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ayshu the update was awesome. Loved it. Abhay getting jealous of jeet..it was the best part. U didnt pm me. Why? I was alive afterall and would hav come back to read the update. And dont get shocked how i am commenting. This is all for jeet
 Here i thought U came for me.
Its all about JEET. Mujhse koi pyaar nahin kartha. Next part will cheer U up lots of HEROIC antics from JEET.

Get well soon so i can grill ULOL
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Originally posted by pallavisarkar

thnx for d pm
gr8t jealousy track wow Clap Clap
cont soon updt soon
 next update could take a couple of days i have found i write at a snails pace. So its not one update everyday now.
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Originally posted by lost_in_love

superb update ayesha!! Brilliant!! Thumbsup
Poor pooja..she's going thru a lot of pain! Um..so jeet hs strtd feelng fr her.. It will b nice to see them bonding...!
'Abhay greeted hs teeth holding d steering wheel'...aww..abhay is mre adorable whn he's angry..! :-) 'this girl in 5days hd reduced hm to a car wreck'..haha..nd still abhay isnt willing to accept d truth!! Aww...jeet is such a sweetheart...i alwz enjoy jeet-piya's bonding...! He's her pillar of strength...!! Ohh..karan introduced thm as hs adopted bros nd cousins..thts class! :-P
its a treat to watch the kids trying so hard to mak abhay accept hs feelings... :-)) ohh..my..evn aftr seeing d tatto it didnt strike in hs mind..hw she hd it evn b4 thy met!! :-o
and did ws fav..prem: 'you've been unceremoniously dumped fr a younger model dad...meet her boytoy!!' i just cudnt help bt laugh thnkng of abhay's facial expression! :-D
thnx fr pm...tc... :-))

 Pooja has stormed her way into Jeet's affection. He will be finding the closeness she shares with his mother and the way she supports her as a n endearing quality. Jeet can see the HEART and the woman in POOJA. The strength she has is what will cancel out all the reservations and won't deem her as a bad influence on his Mom.
The kids are all playing CUPID for their stubborn Father a group Effort but its coming to fruition.
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Originally posted by Eowyn

This ff is simply superb
AbhIya were always magical...nd nw Jeet and his siblings add to that...
Karan knws what he wants and i admire him for dat,
Prem and Urvi will make an 24/7 entertaining couple
Jeet go get your Pooja soon! You are dstnd to be her knight in shining armour
Ayesha what would we be w/o u my dear entertainment machine...love u jaana
PS: I thnk nxt u shud kickstart one of d girls love life

I am all about ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT this is why i am outta juice. The updates are taking me just as long to write now. This is why i am now ending My FF's U know but this one will still continue 
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Heyy read this update ... its fanstastic ... i love jealousy track :)
hope to get ur pm soon :)
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:::Update 11:::Girls Night Out:::

Chahat in the changing room with her mother was admiring the curves, her tattoo was visible, showing the sign of love so evident in her eyes. Chahat wanted her mother to flaunt every asset not in a grungy look she had going for her but in a more sexy kinda way. Colour is what was missing from her mother's wardrobe. It should brighten the eyes more, suiting Pia. Yeah her mother seemed happier with them all around her even changing her mind on what selections to consider. Chahat and her sisters weren't allowed to wear anything this low cut but her mother had no restrictions she thought with a sly grin. 

