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Bipasha-John are not the kings of Bollywood dobara!

We saw as many as four releases last week: Madhoshi, Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Dobara and King Of Bollywood.

None of them recorded good box office collections, and were washouts from the start.

Even Bipasha Basu and John Abraham's hit jodi could not attract crowds in Madhoshi.

King Of Bollywood, which had only about five percent gross, is being pulled out of theatres.

Note: Films are ranked according to their release dates.

Bipasha, John hit out at gossipmongers

Subhash K. Jha (Indo-Asian News Service)

Mumbai, July 26, 2005

The latest ludicrous rumour doing the rounds in Bollywood is that Bipasha and John Abraham's relationship is on the brink because of his growing fondness for Esha Deol. And that Bipasha had a public spat with Esha to warn her off.

Those who know the couple well would know how preposterous all this sounds.

While Bipasha refuses to "dignify the baseless rumours", John terms the gossip as "such a below-the-belt thing to do".

Says Bipasha: "I know how yellow journalism operates, start a baseless rumour, then the denials and so on. One magazine wrote about it. The next thing we know another tabloid decided to play it up. And so it goes. I knew it would happen.

"If gossip magazines want to sell more copies, fine. But please don't put our quotes out of context and try to make us look foolish. Because we aren't foolish people! Such rumours come and go. I've been a part of the entertainment business for more years than John. I've been constantly badgered with gossipy link-ups.

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham in Jism
"Luckily for me I've been spared for the last one-and-a-half years. Since he's the new flavour, it's now John's turn. It's okay. Everyone has to deal with the good and bad write-ups.

"I must say the media has been largely fair to John and me. Yes, they've linked him with Tara Sharma, Udita Goswami, Lara Dutta and now Esha, there'll be other such rumours. All I can say is what a man I am with... Wow!"

Sobering down, Bipasha whispers that she feels sad that John isn't being allowed to work at a time when he's finally getting there after working so hard.

"The last thing he needs is unsavoury rumours. He's being written about for all sorts of things - family, house loan, girlfriend - when all he should be visible for is his work. If you're Shah Rukh Khan, it's bearable to be written about things other than career. But for John, it isn't fair...

"A lot of stars have a PR machinery to keep them in the news by hook or crook. We don't need have it, don't need it.

"We've nothing to hide. What's there to hide? We're seeing each other. And we're proud of each other. It isn't a crime to be in love. But we're going to keep our distance from publications that insist on writing rubbish about us.

"So far we've read rubbish and forgotten about it because we're busy with our individual careers... Also because our families are totally disconnected from the film industry and we'd like to keep it that way. Yellow journalism is here to stay. But please don't take us for granted."

John Abraham is equally upset.

"It's such a below-the-belt thing to do. Bipasha is too dignified to be subjected to this. The last time I was linked to a heroine it was Tara Sharma during Saaya. That rumour went much further. They said I was engaged to that lady! Thank god the Esha rumour isn't that drastic.

"The more commercial viability I get the more I'll be subjected to these rumours. I've been repeatedly linked with women in the past. But now I want to work, not become a part of the rumour mills. Everyone goes through this. Kaal  with Esha has come and gone. So these rumours will die down.

"What concerns me is my relationship with Bipasha. We've a lot of mutual respect. Please don't question the sanctity of our relationship. Don't challenge the dignity of a woman who is simple and straight and who never plays games. Bipasha is very open about her feelings. Please don't put words in her mouth. She never said 'Stay away from John' to Esha. Why on earth would she say that to Esha?

"At the premiere of Sarkar, they were chatting away amicably, not fighting. My god! What imagination these journos have! Esha is a very nice straight forward girl. Why put her through such embarrassing and baseless rumours?"

John admits that such constant rumours do put a strain on his personal life.

"After a point you start questioning yourself. Is this guy really me?! I come from a family that strongly believes in the institution of work and marriage. We don't play around with these areas of life. My parents are straight and simple folks. We believe in working hard. Now when my career is looking relatively bright with a beautiful release like Viruddh, please don't drag me down to the level of a cheap Casanova."

Link-ups that never were:

Gulzar-Meena Kumari

Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore

Kareena Kapoor-Fardeen Khan

Akskay Kumar-Priyanka Chopra

Saif Ali Khan-Preity Zinta

Rani Mukherjee-Abhishek Bachchan

Sammir Dattani-Soha Ali Khan

John Abraham-Esha Deol

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Madhoshi Wallpapers

Jism Wallpapers


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I have had thoughts of losing John'

Lovebirds John Abraham and Bipasha Basu are two inseparable beings. The better half of John Abraham reveals the recipe of a successful relationship.

