Kavita does not have any kind of attitude - Vipul Roy

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Posted: 10 years ago

Kavita Kaushik does not have any kind of attitude and arrogance as far as I am concerned - Vipul Roy

Summary: Actor Vipul Roy is very happy with the initial response his pan-chewing lead character is getting in SAB TV's popular show FIR. "I am having a tremendous experience. It is a laugh riot every day on the set as all artists are so good with their craft. In between shots, we have to halt our shoot many a times for 15- 20 minutes to let things settle down before starting all over again."

Vipul does not like to be described as someone who replaced Aamir Ali in the above Edit II Productions show. "Aamir is a good artist. Who am I to replace anybody? It just happened that Kavita Kaushik went out and the show had to go through a struggle to hold its audiences. Hence the makers decided to bring back the old cast. I fit the bill for they wanted a fresh face as the male lead. One of the main reasons why I signed on the dotted line is because there is no 28 or 29 year boy who is playing a comedy hero anywhere else on TV."

The actor who is getting a better response from the audience than compared to the earlier male leads says, "I would like to give all the credit to my co-stars, for comedy is all about action and reaction. This older lot of artists who have been there for eight years have their characters running in their respective blood streams. Here I must also thank my director Shashank Bali as he is able to get the goods out of me. He gives me lots of latitude to do my own thing as well."

When asked about his off and on screen chemistry with Kavita Kaushik he avers, "Like many others I too had preconceived notions about her. But I guess her on screen persona seems to be carried off screen as far as perceptions go. I got off well with her on the third day itself. I did not have much difficulty to break the ice, so as to say. I find her as a little child who likes to play on set and jump around splashing water. She loves to do mimicry as well; we also have lunch together every day. In totality, I would say that she does not have any kind of attitude and arrogance as far as I am concerned."

We hope your work gets appreciated, Vipul!!!


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Posted: 10 years ago
thanks for sharing shreya and very nice article