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Sooo! I randomly thought of handcuffs today, and this idea came to my mind. And it was such a good idea in my head but I don't think it translated as well on paper. I get like at least twenty ideas for a story as I go through the day but I don't get around to writing them. I am supposed to be doing an essay atm, but I can't concentrate. So hereee you go! It is just fluff. No real plot line. Haha. 

In this story this is before the second wedding after Tanu is kicked out, none of this Imran crap and deffo no Zoyaan, just Maburt, partners in crime. Dear lord. And this is set a few days before the wedding and the day after Zoya's Bridal Shower! 

OS: Handcuffed...Again!


Zoya's POV


"Allah Miyah! Are those-?" I gasped holding the metal object in front of my face. This would only happen to me, they had appeared out of one of the hundred gifts from my bridal shower that lined the living room and kitchen table at the Khan Mansion. What in the world?!


"Handcuffs?" Najma and Ayaan laughed, both at the predicament and my face most likely.


"Kinky." Ayaan added laughing.


"Allah Miyah, what's wrong with these people? Who gifts someone handcuffs at a bridal shower? What am I supposed to do with these?" I asked aghast. To say I was shocked to find handcuffs admist various clothes, little trinkets and jewelry was an understatement.


"Someone who probably has their own pair, and Mona darling - I think you know what they are for." Ayaan laughed causing Najma to laugh and high five him as I felt myself blush. Ya Allah, is it hot in here or what?


"Oh my god! You dirty minded children. Stop." I groaned. Obviously I knew what they were for - but honestly. Handcuffs? I feel like I am part of some chick flick and this is my bachelorette party gift...at least they aren't pink and fuzzy. Thank god for small miracles.


"The real question is who gave you those." Najma said picking up the evil box, it was a pretty box, black and velvet. Of course, black and velvet. Really?


"There is no name." Najma said turning the box in every direction. Of course, why would some weirdo put their name on what is almost a sex toy.


"It was probably Bhaijaan." Ayaan laughed. "He probably wants to-"


"RABERT!" I yelled blushing at the thought. Asad Ahmed Khan and kinky sex. NO. He seemed like the type that'd make sweet love to you all n-...he was a bit controlling though...Allah Miyah, I can't believe I am thinking about this. Stop Stop Stop!


"What is going on?" Came the sexy velvety voice of my soon to be hubby. I turned to see him walking in the front door, in a black suit, the jacket undone and a white shirt underneath. DAMN, he was sexy. He had a confused speculative look on his face noticing that we were all hunched over a box.


No no no, he doesn't need to know what is in the box! Why tell him, no need. Don't say anything. I shook my head at Najma who just giggled, traitor. And then the idiot spoke, "Oh, Bhaijaaan! Someone gave Mona Darling handcuffs." Ayaan laughed waggling his eyebrows. Stupid eyebrow waggler. Ugh.


"Bhabhi." Asad corrected whacking Ayaan's head, a common occurrence every time he called me Mona Darling. It is kind of cute, and I love watching him whack Ayaan, it brings me joy, so much joy. Wouldn't it be amazing if Asad whacked him extra hard just because?


"Oh ho, Bhaijaan doesn't seem shocked. Aapne diye hai kya?" Ayaan asked waggling his eyebrows, again. Does Humeira know about this waggling problem? What if their kids are born and start waggling their eyebrows at everything instead of babbling. Not good. Oh mind, I love you for trying to distract me, but we all know what I am really thinking about. MR. KHAN KNOWS ABOUT THE HANDCUFFS.


"Shut up." Asad said rolling his eyes as I nervously laughed trying to think of something to say to make this situation a little less awkward.


"I think they are too small for Mr. Khan's hands." I said holding them up speculatively. Thanks brain. Really. What the fudge? What's wrong with you?


"Nahi toh." Najma said taking them from me. "Bhaijaan, haath dhenaa." She said taking his hand and locking the handcuff around his wrist. "They fit, a bit tight though."


"Najma-" He started to say but then stopped and shook his head, probably realizing that he was the idiot who gave her his hand, what else would she do when she had handcuffs in her hand. Read his palm?


