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Posted: 7 years ago
Monday Updates
Episode 74

Both Karthik and vishnu are looking at the photo's  taken day before and admirers each of it. Vishnu tells Karthik vishnu is kedi while karthik is killadi. K is confused and ask why V saying like this. V says his kedi cause started working within 2 months he manage to get a girlfriend but Karthik is killadi as the same 2 months he has tackle the boss susan LOL K tuppufy at him. Raji comes and ask what are they looking ... Karthik says photo's and raji ask which one.. the one he and susan took together aa nu Tongue Karthik ask why she is saying like this? He had wished to take photo with Raji but she was the one refused. Raji kindalfies him back that he did not beg her enough to take photo ShockedLOL Karthik then begs her to take photo with him now.. first she says no but Karthik begs again and she agrees. Both takes picture together.

Mokkas from anbu and his 2 stooges.. sorry i am skipping this LOL sadly i cant take it lolz!!

Both Karthik Vishnu talking in corridor when madhan comes there. Vishnu makes some jokes and tries to make madhan cool off since the last fight they were not in talking terms. 3 of them says sorry and starts talking about their life. Madhan is upset as his father has taken vrs due to sister wedding debts... and now his father come to their office and attend interview as security Shocked Karthik Visnu feels its not right and ask madhan to talk to his father but madhan replies saying father is adamant. Karthik offers to talk to madhan father.

Vishnu and Laks in canteen. Visnhu ask what Laks likes as he wants to buy her something special.. like karthik bought for raji nu, Laks is happy but tells him to decide what to buy.  He needs to think carefully and buy something that can impress her as she will decide to accept Vishnu or not based on the gift Wink Vishnu smiles... Karthik comes and ask what is going on and vishnu says his planning to buy gift for laks. Karthik innocently ask if his going to propose laks aa nu. She ask why his asking like this. Karthik says normally if Vishnu is about to propose love to girls he buys them gift first Shocked ROFL Laks morachufy vishnu.. who in returns tries to explain to her but she leaves ... Karthik laughs. Raji comes and ask what happen and Karthik mention about the gift.

Raji says she has not decided what to buy for her father and karthik suggest watch... Raji is happy with watch and agrees to get that for her father. She ask what is he getting for his parents.. Karthik says not decided yet as his father got transfer so his mother has quit job to follow husband. Raji becomes worry and ask what about karthik? Karthik says bachelor life her after Tongue
Raji ask karthik suddenly if he will take her to see his parents. Karthik shock but very happy...  Raji says she promise to come and spend entire day there with him and his family Embarrassed

Vishnu and Karthik talking near by the reception when Madhan father comes with uniform. Looks like his first day here. Confused Vishnu Karthik is not too happy seeing madhan father working here and Vishnu gently tries to make him understand. Unfortunately madhan father says no harm working in the same office as son. Plus here they offered him good salary. This is just for some time till madhan is stable with his income. Karthik and Vishnu goes away feeling so bad. There comes madhan with his office mate.. shock to see his father but moves away without greeting him. Father is not happy with son's attitude.


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Episode 77

Its only Vishnu-Lakshmi , Raji-Karthik-Parents

Karthik is taking Raji a tour of his home.  The episode starts with Karthik pointing a room and says its his room. Karthik sits in bed and Raji in chair. She tells him that she feels awkard and comes forward to help his mother in cooking. Karthik says its not needed and asks her to be with him. Raji tells in her home it cannot be sitting separately and chatting. Karthik asks whether 'meesai' will object. He tells anyway he is going to come to her home one day and sing 'mama un ponnai kodu' along with Vishnu, Lakshmi, Kaushik in background. Raji says its not cinema but Karthik replies that for him its like a cinema.

Raji asks Karthik what did he think when he first met her. Karthik tells that she is the kalyana ponnu and the persons with her were kayana goshti. He says he didnt even imagine that he would be sitting in his room with the girl whom he met in the middle of the road. Karthik wants to know what Raji felt when she saw him for the first time. She tells that she thought Karthik to be a poriki as he pulled her dupatta but now not so.

Karthik's father comes in with juice. Raji says she would have come if he had called. Karthik's father tells that  it was Karthik's mom who sent him to hear what they were talking and see what they were doing. Karthik says just tell that we were talking nu. His father replies that his mother will feel bad if he says the truth so will tell with some lie added to it.

