Chit Chat with Marina Khan!

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Posted: 2005-05-07T20:24:50Z
Marina Khan

www.mag4you.netFull name: Marina Khan
Birth Place: Peshawar
Age: 41
Star Sign: Capricorn
Education: B.A.
Favorite Eat Out: I think every eat out is my favorite. I just love to eat.
Your Fantasy: Having a bit pet farm at some point.
One thing you would never want to have: Greed
One thing you can't live without: There are so many thing's but I think the passion to love. We should know how to love.
One line: At the moment my favorite one liner is not printable.
If you can create any one character to come alive from any book, movie, TV

Cartoon, which one would it, be?
Donkey from the movie Shrek

What animal would you acquaint yourself with?
I think in one way a cat, because cats are moody they are stubborn, cats will give you love and they love to eat their food. I would love to be a bird because the joy of flying is something which I've always fascinated. Very impetuous, with a mind of her own, Marina will not adapt to a role too alien to her nature but will happily do something that comes naturally to her. With no pretence or acquired airs, she remains a timeless icon and today lithely jumps form one media platform to another with feline ease and grace. Nida Imam of Women's Own had the honor to sit with this pet lover and discover the real Marina Khan

What were you like in your childhood?
I was a very carefree sort of kid, led a very organized life, never came home late since my father was in the army I had a very sheltered and organized life. But yes, when Zerk, my brother was around we used to do a lot of masti together. I don't think I was very naughty, but like every other child I had enjoyed my childhood a lot. My brother was in a boarding school and I was the only child in the house. We used to get into a lot of masti, whenever he came to visit us. I used to get my brother into lots of trouble.

What were your childhood dreams, ambitions and aspirations?
Oh! I never had any dream or ambitions, I just enjoyed my life. I loved going to school, never wanted to study but always enjoyed being part of an institution. That portion of my life I enjoyed thoroughly. I hated studying and hated sitting for the exams, I hated being tested on things. I would love to do it all again.
I remember I had one dream, which was to be independent, to have a red car and to live in a small flat. And practically I got all three at some point of my life.

Who would you like to be reborn as?
I think I would love to be reborn as Queen Elizabeth 2.

Did you always want to be a star?
Never, it just happened.

So, how did your career start?
One of my friends was working for television. I used to go along with her to shootings and recordings. Shehzad Khalil was auditioning for Nishan-e-Haider; he was looking for a new face. He asked me and I did that serial. So, that's how I began with my career in acting.

Who is your inspiration?
No one. The reason I am acting is because of Shehzad Khalil.

Are you enjoying being famous?
At the moment I don't enjoy it. I think I have changed to stay in my life, I want my privacy back and I don't want to be on screen every again. I am enjoying direction, if I do get the fame of being a director I think I will enjoy that a lot. I am very grateful to my fans and people who like me, who appreciate my acting and my work. What I don't like is the fanaticism of the fans since the word fan is derived from fanatics. I also give them credit because I think they are very gutsy. They say things, like the other day this guy said, "aap TV per nahin aa rahin hain aap kafi phael gayeen hain." I don't mind that but it's just that they don't know what to say so that you can notice them.
Some of them are very genuine and there are people who are only there to ridicule you what I don't appreciate is their involvement in the personal lives of the celebrities.

How does it feel to be a celebrity?
Being a celebrity you get extra respect and attention which has its good as well as dire affects. I feel great. People will go an extra mile for you. they give you respect, they want to do a lot for you. one of the celebrities said an amazing thing that when you are nobody and poor people just look at you and they turn away and the moment you become rich and you can afford any thing people want to give it for free.

Are you a romantic person?
No, personally I am not a romantic person but I read only romantic novels. Romance is a must thing in one's life it could be in any form. I would love to be known as the director who does only romantic plays.

Which of the character or role you have done is your favorite?
Saniya, the role that I played in the serial called Nishan-e-Haider. I think I can easily relate myself to that character. That was my first acting experience and I enjoyed that a lot.

Who do you enjoy working with as your co-star?
I think all the actors, especially people like Sajid Hassan, Shehnaz, Rahat Kazmi and Behroze. I remember when I used to deliver my lines their response was so fantastic, they used to make me perform better. Of the newer actors, I haven't done anything but today these new actors lack professionalism, they are not very cooperative. In the older times it wasn't like that, there were bad actors too who didn't even know how to deliver their lines.

What's the most glamorous thing you have done in your life?
when I went absolutely blond, there was this program called Lux Style Kee Duniya. They asked Tariq Amin to do my hair and make up. God! He is just fantastic. He took me to Tapu's studio to take my photograph. That was amazing, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like Oh My God! I look hot. That thing didn't come out in print though. That was glamorous for me.

How would you describe your family?
My family barks and meows all day long. And my husband fits in somewhere in between.

Do you think that one's physical appearance is an advantage or a disadvantage when it comes to your career?
To me not really (she laughs). For me to look glamorous is definitely a disadvantage. One has to be original and that's it.

You worst habit:
I am very stubborn.

What do you hope your future holds for you?
Hopefully I will be directing a film and yes if I will have lots and lots of money then I will open a home for animals. Inshahallah.




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Posted: 2005-05-07T20:33:27Z
Salaam.. thanks for the Chit Chat with Marina Khan... I think she's koool!
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Posted: 2005-05-08T09:07:20Z
thanks 4 chit chat with marina khan . please show the other actresses of pakistan as a chit chat
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Posted: 2005-05-08T09:25:42Z
the look of marina is very strange she lookes like a chrail
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Posted: 2005-05-08T11:58:46Z
Thanx Ms. Bholi Bhali....yeah i know wat has she done to herself???she is pretty but her hair cut n color is always wiered....i still remember her as Saniya (in Tanhaian)....i loved her acting in that serial...she is a very talented actress
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