Mr. Khan in handcuffs. Mr. Khan tied to the- NO. STOP. Damn it, curse you 50 Shades of Gray!


Ayaan grinned turning to me with a teasing smile. "Bhaijaan ke haath mai to agaya par Mona kai haath toh haathi jitne mote hai..."


"THEY ARE NOT!" I yelled defensively. My hands were cute okay? A little chubby and large, but they were useful, I could slap someone and have them feel it for days. They are not elephant-


"Prove it elephant hands!" Ayaan said.


"I will." I said grabbing the other handcuff, no one compares Zoya Farooqui- uh- Ahmed Khan's hands to an elephant.


"ZOYA!" Asad yelled just as I put the cuff around my wrist and the lock clicked into place.


"Oh." I said realizing what I had just done when Ayaan burst out laughing. I am so stupid, Allah Miyah! Ayaan was now hysterically laughing. Can someone just get rid of him? Poor Humeira. Asad looked as exasperated as he always did. Don't tell anyone brain, but I love irritating him, he looks so sexy when he's mad or frustrated.



"I can't believe you fell for that." Asad groaned looking at me, still looking sexy as ever.


Yeah, me either buddy. Why am I so stupid today? Internal sigh. F*L. But of course I wasn't going to admit that out loud. PSHFT. I have a rep to protect. Zoya Farooqui is not dumb!


"Acha? At least maine aap ki tarah willingly apna haath nahi diya." I said. f**k yeah! Point Zoya.


"I am pretty sure the person who gifted you this didn't have this in mind." Ayaan laughed. Allah Miyah, what did this person have in mind? EW. Don't go there Zoya! No.


"I hate you Rabert! Chaabi nikalo." I said looking at the box in which the handcuffs were.  Asad looked at me and shook his head in exasperation. Okay, you just sit there are look like Asad Sexy Khan. I don't mind. But don't judge me Jahapana Six Packs. Please. Reham kijiye Jahapana! I swear if I said these things out loud I'd be in a mental asylum. Honestly.


"Isme chaabi nahi hai..." Ayaan abruptly stopped laughing as he looked into the box.


NAAAHI! Cue the Bollywood echo.


"What do you mean? There has to be a key." I said leaning towards the box yanking Asad with me so he was leaning down over the table. Ayaan turned the box over but there was nothing in it.




"Mein table par check karti hoon." Najma said looking around the living room area, hoping to spot a key.




I tried to join her but just ended up bumping into Asad's chest. His hard chiseled sexy chest. He had that exasperated look on his face, his other hand holding his forehead, like always. Still sexy though.


Concentrate Zoya! Keys! Keys! Keys!


"It's not here." Najma said.


"Ya Allah! Phir sai Akdu Ahmed Khan kai saath handcuff hogaye." I groaned.


"Phir se?" Ayaan and Najma asked shocked. Oh shit.


"It'a always the quiet ones." Ayaan said looking at Asad causing both of us to blush.


We weren't doing kinky things okay? We got handcuffed by the police because they thought I was a runaway bride and then we ran away. Blah blah blah. But no one knows, so I can't tell you. Damn it. This is why people don't understand how epic I am.


"Shut up Ayaan." Asad said trying to take out his cellphone from his pocket with his free hand.




But of course Asad needed the handcuffed hand to take it out. He pulled my hand towards his pocket causing my hand to hit his crotch area. Both of our eyes widened as we looked away embarrassed. But that didn't stop my brain from concluding that he was packed. Why was I accusing people of being dirty minded? ALLAH MIYAH, what's wrong with me?


Asad struggled to take his phone out but succeeded. "Locksmith ko phone karna padega."


"Bhaijaan, raat kai 9:00 baj chooke hai, ab toh subah ko hi koi milega." Najma said causing Asad to sigh.


"Hammer kai saath try karte hai." Ayaan suggested.


"It won't work." Asad and I said at the same time.


"Oh, mein toh bhool hi gaya tha, experience." Ayaan waggled his eyebrows again.


