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Posted: 8 years ago

Wehey, my first AU :P A Oneshot written in dialogue. It's just something that cropped into my head while I was writing an update for Resolutions, and I just typed it down. It's silly and probably pointless, but I had fun writing it, and I hope you'll like it too! 

ArHi OneShot - Bedside Manners


'Khushi! I knew you'd come to-'

'What the hell is WRONG with you?!'

'Well, it's nothing serious - just a sprained wrist and a few scrapes on the knees but I'm pleased to see you care-'

'Shut up! You know exactly what I'm talking about!'


'Don't give me those innocent puppy-dog eyes! Do you have any idea what I had to go through just to get here?!'

'It's just the nurse's office, Khushi, it's not like you had to cross scorching deserts and stormy seas to get here, though I can imagine how your concern for my wellbeing would make you desperate-'

'Do you have a concussion?'

'-Excuse me?'

'I asked - Do. You. Have. A. Concussion. As in, have you hit your head and lost your questionable mind?'

'That's hurtful. Why would you say that, especially to a wounded person?'

'A) Because you're not a wounded person, even though you gave me to believe that you have broken and not sprained your arm, and while we're at it, both your legs, and B) Because you asked me, with the whole bloody university watching, to go out with you!!'


'What are you smirking at?!'

'Woah, relax, love. You look kind of dangerous - and deranged but in an adorable way - when your eyes start glinting like that and you clench your little fists - '


'It's just that you said bloody.'

'Mature, Raizada.'

'Thank you!'

'Oh my God, you are so infuriating! Do you not understand the ramifications of what you've done?'

'I love it when you start throwing around your impressive vocabulary.'

'Listen, Raizada, if you don't sober up right now, I swear I'm going to physically manhandle you.'

'...Is that a promise?'

'WHAT?! You - I - you - did you just - what?! Stop leering at me, you - you - degenerate!'

'Khushi, I'm hurt enough as it is, please spare my feelings from the pain too. Is it so wrong that I want my girlfriend to touch me?'


'Well, future girlfriend, anyway. Communication is very important in any relationship -'

'Don't you think - that you are being - a bit presumptuous over here?'

'Un-grit your teeth, sweetheart, I can't understand anything you're saying.'

'I said you are being presumptuous! And don't call me sweetheart! There are enough people whispering and pointing and gossiping about it without your help, thank you very much!'

'Ah, but you didn't seem too bothered about it when you ran all the way down from the stands onto the field when you saw that moron trip me.'


'Kya huwa, love? Cat got your tongue? But ah, where are my manners? Why are you still standing there? Come sit down, right here on this metallic contraption they're passing off as a bed -'

'No, thank you. I'm fine exactly where I am.'

'Are you sure? Because if I recall, through a haze of intense agony and red-hot pain, that you pushed through practically the entire football team - and they're a brawny bunch as you must have noticed - to get to my side.'

'I was worried, OK?'

'I know you were, love. And I was touched.'

'Shut up. And stop with the endearments already.'

'Sigh. And here I was thinking that you'd take pity on my bruised self and find it in your heart to accept my proposal.'

'Don't tell me you were being serious!'

'Khushi, I wouldn't have asked you to go out with me while being mobbed by a dozen sweaty people and suffering the humiliation of leaving the football pitch on a stretcher if I wasn't being serious about it.'

'Oh my goodness, you do have a concussion!'

'This isn't exactly how I was planning to play up your sympathy, but I do quite like the way you're using my health as a means to feel me up.'

'Dear Lord Almighty! I am not feeling you up, I'm checking if you have a temperature! In fact, you know what? I've had enough. I'm leaving!'

'Nah-uh, no you're not.'

'Let go of my wrist, Raizada!'

'We're not done talking here, Khushi.'

'Look - I don't know what you're up to, or what kind of sick joke you think you're playing, but when I find out, so help me Devi Maiyya -'

'Has it occurred to you that this might not be a joke?'



'Well, spit it out. What's up with that dour look?'

'You know what, never mind. It's fine. You can go.'

'So...what, now you're just going to sulk?'


'Don't ignore me, Raizada!'


'And get that arm off your eyes, I know you're not sleeping! ARNAV!!'


'...Well, what else did you expect me to think? What else could this be except a joke?'


'I mean, we've spent years fighting with each other - for as long as I remember we've been fighting with each other...'


'We can't even call ourselves friends...or rivals...or enemies...I don't know what we are, if anything at all...'


'And...and it's not like I'm...I'm not even...I'm not the right kind of person for you...'

'Shouldn't you leave that up to me to decide?'

'Oh, great, now he decides to talk.'

'Khushi. I'm being serious here.'

'Don't strain yourself.'

'Fine, if you're gonna be that way -'

'No, no! OK, I'm sorry! I'm just...flustered and-'

'I can see that. What I can't see is why you still think this is a joke.'

'Why are you so hell-bent on my humiliation? I'm not repeating myself again!'

'You seriously mean to tell me that you don't think you're right for me?!'


'Love, for the brightest girl in our year you can be seriously clueless sometimes.'


'It hasn't occurred to you yet that I completely ignored the fact that we lost the match because of me, the team captain, and ignored the fact that there were people milling all around us, including the coach, the dean, my parents, and ignored the fact that I was injured, and just asked you out? What kind of ulterior motive could I have?!'

'Um...April Fool's?'

'That was last month, Khushi.'

'You're a very last minute person...'

'And you know that. You're one of the few people who know that.'

'I've always known that. What's your point?'

'Seriously, either your thick, or your clueless. OW!'

'Oh, man up. That was your uninjured arm. And you call yourself an athlete.'

