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Hi friends,
After a looong gap again I m on BALH forum, I know most of you don't even know me yeah but veterans of this forum know me pretty wellWink Looking at the current track and few of our friends,  here I am back to write an SS
given the  precap Peehu asking priya about what is custody??
Peehu comes to priya and asks mom can I ask u some thing?
Priya: Haa beta you can ask me what do u wanna ask?
Peehu: Mama What is meant by custody?
Priya shocked at peehu asking about custody and wondering how come she is talking about this and asks how do u know about custody who told u about this baby?
Peehu: Actually Mama, woh, nanu aur nutss bua jab hum kulfi khane gaye the tab baat kar rahe the kuch kya aap aur papa court jarahe hai
Priya: Cry shedding tears in side the heart and putting a happy charade infront of peehu says nahi beta aisa kuch bhi nahi aap toh dekh rahe ho na mama aur papa aap se kitna pyaar karte hai hai na ??? toh jum ladne jagadne court kyun jayenge...and hugs her and puts her off to sleep
Infuriated on peehu asking about custody next day morning Priya meets her father in Sharma house and asks
Priya: Papa ye aap kya kiya papa apne jo bhi kiya kal peehu ke saamne acha nahi kiya
Sudhir: Shocked priya beta meine kya kiya mujhe kuch bhi samajh mein nahi araha hai
Priya:  papa aap aur nuts jab peehu ko kulfi khilane gaye the tab aapne uske saamne custody ke baarein mein discuss kiya? Ha ya na?
Pata hai papa peehu kal raat mujhe puchne lagi ki custody kya hoti hai aur mein aur Mr. Kapoor kya court mein ladne jarahe hai karke
Mein kaise batau papa use ki haa aapke  papa ne aapko mujhse alag karna chahte hai CryCry
Nuts: Priya, aaj nahi toh kal, peehu ko eh baat jaan na hi padega aur its better if she knows this so that after courts decision, she will be shattered to learn the truth that she is going to live only with one parent
Priya: par nutszzz... and confusedly she leaves
Kapoor Mansion:
Ram: He is on a spree to shape up his golu structure and competing with Rajat to maintain his physic  and on the other hand, he is full on with his lawyer  Mr. Khurana blasting him giving ideas that if I myself keep giving u all the ideas what are you there for and what is your Law degree for?
Mr. Khurana as usual saying Nahi Mr Ram, I will do my best for you to win the custody of Peehu.
THree days passes Priya Crying inside smiling outside dual role of her life and Here Ram blasting lawyers over phone and in person, And Rajat brainwashing lawyers that at any cost peehu s custody case should be won by PRiya
FInally its court room,
Ram and Kapooor khandaan and SHarma pariwar lawyers and judge
all set to fight.
Judge: Please start the argument
Mr. Khurana: My lord, this is a petition filed by a father to the court of law requesting for the custody of his daughter Baby Peehu Kapoor whose existence was also kept unknown to him by her mother and his wife Mrs. priya Ram Kapoor.
This is an injustice done to a husband by his wife by keeping his child away from him by not even intimating him for the long period of 5 years. Hence my client Mr. Ram Kapoor is demanding for his daughters custody.
Here his wife and Peehus Mother  is found to be shown faulty becoz she did two mistakes. She kept her daughter away from her father whose support is very much needed for a childs future and upbringing and second one is she alone have taken a decision of raising her daughter as a single mother by keeping her away from all her relations where the relations in todays fast moving trend are given least importance coz of busy life style but in actual terms these relations give the high traditional values to the younger generation.
Priya changed her name as Pooja sharma in Dubai and use to run a book shop where her survival use to be very difficult for her to manage peehus school fees, her flat rent, shop rent etc.
In that case where peehus mother Mrs. Priya even today who seems to be living in a single bed room flat for rent and cannot afford to provide all the amenities. luxuries and security for her daughter, should accept for giving in for this custody demanded bymy client and Peehus father  Mr. Ram Kapoor  where he being multi millionaire and business tycoon can give his daughter all amenities, security, safety and luxury along with affection
Hence My lord, I would request you to kindly understand the plight of my client a fathers pain in loosing those memorable moments of his life to njoy his fatherhood and  give the verdict
Priya in full tears ,Ram in roaring lion expression but in the deep corner of the heart concerned for priya who cannot live without peehu
Priyas Advocate: Objection my lord, My friend, Mr. Khurana just explained a fathers plight and my client priya keeping her husband away from him.