"Ayaan Miyah, tumne Humeira ko 9:30 pick up karna tha naa?" Zoya reminded him. I hope you're late and she yells at you Rabert! MWAHAHA.


"Oh shit!" Ayaan said looking at his watch. "Bye Najma, bye BHABHI and BHAIJAAN. Have fun, not too much though." He winked before running out the door barely missing the pillow that was thrown at him from across the room by Asad Sexy Khan. We needed to work on his aim too.


"I am going to go sleep...kal meri presentation hai...aap dono..." Najma said looking at the handcuffs, shook her head and then walked towards her room. And then there were two!


"Aapne khana khaya?" I asked to which Asad shook his head. Oh yay! Practicing to be wife-like! Asad Hungry Khan can't be...hungry. This situation must be rectified! I started walking towards the kitchen with Asad behind me. Well beside me, but slightly to my left since his right hand was cuffed to my left. So I, being the wonderful to be wife I am, served the food for him and sat beside him. I wouldn't have minded feeding him, but he seemed to be doing just fine.  


"Yeh tumne banaya hai?" He asked looking at the pasta.


"Najma wanted some so..." I nodded. Of course I made, it's not like Ayaan could have made it without burning down the house and Najma didn't know how to make it. Duh.


"No peanuts in any food this time I hope?" Asad joked.


"Mr. Khan!" I said exasperated, make a mistake one time! How was I supposed to know he was allergic to peanuts. f**king Jammy Ki Rani.


"I was just kidding." He said trying to stab at the pasta with his left hand and bringing it up to his mouth. "This is good." He said chewing. Well of course it is!


"Of course it is. Is duniya mein aisa koi kaam nahi hai jo Zoya Ahmed Khan theek sai nahi kar sakti..." I smiled. It felt good to have him compliment my cooking skills. I am such a girl sometimes.


"Zoya Ahmed Khan?" He smiled, his cute little dimples showing. Hai, he looked so adorable right then. He liked it when I said Zoya Ahmed Khan. I just knew it! I liked saying it, and writing it. Maybe I shouldn't say the last part out loud. Haha. Nervous internal laughter.


"Maine socha abhi sai aadat dal loon." I said. Dignified and cool response. You are on fire Zoya...or ice. Because ice is cool...I'll just stop there brain.


"Toh mujhe bhi aapko Mrs. Khan keh kar boolna chahiye...aadat dalne ke liye." Asad said clearing his throat and looking at his plate, a slight smirk on his face.


"Uh huh." I nodded happily.


"Mrs. Zoya Ahmed Khan." Asad said looking right at me, damn, Mr Khan has sexy soulful type of stares, I was sure my eyes were wide with shock. I loved the way the name sounded coming from his lips. "Pasta bahut acha bana hai." He added.


"Thank you." I laughed as he finished the plate off.


So I of course being the neat freak I am, don't laugh, got up to take his dishes to the sink at the same time as he moved his chair back. And that caused me to let out a little scream as I fell forward and onto his lap, my mouth against his neck and my body pressed up against his. My heart being the treacherous bas***d it is decided to hammer away at the proximity.


"I am so sorry." Asad said as I looked up at him. He looked like he just committed a crime and I burst out laughing. He was so cute. Allah Miyah, how can one person be so amazing?


"This could only happen to us." I laughed pulling our handcuffed hands up. It had been quite the evening.


Asad also burst out into laughter noticing the validity of the statement.


"Well...it could only happen to you. I just happen to get caught in the crossfire." He said.


"That is quite mean." I said causing him to laugh again. "You should laugh more." I smiled noticing how carefree he looked.


"Your wish is my command Mrs. Khan." He whispered smiling causing my treacherous heart to skip a beat. Not that I blame you heart, that was really sweet.


"It better be." I retorted. "Now I am going to get up and walk to the sink. Let's try this again." I said getting up, Asad made sure to get up and not cause any sudden movements as we both successfully made their way to the kitchen sink. SUCCESS!


"Now, we wash the dishes...just how though." I speculated.


"It's a lost cause, we'll probably break more than we clean." Asad said.