Raji and Karthik are once again left alone in the room. Karthik tells that his father will not feel good unless he kalaichufies his mother. They are back to what they were chatting. Karthik asks when did she start to like him. Raji says she started to like him from the moment he went without creating any problems with her just signalling him not to do so. She asks the same to Karthik. He tells he liked her from the first day itself. Karthik says it was especially from the time he say her standing near the door pushing it instead of pulling it. He tells he felt like telling that 'ayyo, apadi illadi chellam'.

Raji asks Karthik where would he sit in his room while talking to her. He replies that he will be sitting on bed or standing in balcony. Karthik tells her that he is feeling happy to have the girl he likes in his room.  He goes down as his mother calls him. Raji sits where Karthik sat and imitates him. She then sits back in the chair and sees Karthik written on it. Raji tells her name and Karthik's name together and smiles.

Lakshmi keeps calling Vishnu's name but he doesnt respond. When she removes his glasses she realizes that infact he was sleeping. Lakshmi says she is getting bored. They start to play in the conference room. First Vishnu explains the 'kuppai panthu' game to her. But while playing Lakshmi purposely throws the paper ball on Vishnu. Then they start playing cricket.

In Karthik's home - time to have lunch. Raji says she will help Karthik's mom to serve but his mom refuses. Karthik's dad tells that the entire meal was prepared by Karthik and requests her to allow his mom atleast to keep the hotpack on table. His mom comes and says that it was she who cooked for her from the morning. All three laugh. Raji says Karthik's father said the truth to her. His mom is feeling awkard as her lie was caught because of her husband and son. Raji asks his mom also to sit.

Karthik serves Raji. She asks him to serve little. Karthik says he will like only if she is like now and eat properly.  Raji refuses to have keerai stating some reason. Karthik has cooked some fish and egg also. Raji says she doesnt like egg. Karthik asks her not to waste food. Raji wants Karthik to have it but Karthik says he will have only after Raji bites and gives it to him. She does as he says. Both smile. Karthik's mom is observing all these. She asks whats going on between them. Karthik says Raji was just praising food.

Karthik wants Raji to tell opinion about his cooking. She says she thought to say after completing the meal. Raji coughs. Karthik thalaiya thattitu offers water. Infact he makes her drink. Karthik's mom notices this. Raji takes her hand below the table and Karthik too brings his hand down. Booth catch it while having food.

Vishnu and Lakshmi are done with playing. She says she is hungry. Vishnu takes her to canteen. There watchman has kept the table ready with food being served. Vishnu asks Lakshmi to call Raji but she asks him to call Karthik. Vishnu refuses as Karthik will beat him if he disturbs them. Both Lakshmi and Vishnu have a discussion on who is going to take whom to their home first. Vishnu says feelings are Karthik and Raji's work and they can just enjoy.Lakshmi doesnt accept that there is something between them. Both think in mind voice that there is something between them.

Raji and Karthik are done with their lunch. She tells him that she is feeling full. karthik offers dum, vetrillai but Raji refuses saying she will get stain on teeth. Raji asks whether his parents are doubting them. Karthik says parents get to know that their children are in love before their children realises. He comments that Raji is looking beautiful in saree. Raji says its his eyes who makes him say that. She tells him that he is looking at her like that as he is completely aware that his parents know that he is with her. Karthik says he feels like seeing his own family memeber at his home when he sees Raji. She asks him to sing 'Kadhalin deepam ondru'. He fulfills her request.


Next day at office

Raji says your  parents didnt like me. Karthik tells its not like that. But Raji looks like she will cry and says that she knows from his face itself that his parents didnt like her.

