CVs need to clarify/justify BSD's action!

Posted: 2013-12-31T01:14:18Z
Well to start off with, I must say RR's 1st episode was mind blowing, everything from cinematography to music to camera work to child actors, every thing was just amazing! Both Sanaya n Ashish's entry were amazing, though I loved Ashish's a bit more(fr me Sanny's entry was bit hurried). Over all it was too goood, just upto my expectation.

But my point is the action of BSD. What made these tropps to kill innocent villagers! Being Border Security people, the should have proper info regarding the innocents and the smugglers. Killing un armed civilians is always condemned, esp women and childern. I really want to know the reason behind BSD's gruesome act. n I think it should be clarified ASAP! 

Do share your views guys!
Posted: 2013-12-31T01:19:50Z
So I wasn't the only one who had a reaction to all that killing and open firing. Yes, they do need to clarify that ASAP, even more so 'cause its painfully obvious that BSD is alluding to BSF, and that in itself warrants treading with caution.

But yeah, other than that, the first episode was great!
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Posted: 2013-12-31T01:20:27Z
If you read accounts of security forces actions in conflict areas like Kashmir and the North East, and even in other countries like Afghanistan and Irag, you will see that the armed forces in these areas do NOT enjoy the support of the local population ... and its usually for a reason. The locals always feel that innocent civilians are targeted mercilessly ... and in many cases, it does happen.
I've read about many incidents in Afghanistan where US forces killed scores of innocent Afghan civilian vehicles ... which is why they were hated there. This is one of the strongest and most technologically advanced forces in the world, yet they go horribly wrong on occasion. 

However, the CV's do need to justify the action of the BSD here ... hope they do that. 
Posted: 2013-12-31T01:23:09Z
Hope the CVs justify the scene. That was the only scene which bothered me in the entire episode. Rest was mindblowing!!
Posted: 2013-12-31T01:23:46Z
Yes, i was very confused regarding this. Cv's need to clarify it soon.
Posted: 2013-12-31T01:34:36Z
@Diyas--I agree you you regarding the action of security forces in disturbed areas..most recent being Syria n Sudan...n it happens occasionaly...bombing on innocent villagers, in wedding functions etc are very common in those areas...but here what I saw they almost gunned down the whole bus! Or I have missed something, coz I wasnt able to watch from the beginning! Being security officials they need to justify their action n this is wat I want to know. Btw thanx for your reply dear.

@Laddoo, psagars, abhiarshilover-- Thanx for ur kind replies. Killing innocents bother me a lot, esp unarmed villagers, women and children. I am strictly against these kind of violences, thats why I want to know wat led the BSD's to take this action. Rest, every thing was mind blowing.
Posted: 2013-12-31T04:09:55Z

 That was the only scene I am not able to digest Disapprove It was really an painful scene hope the cv's clear it out soon...

Posted: 2013-12-31T04:14:40Z
It could be BSDs probably suspecting smuggling infiltrationOuch but its just not done to kill a bus load of people by BSDs  or maybe men acting as BSDs Edited by chalhov - Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 4:14 AM

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