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**Introduction Thread**
Welcome to our forum Hug! We hope you have a wonderful time here with us.
Please feel free to introduce yourself:
 Birth Date:
 Favorite Actor/ Actress/ Celebrities:
Favorite Movies:
Thank you & Best Regards,

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**Birthday Calender**

--aarthi-- - 1st January
Nagsbaby - 18th January
Viji79 - 19th January
Hi_Friends - 22nd February
Agathe - 24th February
--Ramyaks-- - 27th February
...vula_kv... -6th March
loveinshi - 22nd March
Suba.A - 13th March
shillu.arshi - 25th March
Strawbella - 29th March

Hollie24 - 15th April
Krithikas - 10th April

zan101 - 3rd May
-Stutz- - 16th May
-iLoveSobti- - 28th May

Bhavanab  - 3rd June
-niti-  - 15th June
Sinan_Sinal - 20th June
-daya- - 28th June

Ravi - 12th July
Visha_Dhami - 13th July
Mullai_27 - 27th July
Malarkodi - 28th July
Nichuss - 31st July

AmeTz - 5th August
JohnySolomonRaj - 5th August
Chalhov - 24th August
sarkh26 - 28th August
Abommi - 8th September
-sweetgal19-  - 8th October
Caryn - 16th October
supercool3 - 21st October
CrazyFans1 - 29th October 

LoveViShalini - 7th November
ramsakshiroxxx - 12th November
..SmaTz - 22nd November
Aahanaa - 27th November
behappyever - 28th November

MP_Radha - 1st December
--Priya-- 6th December
-Yami- 6th December
Roshini1494 - 14th December
-pavi_19- - 19th December
Smiles_20 - 20th December
Vinolya - 28th December
Vivu_barun - 29th December
Thank you & Best Regards,

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 Name: Aahaana/Meli
 Birth Date: 27th November
 Interests: Soccer, movies, music, cricket, shows, books etc
 Favorite Actor/ Actress/ Celebrities:  Ajith, Surya, Ranbir Kapoor, Mahesh Babu, 
Favorite Movies:
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DAY 1 

Tanu, a slim and trendy news reporter of Cat Lovers, was at the Elections Building, waiting for the most important people to come out. After all, she wanted to be the first person to catch all the latest news.


: I cannot wait till they come out! I will make sure that I get the first bytes for my channel, Cat Lovers! We will become the BEST CHANNEL in the ENTIRE WORLD after this.  After all, people want to have instant access to news about the TO BE FIRST LADY these days right.? So what would be better then doing that for them!

Just then, Sid of Flirting Club, walks in holding a chocolate cigar in his mouth, and a mike in the hands.  


: In your dreams, Ms. Cat Woman!


: Who are you?


: I'm the reporter from the Flirting Club, the best of the best Day Dreaming!


ROFL Wow what a name!  It suits you right!  Since I've never heard of your channel, it must be some wanna be club that knows just to flirt and drool eh Wink..

: Duh... Stop being so jealous of our channel name Approve!  That's because we've just recently launched our channel. But you wait and watch, we'll become the next big sensation thanks to me.  Girls will just drool over me Blushing!

: You do realize that you'll have many competitors right? Who are much better and know how to do it right? (flips hair)


: But we are different from you guys! We strive off of the UNSAID WORDS, THE GOSSIPS, AND THE EMOTIONS OF THE EYES! Of course, amateurs like you won't understand Approve.


: How can you be so unethical Sleepy?! I'll show you guys that ONLY TRUTH AND HONESTLY WINS!


: Yeah, yeah whatever Silly. Now move aside, they are coming out!

Tanu turned around and saw the doors of the building open. She got a hold of her microphone, signaled to her cameraman, and quickly ran up to the front. Up there, Tanu saw one of the most awaited persons:

 Aahaana, aka Meli, 

the leader of the World Gossip Mongers. It was Tanu's dream to get to see her in real. 


: Meli! OMG, it's so great to see you!  Do you think you'll win this election?


