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Posted: 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Our beloved Astha Didi (Asthagrawal) is getting married on 21st January. This one shot is our, Avni_Barun (Avni Didi) Rotlu (Barun_Gf), Dhanno (AimmyLovesSobti) and me (Cheeni aka CC aka Komal), gift for her. I hope you will like it.


Now that Astha Didi has got her ASR, market mein competition thoda kam hua for Barun Sobti

Banner by Khirad (-RabbaVe-)

For The First Time <3

It had been three years since Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada had got married. It was an arranged marriage. Arnav never believed in love, according to him love was one of the most overrated feelings in the world. According to Khushi, love was everything, her life, and her dreams. She hated them who insulted the emotion called love. They were absolutely different from each other, bound together by their families. But as they say life is unpredictable, it was indeed at least in Arnav and Khushi's case. They were hopelessly in love with each other now. Arnav now believed that love was the most wonderful thing where as Khushi was madly in love with her husband.


But this did not happen overnight. They had to go through many things, new feelings, new emotions and their firsts.




Khushi and Arnav just got married and Khushi was waiting for her husband to appear on their first night. They had not spoken much during all the marriage rituals as Arnav lived in US because of his work. He was a lawyer and that too USA's finest. On the other hand Khushi was a lecturer who taught physical chemistry in Delhi University.


Hey DeviMaiyya, why am I being so nervous? He won't eat me up, right? Khushi, just don't say anything stupid out of nervousness in front of, Arnav Ji, samjhi tu? Khushi was busy talking to herself when she heard his footsteps. She was edgy thinking about their first night. She very well knew the theory thanks to her hostel friends but was unaware of the practical. Her heart did a flip when he walked towards her. He was very handsome, no doubt but she just wished he would take it slowly. She was busy in her thoughts when his voice brought her back.


What are you doing here? He asked in confusion. This was something she was not expecting at all.


Hey DeviMaiyya, short term memory loss?! Where am I supposed to go? We are married, remember? She panicked and shouted making him utter, what the..??


Listen Khushi, we have a flight to catch tomorrow, we are going back to States so I think you should sleep. I thought you would have changed already and was sleeping that is why asked what were you doing here. Arnav explained her and without letting her speak anything just went into the washroom to change his clothes, which were annoying him since the morning.


What was that? Does this happen on the first night? Those stupid TV shows must be banned..!! Khushi muttered to herself. In few minutes Arnav was back in his t-shirt and payjamas, he came beside her and slept making Khushi stare at him incredulously.



That was their first night together.



It had been 2 weeks since Arnav and Khushi got back to States. Khushi had never been to US so everything here was very new to her. On the other hand Arnav was very comfortable, way more than he had been in India during the marriage. After they had come to USA, she noticed few things about Arnav, he was an introvert and a workaholic. Arnav too learnt something about Khushi like she loved sweets, was a chatterbox and loved a guy called Barun Sobti. Khushi and Arnav were friends now. Khushi had suggested this arrangement in order to make the awkwardness between them go away and she was successful to an extent.


Khushi was watching television and was so engrossed in her favorite show called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? that she did not hear Arnav saying something to her from the other room. Khushi increased the volume a little more when her favorite couple started dancing on the song, Teri meri. She had a small smile playing on her lips when Arnav stormed into the room. He snatched the remote control from her hands, switched off the TV and threw it away making Khushi jumped out of her skin.


What the hell is wrong with you? Arnav roared. Khushi stood there watching him in shock, what did I do? She thought.


Are you deaf? I am working on such an important case and you are watching that stupid show of yours? Can't you lower the volume? Do you want me to loose the case? Arnav got out of the room leaving a hurt and crying Khushi behind.


This was first time she saw his world famous anger.



Next day after his important hearing, he was happy, as he had won the case. He wanted to celebrate and he did, with his friends and colleagues. At the night when he got back home late he saw his wife sleeping on sofa. He cursed himself and ran his hand through his hair. He went to her and tried to carry her in his arms to their bedroom when she woke up.


What are doing? Khushi asked accusingly.


Umm..woh..I thought you were sleeping and I..I thought I should not wake you up. I did not... Arnav was interrupted in between; I saw on TV, you won the case, congrats! She said with a small smile on her face.


Yes, thank you so much Khushi, he reciprocated her smile.


Why did you get so late? Khushi question made him nervous. How could he tell her that he had forgotten that he had a wife at home?


