ArHi OneShot : Seeds of Pomegranate

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Posted: 8 years ago

Another AU OneShot, all in dialogue. I'm not as happy with this as with the last one though...but I hope you'll like it. It's just too much fun writing about Arnav like this :P Please read the note below first! 

Note:  According to Greek mythology, Hades, God of the Underworld, fell in love with and abducted Persephone, daughter of the Harvest Goddess, Demeter. Demeter was so grief-stricken by Persephone's loss that she neglected the earth, and no trees, fruits, flowers would grow. As the world fell into desolation, Zeus (King of the Gods) forced Hades to return Persephone. He did so, but first tricked her into eating some pomegranate seeds. Anyone who tasted food from the Underworld was cursed to remain there, and as a result Persephone had to spend part of the year with Hades and part with her mother. Whenever she returned to the world of the living, the earth would come alive, and whenever she left, all life would wither. The Greeks used this legend to explain the passing of the seasons.

ArHi OneShot : Seeds of Pomegranate






'If you poke me again, I'm going to break all of your fingers.'

'Will you kiss them better afterwards?'

'...and this is exactly why I was ignoring you in the first place.'

'Aw, no need to be so cold, love. I was only going to ask why you're reading the Bible.'

'What? This isn't the Bible. It's The Odyssey.'

'Which is - what exactly? The Bible in Latin?'

'For the last time - it is not the Bible! Oh, alright. You remember Homer?'

'Sure I do. Yellow guy, bald, fat and the stupidest creature on television. What about him?'

'Not that Homer, you idiot. The Greek poet, Homer. We learnt about him in Fifth Grade.'

'Hm. No, I don't remember...must be before my time.'

'Indeed. Well - this is his work. The Odyssey.'


'Honestly, how do you not remember? They drilled this into our heads in History.'

'If you recall...I was always otherwise occupied in History.'

'If, by otherwise occupied, you mean annoying the hell out of me, then yes, I do recall.'

'Now don't be like that, Khushi. It was completely harmless.'

'Chucking paper and bits of eraser at my head while I'm trying to concentrate it not harmless.'

'...Is that your way of telling me I was always on your mind? OUCH, what the - ! - If we get kicked out of the library, it's your fault! And it's not lady-like to go around hitting people with Bibles, you know!'

'The. Odyssey.'

'Which is...?'

'Ugh, do you really even want to know, or is this a refined version of the eraser-throwing?'

'You mean if this is a refined version of making you think about me.'


'Now, now, you don't have to glare, sweetheart. I'm asking a simple question - one which, if I may point out, you're avoiding answering. Is this a sweet little ploy to keep me by your side as long as you can? Because you know don't have to resort to such juvenile tactics -'

'Oh, shut up, Raizada. If you'd paid any attention in class you'd know this is a poem -'

'This huge thing is a poem!!?? How -'

'-WHICH revolved around Odysseus' journey back home after the Trojan War -'

'How long did it take this guy to get home?!'

' - and speaks about many of the myths and legends of the Greek Gods and Goddesses of the time -'

'Don't tell me he walked all the way there -'

'Are you even listening to me?'

'This Homer guy must have been seriously jobless. Or depressed.'





'Leave. Me. Alone. I am trying to concentrate.'

'Are you mad at me?'


'I don't like it when you ignore me like that, love.'


'You're forcing my hand you know.'





'Woah, OK, seriously Khushi, you should be on the track team - slow down before I trip!'


'The silent treatment again? Tsk tsk. You should know better. It's what got us thrown out of the library in the first pla-'

'No, you got us thrown out of the library in the first place,'

'I don't want to sound vain or anything, but I'm kind of pleased to have made you speechless, love.'

'For goodness sake! Can you be serious for once?!'

'Au contraire, I think I am being very serious right now. I wouldn't be trailing behind you on your ten-mile hike if I didn't seriously want to know why you're so pissed off - '

'Really? You need me to tell you why I'm pissed off?'

'...Does this have anything to do with that kiss?'

'Disappear, Raizada!'

'Don't you think you're overreacting? It was just a small peck on the cheek...'

'An unnecessary small peck on the cheek which was seen by everyone in the vicinity!'

'Stop shrieking, love - everyone who hasn't heard it will hear it sooner if you keep this up. If you mind so much I'll find a nice secluded corner next ti - '

'Why can't you leave me alone? I was minding my own business and -'

'-looking spectacularly confused.'

'Excuse me?'

'I said you were looking confused. I was watching you. You flipped through that book twice, and it was obvious you couldn't find what you were looking for -'

'...Still. That was none of your business.'

'I know what you were looking for.'

'Will you stop jumping track in the middle of a conversation? It's seriously annoying.'

'I wouldn't do it if I didn't know you could keep up.'

'...It's still annoyi-'

'You're basing your course-work on Hades and Persephone, aren't you?'

 'I - yes - but - how did you know that?!'

