he heart out, to let out of her fears and pain. Letting her know that he was there for her.

Joota scene of the week is Mamiji pretending to leave the house when it was too obvious that she was just faking it, and I'm surprised that the only one who got it was Mamaji, he knows his wife well.

Ek chakkar kha kar wapis aa jaye ghi

God I laughed so much, Mamaji was so true about Mamiji she is not going to leave RM so easily.

This week was full of drama and emotion but there was one scene which make laugh little bit. 

It was when arnav was going from gupta house after apologizing to payal and khushi try to stop him by puncturing his tyre.
And thats when khushi kumari gupta learns that the Great ASR dont know how to change a tyre and he was pretending that its not a big deal.
Ah khushi start changing the tyre and ask for the Paana and arnav said kya paana. The icing of the cake were children who make fun of arnav. the scene ended perfectly when khushi said i should say but I wont and in return arnav say thanks after a pause I also wont say it and drove away. Gosh I loved their nok-jhok.

The scene that deserves no screen space for sure is none other than Shyaam having fun at the expense of Shashi's incapability to walk. Could this guy get any worse for us? Ofcourse, he does later, but woopkidoo, no screen space is what he deserved for this week! Dead

Posted: 7 years ago

The best character of the week is definitely Arnav Singh Raizada. First of all he convinced mami for Payash marriage. Then in gupta house, he helped Shashi. but the best thing is he apologized to Payal for breaking her marriage. He sounded guilty and very honest. then he became angry on Kushi fianc for hurting her. He was damn worried for Khushi.

Once again it's Mamaji, I don't like the way she is talking about Khushi and Payal and their family. She says they don't have class; my question is she has one kya? Hello hi bye bye!! And upar the woh Shyam he is irritating the hell out of me, kash I had the chance to land my hands on him. How can he ask "where you went without say anything" like he is her owner, go to hell Shyam and finally she come to know about. Now your game is over.

The funny character of the week is Khushi Kumari Gupta. we can give her this title just for saying sorry and thank you together. LOL She punctured the wheel just because he was not ready to listen to her. the way she changed the wheel were also funny. Arnav described her rightly. 'Unbelievable!'

Posted: 7 years ago

Ok seeing the image you all might be thinking I have lost it but this weekI truly found Shyaam best dressed especially for having a slap from KhushiLOL

Posted: 7 years ago


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Posted: 7 years ago

Runner Up

ArHi OneShot |True Colours|

by -doe-eyes-

This one is a very interesting piece sans any narration. Its all dialogues and strong ones at that :)

I personally had a great time reading this ArHi conversation, I hope you all enjoy it as well :)

Delightful read :)

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Wedding OS: For the First Time

by cheesemad

I read this for the first time and found that I liked it already. It is an alternate universe of ArHi and a complete story in itself :)

Splendid :)

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10 Unkown Facts about Barun

By -Iruni-

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Posted: 7 years ago

Wow, this was weird compiling and posting the NL this time! It just has been long! LOL

Enjoy all the sections, this is all that was sent in for compilation, hence the tiny edition! Big smile

Posted: 7 years ago
Congrats To ol d winner Clap

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