Well, My lord, Here there are strong reasons based on which my client MRs. Priya Ram Kapoor had to hide this truth from her husband knowing the fact that its wrong and injustice that she would be doing to her husband as well as her daughter.
By making her heart strong she has taken this decision. The day everyone believed that she passed away and her last rights were going on in KM, she was told that she had to fulfill a mothers last wish of her daughters who will be orphans after her to their guardian, Mr. Rajat Kapur an Industrialist in Dubai.
Since to fulfill the last wish of that mother she left for Dubai and as and when she reached, she got to know that she conceived. to share the joy and bliss of becoming a mother, my client Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor tried to reach her husband but was deeply dejected and taken aback to know that her husband decided to move on in his life and tied the nuptial knots with her own sister Ms. Ayesha who is known to world today as Mrs. Ayesha Ram Kapoor.
on sharing  the truth of her existence and this good news,  her sisters life will be disturbed and even her husband who moved on will be in dilemma as to whom to consider. To avoid all this problems,
my client decided to remain as a single mother and raised her kid.
She use to run a book house in Dubai, and during this long 5 years, my client priya, raised her kid in a proper way and tried in every possible way to meet her daughters needs and expectations
Even today, my client is earning in a good way she is a running a book caf here in partner ship with Mr. Rajat Kapur which proves that she is financially strong enough to continue raising her kid
also, my lord, for any kid mother is a god who takes care of every single need of a kid. and in this age every one of us believes that a mother is the backbone for a child.
I would like to bring one important point to your kind attention my lord that Mr. Kapoor is now married to Ayesha, and also have a son with her and he is no more interested in his first wife Mrs. Priya, in that case, Ayesha will be a  step mother for Peehu and any mother would like to give all affection to her own biological kid. In addition to that there are even so many gossips about Mrs. Ayesha that she doesn't take care of her own son in that case, Peehu being a female child, will definitely not get the needed attention and affection from her aunt and would be step mother Ayesha.
Mr. Kapoor will be busy in his business work and will hardly get time to attend Peehu in that case, I don't think that its right to give custody to Mr. Kapoor.
Nothing against him but the fact is he will give in for his wife Mrs. Ayesha and his son Khush will get his attention and affection in that case he can never be a good father for Peehu
He will dedicate his time only for his second wife and son
Objection My lord says Mr. Khurana and says,
My lord, my beloved friend and defense personnel is saying that My client Mr. Ram kapoor has  a son with his second wife Mrs. Ayesha which is not true at all, coz, Mrs. Ayeshas son is taken care by my client but in actual terms, he is not the biological father of that kid. The DNA report of Kush and Ram are here i am presenting. Just to save Ayeshas respect in society given his love  for priya, he did this compromise. They both don't share any husband and wife relation though married my lord.
Priya with her eyes filled with loads of ganga jamuna saraswati... lol i mean tears, looks at Ram and vice versa,
couldn't take her lawyer talking negative about ram she stands up and says, My lord I would like to say something to the court
Judge : Permission Granted
Priya: My lord, I accept my mistake in front of the court that I kept my daughter s truth from my husband and i should not be doing that as a responsible mother and a wife.
I even accept the fact that my husband got married to my sister Ayesha
But, the fact that I Mr. Kapoor can not be a good father, I  am not ready to accept. I must admit the fact that Mr. Kapoor can be a perfect father and does justice to our daughter peehu no doubt in it.
I don't even have an iota of doubt that my daughter will get step mother treatment from Ayesha or from any of the family members
Well, I am the same PRiya Ram Kapoor, who was punished by the court of law for 14 years in the case of 100 s of innocents death 5 years back for releasing duplicate medicines.
In an accident, it was believed that i was dead but i survived in that accident and left for Dubai. there i delivered a baby and never returned.
