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If it's one actress I want to see back in the running other than Ameesha Patel, it's Gracy Singh! Both Ameesha's and Gracy's career went downhill after starring in two blockbusters. However, I think Gracy had a worse career. She starred in B-grade films and shot for several projects that never released. It's so sad that she has been a part of only four known films throughout her 11-year career; Lagaan, Munnabhai MBBS, Gangajal, and Armaan. The rest of her films were unwatchable. It's quite depressing that she never got another shot, she showed immense potentional in those films and remains as beautiful as ever till now. Lately she co-starred in Dangerous Ishhq but that proved to be a huge disaster too and got her no attention. I really wish Bollywood would give her another chance, she still looks as beautiful as ever and is only 32. Someone please cast her in an A grade film, it'll be very sad if Bollywood never takes note of her as an actress and a trained dancer. I think she could have been where Vidya is today had she handled her career better.

"I got more attention and stardom than I wanted at the time. There was too much hype around for me to handle. I have no complaints."

Here are recent pics (she hasn't changed at all):

File:Gracy Singh at Lagaan 10 Year Celebration at Taj Lands End in Mumbai (cropped).jpg

Some old pics which make nostalgic:


This song played a million times on MTV India back then.

Posted: 10 years ago
She was and is gorgeous, but I agree, the best part of her is that she could really act. There was sincerity in it. 
Posted: 10 years ago
Some interesting quotes

[opinion of Amir Khan] Aamir is an actor with a purpose, he thinks about the masses and what strikes a right chord with them. That is the reason that his films almost always carry a social message, and at the same time are very entertaining too. In this sense, he is way ahead of others.

[on baring her body for a film] I will only do roles that I can identify with and which I can watch in front of my parents. The look has to be true to the role.

[opinion on item numbers] Dancing is my passion but I wouldn't do an item number. I would like to be true to my culture.

[response to her flops] You can't predict a film's future. For me, each film is equally important and I'm as involved with one movie as with the other. Cinema is a director's medium and I can say that there has been nothing lacking from my side. I have grown as an actor and I don't regret doing any film.

[on why her career is/was at a standstill] I don't think anything went wrong! Ups and downs are a part of every actor's life. I'm very proud to be a part of this profession and fortunate to play some strong characters on screen.

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Originally posted by Cthulhu

No luck, no screen presence. Even KRK overshadows her in the same screen. 

No luck, yes, but she has a good screen presence. I haven't seen Deshdrohi, but what do you expect when she only acted in crap films?! She was commendable in the four movies I mentioned (and was acclaimed for her acting), certainly HEAPS better than the Katrinas and Deepikas of today! If she starred in the same movies they have, she would've surely done a better job. Sadly today's roles are modeled only for stick figures and wooden faces!
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Originally posted by Prasedini

in this size zero trend she was SIZE 36 !

She is actually not overweight. Check the recent photos I posted, she looks fitter than before. At least she is still involved with dance shows, so she gets to showcase her talent somewhere if not films. With all these actresses making comebacks, I do hope someone offers Gracy a good opportunity.
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I honestly don't know but I just loved her in Lagaan!!!! She could act, dance really well! I just loved her debut in Lagaan :))
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She can't act to save her life. No screen presence. Although Amisha had some screen presence, her career was marred by her unappealing dialog delivery. Or else, back in the day, she had everything in her that a matured actress should have had. 
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Originally posted by Cthulhu

Well! I didn't see any screen presence in Lagaan or Munnabhai. If she had then she wouldn't have gone for Deshdrohi. She's at best suited for Daily soaps. Wooden or plastic, those actresses are still doing films because audience wants to see them. Once audience reject then no one gives a shit. 

She wasn't getting good offers. After all, she needs her bread and butter.

Gracy Singh

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