"Isn't it against your OCD nature to leave the kitchen dirty?" I gasped teasingly.


"I don't have OCD."


"Yes you do."




"Oh my god, you do! Admit it, you know you do."


"Maybe...just a little bit." He admitted. "But your messiness seems to be rubbing off on me."


"I am not messy!" I yelled causing Asad to arch his eyebrow.


"Your room looks like it was hit by a tornado..."


"Yeah yeah." I yawned and then something dawned on me. "Uhm...I guess we're sleeping in your room then?" I murmured. Should I be excited? Because I kind of am, it's like practice. Well...minus STOP BRAIN.


"Oh...uh, I guess." Asad said followed by an awkward silence where no one moved. Sharing a room with Asad Ahmed Khan, pre-wedding. Allah Miyah! Why are you tempting me? My brain is already in the gutter. Sigh.


"Uh..." I started but then stopped. "We should-" I pointed towards his room. You know go and sleep...


"Oh right." Asad said walking towards his room as the reality of our situation dawned on both of us.


Being human sucked sometimes, why? Because the thought of going to sleep reminded me of my nightly routine. And on top of that list was my bladder, which may burst any second and that is why I was mortified. But what had to be done, had to be done right? A girl needs to pee, everyone pees right? Nothing embarrassingly mortifying about it right? So I gathered up my courage and uttered, "I need to pee."


My utterance made Asad stop dead in his tracks. Ladies and gentlemen, things just got awkward. IT IS MORTIFYING.


"Uhm..." He said trying to think of a brilliant idea. Honestly, did he think a key was going to appear out of nowhere? Or was he planning on turning into Thor and breaking the handcuffs? Sigh. I'd wait for him to come up with a brilliant idea but my bladder didn't have patience. And let's face it, I was the one that came up with the brilliant ideas in this relationship. Not him. 


"Allah Miyah! Just come with me." I said walking towards my room and grabbing my iPod. Zoya Farooqui - ah Zoya Ahmed Khan to the rescueee!


"What are you-"


"Put these in your ears." I said handing him the headphones.


"Wh-why?" Asad asked, he really does ask too many questions. He doesn't talk when you want him to talk and he just keeps talking when he should shut up. Note to self: train him more after the wedding.


"Just do it!" Well obviously because I don't want you to hear me peeing...that is AWKWARD.


"Fine." He said using his left hand to put the earphones in. I shuffled my iPod and walked towards the bathroom turning on the tap, just for extra measure.


"What are you-"Asad started.


"Close your eyes, listen to the music and think about something else!" I said turning him the opposite way.


"Oh-" He said finally understanding the point of the headphones. He wasn't very smart for someone so smart sometimes...if that makes sense.


Despite all of the measures, it wasn't any less awkward but we got things done okay! I even changed, and I so noticed that he was shaking when I told him I had to change. It was kind of cute, his eyes were shut tightly, his hands turned into fists, almost as if he was restraining himself.


I grabbed my toothbrush as we walked into his room where he proceeded to change. And damn it! It was hard to not turn around and stare at him, I could hear him taking off his shirt and I could imagine how sexy he would look shirtless. Sigh. His abs...unh.


"I need to brush my teeth." I said when he told me to turn back around. He nodded and walked towards the bathroom, grabbing his own brush. Asad Ahmed Khan in pajamas was a sight to behold. His black shirt fit him so snugly that I could almost - just almost make out the indentations of his abs. Me likes.


  And there we stood side by side, brushing our teeth. "You know - we're probably going to be doing this a lot." I pointed out. He didn't talk but gave me a confused look.

"You know...since I am going to be here permanently and then we can act like a cute married couple and brush our teeth at our respective sinks." I smiled loving the thought. We'd probably end up fighting more than acting like a cute married couple, but that was how our relationship worked.


He smiled and nodded. Yeah, he liked the idea too.  Well obviously, he gets to marry me and see me everyday. Of course he liked it.


What he didn't like was giving up his side of the bed to me. He always slept on the side near the window, so to the right of the bed. But his right hand was tied to mine so he'd either have to sleep on the floor or on the left.