Pia raised her brow putting on some matching heels on-I don't know Chahat. This isn't me. I'm more into dark colours, at least U can see my midriff, i like to expose my body art. I didn't get them to cover them up.
Chahat handed another dress over then mentally asked her younger sister Arohi over with an even daring outfit. She had some expertise on how most men especially them men in her family worked-Arohi is here. She's got all the accessories tp go with the outfit. 
Arohi was stood in appreciation of the girl before her-Wow U will set Dad on fire. Can i ask U a personal question?
Pia didn't mind what Arohi wanted to ask. She was family to her-Go ahead. Ask as many questions as possible.
Arohi pries hoping to know how Pia feels about her Dad-Do U love Dad? I mean like Love, love U know and how do U know, U know! I mean like U love Dad but how do U know.
Pia giggled finding the question odd for her to answer. So she was just honest-I just know in here (points to her Heart) I've known before i even met him and if i don't get him then i'll go crazy. He's not my obsession but my pride, my passion, my magic, my soul and i'd rather go down fighting to make him mine. I can't explain it any other way because i've dreamt him so many times i've memorised every detail of his features especially those eyes. I don't even care if he's loved someone before me so long as he loves me now. I'm jealous of the women he's loved before me. (Saw wonder in her eyes) Sorry! It must be weird listening to me blab on about loving your Dad when all U really want is your...
Arohi was actually in awe of how sorted her Mother was wanting to refrain back-No its cool. We lost her a long time ago. Meeting U has completed one wish of ours. We know how resilient she was and proud. Our Mother's just like U.
Pia frowned puzzled-Huh?
Angel stepped in-Personality wise she meant. (Look wise too but she didn't want to freak her out until she was completely sold on Abhay. Besides they needed their father to fall in love not with his Pia but with the new Pia eventually seeing the old Pia within her. It was the only way this Pia wouldn't question their fathers love for her.) Its why we all want to help Dad move on with U. I guess U could say we are all on your side and want U to make a deep impact on Dad. He's too closed off from emotions regarding the female species unless U count us. An eternal life cannot be spent wasting away in reflecting on the past. Sometimes U have to move forwards towards the future.  So U are Perfect antidote for Dad. And no its not weird at all hearing U go on about Dad. It just means U love him.
Arohi nodded in agreement then returned back to styling their mother.-Maybe we should add curls in.
Pia shook her head-No curls. Wait!!! Curls. There was a girl with curls at the fountain. She...
Chahat directed the conversation away-Wow lets go. We have shopped till we drop and if we are late Dad will ground us till next year.
Pia muttered-This is all linked with your Dad. I'll find out soon.
Chahat wanted the curious Pia out-Lets pay for all of these. (Not till her Father began to show he was falling for her)

Pia got out her credit card and made sure she bought something for her new family. Each of the girls got two outfits each to suit their personality. Pia also bought a few things for the boys as a treat for being her rock. She hoped they liked what she bought for them. Pooja. She had to call Pooja. Urvi.  Let them know about their party in advance so they had enough time to plan for the event. The boys could do what they wanted but she wanted Jeet with her. With Abhay. She loved how his features changed to a green look. For now she had to hide everything they bought so it was a surprise for her boys.

Preet played a few round of video games with his brother Vedhant just to pass they time. Right now he was trailing behind by a few hundred points. Vedant continued to press the stick to move his player toppling over his brothers fighter. Vedhant did a little victory dance moving side to side and punching the air with his fists. Karan flicks his fingers through his little brothers hair.

Vedhant scrunches his nose showing his irritation-Hey watch the hair (He protested) I just had it voluminous. U like the new look?
Karan gestured with his hand in  a strangling motion-No the look is so immature.
Vedhant scowled folding his arm-U are mean!!!
Karan laughed easing up-It was a joke little one. Love the look. Now go pack up before Dad gets here and tells U off for playing yet another round.
Vedhant started unplugging all of the wires-Good thinking. I've been banned for being too over competitive. I know how Dad hates us competing with each other.
Jeet reminded his little brother why-He doesn't want a repeat of Uncle Sid's story with any of us or any in fighting. U can't blame him.
Vedhant sadly agreed-I know but we'd never turn our backs on each other. We love each other too much to do such a cruel thing.
Prem agreed-True. We know each other inside out but Dad being Dad doesn't want to take the risk of a major fall out. Why do U think i don't even bother with girls i know my brothers will have an eye for. I mean Pooja is a sister-in-law material and same goes for Nidhi so i'd never go ok maybe i'd flirt with them but i'd never go the extra mile unless its to tease Dad.
Jeet and Prem both high 5ed the other-Ditto. We'll make him squirm. 
Arjun shooting some hoops in the back yard against himself trying to figure out how to dodge a ball and hit it without looking, his father was so good at this. He gave up thinking he needed Pia back. He was a little used to having her in the place with her laughter filtering the place.

