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he was not knowing why on particular day he felt like going to this maharashtra gujraat border for the past four years he was having the same feeling, whatever the amount of work he had at the end of the day on this day his heart wished to be at maha guj border and  watchng the sun set gave him peace of mind and divine feeling , and the words of some one close to him used to start echoing in his ears "aisa mehsoos hota hai jaise ibadat me hota hai jaise pyaar me hota hai." ...even today he was coming back from the same place he could not find any link to any thing,... even though he was married to ayesha he did not felt that belongingness to her she was his mere duty nothing more than that he married her four years ago when mamaji told him wht sid did to her and how she was helpless... rishabh was in usa sid had created problems even there and rishabh was partner so he was called to settle the matters and here this girl ayesha had committed suicide and now reporters were reluctantly questioning them it was all confusing  he was not remeberring what had happened to him in last few months the only thing he was rememberring was ayeshas marriage thats it the time he came to his senses he asked for niharika and he got to know that she died in car accident and they are clueless about sid as he is the one behind all the accident thing he was dumbstruck to hear all this and how could sid do this next thing was the girl who attempted suicide...

it was necessary for someone to take care of the press and ram signed the papers as authority to go ahead with further medical proceedings they got to knw about she being pregnant and then they cannot abbort the child as it is she has lost her whole health if doctors attempt abortion she  would have died ram told the doctor to make her well and he signed the papers as father of that child ...



in the past niharika dies in car accident and then priya s van meets with accident when she is been transferred to big jail, every one dies except for priya as she rolls down at early stage when the van gets a hit she rolls down and some lad notices her and brings her to her home ,where she lies unconcious for weeks and here in mumbai everyone beleives that she died except for ram .everyday he gets up and goes in search for her on different places and suddenly one day when he is on his way to find priya a car stops in front of his car and he gets down to see whose it ,suddenly he feels a hit on his head and falls down on the road  only he sees is the car fading out of his view now he is unconcious lying on the road... some passerby notices him goes to him takes his phone and calls last called no it was vikram who had called in morning if ram is fine or not the person says him about rams condition and vikram neha reach there ..here rishabh get a call and he flies to usa cause of sid unaware of rams condition ram gains his senses back and notices he is in hospital nowand asks "vikram arrey tuze kaha na maine ki ayesha ki shad me koi kami nahi rehni chahiye"... vikram neha gets thunderstorke on them ,they consult doctor who says that he has lost his memory and forcing to bring it back would be harmfull for him and can lead him  to coma vikram makes all arrangements at kapoor mansion to look everythng like previously it was and asks everyone to hide the truth and neha takes priyas belonging and everythng with her ...the press people are kept away and vikram brings a order from court that no news regarding priya ayesha or anyone should be flashed unless it has permissions of him as he is the ceo of kapoor group he has the right on behalf  of ram has the authority to do so...


priya gains her sense back and finds herself in a small house where she finds a old woman taking care. the house is very clean neet and the womam also loos decent she asks her and the woman says how she found ,her bought het to her house ,now priya wants to go back she calls at sharma house and then at kapoor mension where servant say tht everyone is in the temple for rams mariage with ayesha... she is shattered but asks but ram is married and the servant says that priya madam died in accident and now ram is marrrying her sister ..and hangs the call priya is standing still with tears falling continuosly... how can ram do this? no he can not do this to her...her ram is only hers no one can share him with her ..how he was lost in those three days when she left him beacuse of nuts and karthik case,, she might have heard it wrong she collectes her self and takes a cab to the place where the servant told her the marriage is going on...as soon as she reaches  she is shocked to see the view .. her RAM ..is no more priyas ram... that ram and ayesha are going towards rams car ,ayesha is having managalsutra and her mang is filled with sindoor her maa is bidding her and papa even he is standing still looking at ayesha ... priya all shattered sits again in the cab and returns to the ladies house ..the lady consoles her and asks her to be strng for her child now this ws the second shock of her life... on one hand she has lost everything but on the other hand she has found everything again she decides to be strong the lady asks her to stay with her but priya refuses and asks she wants to leave the country ..as soon as possible the lady asks her to come to dubaialong with her, as her son and bahu are settled there and even she is about to go there so it would be nice option for her, priya agrees now the major problem is her passsport...but the lady says she will manage everything for her and asks her to use fake identity of her daughter who died 10years ago when she was 34 and she manages all the certificates and everything by asking her son to do the rest after  pirya manages to get passport and she flies to dubai with naina ji her new mother she has a new family now in dubai her bhai svayam nainas son and his wife meeta they both are loving and caring as swayam has lost his sister he found oneback  in priya and the on other han naina found her lost daughter back ...priya found a new job in dubai and living happily in another flat with naina it was her condition that not to interfare in swayams lifestyle...

part 12 on pg 15
part 13 pg 16
part14 pg17
part 15 pg 18
part 16 pg 19
part 17 pg21
part 19 pg 26
part 20 pg28
part 21pg30
part 21(2) pg 31
part 15 pg 33
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wonderfull!! plz continue... :)
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Posted: 2012-06-21T23:18:44Z
wow ..you clearly mentioned in one part what has happened in the past ...
thank you very much and egerly waiting for next part ..want to read current track
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Posted: 2012-06-22T02:01:40Z
This is a nice portrayal of the story. But include in the title that it is OS or FF so that people can read. And do continue.
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Posted: 2012-06-22T02:14:39Z
awesome update...
you decribe it so well...
continue soon...

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Posted: 2012-06-22T03:09:04Z
good one with lots of twists
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Posted: 2012-06-22T04:36:01Z
awesome awesome ... continue continue continue
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Posted: 2012-06-22T05:04:52Z
OMG!! Full of sharp twists & turns!! really awesome! But should add OS or FF In the title. do continue soon
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