I..I was in a meeting, Arnav lied.


Okay. Khushi closed the topic without saying anything further. They decided they should sleep as it was getting late. Arnav was going to their room upstairs when Khushi said, you know you can always tell me the truth! I have no issues even if you party alone without me. Arnav turned around looking at her guiltily.


How do you know? Arnav mumbled making Khushi laugh out.


You look so cute! Actually wives have this power of catching their husband's lies, making Arnav laugh too.


I am sorry for being a jerk last day, he apologized making Khushi smile at him. I can understand, friends can do that Arnav, you do not have to be sorry, she assured him.


This was the first time he apologized to her. For a change, somebody called him cute, for the first time.


Khushi came running into the ward and stood still when she saw her husband who was sitting on the hospital bed with a bandage around his head. He stood up from the bed seeing her. She came to him taking small steps.


I was so scared; she started sobbing which scared Arnav. I was so scared when you were not picking up your phone and then Aman called me saying that you had an accident, I was so scared. Arnav panicked looking at her crying form, he did not understand what should he do to calm her down when he cupped her face and said, it is okay, it was a small accident Khushi.


Khushi did not listen to him and hugged him tightly making him loose his balance a little but he steadied, saving both of them from falling on bed.


Promise me you won't leave ever! Promise me! He had never seen her so vulnerable. That day he decided he hated her tears and he would never let any grief touch her ever.


He wounded his arms around her waist before saying, I promise! I promise I will never leave you even if you ask me to, Mrs. Raizada. He could feel her smile lightly which made him smile too.


This was the first time he made a promise, which he was going to keep all his life.



I don't know how to dance Arnav! Since my childhood I have been dancing in tapori style, this is too sophisticated for me, Khushi said to Arnav when he asked her to dance with him. They were in a party thrown by town's Mayor. Khushi was getting bored but she masked her feelings behind her smile but of course her husband looked through her facade.


You hate this party, don't you? He asked. No, not at all, this is so cool! Khushi lied to make her husband happy. Things had changed a lot since Arnav's accident. They were used to hug each other, laugh together, and spend time with each other. To sum up their bond had become stronger.


You know, you can tell the truth Khushi. Actually the thing is that not only wives but husbands too have this power of catching lies! Besides party is anything but cool, he said making an innocent face while sipping his whiskey.


Hey that was my dialogue, you cannot just steal it! Khushi accused Arnav when he held her hand and said, now stop fussing, we are getting late for our long drive, Arnav said making Khushi's mouth form an 'O'.


Khushi and Arnav got back home after their long drive. Khushi was grinning ear to ear, she had fallen in love with the city. They got out of the car and were going inside the house when Khushi held his hands.


Thank you for a wonderful evening Arnav.


Arnav came to her and said, I can do anything to make you smile wifey. Those words made Khushi's heart skip a beat. Arnav snaked his arms around her waist, their lips were inches apart when Arnav looked at Khushi as if he was seeking her permission. In reply Khushi closed the distance between their lips. The kiss was slow yet passionate. Khushi's hands were in Arnav's hair and Arnav hands were playing with the zip of her dress. With the kiss Arnav and Khushi promised each other to be together always.


This was the first time they shared a kiss.



Khushi had gone to Arnav's office, they were talking to each other when a girl, Sheetal came up to them. Arnav got up to greet her when she kissed his cheeks making Khushi uncomfortable. When she was gone Arnav casually told her about Sheetal being his ex-girlfriend, which had made her furious. She went out of his office without saying a word to Arnav.


When she got home back, she contemplated the situation a lot and the way she had reacted. The only answer she got was that she had fallen in love with her husband. As soon as she realized her love for him, a small smile adorned her face, which changed into frown. He doesn't care at all! Sheetal ki bachhi, I want to kill her, she thought.



Khushi what is wrong with you? Why are you not talking to me? Arnav asked her helplessly. He was back home in the evening and had had enough of her ignorance.


Nothing. Khushi answered without looking at him while surfing the channel.


Are you by any chance jealous of Sheetal? Arnav asked amusedly. He snatched the remote from her hand and switched off the TV.


Hey it is the time for Barun's show! Give me the remote. You don't know the power a common Sobtian!


Neither I want to know Mrs. Raizada! And isn't that Barun guy shooting for his movie? You said he will not make an appearance for few episodes?! Anyways, answer the question and get the remote, were you jealous of Sheetal? Arnav asked again this time controlling his smile.


