::SEQEUL::ETERNALLY YOURS::Update 14 April pg139(Page 23)

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Great part...thnx for d pm
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Wow Ayesha I loved your FF's. The 12 children of Abhiya are really cute and sweet.

poor Abhay hope he get his happiness soon.

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Yes I hope 2 that Abhay gets happy soon
The raichand children are soo sweet taking care of their dad...

feel sorry for Abhay... CryCryCryCryCryCryCry
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btw wanted to ask does pixie have curly hair in this ff like pia did or straight hair like maithili? 
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Originally posted by sunflower52

Wow Ayesha I loved your FF's. The 12 children of Abhiya are really cute and sweet.

poor Abhay hope he get his happiness soon.

 I am going to write an UPDATE now lets see if i can make this look authentic
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Originally posted by xxAqeelahxx

Yes I hope 2 that Abhay gets happy soon
The raichand children are soo sweet taking care of their dad...

feel sorry for Abhay... Cry
 Pia jaldi wapas a rahi hai apni pyar koh dobara haasil karne keliye
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Originally posted by ramita94

btw wanted to ask does pixie have curly hair in this ff like pia did or straight hair like maithili? 
For asking the right kinda question. Pixie looks like neither

She's a little Jungli in style. You'd be scared if U crossed paths with her. Her style is very GOTHESQUE with highlights. This is how i used to be with dark eyeliners eyc now i've mellowed
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:::Update 3:::Hot Momma sweet Chilli Flakes:::

Prem couldn't stop staring at his mother. Technically the soul in this body was his mother but dang she was hot he thought. Jeet glared disapprovingly towards his brother for even having the thought in his mind in the first place. Karan grimaced feeling uncomfortable at seeing his mother open to cease fire and she didn't even know the roubles headed her way here. Angel holding Karan's hand while Geet remained stood up looking worried. 

Priya was transfixed on those features resembling the photo of her mothers-She's beautiful!!
Prem mused stroking her short black hair full of streaks-She's a firecracker. She is nothing like her old self. She'll spit Dad out for breakfast i guarantee U this. She has so much anger. Just look at the piercings alone.
Angel was actually loving the new look-Hey eyes off her Prem she's off limits not to mention it being creepy.
Prem laughed at this statement-I was merely admiring the different look she has going on. Its just what Dad needs to restart his life again. Our chilli flakes will spitfire on Dad. 
Jeet felt another presence of an old lady-Shhh.
Grams was still up and about able to see with her foresight-So U kids finally made it huh? (Gives them all a cute smile) I've been expecting U a while now what took U so long? She's called Pixie. But she's nothing like a fairy trust me. She's very rebellious and stubborn. U know what she is right? Other than her sharing a cosmic connection to U kids?
Jeet sensed power in her. Immense Power just reaching the surface-A witch! We couldn't leave our Dad! He's a...
Grams finished-A vampire!!! (Her wise eyes see through Jeets eyes) I'm a washed out witch with dwindling powers but i still have my sixth sense. U look just like him. This will help my child. She's been so alone!! Cut herself from the rest of the world. (Touches her cheek) Pixie's afraid to make ties to people. They've always let her down. She only trusts herself and me with time U kids.U saved us. They are coming.
Angel gasped anger bubbling away-We'll take her away from here.
Karan blurted-We have to see what the danger is first. Then come up with a game plan. Mom needs saving. She needs to fight back for herself and for us. Only then can she win Dad back. 
Geet agreed with Karan-He's right!! We take Mom they can get her even with us there. If we see them then we can make arrangements. When we return we'll be at our most strongest. Papa will protect Mom but her powers will grow here. 
Grams praised Geet's intellect-U my child are the brain here. Pixie needs embrace her powers. This town is full of dark magic and Pixie is zoned into the hub of all magic. Pixie will never leave me. Not for anyone my children.

Pixie stirred waking up in Jeets arms like she was in a dream state touching his cheeks again and those eyes were so like his-Abhay!!!

