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Hi guyz. Here is the first part of my FF. I hope you will like it.

The scene starts from the kiss. Both RaYa are engrossed savouring the moment.Suddenly, the phone rings.

Tring Tring. Tring Tring.

At first, no one moves. But the sound of the phone does not stop and slowly it dawns on Ram that its his phone and its in his pocket. Ram stops kissing and moves a bit. Priya takes a deep breath but does not know what to do. Ram sees the phone. It's from Priya's home. He looks at Priya who is still looking down and picks the call.

Ram: Hello.

Kartik: Hello sir. Kartik bol raha hu. Sorry itne raat ko disturb kiya. Di ka phone lag nahi raha hai aur maa ko unse baat karni hair.

Ram: Priya... Priya looks at him. Tumhare ghar se hai.

Priya: she gets tensed and takes the call.

Kartik: Di aap ka phone bandh hai.

Priya realizes that she had swithed off her cell since morning so that Ram cannot call her.

Priya: Haa woh... Kya baat hai kartik.

Kartik: Maa ko aap se baat karni hai.

Shipra (sadly): Priya! Beta Ayesha ko handle karne mushkil ho raha hai. Kuch nahi bol rahi hai. Bas roye jaa rahi hai. Mujhe pata hai kaafi raat ho gayi hai, par kya tum yahan aa sakti ho. Mein Kartik ko lele bhej rahi hu.

Priya: Nahi maa. rehne do. Natasha ko Kartik ki zaroorat hai. Mein khud aa jaati hu and cuts the call.

Priya hands the phone back to Ram. She looks down but no way. She has to speak to him.

Priya: Woh Maa ka phone tha. Ayesha ko handle karna un ke liye mushkil ho raha hai. woh mujhe ghar jaana hoga.

Ram: Haa theek hai. Chalo.

Priya (all the while looking down): Nahi Mr. Kapoor, aap rehne dijiye. She doesn't know w hat to say more. Woh Ayesha ko sambhalna hai to mujhe hi jaana padega. Aur waise bhi... woh mera family matter

Ram cuts priya half way and says

Ram: Priya yeh Hamara family matter hai and insists on the word Hamara.

Priya looks at him at once. She does not know what to say.

Ram: Aur waise bhi, agar yeh tumhare ghar ka koi matter hota to bhi mein aata. Meiin tumhe itni raat ko akele kahin nahin jaane doonga.

Ram realizes what mistakes he has done on the day of the party and today at the fashion show. He had clearly told Priya that Nuts was her family matter. He now had to correct it.

Priya looks at him and there is a silence. Not knowing what to do next, she looks down. Ram too does not know how to proceed.

Priya at lasts says: chale?

Priya is about to move when Ram stops her

Ram: Priya...

Priya stops and looks at him.

Ram: Woh... and stops.

He realizes that now that Priya had expressed her love, it was his turn and he has to show it more through actions and than words. Ram extends his hands and picks a tissue from the dressing table. He moves closer to Priya and is just inches away. With the other hand, he gently lifts Priya's chin. Priya is startled at his boldness. And now is scared. He brings the tissue to Priya's lips. Now he looks directly at her lips and starts rubbing the lipstick that had smudged on her face due to that long passionate kiss. At once, the kiss scene comes alive to both of them. Priya realizes what Ram is doing and looks at him. Ram makes sure not to look at Priya straight in her eyes. But then he cant resist. As he is wiping the extra lipstick, he too looks at Priya and there is an eye lock. They remain this way for sometime and then Ram realizes this is not the time. He then lifts his hands to Priya's hair and arranges it. Priya cannot take so much and closes her eyes. After a while Ram says

Ram: Priya tum gaadi mein baitho, mein abhi aaya.

Priya walks away. Once Priya leaves, Ram uses the same tissue to wipe his own lips. As he is doing it, he can taste Priya's lipstick. He takes a deep breath relishing the taste of her lipstick and her lips. It is difficult for him to resist. It was much more difficult to break that passion. With another sigh, He goes down.

Ram starts the car and there is pin drop silence. Priya is tired, stressed, and completely broken. They drive past without speaking a word. Priya leans back, closes her eyes and rests her head on the car seat. Ram notices this and he thinks to himself.

Priya bahut thak gayi hai. Us ke chehre se saaf zaahir ho raha hai ki woh bahut pareshaan hai. Kal raat ko bhi so nahin paayi mere wajhe se... aur ab apne ghar jaa ke Ayesha ko sambhalna hai. Kaise karegi woh, Aise to nahin chalega, mujhe kuch karna padega.

He drives for a while and then stops the car. Priye opens her eyes realizing that the car has stopped moving. Without telling anything much, Ram says:

Ram: Mein abhi aaya and opens the door and goes somewhere.

Priya does not wish to think anything. She leans back and closes her eyes. After a while she hears the car door open and opens her eyes as well. Ram comes inside with a cup of coffee.