Arnav stop irritating me! They are going to show him in heroine's flashback! Khushi was angry, first of all he talks in such way with that shameless girl, then he accuses her of being jealous, which was true to an extent and then he doesn't let her watch Barun?! Thought Khushi.


What the..?? You are going to watch the whole episode just for a flashback?! Are you crazy?!


I am not crazy I am a sobtian!


Fine, answer me and get the remote. As simple as that!


You want to know? Okay, yes I was jealous and how dare that shameless girl kiss you, only I can kiss you! You are my husband!! Samjhe tum? Now give me the remote so that I can drool over my Barun.


What the..?? Khushi's answer had given Arnav a kind of satisfaction but it was his time to get jealous of Barun.


This was the first time jealousy played its part in their love story making Khushi realize her feelings and unsettling Arnav, for the first time.


Khushi it might hurt sweet heart but I swear I will stop if you want me to, Arnav said as Khushi lied under him bare. Arnav and Khushi had gone out for dinner. Khushi was wearing a beautiful black saree and Arnav was wearing a white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. While they were coming back it had started raining. Because of Khushi's request Arnav had to stop the car. Khushi played a lot in rain and made Arnav dance with her. When they got back home they were drenched completely making Khushi look ethereal. The inevitable attraction between them was killing them since few days. Arnav could not stop himself from kissing her passionately. After few seconds they were undressing each other and they did not even realize when they were on bed. Arnav kissed every inch of her body making her moan.


I trust you Arnav! Khushi replied and make him smile. Soon they were on the heights of pleasure. The room was filled with their moans. The night had become a memorable for both of them.


This was the first time they had made love.



Arnav was driving madly in the streets of New York City. He could not find his wife. He was trying to call her since the afternoon but she was not picking up, when he called the landline, servant informed that Khushi had gone out for shopping. When he got home in evening he thought she would have come back but she did not. Her phone was switched off and she had gone alone. Since then Arnav had pondered over every possibility of Khushi not answering the phone. He was getting mad and felt helpless. No, No I cannot loose her! She is very precious to me! Damn Khushi!! Where are you sweet heart? Arnav thought. I love her so much, I cannot let her leave me! His thoughts were broken when he heard his cellphone ringing. He picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID.


Kaha ho tum? I am waiting for you, jaldi aao! It was Khushi on the other side of the phone. A wave of relief washed him over but soon he felt his anger rising.


Khushi opened the door smiling but soon her smiled faded, as she looked at his disheveled form, his hair unkempt, his eyes red. But before she could say anything he held her shoulders and shook her.


Where were you? Why weren't you picking up my calls? Do you have any idea how scared I was? Arnav's anger was evident in his voice.


I went for shopping and my phone was on silent mode and later battery died down. Khushi could understand what he was going through she had gone through the same at the time of his accident, so she tried to explain him calmly. Though he had not voiced it but she knew he did love her immensely.


How can you be so irresponsible? He cupped her cheeks and said, don't you dare to do this with me again? Samjhi tum?! Do you have any idea how much I love you? He asked and slammed his lips on her. After kissing each other thoroughly, Khushi said, actually I kind of know how much you love me! She said smiling sweetly.




I know bas!! By the way I love you too husband, she said making Arnav chuckle.


This was the first time they confessed their feelings.




Khushi came out of the kitchen when she heard a commotion. She went upstairs and saw a sight, which made her heart burst with happiness. Arnav was doing sit-ups and their two-year-old daughter Amber was laughing and clapping.


Okay now I have forgiven you daddy, their daughter said in her cute voice.


Thank you baby, next time I will never forget bringing your favorite strawberry ice cream, Arnav said picking Amber in his arms.


That was time not the first Khushi saw Arnav doing something like this. He loved their daughter immensely and could do anything for her. She decided to give father-daughter some privacy so she went to her room.


Arnav tucked her in the bed few minutes later after talking about their day. He switched off the lights and went to his wife.


She just came out the washroom changing into her knee length nightdress when Arnav entered the room.


You are getting sexier day by day wifey! Arnav exclaimed pulling her against his chest.


Really? She said as she loosed his tie.


I love you so much, he mumbled as he nuzzled her neck making her moan in pleasure. I love you too Arnav, she replied. That night they made love passionately and like every time, this time too they felt as if it was for the first time.