"Stop being a baby!" I said laying down on his side of the bed as he grumpily lay down, leaving half a meter in between us as we both looked up the roof. You know he should be more excited about getting me in bed, albeit not the right way but still!


"I cannot sleep when I am on this side of the bed." He whined.


"Well, maybe you should have given your left hand to Najma then." I retorted turning so I could see him. Point Zoya! He rolled his eyes but smiled.


"Fine, but after we get married this side is yours and that side is mine." He said looking at me.


"What if I really really wanted this side?" I asked.


"It's my side." He said.


"You wouldn't even give up your side for me?" How inconsiderate.


"Probably not."


"How rude! What if I couldn't sleep if I wasn't on this side?" I asked.


"Well then I would do this." He said yanking me towards him and on top of him before rolling over twice so he was laying on his side of the bed and I was laying on top of him, our joint hands in between us. "Any objections?" He whispered.


I shook my head. No problems at all. I don't mind sleeping on top of you. Now if you could just lose your shirt -


"This is quite comfortable." I said putting my chin on his chest so I could see his face. "I think we are going to have to agree to this arrangement and sleep like this."


"I don't think we're going to get too much sleep..." He said and then stopped realizing what he had just said. HA! Mr. Khan was also thinking of sexy times after the wedding! I wasn't the only dirty minded child in this relationship. "Uh...woh...I meant..." He started.


"It's okay." I laughed putting him at ease. He smiled sheepishly. "Do you always filter everything you say?" I asked.


"What do you mean?" He asked.


"It seems like you think really hard before you speak, unless you're mad. But it's almost like you try so hard to be proper."


"Is that a bad thing?"


"No, not at all. I am just asking."


"I guess so,  I don't want to say something to offend anyone."


"That doesn't quite explain why you always seemed to snap at me though." I wondered, that was the only time where he actually said anything without stopping and articulating his thoughts.


"That's hard to explain."


"We've got time." I said tugging our tied hands. Damn it, did I mention it felt absolutely wonderful to be pressed up against him? On top of him.


"I think, even back then, I was attracted to you and it scared me, a lot. So I tried my very best to think of you as someone who was completely wrong for me...I tended to be a little harsh judging you." He admitted.


"A little?" I smiled. "That is good to know though. It makes a bit more sense now. You are like the hardest person to read."




"Yep! You and your bipolar tendencies." I laughed causing him to shake his head. "I had another question." I finally said. It was one that had been bothering me for a while...


"What is it?" He asked looking at me.


"You know when Mr. Bha- Whatever, was here, you said that the first time...the first time that you saw me was at the masjid..."




"I didn't see you-"


"You were a bit...busy." He said.


"What happened that day?" I asked, even though I remembered his words from that day perfectly, I wanted to hear them again.


"I had just walked in and sat down when I looked up and saw you. You had a black shawl covering you...and then a gust of wind came and blew it away revealing your red lehenga. You were crying, tears streaming down your face, your hair was blowing in the wind and I couldn't look away. Maybe because you were the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. Then you reached up to dry your tears, and I didn't even understand why...but I felt like I was hurting. These rose petals started falling from...somewhere and you started crying again...and I couldn't watch. It hurt that much, I had to look away. But I couldn't not look at you again and then I couldn't look away...but I did, to pray for you. When I opened my eyes you were gone." He whispered looking up at the ceiling, almost as if the scene was playing out in front of his eyes again.


Wow. How does someone notice so much about someone?


"I was the most beautiful girl you'd ever seen?" I whispered.


He shook his head. "You are."


Holy Moly. I do not understand how I am not melting into a puddle of goo right now. That has to the sweetest thing ever. He looked so sincere, like he meant every single word. He didn't look away from my eyes not even once, his free hand came up to caress my cheek.


