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Dear Friends,  Smile  This is my second FF in this Forum.. Big smile didn't completed the first one, but started writing d second one.. LOL  in this ff, am not introducing villains or tragedy tracks..  this is a pure Romantic Fiction..  Embarrassed  So enjoy!!!(Forgive grammatical errors!!! and if anyone feel discomfort with the content plz PM me)

Part 1

Ram and Priya are happily married and leading a successful marital life now. Both are born in rich families. Ram's father Amarnath Kapoor and Priya's father Sudhir Sharma were business partners. So Priya and ram met in business parties, not soon, both realized they have something in common, and fell in love. When their blossoming love became the most sensational topic in page 3, Ram and Priya decided to tied  in knot and their families also were happy in their decision as they silently want them to be one.  Then with the blessings of elders in the family, Ram and Priya started their journey as husband and wife.Now it's one and half years passed.   In these years they understand each other very well and fulfilled all responsibilities to one another. Often Ram was busy with his business matters as A.K  now retired from his family business, but he find a good time to spend with his lovely wife, Priya too helped him in his business. Sudhir had already lost his interest in business and gave all his responsibilities to Kartik, and he knows Kartik can manage it very well. Whenever Ram went to his Business tours Priya visits her Maayka and guide Kartik in his business as Ayesha is only 20 and still enjoying her college life. Both Ram and Priya were loved by their families very much. Ram is the only Son of Kapoor khandhan, So Krishna Kapoor dadi and Amarnath Kapoor were so delighted to see their son's life filled with all kind of Happiness and Pure joy, and they consider themselves as very lucky to have a Bhahu like Priya. Thus days passed... With no stress no tension; every where is Happiness and Happiness...

As days passing both Sharma and Kapoor families secretly started wishing for a new member in their family.. Ek nanha sa Pyaara sa mehmaan, Ram aur Priya ka Bachaa. But nobody talked about this to either Priya or Ram. Because they want RaYa' to take their own time to think about it thus not want to pressure them to fulfill their wish. Lekin man hi man sab uskeliye mannathen maang rehe dhe!!! Till then Ram and Priya didn't think about it and were enjoying their llife.But nw Priya and Ram also realized that something very precious is missing in their life, its not health aur wealth but their baby!!! Now whenever RaYa goes out and sees any kid  they secretly started wishing to get one of their own and when Priya spends day time alone she googles Baby pics and watches baby videos in sites.. Thus Both Ram and Priya secretly, man hi man apni chaahath ko barkarrar rakha. But not disclosed it  to one another ...

One day night!!! Raya in their room...,

(Priya is combing her hair and getting ready to go to bed, And Ram in his white Kurta, came closed to Priya and touches her shoulder and slowly started caressing her neck and face..)

Priya:  Plz Raaam.  Aaaj nehi...   

Ram:   kya nehi???

Priya:  jis keliye aap aaye hey woh..   meri Periods chal rehi hey..

Ram: Ohffo... Mujhe to aajkal thoda romance nehi kar saktha?? uskeliye tum                          alag meaning nikaalthi ho.. !!!!

Priya: Haan, haan. Mein aapko achi tarah se jaanthi hoon.. humesha aisa kehke start karthi hoon.. phir...!!

Ram: Kya phir Priya,  batana ??

Priya: kuch nehi.. aap na jaldhi jaake so jaavo.. kal ke meetings ke bare mein bhool gayi..??

(Ram slowly started massaging her neck and shoulder)

Priya: Ouch!!! Ram chodo naaa...

Ram: Kyun? Kya huwaa? Pehle to tum bhohathi enjoy kathi dhi meri massaging.. sirf yehaan nehi kahaan kahaan massage karthi dhi mein (naughtily)(started strongly massaging her neck)

Priya: Raam... chodo mujhe .. bhohath besharm ho gayi hey aap.. tho suno tab ki bhaath aur dhi aur abh ki .. abh hum koi nayi dulha dulhan nehi rehi.. ek saal tho beet gayi hey.. Romance ko kuch control karo (Bites her lips and smiles)

Ram: sirf ek saal tho huyi na? gyarah , pandhrah nehi na... to phir kyun romance karna chod dhoon? Aur iss ek saal mein bhi kuch nehi badla hey Priya..

Hum tho wahin Ram aur Priya hey, jo pehle business parties ki hall mein sabki nazar se hatkar ek corner par romance karthi dhi, lip kiss karthi dhi.., (lovingly stares at Priya)

(Priya blushes and stands from the dressing table ,some how she hides her smile and about to go, Ram held's her hand Cups her face)

Ram: meri aankhon mein dekho Priya.. Tumhe abhi bhi wahi pyaar nazar nehi aati?

(Priya shies and Hugs him)

Priya: mein nehi jaanthi (smiles)

(Ram slowly started caressing her back and inhales the fragrance of her hair. And Priya gets weakened by ram's Action)

Ram: (slowly whispers in her ear) Priya mujhe tumse kuch kehna hey!!!

Leave UR comments Tongue 

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Posted: 2013-11-18T04:45:01Z
Its nice start waiting for next parts
The precap is very funnyLOL
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Posted: 2013-11-18T04:53:58Z
relife that no villans will be in the story and pure raya romance first part was good
precap was nice waiting for next part continue soon
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Posted: 2013-11-18T08:06:17Z
Good one..nice start Thumbs Up
Precap is funny.. LOL
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Posted: 2013-11-18T08:16:38Z
Originally posted by Ramdeewani

Its nice start waiting for next parts
The precap is very funnyLOL

Thanks Tongue will Update the next part soon
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Posted: 2013-11-18T08:17:55Z
Originally posted by vironikajain

Good one..nice start Thumbs Up
Precap is funny.. LOL

Thank you.. Big smile  Will try to make the Next part more funny and Romantic  Tongue  LOL
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Posted: 2013-11-18T08:19:40Z
Very nice start. hahaha what a precapLOL
lease continue soon and please send PM if possible
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Posted: 2013-11-18T08:20:13Z
Originally posted by tulshan1989

relife that no villans will be in the story and pure raya romance first part was good
precap was nice waiting for next part continue soon

Thanks for the comment..  Smile  Actually am fed up wd the tragedies happens in RaYa's life.. so decided to write an ff like this... Wink 
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