: Of course I would! We, the Gossip Mongers, stand for what is right and it's about time those Local BS Radicals step aside! They have been corrupting our system!


: People say that you are in this for SELFISH MOTIVES as well, like your own craving for POWER Shocked?


: What rubbish LOLLOL!


At that moment, Sid enters the conversation.

: So you're saying that you would be willing to let someone else lead the party too, right Wink?


:I didn't say that Approve ...


: Well, then you are a liar Tongue! How could you do this to the people that believe in you Sleepy!


Meli got infuriated with Sid and Tanu at this point. She called the security guards to clear the way so she can get out of there.  Once Meli was gone, Sid and Tanu continued to bicker at each other.


WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT Angry? HOW DARE YOU HURT MELI LIKE THIS!  Now she left without revealing anything Angry!


:  Oh please Tongue, you can see she was after something more Wink. Anyways, Flirt Club got its next headline.




: Check your twitter!



You are unbelievable I tell you Dead. How can you mix words like this. And why are you writing in Tamil as well D'oh?


Idhalam sagajam pa politics la ROFLROFLROFL


:  What did you say?! Confused


: Nothing! As for the Tamil part, that's because we're also catering to Tamil fans as well Wink! (Self-talk: Intha simple logic puriyala na, na enna panna D'oh)


With that, Sid attempts to put on his sunglasses the Rajinikanth way, but fails miserably at it.


ROFL That's EPIC!  Yeah, you're no hero.


: Whatever, Neelambari TongueWinkLOL,


Before Tanu could respond to Sid's taunt, he leaves from there.


:  I will get back at him for sure!




DAY 4 

It was another day at the EB. Tanu arrived a bit later than usual but she wasn't too worried about it. All she cared for was that she was going to outsmart that Sid today and show that she is better.


: Today will be my day! I'll show Sid that honesty always wins. (turns) And here he comes!


:: LOLLOLLOL look who it is. I can't believe you would still show up here.


: Why would I run away from you Wink?


:: Because you're scared Silly!


: Whatever!


A few cars arrived at the moment. Tanu and Sid turned around to see what was happening. From the cars, a few people got down.


: Omg, they are the Local BS Radicals Shocked.


:: Who? These girls... Wow What matured beauties they are ShockedEmbarrassedBlushing Sid begins to drool!  


: Honestly, don't you know what's happening here D'oh? They are the people that Meli's  World Gossip Mongers are fighting with. This is why there is even an election.


::Why is there an election?  These girls are too hot yaar! Silly... I wouldn't mind helping them Star!


: Do you know anything Sid? Angry! This election is because Meli's Gossip Mongers accused the Local BS Radicals of misusing the power they had. Hence it led to this divide between all the members of the World's Women Organization.


: Who cares! Let me go and grab some news from these hotties!


: Sid! Angry No!


Sid left from there despite Tanu's pleas. He quickly ran up to the cars before anyone else could get to the Local BS Radicals.


: Hi Gorgeous Ladies Embarrassed... do you think you can win against the Gossip Mongers?


The Local BS Radicals looked shocked. Their leader quickly spoke.


Leader: Of course we can. Why don't you think so?


: It seems that the Gossip Mongers don't even consider you to be a competition, let alone win Shocked.


Leader: What atrocity. We'll show them what these Radicals are made of. AngryAngry


With that, the Leader stomped away from there as the rest of the group followed.


:  (self talk): You're a genius, Sid Big smileStar!


Tanu came running up to him!

As the Cat Lover Club and Flirting Club members were too busy locking horns with each other, other far more reputed stations set up stations as the two Party/ Club leaders prepared to give their pre-election speech.  

First off, the leader of the Local BS Radicals, along with her club members took the centre stage, waving their hands.  

Aahaana witnesses all this from the other side of the stage and things to herself "So pathetic LOL!  Do they think they will be able to win the election... after all, they are full of lies and their countless number of double games are well known to the people of our organization!  Who would want to support them anyway!  Let the game begin... avanga mooku nalla odaiyattum Star"  Instead of continuing to listen to the speech, Meli went about changing her attire.  