Pia handed the boys each their gifts with her eyes shining on all of their reactions. They were genuinely happy with what she'd given them. Vedhant was just happy his Mom had them all in her mind to consider them at all this early on. Plus she had good taste contradicting to what she'd normally wear. Abhay was feeling a little left out. Pia had gifted everyone with something but she'd forgotten him. Pia had even gifted her Grandmother but she forgot him. Why did he even care if she left him out of her gift list? He could afford to buy anything he wanted. He was a rich tycoon. Pia was enjoying the slight change in Abhay. So this was what the disappointment on Abhay's face looked like. His expressions hadn't changed the features on his face but it was all in his eyes. She was beginning to master each look as days passed by. So Abhay does get hurt huh? Good serves him right for hurting her the other day she thought rudely. A week later Pooja  met up with the girls at the Soho House. It was their regular haunts and the bouncers knew them all too well. It was a sparkling night as always lifting her mood from the tumultuous week at home. Things were really tough and debts were mounting up, so were the antagonized friction between her brother, her father who was clearly in need of rehabilitation through alcohol abuse and now his new addiction. Gambling had spiralled out of control to the extent it was all piling on her head and her brothers. Now all that was left of a broken home was just physical no she would rather not let it put a damper on her night out with Pia. Pooja was waiting for her face to heal up so Pia wouldn't start on her quick rapid fire round full of questions she had no answers to.

Pia had made sure they were all present outside the club. She handed the parcel to Pooja-This is for U. I bought everyone something and wanted my best friend to get a little something to remind her of me.
Pooja had an inkling what this could be seeming as their tastes were next to identicle plastering a smile on her face-Pia U know i'm not into...(Has tears in her eyes) Thanks.
Pia strokes Pooja's back-I missed U a lot and (Whispers) getting happy on magic herbs (Both giggle like naughty children minding the 7 girls with them) I have been so worried. I tried to call U but someone kept cutting my calls.
Pooja muttered-Varun doesn't like me wasting my precious time on friends when i could be out making money. He's under a lot of stress.
Pia muttered angrily-Aren't we all! If he so much as...
Pooja reassured Pia by appeasing with her-He's not ok just enjoy tonight. I needed a break from there and the men in my family are like me. A little hot and cold. Wow U look amazing Pia. U in the mood to kill a certain vampire? 
Pia coyly moved her head to the side-This way i forget about stay away from me Pia. He's always saying this and i really don't think i can stay away for long. This is all Chahat's idea. KATE BOSWORTH photo | Kate BosworthShe's had Arohi completely style me. I know i like showing my flesh but isn't this a little too much at the back? So far the belts keeping the back secure. 
Chahat didn't think there was anything wrong with it sounding very determined-She looks hot right? So her backs all bare, we want a certain U know who to stare and when dancing U know his eyes won't be able to handle another guy's... and don't forget to he always knows when U are in trouble.
Khushi pulled a worried look-U want Mom to hurt herself???? No i won't...
Angel quipped helping her naughty sister-We don't condone dangerous behaviour but if we did it we'd be slaughtered but if she does it he'll be stunned. Its not like she's really going to do anything stupid. Just act a little on the risky side. Dad will come running. 
Chahat flashed her smoky eyes with satisfaction at accomplishing a mean feat-I've warned the boys not to even dare saving U. Or will personally see to it to date the worst boys they've ever seen me with. This threat never goes away empty handed. Jeet bhai has a problem at pushing anyone in dangers way. He's the do it by the book same with Preet.
Upon hearing Jeet's name Pooja's eyes begin to widen but refrains back-How is  erm are they?
Angel gave a brilliant smile-Bro's fine. They are out on their own benders for now lets get started with ours.
Priya finally advises-Make sure U each have a guy on your arm. Especially U Pia ok???? Show the men in our family what a hottie U are. U have the confidence to carry anything off make Dad see what he is missing out on and more importantly keep big bro as close to U as possible. Dad hates seeing U with him.
Pia let out her own doubts-U keep calling me Mom. I feel old.
Khushi beams-That's because when Dad marries U, then you'll be our Mom. Its rude to call U Pia all the time but we do it out of respect for U.

With this they girls finally enter the club beginning to get a vibe, music buzzing and the alcohol flowing the girls were already enjoying their freedom from the boys with heart. Pooja had gotten changed in the bathroom with Pia's help while Urvi remained at the bar taking shots down as fast as possible to get the party started. Geet tagged along with her own Vodka shots. Back home they weren't allowed anywhere near booze until they turned 100 according to their father but they were just a year out couldn't hurt taking a few shots right?