'But you know I'm like this. You've known I'm like this for a long time. You know that I'm a last minute person, that I have a hard time being serious, that I tend to over-dramatise everything -'

'Are annoying, suffer serious mental lapses, don't have any sense of decency, public or otherwise-'

'Yes, thank you, Khushi. My point is - you know all of that about me. All my flaws. Flaws that I never let anyone else see. And you still came running down from the stands and still fought through all those people to get to me and see if I was OK.'

'So did a bunch of other people, Arnav. Fifty percent of which, if I may remind you, were your fan-club.'

'...Are you jealous? - Aaahh, nooo!! Don't hit me!'


'You know you love it.'


'Honestly! How am I going to get you to believe me?! What do I have to do?'

'How can you expect me to believe you? Put yourself in my place! You're surrounded by people who'd kiss the ground you walk on if you told them, anyone of them I would understand, but me? The person you grew up teasing? The person you grew up calling Chamkeli? The person who can't see eye to eye with you even if their life depends on it?'

'You call me Laad Governor. But seriously, love, stop making me digress. Yes, there were a bunch of people who rushed out on to the stands and who visited me here. My team was worried, yes - but because their captain was injured, because they lost the match, because the season isn't over yet. My 'fan-club', as you put it, were supposedly worried, but I'm not stupid, Khushi - I know half their gushing and concern were meant to gain my favour. But you - you were just worried. Even though you claim we've been nemeses from the cradle, and you're obviously furious, you were still concerned enough to come running to check up on me.'


'Say something, Khushi. Look at me, please.'

'I don't know...I can't understand...why now? Why like this? Why so - suddenly?'

'Suddenly? Are you blind?'

'If you're just going to keep taunting me, I'm just going to leave-'

'Enough, Khushi Kumari Gupta! You are going to sit right there until I'm finished and you are not going to move one inch until I'm done. Understand?'


'Wipe that stunned look off your face. Dammit, Khushi - have you not noticed that I wind up sitting right next to you whenever I can? That I've actually bullied people out of the way before to do it?'

'I - I - thought - you said - you said you wanted to copy my notes...'

'And did I?'


'No, I didn't. Instead I spent whole lessons passing notes with you about anything and everything. Normal people would call that flirting, you know. In fact, normal people did call it flirting, but you didn't even notice. Not when I walked you all the way to your classes, not when I'd wait for you before lunch, not when I'd join you in the library when you were studying.'

'But...but...but you flirt with all the -'

'No, I don't. They flirt with me. And I can't just dismiss them crudely. I'm a class representative, a prefect, and the bloody captain of the football team. I can't go around acting like a moron! I have a reputation at stake! And the only person with whom I never have to worry about said reputation is you. I don't have to worry about what I am, or even who I am, because you take it all in your stride and don't measure me up against expectations.'


'And I love that about you, Khushi.'


'Stop thinking so hard, your brain will overheat.'


'I know.'

'But that still doesn't answer my question.'

'And obviously you'd still have questions after I'm done pouring my heart out to you.'

'Why today? Why like that? Why there, and at that time, like this?'

'You know, that's the most inarticulate I've heard you being. It's kind of cute - as is the glaring - oh, fine, I might as well tell you, since you've heard the whole sorry tale already. Until today, until I saw you panicking and almost hysterical, I didn't really know if you know, reciprocate. I mean, you're always so...unaffected and in control. Even when I flirt outrageously with you, you just banter right back. I wasn't sure until I saw you screaming at my team-mates to get the nurse and then get water and then trying to see if I'm in pain - and I guess I just took a chance.'


'You have no sense of romance, at all. Here I am, more or less screaming at you that I am besotted with you, and all you say is 'Oh.'?!'

'S-sorry...I j-just...'

'Sorry won't cut it, sweetheart. I demand compensation.'

'What do you mean? - EEP! Arnav, what are you doing?! The nurse is right outside! And there are people in the corri- mmph!!??!!'




'That's ok. They all know you're my girlfriend anyway.'



 Comments and likes will be much appreciated :) 

Also, I'm halfway through writing Cul-de-sac and Resolutions ke next chapters - it's a public holiday, and I'm trying to make the most of it. Hopefully, either one or the other will be finished by tonight or early tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! 

 I reserve all rights over this work of fiction and request readers do not reproduce/copy/modify it elsewhere and/or claim credit :) 

Edited by -doe-eyes- - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago


wow awsuuum os dear...loved it very mch...and a romantic arnav is sooo sooo sooo my his proposal was reAlly out of the world..loved it very much nt nx 4da pm hun...
Edited by -kitzdoll- - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
OMG!!! arnav and khushi teeny romance...

how much more cute can they be??

ah!! it was amazing...

loved it...
Posted: 8 years ago
nafisa, a new OS - wow great news dear -lemme read now - thx for the pm
Posted: 8 years ago

loooveeelyyy :D :D ... can't u make it a two shot.. :/ .. :D :D ..

grrr8 os... write more like these :D :D ..

Posted: 8 years ago
Nafisa that was a cute OS from u on our favourite jodi & indeed it was different from ur usual way of descriptive writing involving detailing and poetical description of every person and emotion involved in the scene through metaphors. This was purely based on just dialoges exchanged between the two, a different attempt from ur usual style that I've loved reading but yet the cuteness captured my heart...loved it Smile
Posted: 8 years ago
oh nafisa, that was a very very good one - a super cute OS - thx for the pms
Posted: 8 years ago
Awesome . Khushi couldn't believe Arnav was actually asking her out for real. He had been flirting with her all the while yet she had no idea. Either she is too innocent to see it or just a thick head? 

Thanks for the pm.

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