Breif about old drama bulandi

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Posted: 2005-05-13T02:38:40Z

Released: January 2000
Starring: Nadia Jameel, Faisal Rahman, Janna Malik, Kashif Mehmood, Khayyam Sarhadi, Khalid Butt, Naghma, Roohi Khan, Uzra Butt, Afshan Qureshi, Qavi Khan
Written by: Ali Maqsood
Produced by: Kashif Mehmood
Directed by: Mohd. Usman and Zulfiqar Ali

The story revolves aroung two families: one of Rashid (Khayyam Sarhadi) who is a very rich businessman and the other of his not so rich partner (Khalid Butt). Side note: how can one business partner be rich, while the other not rich fails me. Rashid's household is a very happy go lucky house where all the time laughter can be heard. He lives with his mother, his wife (Naghma) and his children Ali (Faisal Rahman), Omer and Rabi (Janna Malik) while is elder daughter Asma is studying in England.
Meanwhile his partner's family is very materialistic and aims to be very rich and as a result ill treats their daughter-in-law Bakhtawar who happens to be from a poor family and childless as well. His wife (Roohi Khan) and younger son Vicky (Kashif Mehmood) especially are quite rude to her. Her only friend in the house is the daughter Sonia (Nadia Jameel) who herself suffers from fits.
Vicky wants to be very rich and hence hatches a plan to marry Rabi. Hence he starts to be very nice and polite to her whole family till the only two against him are Ali and Rabi herself.
Sonia is in love with Ali but is unable to say so. Rabi meanwhile senses this and tires to bring them together. Asma is engaged to be married to her cousin Adnan but when she returns it turns out that she married someone else and has a son as well. All hell breaks lose, and Vicky is there to manipulate the situation. Will Vicky succeed in his evil schemes remains to be seen. The title song is good and most of the newcomers are doing well. -by Gina


The play is watchable except the characters are a bit loud and cliched.

2) Kashif Mahmood had wonderful acting. He also had great acting in Boota from Toba Tek Sigh, but this drama being his home production was just one of a kind. It had some negative points like the scenes from Javed Kuordo the little migid and his family's scenes were very unnecessary. They could have made the play much better and much shorter. Kashif Mahmood was the best. Faisal Rahman was also good, but he needs to wear decent clothes and needs a haircut. So does Kashif Mahmood ,but with the negitive role he is playing, the clothes suite him. The play was well written, and it had a good ending not one of those happy ending that they have now a days. -Sunny

3) We, Pakistani Americans take immense pride in the quality of PTV dramas. We think that there is at least one sphere of activity where we might actually be better than our arch-rivals; the crafty and deceitful Indians. Imagine our dismay when even this tenuous claim to superiority appeared to be slippery after we watched the play 'Bulandi'. Out of the hundreds of plays we have seen, this play is unquestionably the worst. It is so terrible that it gives the word 'bad' a bad name. It is amazing how actresses like Ms. Jamal who are feminists can consent to to act in a play that so brazenly demeans women as mindless, subservient, idiotic slaves who would rather destroy their families than stand up to their monstrous spouses. The dialogue is stupid and the plot is absurd. - Masood and Sanober
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Posted: 2005-05-14T20:51:57Z

Thanks for sharing

I remembered watching bits and pieces of this show, and I saw the ending too, Rubi died, I don't know how, but I saw her coffin in the middle and everyone crying on it.

and all I was thinking while watching that secne was how did Janna Malik mannaged to stop her hassi, she was wearing that caffin, and even had cotton think in her nose, I was like, how did she managed to stop it, and Fasial Rehman was going to ppl telling them not to cry, as Rubi liked smiling face,

It was sad, very touchy.

but the question remains how did she manage to stop her hassi!?!?!

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Posted: 2005-05-15T08:20:29Z
Originally posted by Mashal

i think jana malik is better understand about this LOL
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Posted: 2005-06-02T07:05:29Z

AAAAAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I loved this drama

!!! reminds of when i was in pakistan...

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Posted: 2005-06-03T05:14:54Z
i also like this drama very much specialy i like kashif mehmood in this drama and faisal
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