Leader of BS Radicals speaks: 

"Hello everyone!  Thank you for this warm welcome!  I'm very happy to be here with so many friends and my fellow candidate and sister, Aahaana!  As you all know.  Why are we having this election?  Well, as you all know, we the Local BS Radicals, have been unnecessarily accused of going after power and playing double games to achieve.  But my friends, I cannot promise to be less of a good leader, you all know where I stand!  I'm a very mature person and work tirelessly for the community!  I am not at all self-centred, unlike my entire club has been accused of!  It just goes to show that some are very jealous of our service to community.  Despite the results of the election, I'm committed to do things differently for the women of this world.  Because people need help!  That's my commitment to you.  My friends, I'm ready to be your leader, i.e. the leader of World's Women Organization, and I fully understand what this means.  I'd like to keep my speech short and let my previous service speak for itself.  Thank you my friends!"

The audience respectfully clapped for The Radical Leaders speech and eagerly awaited for the next speech.  A slim beauty, adorning royal like outfit and a hat walked across the state.  

It was none other than Meli!  Many youngsters began to cheer for Meli as the following song played in the background:

"She is the fantasy,

Sweet as a harmony...

Oru Ooril Azhage Uruvaai

Oruthi Irundhaale"

Meli waved at everyone and cleared her throat to get ready for her most awaited speech:

"There will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul.  It is a fact that we all must face.  However, if you realize that God is a best friend that stands beside you when others cast stones you will never be afraid, never feel worthless and never feel alone!  My friends, I have been sent by God to protect you all from any atrocities and wrong doing!  My dear friends, this world is not what it seems like:

A self-obsessed...cruel world, 

my must it be this way?

Look around... humanity falls apart, 

why must it be this way?  

They're selling heaven in hushed tones

while craving up grave stones, 

But freedoms just a spoken word, 

Why must it be this way?

Friends, let us stand up and fight up against negativity and do justice to humanity!  This is my continuous goal in life and I wish to have your support!  Unlike some here, who just love to treat others so cheaply and back stab time and again!  My friends, I hope you can make a wise choice!  Thank you!"

Immediately, the next song started to play:

" Main chali toh jhoom uthi zindagi

Main chali toh jaag uthi roshni

Mausam naya nayi nayi hawaayein hain

Main hoon nayi, nayi meri adayein hain "

 Tanu and Sid were so involved in Meli's speech that they joined others in giving her a standing ovation!  This beauty did not just know the fashion too well, but she was very well knowledgeable about all the happenings around the World.  However, the Local BS Radicals didn't care and did what they do best, and simply smirked!

Amidst the crowd, a love-filled eyes keenly watched Meli smile.  He knew his to-be girl would charm the crowd and win the election just like he had won in the recent election.  Oh how he yearned to hug and make her his... FOREVER AND EVER!  He wanted to propose to her on the day she won the election and decided to use his popularity to support her on Twitter!  After all, it was going to be on her BIRTHDAY - NOVEMBER 27th 2015:

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 Name: Visha
 Birth Date: 13 July
 Interests: Shopping and Surf the Internet
 Favorite Actor/ Actress/ Celebrities: Surya, Shruthi Hassan, Rajinikant
Favorite Movies: This list is going to be long. Some prominent ones are like Kakha Kakha, Unnale Unnale, Endhiran, Moonu and much more Smile
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 Name: Jillu
 Birth Date: October 21st
 Interests:  Debates, Photoshop
 Favorite Actor/ Actress/ Celebrities: Vijay, Mahesh Babu, Shruti Hassan, Anushka
Favorite Movies: Alaipayuthey (all-time favourite), and I love watching
all genres of movies ... as long as the stories and
screenplays keep me entertained 
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 Name: Shalu, Visha 
 Birth Date: November 07 
 Interests: Surfing Net, Making siggies, chatting wif frens and disturbing my sisters
 Favorite Actor/ Actress/ Celebrities:  hmm...too many
Favorite Movies:  I'm very choosy when picking ma favourite movies and  I'm also  lazy to write the names too since its a very long list...
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