Geet turned her back to the crowd feeling a little intimidated by everyone. It wasn't their scene. She wanted a dance. To Khushi-U want to dance? I mean i have been angelic all my life and this outfit makes me want to get a little naughty.
ADRIANA LIMA photo | Adriana Lima
Khushi shook her head-Nuh uh. They seem a little too much for us. Dad will chew us out.
Geet laughed-U with me silly. 
Khushi knew this-I know but Dad will freak. I can smell booze and so will he.
Geet hushed her sister-Too loud. He won't. 

As soon as Pia emerged out with Pooja 
ELIZABETH BANKS photo | Elizabeth Banks
in her own hot  knee length/mini blue dress. the ambience had changed. Pooja was no longer in a dark mood but she was now more cheerful. They joined Urvi each celebrating freedom away from all the chaos in their lives, emotional baggage, mental tensions to just have this night with their girls. They all led their way to the main dance area where the DJ was playing Chris Brown's Turn up the music. The girls had found themselves with guys they'd only just met happily blowing wind to caution. 

Priya was busy getting the guy she was with along with her sister Chahat to get in free drinks, it wasn't hard to get them to do as they wished all it took was batting their cute eyelashes at them and they did as they pleased. Khushi didn't want any guy near her. They were all a little too OTT for her. This wasn't even her scene but she only tagged along to spend some time with her Mom who was having the time of her life with her friend Pooja both exchanging this telepathic message which was intercepted by Khushi. Oh boy they were about to do something bad.

Abhay with his sons had all gone on their night time excursions camping out on one of their hunting expeditions. As usual Prem had begun his own flirting with a fellow camping mates. The boys loved to do a lot of wild moves out in the open in the night. Vedhant had managed to sneak a bottle of whisky only for it to be confiscated by Abhay. He had the eyes at the back of his head. Abhay had smirked at his youngest son for trying to outsmart him. Only he had been outsmarted by the youngster hiding a stash in his blood bag.

Preet asks his brother Karan prying-So this date when is it?
Karan exclaimed-Its this week but due to studying and the homework its been postponed. I might have a high IQ but Nidhi is only human. I don't want to inconvenience her ok?
Preet started adding more logs to the fire they'd started watching the embers fly had always aroused his interest-I'd love to play fire tricks.
Arjun was hopeful-I want Mom to show us a cool Fire magic.
Prem gestured with his eyes to his brothers to continue talking about Chilli Flakes.

Abhay couldn't get away from Pia. His kids were always talking about her. The events kept running in his head how Pia knew what he was, right down to seeing the girl, his Pia along with Maithali had to be because she looked like them and he couldn't forget she was a witch meaning a complete opposite to his world. It was playing on his mind. The girl exasperated him to the point of blowing his head off. This trip had been planned by the boys to distract him from Pia but now he was beginning to suspect if this was all a ruse.

Abhay had a flash of the immediate danger Pia was in. What was this stupid girl doing now?
Jeet was already on his feet with the rest of the boys-Dad is everything alright? (Knowing full well what was going on. His sisters had alerted him telepathically what they were going to do) U seem...
Prem choked a laugh in. This was all premeditated and Pia drunk meant a very naughty Pia and he didn't want to miss this sight-Dad???
Abhay started wrapping everything up-We have to cut this trip short boys. An urgent dash is what we all need to make ok?

In the Soho House Abhay and the 6 teens all barge in flashing past the bouncers to find the chaos. The Raichand girls were all busy dancing apart from Khushi but Geet was missing So was Pia.

Khushi pointed to a corner in the dark-They went that way. I wanted to go but...
Abhay nodded-I told U to stay away from trouble. That's my girl.

Abhay saw closer Pia up close with a very mediocre looking guy. His hands were all over Pia. He couldn't help but clench his fists and grit his teeth. She seemed to be enjoying the attention he was giving her. He tried to close his eyes to stop himself from creating a scene but the rage was beginning to consume him. Was this a false alarm?