Ram: Priya... yeh coffee pee lo. Tumhe accha lagega. Priya is about to say something when Ram continues. Dekho tum bahut thak gayi ho. Aur bahut stressed bhi ho. Aise haalat mein tum Ayesha ko nahin sambhal paaoogi. Coffee pee lo aur thoda fresh ho jao. Fresh hogi to Ayesha ho acche se handle kar sakogi.

Priya is too tired now to even react. She has given up on fights with Ram. She takes te cup and Ram starts to drive. The coffee is over and the silence returns. He again looks at Priya who is leaning against the window and looking out.

Ram thinks. Aree yaar yeh to abhi bhi utni hi stressed lag rahi hai. Kya karu. Priya ko thoda normal hona zaroori hai warna us ki tabiyat par bhi asar pad sakta hai. Kya katu? And then it strikes him. Radio chalata hu. Music sunegi to thoda relax bhi ho jaaayegi. Ram switches on the radio.


Good Evening Mumbai. This is Radio Mirchi and you are listening to RJ Tarana. Yeh hai the Late Night edition of Love Bytes. Aaj hai weekend aur weekend means time for love. Pyar kya hai? Pyar kaise hai? Well, pyar to pyar hai. kabhi bhi ho jaata hai aur kahn bhi. To aaj hum celebrate karte hai pyar ke ehsaas ko. Agar aap ko koi love song sunna hai ya koi song kisi apne ko dedicate karna hai, to abhi phone uthaiye aur mujhe call kariye is number par. Number hai 23434343. Tab tak, this goes out to all those couples who are in love. Enjoy!

Priya is startled. She does not know what is going to happen next. The awkwardness of the kiss is still prevailing and now this new tamasha. She looks out of the window. Whereas Ram is excited. He wants to know everything about love now. The first song plays...

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye

JAb koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera

ooo humnawaaa...

Naa koi hai Na koi Tha

Zindagi mein tumhare siwa

Tum dena saath mera

ooo humnawaaa...

Priya now has tears in her eyes. Unable to control she looks at Ram who is busy listening to the song and driving. She keep on looking at him while he is unaware. Traffic Signal comes and its the Red light. Ram, involuntary, looks at Priya only to find her looking at him. Her eyes completely watery. Ram feels sad for her. He knows he is responsible for major part of the problem. And Priya has to suffer. He now realizes its the efect of the song so apt for them. A tear falls off Priya's eyes. Ram is desperate now. He lifts his hand slowly to hold Priya's hand. As soon as he lifts, the signal turns Green and the cars behind start honking. Ram has no option but to start driving. As the car starts, the song ends.

The song stops and RJ Tarana returns. Hey guyz hope you enjoyed this. The next song is for people desperate in love. Yeh song unke liye hai jo pyar to karte hai par izhaar nahin kar sakte.

Ram's eyes widen and his mouth opens a bit. He arranges his posture so as to listen carefully and take a tip.

Chupana bhi nahin aata

Jatana bhi nahin aata

Hume tum se mohabbat hai

Batana bhi nahin aata

HAtheli par tumhara naam

likhte hai... mitate hai

tumhi se pyar karte hai

tumhi se hi kyun chupate hai

Zuban par naam hai lekin

Jatana bhi nahin aata

Hume tum se mohabbat hai

Batana bhi nahin aata

Ram is startled. This is his story. He wants to tell Priya. To make her understand his point but... well this was not the time.

They reach Sharma house and Ram parks the car. Priya and Ram come out.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, aap please chale jaayege. Mein subah aa jaaongi.

Ram gives her a look and starts walking towards the building. Priya follows him. They reach the list and come to know that the lift is not working.

Priya: Mr Kapoor,lift bhi kaam nahin kar rahi. Mein Ayesha ko sambhal loongi. Aap ghar jaayeye. Mein..

Ram: Priya, yeh HUM DONO ka family matter hia aur hum mil ke ise solve karenge. Aur is ke aage main kuch sunna nahin chaata.

Saying this he starts climbing the stair. Priya stands there looking at him till he disappears to the next set of stairs. Is he the same MR. Kapoor who acted so different in the party? Priya decided its not the time for her to think about all this. Her fmily needed her and she starts walkig up the stairs.

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Posted: 2012-03-10T15:09:54Z
Very beautiful! I felt like I was watching the show. Clap

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Posted: 2012-03-10T15:15:18Z
Beautiful ! Could imagine Raya totally there!
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Posted: 2012-03-10T15:16:13Z
ClapNice loved the choice of songs.. Please continue..
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Posted: 2012-03-10T16:18:24Z
Wonderful.please continue 
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Posted: 2012-03-11T01:21:01Z
Hi. Here comes the 2nd part.
Well guyz, I do not want to talk about the drama at Sharma house so I have cut that crap in my FF ;)

This part begins with RaYa reaching home

Ram & Priya reach home. The drive back was much more silent but peaceful. Priya enters her room first followed by Ram. Priya walks to the changing room. Ram is already in his White kurta so he has no option but to go and sleep. Ram does not know what to do next. His Kiss has left an awkwardness in the room. The Kiss was impromptu but now what? What is he suppose to do. As he is thinking, Priya comes from the changing room with her pillow & comforter. Without saying anything to Ram, she goes to her couch and starts arranging stuff. Her back is facing Ram.