I was scared that if i return to india i had to continue my punishment here and I don't know what circumstances would be so stayed away from everyone which is a crime in the court of law.
I admit my mistakes sir. For my mistake if court again decides to punish me I honestly abide and respect the judgment.
understanding the fact that  for any child both the parents are equally important, and coz of my mistake today my husband and daughter could nt stay together. and even I cant stay with MR. Kapoor anymore as he is married to Ayesha. Considering all this I cant live with them and hence I request the court of law to give Peehus custody to Mr. Kapoor who can n will prove to be a wonderful father for her. I completely trust his affection and crave for his daughter.
My lord , i have a request here, as i m deeply attached to my daughter and i consider as a mother who gave me a new birth when i stood in the crossroad of life, During weekends i would like to spend my leisure time with her. other than this I don't have anything to say.
Rajat, her lawyer, Sudhir including Ram were shocked and shaken on hearing what priya said... ShockedShocked
Judge:  In this case, its not just Mr. & MRs Kapoors argument and wish that we have to  consider  but,  Peehus decision is also equally important. Hence would require to talk to peehu too and calls peehu. in a room and asks, her,
beta with whom do u want to live with ur mama? or Papa?
Peehu: Judge uncle, mujhe mama papa dono chahiye
Judge: acha beta aapko Ayesha aunty malum hai kya?
Peehu: Haa lekin woh achi nahi lagti mujhe bohot dant thi  hai aur mujhpe chillathi hai
Judge: gives a kissie to peehu and comes to his throne
As this is a very sensitive case, considering a childs future considering all the arguments the court has decided to roll out the verdict the coming Wednesday.
Leaving that, As it is confessed by Mrs. Priya that she herself stayed away from her family also made the govt and law believe that she is dead and changed her identity though she is now not a criminal in the records today, is found to be disrespecting the orders passed by court and hence for the disrespect shown to the courts orders, I here by conclude that Mrs. Priya Ram kapoor will be imprisoned for  6 months effective from today. If she doesn't wish to be imprisoned she needs to pay the penalty of amount 10 lakhs  to the court and also has to spend this entire week till Wednesday in the jail .
The court is adjourned.
All the family members including Ram shocked on hearing this Ram deeply shaken as if some one axed his heart and is feeling the sheer pain
Priya filled with tears moves away by leaving a kiss on peehus forehead, and gives her hand in Rams leaves from that place.
Ram left in tears looking at priya again sitting in that police van recollects those painful days when priya saved him by taking the blame on her.
Peehu crying mamma mamma mamma papa mamma kaha ja rahi hai? Mamma maammma
Looking at peehu Ram is totally shaken couldn't control himself , hugs her and breaks down
Next part to be continued
Note: Dear Friends, If you like my update pls do hit like button to get a PM of my next update, and please do not forget to share your views via comments sharmaiye mattTongue
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Big smilenice update...continue soon!!!
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whoa kya twist hain boss  update soon Edited by ramsakshiroxxx - 2012-11-22T20:52:12Z
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Infinity Claps for u.. I have never readed a court scene which have written in so detail and perfectly.. Fabulous ss, loved it. Continue soon dear,Edited by Pinkjali - 2012-11-22T21:05:09Z
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Hum to besharam hain ji Wink apne views to prakat kar hi dete hain Wink

Mind-blowing, awesome, lovely etc thoughts kam pad jaaye hain..
Zabardast writing n hope to get a chance to read its continuation soon... Party Dancing
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wow di.. Superb.. Btw i m surprised wid this sudden n very quickly written SS but its one of the best fiction story of u.. #Mukhyadilli
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Di kya tum bhi na . Ektaa  ki gussa pura Priya pe nikal diya firse jail vhej diya. OMG really unpredictable SS , kya Twist daala very nice , U made me cry, Please continue karo aur jaldi se RaYa ko mila dou. Love U Edited by ST-KSG-DDLover - 2012-11-22T23:36:55Z
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Wowww you back with bang dear .. That is one of the best scene and the twist made my heart sinken ..

P.s:I just asked my friend write an SS regarding this type of scene .and when i opend IF i got a new SS on the same .. you just made my day .. Thank you
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