I hope you liked it Astha Didi:) I don't now much about marriage but many of the things are taken from my Mom and Dad's lives. Yes, he was totally like ASR and mommy told me that he got changed when my sister arrived. He was a workaholic, coming home late and an introvert but he got changed as soon as didu came in the worldEmbarrassed

Song which was my another inspiration for this OS,


Credit to the uploader

Wish Ashtha Didi here,

 Best Wishes For you New Journey Astha Didi..!!

Author's Note

This OS has been awarded as the OS of the week:) Thank you so much for your love and appreciation. As this is for Astha Didi, I want to dedicate this win to her and all the readers! 



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Posted: 8 years ago

~Unres by Astha~ 

Is dis TRUE or am I dreaming??? Confused

I jst cnt believe tht u actually did dis here... I'm still in a shock...Tongue

1 thng I wanna tell u is tht I LOVED IT... I knw u dnt knw much n hv only HOSTEL wali knowledge lyk me... LOL Bt still u executed it beautifully taking out all d emotions...

Arshi's "Arranged Marriage" journey was beautifully depicted from strangers to frens to lovers to soulmates...

Eternal in ONE word... I'm so Proud of u CC... Clap

Thank You nhi bolungi jst wanna HUG u tightly... If u guys wudnt hv been dere pta nhi mera kya hota... Love u loads... Muahhh... 

Edited by Barun_Gf - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
That was soo beautiful yaar...
Every incident, ever moment was shown superbly...

I loved the part when he apologized to her and when he promised...That was soo heart whelming... Heart

And then the first kiss...It was lovely...  Blushing

Arnav was jealous of Barun... That was funny...  LOL

And the best was their love making...His concern was sooo sweet... Heart

Their confession was beautifully written...  Blushing

Amber made him do sit-ups... That was sooo cute... Smile

I love u cheeni for such an amazing OS...  Hug

Simply loved it...  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap Star
Edited by Barun_Gf - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
BArfi mainEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Cheeni cheeni cheeni

Waahh meri jaan kya os likha hai Dancing

Ufff tu toh shadi ki feild mein poora experienced hai re LOL

D way u strtd nd den shown d past present of a arranged marriage

I m soo happy .. D way it went

Arnav nd khushi understnding ...

Both love care for eachother

D way dey understood eachother

Tried to both tried to manage in d marriage

Panic . Freindship .. Jealousy .. Love

Nd den d two body one soul

I just loved each nd every word u put in dis os

Muaahhss meri jaanEdited by Barun_Gf - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
wow it was such a fabulous Os cheens i soo loved it,,,,,,am sure astha di gonna love itBig smile
Edited by impk - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
dhanno jiTongue
Main a gayi!!!!!!
1stly I'm so much mad on you guys!!!!
You all knew but nobody told me about it!!!!!
***Sob Sob***
Bewafaa log!!!!!!
I'm not talking you all!!!!
Back to astha di...kya bolu di!
You are a perfect combination of craziness ,goodness,care and love!
I love the way you support each of us!
The way you supported me When I wrote my 1st os...:)
You assured me ppl gonna love it and gladly wohi hua Embarrassed
Your craziness for barun Blushing
Everything is mind blowing about you di!
Now you are going to start a new journey!
Wish you all the happiness of this world di coz ppl like you deserve all the happiness in this world!

As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences!

With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share!

Doubt that the stars are like fire;
Doubt that the sun doesnt move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt your love
Best wishes for the future!

Now back to the os!
Wese main tuj se bat to nahi kar rahi but iss mein iss bechare os ka kya kasoor!
So let me say this
It was freaking awesomely beautiful!
Loved it .,...I'm saying it from the bottom of my heart basanti!
Mark my words you are one of most wonderfully amazing writers of this forum!!!
Loved it!
Usually ppl 1stly become frnds then lovers and then they get married but it's our arshi na so thora twist to banta hai ...yaha ulta kam chalta hai 
Phle shaadi phr friendship phr love!!!
And I love it!
Beautiful banner by khirad!
You rock girl!
And I want to say something!
Title ne mujhe mere gutter land mein puhancha diya ROFL(a gayi dhanno form meinROFL)
Loved it!!!!
And yes!!!!!
Love you!
Edited by Barun_Gf - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Astha congratulations dearHug
God bless the new couple..
And komal beautiful OSHug

Edited by aNkItA.C - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
It was a wonderful os. I loved it.

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