Did you ever feel insecure by the thought of John Abraham walking out of your life?
On a few occasions I have had thoughts of losing John, which was very difficult for me to face. In fact, I shared these thoughts with him and he assured me that it would never happen. The mutual trust and respect for each other's love is the strength of our strong relationship.

What do you have to say about John's career growth in the past one-year?
John has become hot favourite among girls after Dhoom's success. I am glad that his work has started earning accolades and he has become more dedicated towards his career. Initially whenever I felt insecure, I used to share things with him. We are very trustworthy of each other.

Can you recall any moment when you needed him the most?
I always need John the most but yes, on one occasion when I fell sick he pampered me a lot. He has always been by my side and helped me whenever I need him. He never tries to force his wishes on me. In fact, when I had put on a lot of weight, he bought a treadmill for me so that I could be regular with my exercise.

Are you more possessive for John or is it vice-versa?
I think we are equally possessive about each other but I have never tried to keep a watch on him. I won't be able to digest if I see John going around with any other girl and he feels the same way about me. Also, we are celebrities and are aware that we will be targeted if our name is associated with any actor. Both of us understand each other very well and there is hardly anytime left for any of us to cast doubts.

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heres a cute sig of dem [i didnt make it😊]

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Thanda dhanda for John & Bips
   By: Tushar Joshi
   September 12, 2006

John & Bips
When B-town's hottest stars are auctioning off their personal belongings on a website, you'd expect innumerable bids on the items. But that isn't the case with a charity auction organised by GSPCA (Goa Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) along with eBay India.

No bid, no buy

The auction that went online on September 6 has personal items from Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Raveena Tandon, Boman Irani, Soha Ali Khan, and Katrina Kaif. However on visiting the website (www.ebay.in/charity) we found that none of the items had received any bidding.

No takers

The auction is slated to go off line on September 15 and instead on crazy activity on the eBay website by fans trying to outbid each other during the last few days, we discovered there were no bids on any of the items. There are no takers for Bollywood's hottest jodi's belongings either.  Bipasha's  bracelet with green and white stones) and John's red-and-black Yamaha cap. Both the items are available for a starting bid of Rs 5000.

Pilot test

About the poor response to the auction, Harshad Bhagwat, the communication director for Lintertainment who is associated with GSPCA and the auction, says, "The first batch of items is more like a pilot test that we are running.  eBay knows exactly how to help us achieve our target of raising money from charity."

Other items

Bhagwat also reveals that he is in possession of 70 odd items from celebrities ranging from Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Aamir Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Rani Mukerji and others. "We have the who's who of Bollywood on our list. The next batch will have more items and we are looking out for ways and means to let people know that they can obtain these.

In fact, I have two costumes that Mr Bachchan has worn β€” one from his film Dev and other from Baghban. I also have Sanjay Dutt's yellow shirt he's worn in Munnabhai and Aamir Khan's soldier uniform from Mangal Pandey. We also have the red sari Kareena has worn in Omkara."

 When asked what would they do with items that haven't been bid on or reached the highest bid, he said, "We may look out for other means to sell them, or even re introduce them on the website in the future."

Talking about the means to obtain these personal memorablia he said, "We have received support from lot of
producers. With every item comes a letter of authencity from the actor stating it's his product and that he wants to sell it off. The more items we sell, the more money we can raise for charity."

Just a platform

We also spoke to Deepa Thomas, the Corporate Communications head of eBay India to get her assessment of the ongoing auction. She said, "eBay is the medium to get these products to those visiting our websites. I am sure there is some one sitting some where in the world wanting to get hold of these items." When asked about the lack of interest in an auction that boasts of big names said, "We don't deal with the nature of the items, or the actors involved in the project. We are merely the platform that is available for users to buy this stuff."

Soha Ali Khan designer wear– 0 bids
starting Rs 5000
Ajay Devgan's white shirt from Apaharan -  0 bids
starting Rs 2000
Bipasha Basu's bracelet – 0 bids
starting Rs 5000
Raveena Tandon's sharara – 0 bids
starting Rs 10,000
Boman Irani's sun glasses – 0 bids
starting Rs 2000
John Abraham's sport cap – 0 bids
starting Rs 5000
Katrina Kaif's top – 0 bids
starting Rs 5000

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