New AbhIya FF:The Toxic Affair(pg68,Chpt10,Nov7)(Page 6)

Posted: 2013-06-30T06:20:37Z
prolong looks sad n tragic
 bt interesting cs
bt wil decide 2 read it or not only after reading 1st chappy 
tnx 4r the pm
Posted: 2013-06-30T13:13:14Z
Woah , Tanzie! This one is just tooo interesting to resist.. Had been waiting for something of this type since some time Big smile 

And my like was the 49th one, so we r almost there Wink Better be geared up to continue it Wink
Posted: 2013-06-30T21:48:32Z
shocking character sketch
too good.
Posted: 2013-06-30T22:42:39Z
Thanks so much everyone for the overwhelming response and yes the response gives mixed reaction towards the topic LOL. this FF subject is touchy but just remember while reading be open minded and whatever you are reading some are true incidents. a bitter part of the world you might never have faced. so just read it like that. 
some of you predicted different part of the story well you might or might not be correct as by now you guys now I can be extremely unpredictable. Tongue A character has both good and bad version. in real world very few are plain evil or plain saint. it's not like serials. this story is realistic so dont expect anyone to be mahaan or anyone to be too saint. and neither people are really that bad. they have goodness hidden inside the, either nobody explored it ever or they dont know how to explore it. its just sad Ouch 
anyways, responses crossed more than expected so will be posting the next chapter within tonight. Hope you guys will like it. 
thank you and sorry due to time constraint unable to reply everyone individually Hug
Posted: 2013-06-30T22:47:46Z

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Posted: 2013-06-30T22:48:25Z


WoW!!Clap what a start tanzie!!Clap incredibly Fasinating update!!!Clap
Just the way i expected! Only bit of Difference is the opening scene transcends even that..! Marvellously executed! All i can say is anther hit on the roll...!Star

Dnt want to bore u wth an essay..LOL so will jump straight to the story nw..Smile
Abhay!--Intelligent,handsome,successful, self made hard to impress man wth quite intriguing n dashing personality! Misses hs rift wth his mother..tells he loved hs father dearly. And inspite of standing in a media party surrounded by easy access to beauty...seductn n lust..we see hm rememberng hs father! And that makes me feel..he is lonely n sumhow dsnt matter whether he had any black/grey shade...sumwhere deep down there's goodness in him!
n Well..this is what he seems to me..for nw! Will wait to knw if there are further shades to his character..!Embarrassed

and nw pia!!-- Intimidating! Gorgeous!! Devastatingly smart! Beautiful! Reckless!! Intelligent!! And strikingly mysterious!! N sumhow i felt ths mystery makes her even mre appealing n beautiful!! EmbarrassedClap What a superbly smashing portrayal tanzie!!! Clap am already loving this pia!!! Star she is surely gonna bring abhay's life! I can already see that..!!
Till date i think, this is the most astoundingly expensive picturisation of pia among all ur works atleast according to me! Star Approve

I loved how u presentd all the characters n nw am waiting to see the drama unfold...Smile Loved reading it. Please update the next part soon tanzie..cnt wait..n thanks a lot for pm.Hug
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Posted: 2013-06-30T23:32:52Z
awesome start tanzie...Star
loved how u wrote the entire updateClap..the setting was so realistic...and u actually get the feel of abhay's loneliness amidst all the party and people u know...
the meeting with pia is certainly interesting...from ur earlier hint i did think of something hatke and different for pia's character..but this is really intriguing..we get to see an entirely diffrent pia here!!will be waiting for her character and abhiya relatioship to unfold...
and does this line  For a moment her eyes changed but she didn't show any sign of recognition to Abhay..hint towards any past connection?
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Posted: 2013-07-01T02:09:58Z
chapter 1 updated

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