'Khushi. I sit next to you. I saw your mind-map thingy.'

'You - what? You were peeking at my work? That's cheating!'

'Oh, for the love of - Khushi, calm down. Honestly, I'm surprised you don't have high blood pressure already. You don't have to get so worked up over something so minor! And for the record, I was not cheating, I was curious.'


'And because I am sensible and up to date with the times, I Googled Hades and Persephone because I didn't have a flipping idea who - or what - they were -'

'Hey! Don't make me sound technologically illiterate, ok? I just wanted the original sour-'

'You wanted to do it the old-fashioned way, I know. But since I am not as fond of hard-work as you, I chose to resort to this helpful little thing called Wikipedia. And well, well, well...God of the Underworld, huh? I always thought you'd be the type to be into bad boys...'

'Do you have something in your eye?'

'I was winking at you, you clueless child.'


'Am I to assume, however, that your choice of topic reflects on your preferences in men?'

'First of all, I think your eyebrows will fall off if you keep wiggling them like that. Second -if Hades is my ideal man I might as well be in love with a vampire. Third - why exactly are you taking that much interest in my topic if you aren't cheating?'

'First - don't pretend you don't know what I'm saying when I wiggle my eyebrows. Second -I would have no opinion of you whatsoever if I thought you were in love with a vampire. And third -  like I said, curiosity. I just wanted a little insight into what you're thinking.'

'That is...that's a bit creepy.'

'That I'm trying to get to know you better? I don't think so.'

'So...irritating me into committing homicide is your way of getting to know me better?'

'No. I annoy you because it's entertaining, because you are the most open when you're mad, and you're hot when you're angry.'

'&@Q^[email protected]%!(@*#(@)[email protected]!!!'

'And you're adorable when you splutter like that. Now, back to the topic at hand - and you accuse me of jumping track - I didn't read anything about the Homer guy when I read up Hades and Persephone, so what you're looking for is probably not in that book.'


'...So it's better you don't waste time scouring it page by page, which I'm sure you would have done if I hadn't come by to save the day. You may thank me now.'



'Why are you helping me? Why do you even know so much about my topic? How did you even know that I -'

'I told you - I was watching you. I saw how frustrated you looked, or else I'd not have come over. I know you hate being disturbed when you're working and -'

'You were watching me?'

'...I'm always watching you.'


'...Because while Hades might have ruled the underworld, abduction isn't really my style.'

'...I you prefer the subtle approach?'

'My, my, Khushi Kumari Gupta...are you flirting with me? Could be that you finally see what I'm getting at?'

'I'm just tricked me into telling you what I was reading...'

'What can I say? I thought the pomegranate approach was rather clever - Hades was one smooth operator.'

'No, he was underhanded and devious! He tricked Persephone into returning to the Underworld!'

'Don't they say all's fair in love and war? Cut the guy some slack - imagine how depressing it must be living underground with a bunch of dead people...besides...what's to say Persephone didn't already know what she was doing when she ate those seeds?'


'Just as you know exactly what you're doing, talking to me right now.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, you're standing in one place, you're not fuming, you're not hitting me, and I think we just had an entire, productive conversation without either of us dying. Now that wasn't so hard was it?'

'No...I guess not...what are you smirking at?'

'You look cute when you blush.'

'Oh, give it a rest.'

'I'm just being honest. Now, I personally think all the effort I put into this is very commendable - so I think you owe me a reward.'

'And what kind of reward would that be?'

'Oh...the kind that Hades probably gave Persephone every time she returned after her trip to the real world. But I wouldn't mind one on the cheek either...for now.'

'You are really...'

' know you love it.'


'What are you thinking about now?'

'I was wondering...what your topic is?'


'You don't have to look so smug, you know.'

'Why are you asking?'

'Because I'm...curious too.'


 Well...I hope you liked it :) This idea was messing with my head for a while now... I hope with this out of the way, I can finally focus on other updates. Question btw : Cul-de-sac first, or Series of Most Fortunate Events? 

And I also posted another OneShot : The Sea and the Shore

I reserve all rights over this work of fiction and request readers do not reproduce/copy/modify it elsewhere and/or claim credit. 


Edited by -doe-eyes- - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Its quite different...!
Posted: 8 years ago
Quite different but very interesting and fascinating... Good one Smile
Posted: 8 years ago
Loved the unique backdrop.
Posted: 8 years ago
This took me back to when I use to do to Greek mythology at school. The phrase Vini Vidi Verci comes to mind when I read this. Arnav went to Khushi he liked her and he won her.
It was so cute.
Loved it
Posted: 8 years ago
its different but uniqueBig smile
Posted: 8 years ago
Quite different and unique but lovely...

Aww...I really loved the Arnav here...and Khushi too...

Thnx for writing...Do update ur FF's soon !!!
Posted: 8 years ago
Totally loved the unique concept of this!

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