Ram is now tensed now. He thinks that the couch is no more a part of their life & Priya should be in their bed. But how does he say this to Priya. HE gets up & goes to her. Priya, aware that Ram is behind her, does not turn or speak. Ram gathers some courage...

Ram: Priya...
Priya just turns her head to one side.
Ram: Priya mein yeh soch raha tha ki... woh... I mean mujhe lagta hai ki ab ...
God! how do I say this? What reason shall I give her. Just because I kissed her does not mean that I can ask her to use the bed? What will she think? But then he decides he has to speak his mind. HE has seen the effects of now having the courage to speak up & he is not going to repeat his mistakes.

Ram: Priya... mujhe lagta hai ki yeh couch itna comfortable nahin hoga aur ab tumhe bed pe sona chahiye.

Priya has a confused look on her face. And then it changes to little bit of anger. She decided not to let her anger show.

Priya: Kyun Mr.Kapoor. Itne din mujhe problem nahi hui to ab kyun hoge?

Ram: Woh tum thak gayi ho aur
Priya: Nahin ab mujhe is ki aadat ho gayi hai aur mein is mein comfortable hu. Neend bhi aa jaati hai is liye mujhe nahin lagta ki mujhe bed ki zaroorat hai.
Saying this, she sleeps on the couch and puts the comforter on her.

Ram, dejected goes back to his bed and sits on it. He is sad that and can understand the intensity of hurt he has given Priya. He should not have acted the way he did on the party day. All his fault. He looks at Priya who is sleeping & then switches off the light.

Next morning, Priya wakes up & sits on the couch. The kiss comes back to her mind & she smiles. While smiling, she folds her comforter & then looks at the bed. Mr.Kapoor is not there. Oh, so he must have gotten up early & left for office. She thinks: accha hua. Isi bahane, thoda awwarkdness to kam hua. She get up from the couch & starts walking towards washroom & then stops. She turns back & looks at the other couch that she had arranged for when renovating the room. Sh had placed a new couch right infront of the TV so that Mr. Kapoor can enjoy his matches in a batter way. There she saw him, the Mr. Kapoor, sleeping on that couch. She is surprised & startled. Why did he do that? Why is he using the couch? What has happened to him. She can make out that he is completely uncomfortable. She is worried now that he might have not slept properly. She thinks to talk to him but then leaves it that way. With one last look, she goes to the changing room.

Ram gets up only to find Priya already left for her classes. He gets ready and leaves as well.

Its evening & Ram reaches home. He enters his room to find Priya sitting on the new couch & reading a book. Priya notices Ram from the corner of her eye but she does not move. Ram goes in, changes, and come back. He now has to make things easier to get things back to normal. To bring back the times that they had before he left for the US. Ram picks the TV remote & switches it on. It's a movie that has Kajol & Ajay Devgan. He sits on the same couch very close to Priya. Priya realizes that Ram is too close & so she moves a little towards left. Ram in the pretext of making himself comfortable, again moves a bit & goes closer to Priya. Priya moves still away but now has hit the corner of the sofa. There is no room now. Ram draws really close to Priya & there is no space between them. Their hands are touching each other. Priya realizes that Ram is not going to leave this easily. She is about to get up to leave when...

Ram: Priya please... please priya mat jao...

Priya without saying something sits back.
Ram: Priya mujhe pata hai maine tumhe bahut hurt kiya par mujhe ek mauka do. Mein tum se kuch kehna chaata hu... Priya mujhe galat mat samjho ... mein tum se... mein tumhe... mujhe

Suddenly the TV goes a bit loud & a song plays:

Jab kisi ki taraf dil jukhne lage

Baat aa ke zubaan tak rukne lage
aakon aakho mein Ikraar hone lage
Bol do agar tumhe pyar hone lage... hone lage... hone lage...

Ram & Priya both are startled. This gives Ram some confidence. He again gathers some courage & says..

Ram: Priya mein tum
Dadi: Golu... Priya... kidhar ho tum donna..
Priya gets scared in that position & immediately gets up to greet dadi.
Dadi: Kahan ho tum dono. 2 dino se mujhe mile tak nahin. Priya, kal holi hai na... mujhe tum se kuch kaam hai. saari tayyariyan dekhni hai. Chalo mere saath.
Priya: Ji dadi... Dadi mein kal holi nahin kheloongi. Woh Ayesha ke saath jo hua, uske baad dil nahin kar raha.
Dadi: Koi baat nahin puttar, tum mat khelna par neeche function mein sab se milne zaroor aana.

Saying this they both go leaving Ram all alone & again left out!
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Posted: 2012-03-11T01:38:23Z
Waiting eagerly for the next excellent part .
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Posted: 2012-03-11T01:44:55Z
fantastic writing  !! songs for the situations to match were just too good ! very  very good work !!
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