Pia had already clocked Abhay over at the far left with the corner of her eyes smiling and bringing her friend Tom closer. Tom liked joking and goofing around with Pia. They were friends through Pooja but he wasn't at all interested in either of them seeing them as sisters but they'd said they needed a lying game. So he was in. Anything devious he was all in. Abhay had got a glass of alcohol from the waitress and gulped it down then breaking the glass with his strength. He'd seen the drunk move his hand all over Pia's exposed back looking so...Well the way she was dancing with him it wasn't looking like she was just a platonic friend. His eyes could only stare at Pia wanting to be that guy holding her in his arms. He wanted her to be happy. Pia suited the new look better but not with the outfit she had on. He half wanted to go up there and cover her back for her with his leather jacket. This was a testing time for him emotionally he was almost at breaking point. He was jealous of a mortal witch. 

Pooja was with Karl on one of her customers her brother had sent her way but he was asking about Pia and she had seen the way he was looking at her-Listen U want the gear i'm giving it to U. Now get the hell outta here. And don't do anything i wouldn't do.
Karl simply walked away only to be teleporting almost at Pia taking her away from Tom-Hi baby! (His eyes showed darkness)
Pia gasped upon seeing the threat no longer smiling-What are U doing? (Was he after her? Is he the darkness waiting to snatch her from the cusp of all she knew? Pia froze. Her eyes darted to Abhay's before the vanishing act keeping in mind how to make the stubborn vampire come unhinged deciding to take on the darkness.)
Karl got out his poisoned vial-Oh just making sure U don't live to your next birthday. U knew i was here didn't U?
Pia didn't answer-U think U can scare me with poison. Please think of something more original.
Karl tightened his hold on Pia making her yelp out in pain-You're drugged up in magic huh? Slow death but this way you'll reach your maker sooner. 
Pia wasn't gong to stop Karl. She wanted to see if he, if Abhay would save her, if their bond was as great as the girls had mentioned, after all Abhay had saved her at the Fountain. Looks like her jumping off the balcony of the top floor of the club wasn't needed. Why wasn't she scared for her life. It was only the fear of not seeing Abhay that had her afraid.

Karl was about to spray the liquid with his black magic when Abhay had snapped the evil warlords neck. Jeet came and took Pia away so his Father couldn't console her. The more separation between them the bigger the pull. Abhay saw the way Pia was shaking in Jeets arms making him feel like he was losing the battle of the wills here.

As soon as they'd all went home Pooja couldn't help but feel envious of Pia's bond with Jeet. She wanted Jeet to hold her lovingly. Pia had seen and noted how Abhay's eyes had been glued to her all through the night but she also knew he'd lecture her on being a danger to herself and to others around her meaning he...Right now all she wanted was just a hug. From Abhay but Jeet was the next best thing she had. He understood her. 

Jeet had cautioned his brothers and sisters to leave her alone with him mounting more speculation from Abhay on what was really going on as he heard his son say words of consolation-U did good not showing fear. (Gave her a kiss on her forehead)

Meanwhile Prem had seen Urvi with Tom chatting like they were kindred spirits making him feel a little glum. He could spend any time with any girl but he wanted Urvi to speak to him and not to some random stranger she'd only just befriended. Urvi hadn't even bothered to talk to him.

Abhay was furious sitting in the dark alone. His daughter Khushi had decided to part some of her sensibility soothing her father's troubled mind. He had a lot to dwell on but mostly on who this Warlock was? What did he have against Pia? And why was Pia making such an impact on him? He was afraid someone would hurt her and the thought alone was killing him not to mention seeing her with others was beginning to tick him off.
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Brilliant update ayesha! I really loved it. Edited by Jiya_tariq - 2012-03-01T12:27:45Z
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Just superb Ayesha Clap Clap I cant explain how much I love this FF Embarrassed
Pia is all set to blow up abhay's senses ha LOL I like her dress and Geet's too. It was really sweet and comforting how she was being helped by her daughters. Whatever she said from her heart about loving Abhay though she doesn't know she is his Pia was wonderful to read. 
Felt bad for Pooja...poor girl.. Prem and Jeet are badboyz... troubling his dad by talking about chilliflakes LOL LOL but I loved it and love them as well... my darling khushi... so adorable... daddy's princess...so loved her Embarrassed so finally Abhay is losing the battle of will Big smile 
Jeet's idea is totally working... lets see for how long Abhay will control himself and tell her to stay away... and eagerly waiting to know who was that warlock too...update soon Ayesha Embarrassed
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