Arhi : Monsoon Rain

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Posted: 9 years ago

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Posted: 9 years ago
Lucky me :)

Omg omg Kavi...what a prologue !!!!!! Looks like a simple cute amazing love story ..can't wait to read more,,,,,sad that have to wait for a week :((((((. Kuch daya karo humpe..:)

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Posted: 9 years ago
Congratulations and Thank you Kavi!!!!

WOW WOW WOW!!!! What can I opening scene as resplendant as the most romantic scene in a Yash Chopra classic.

Your description of Delhi and the monsoon rains was heart warming despite the bad roads and traffic and the delay.

An informative insight into Arnav's life...his sister Anajali, his nani, his dead parents, his education, his career and even his wish to have Mr. Kapoor as his father...awww..www...poor guy. No one deserves to be in a postion to want anyone other than your parents as your parents...makes senseWacko

Ofcourse our beautiful heroine's entry and how she took Arnav's breathe away along with mine was the highlight of this prologue. and he was uncomfortable? Embarrassed

Since this is a prologue...I think he will in fact leave India and their proper meeting will have to happen another time...I'm guesing. Will wait and watch.

Welcome back exciting Fridays...welcome back KaviHug

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Posted: 9 years ago
Its here...the prologue is finally here. PartyPartyParty

A great beginning Kavi...An arnav who is very clear in what he wants in life. And is doing all that he can to accomplish all his goals one by one. And i can see that there are a few worries and problems of the past which haunt him but he seems to be strong and unwilling to be bough down by them. 
His family clearly means the world to him and he is on the route map of achieving all that he has dreamed of. 
And just like that one day he sees that one person who is going to change his life forever...the awareness, the attraction all there right from the word GO. 
And with that i am going to stake my first claim on this ARNAV...BASEmbarrassed

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Posted: 9 years ago
R! Omg! R!


thank you Kavi for coming back to take our breath away again with what undoubtedly is a promising start! I absolutely loved the title. What better than this time when monsoon in India has wrapped us in itself..

Arnav, a younger version, just started with his business. Clear in pursuit of his goals and loving-dearly missing his family already.. Yet houses a pain in his heart from his past..

What do I say about the rainy scenes! Magical and heartwarming.. The lift one was spine tingling.. And so well written.Now who was she? Do we need any guesses.? =)Edited by Anupama. - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
Kavi you are one real sweet heart... We were very earnest when we told you how much we missed you...

That is one amazing start... Story started with "Arnav Singh Raizada"... OMG I am hooked n floored all over again... Very beautifully described... You have this talent of creating a story that does not deviate a lot away from IPK when it comes to characterisation but yet is so very unique...

Lift scene was magical... She dashed in... Cast a spell n... Dashed out... Darling how do you manage to do this to us... So my rainy days are not going to be the same anymore... Wipers working in my car are not going to be the same anymore... Smell of rain is not going to be the same anymore... I love rains and my love is going to increase by many times now...

Ps: you know that we love you lots right? And think my timetable might need a change... Short or long your stories are strong... N my Fridays look more promising now :)Edited by preethi.saseeda - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
lovely start ... Really hope I don't miss on this story like the last one. Real life got busy...wasn't active on IF...though I read epilogue of VOF.

nice ending...

good luck...may everything go well with you...

take care,

Posted: 9 years ago
Kavi ... you truly are a darling ! Thank you so much for this new story.Hug

The name itself spells magic and you being the magician i am just sitting rubbing  my hands in glee!

Brilliant start ...

Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

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