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Episode 78

Scene 1

Cast: Karthik, Raji, Karthik's parents, Madhan, Priya

Karthik's mom was preparing to make coffee, Raji enters the kitchen and asks her whether she should help her, but his mom neglects, she opens up the milk packet and started enquiring Raji. The first question about her town, she said that it was Virudhunagar, but they live in Kovilpatti. Then his mom asked does their family matters caste and all. Raji affirmed. The next question was whether Raji have any siblings. Raji said that she is the only daughter. She continued to question Raji whether she have some murai mama or something like that. Raji said no. Then she asked about her zodiac. Raji said that she is moolam nakshatram. Then his mom that the nakshatra is not so good nu. But Raji said that in her home, after her birth only, many good things happened. Then his mom asked about her birth year, Raji replied that she was born in 88. Then her mom smiled in an hypocritical way. It was really odd. Meanwhile, Karthik's dad entered, he interfered in between saying that Karthik is awaiting there. He asked Raji to join him. Raji left. He asked his mom regarding her smile as she remained so quiet all through the day. She replied saying that Raji is two years elder than Karthik in happiness. She also said, that they could be only friends because Karthik might know about this age matters. Even his dad said they cant be married. Again, in joy, his mom said they wont get united and they cant get united. 

Karthik gave a gift to Raji. Raji asked for what. Karthik said that it was her first visit in response. Raji interrogated What is there inside. Karthik said he cant say. Then she asked whether it was chain or ring. He said no to chain and yes to ring. Then she asked whether it is gold. He said yes. She neglected to get the gift from him. She said the reason that, she is in a confusion now, And she said she dont want to confuse him too. She also added that If everything gets well soon, she'll get it from him.Then he asked whether he should drop her. Raji neglected and said if she leaves in auto, she could think about the whole thing which happened that day and she could smile at her, but if she comes with him, she would miss that chance. Raji left.

Madhan entered the office. Priya gave back the money which he gave her. She said she kept her chain and gave the money. And also said that she took 100 rupees from that as a remembrance. Madhan said nowadays his terms are not going well with his dad. His dad enquired about the salary, but he lied that they didnt provide salary yet. Then he got the money from her.

Scene 2

Cast: Vishnu and lakshmi

Lakshmi was sitting in the canteen. Vishnu entered and gave her a cup. She drank and said that the tea is like hot water. For that, Vishnu said that it was hot water only. Lakshmi smiled. Then he sat and asked whether she talked with Raji. She said yes and also added that she is smiling at everything, dont know what happened to her. Vishnu asked her what is her problem as she looked little confusing. He took a photo of her and showed her. Then Lakshmi that it was him who had found that she is in a confusion. Vishnu praised himself, and asked what the problem was. Lakshmi told she is not in a problem but in thoughts. Vishnu asked to tell what it is actually. Then she opened out the issue of her new job. Vishnu started asking her, doesnt she have any office sentiments. She gave a nose cut that she is following his policy of loving the job and not loving the office. Vishnu puts forward the sentiment regarding her friends like him, Raji and Karthik. She told she cant hold back taking all these as reasons because she says that office friendship is like train friendship, everyone have to get down in their stop in one or the other situation. Vishnu gets tensed of Lakshmi's answers to his questions. Then he asks her to go saying that her mom says and also she gets a good salary. He got up. Lakshmi asked him to sit. He sat. She says that she is going. Vishnu asks her to think a while about this matter. Then he smiles and says that she wont go. He left the place repeating the same.

Scene 3

Cast: Raji, Vishnu and Karthik

Vishnu entered and greeted Raji. She Greeted in return. He started laughing in his own manner showing that he is aware of her visit to Karthik's home. He enquired about the response in his home. She told she should ask Karthik about the response as she was bit confused of their behavior. Karthik entered, Vishnu interrogated him in curiosity. But Karthik finished that his parents liked Raji and Raji liked his parents. Vishnu blamed him as a bad story teller. Then he added that he should never say stories to his kids, because he finished a big scene as a gist. Then he turned at Raji and smiled. Raji asked what his parents said about her because she didnt have any phone calls right from the moment she left. He said that he had introduced him as his close friend so they'll never say any comments. In between, she scolded him as monkey in her mindvoice. But Karthik Being unaware of that, smiled at her. Then the conversation continues. Raji became upset of his reaction, she continued saying that they didnt like her. Karthik said no. For that, Raji said that his face shows. He convinced her saying that they liked her mvery much and he also said that he thought of saying her giving a bir build up. But she collapsed. Raji asked really in a childish face. He said yes. Then she asked how much did they liked her. Karthik extended his hands saying very much with that classic smile. Raji smiled again. But karthik was not really happy, he was a bit upset. The scene ended with Karthik's confusing reaction.

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