And I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't not do it. Before I knew what was happening I had closed the distance between us and our lips touched for the first time, just a murmur of softness and warmth before he pulled back, resting his forehead against mine for moment before moving into kiss me, my eyes shut the instant his mouth met mine again. The kiss was achingly tender at first, caresses and brushing touches. The taste of him was intoxicating, minty from the toothpaste but with something else that couldn't be anything but him. Little by little the kiss deepened as he increased the pressure and fervor of our lips as we lost ourselves. His tongue traced across my bottom lip and a causing me to let out a little moan, holy that felt good. The sound he emitted in response was low and throaty and sexy and sent tingles shooting from my head all the way down to the tips of my toes. My free hand trailed up to his chest, resting right on top of his heart which was hammering away just as fast as mine. Well before I was ready, I felt him start to pull back. Though our lips were not touching, we did not separate. He pressed soft kisses to my forehead, my cheek, my nose, my neck, my collarbone, getting more and more mischievous with each one as he laughed against my skin, the sheer glee on his face when he moved back to look at me made my heart pick up double time. And I felt happier than I could ever remember being in my entire life. He leaned down to chastely press his lips to mine once more.


"Finally." I whispered causing him to laugh.


"Finally." He whispered back.


"All it took was getting handcuffed...again." I laughed.


 And they got married two days later and made out some more among other things...and lived happily ever after. And maybe they used the mysterious handcuffs...again. Just maybe. Let's just say they forgot the lack of keys in the...heat of the moment. 

Sooo, some smart cookies, unlike myself, don't know how they actually changed with their hands being restricted and all. IT WAS MAGIC OKAY? I was a bit to excited to think of the logical things, don't laugh. Okay. Tata!

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Haha, she touched his man-banana! LOL

And they SO love being hand-cuffed together!

Great OS! (:

P.S. So who did give them those handcuffs? Or did I miss it? LOL
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Posted: 2013-10-06T19:45:58Z
Awesome OS! Loved it. Clap During Mangalpur I wondered how they held back their pee. So very glad to see that you addressed it. Big smile
2 questions:

  • Asad didn't have to pee? Or did I miss it?
  • Can you explain how he removed his shirt (or put his pj shirt. Same issue for Zoya) when his hand was handcuffed? Did he tear the sleeve?! LOL Wink  It's not physically possible, especially as the handcuff was a snug fit!!
9 Likes this
Posted: 2013-10-06T19:53:41Z
OMG!!! My Favourite part!!!! When he was telling her about that whole Masjid encounter Day Dreaming

AND OMG the dramatic NAAAHIIIN!!!! ROFL

Two questions:

1. Same as webuser7: How did they change? It's not really possible is it? They're sleeves would get caught in their hand cuffed hands? 

2. HOW can you say you're NOT a good writer!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE you're inner monologues!!! They're adorable! It's like I'm the person who's in the situation I'm reading about!! It's pure joy to read! 

You should seriously do this as MORE than a hobby EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Loved it hun!!! 

Wonder where you got the idea from LOL
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Posted: 2013-10-06T19:55:10Z
Originally posted by webuser7

Awesome OS! Loved it. ClapDuring Mangalpur I wondered how they held back their pee. So very glad to see that you addressed it.Big smile
2 questions:

  • Asad didn't have to pee? Or did I miss it?
  • Can you explain how he removed his shirt (or put his pj shirt. Same issue for Zoya) when his hand was handcuffed? Did he tear the sleeve?!LOLWink It's not physically possible, especially as the handcuff was a snug fit!!

OH AWKSSS. I forgot about that.


And Zoya mentioned that they "got things done"
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Posted: 2013-10-06T20:03:32Z
Awesum os..cute ..thnks...
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Posted: 2013-10-06T20:23:53Z
That was amazing thanx for the PM and continue writing more os's as well I love ur work  :D
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Posted: 2013-10-06T20:41:59Z
The perfect amount of mischief, love, family, tenderness and kink! 

"This is why people don't understand how epic I am." - Oh, Zoya, you and your brain! Please thank your Allah Miyan for providing you with a brain-to-mouth filter. Else...oh boy!ROFL

Lovely story!!! I have read your other stories as well but I am very guilty of often not leaving a reply! You write fantastically! 

Please accept my e-love!Hug LOL

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