Pixie could only trace his chiselled bone structure feeling warmth on her skin. His were pale in comparison and he had blue eyes. He wasn't Abhay. Pixie would recognize them anywhere however was this person even real or just a figment of her imagination? Pixie remained touching his brow then saw the twinkle in his eye, she flinched away from him again. The 6 pairs of eyes all eagerly waiting to hear her speak. It made her feel self concious getting away from them. She felt confused as to why she wanted to hug them all but at the same time her inert inbuilt doubting nature got the best of her to place everyone under scrutiny.

Pixie ran to her Grams remembering they'd been attacked by something then a flashing white light whizzed through her. The boy saved her-I'm sorry i thought...Thank U for saving us. Grams U ok? They didn't hurt U right? I'll kill them when i get my hands on them. (Her eyes started crackling with light amusing Prem) Nobody touches U nobody. (The street lights started flickering startling her) What was that?
Priya choked out-We can't stay out all night!!!
Grams gave Pixie a gentle stroke while Pixie hugged her-Pixie!!! (She pulled a face) I know U hate your name. I need to tell U something and pass a legacy on to U my child. 
Pixie bemused by this fact-Now!!! U need to get hydrated. Can't it wait?
Grams shook her head-I won't be alive for long. U must take this book and guard it as best U can Pixie. We should go to our neighbours place they'll provide us with shelter. These kids are special. U must stay with us. I know i need some company. U can tell us about India.
Pia got free and hugged Jeet for saving her. She wanted to know more about these strange teens making her feel very dizzy.-I don't know why but i feel i owe U a lot. Have we met before?
Jeet smiled back-Not me. You've met someone like me only better. I was just doing my duty. Its Jeet by the way. 
Prem saw the tattoo knowing what his fathers reaction would be, shook his hand with Pixie with his most corniest smiles ever-I'm Prem as in Love. (Kissed her hand)
Geet laughed-He's The compulsive flirt. I'm Geet and that's Angel. She's Priya and that's Karan
Pixie now let her guard down feeling safe around them. They were more like kindred spirits almost. This wave of emotion burst through her like she had to protect them with her life-So you're not from around here then? I've never seen U all and if i did i'd never forget a face. Especially yours. (To Jeet!!!) I've been seeing U a lot in my dreams. Not your face but the eyes.
Grams changed the subject-Pixie!!!
Karan adviced-Pia!!! U are more of a Pia than Pixie.
Pixie liked this name-So U guys staying around (Walks over to their neighbours home. They were gifted with powers as well) 
Karan answered-Yeah!!! For now but Dad will kill us. We came without telling him. Pix...
Pixie laughed-I like Pia. Call me Pia instead i'd prefer it to Pixie. U have no idea the names i've been called. I don't know why but around U guys i feel normal. Your lucky U have a Dad!!! (Her face shows traces of sadness) U should call him let him know U are safe. 
Prem didn't want to be on the receiving end of the line for this-Chiili flakes! My Dad's pretty intense. Les just say we've led a sheltered life and this is the first time we've flown out of our coops.
Pia gave him a stern look-Chilli flakes!!!
Angel giggled explaining-He hates calling anyone who's very beaitiful by erm he calls my Aunt Hotness and Grandma Sexy so you'll be known as Chilli flakes.
Pia joined by Diana now wanting to be part of her crew-This is Diana.
Diana gave them all warm welcome-Pixie i just heard what happened! How are U? 
Pia gave the girl a simple nod of the head-Thanks to them i am. By the way U can call me Pia from now on. I know how U like to poke fun at my name.
Diana gave them all this weird stare like they weren't welcome around here-Ok. They saved U!!! How? I mean from an explosion. We saw it from here.
Geet didn't like this girl one bit. Neither did her siblings.

Grams watched her granddaughter getting to know her new family. It wasn't long until her time was up and she'd be all alone. Her sweet child had bared the brunt of the worlds cruel tricks on her. Her angels had come to take her back to safety but her powers had to fully awaken in order to combat what was to come her way.

In India the others were struggling to make excuses for their absent siblings. There was only so much tantrums Khushi and Chahat could throw. Luckily Abhay was swamped with Vampire meetings as their leader he had to make all of the decisions. Get notifications of any power surges.

Preet to Arjun sounding a little concerned-Its been 4 days. Big bro's got Mom and the others are safe but who'll save us from Dad? The student exchange programme is a little far fetched even for us.
Arjun gulped reassuring his brother-The girls will have our backs. They've kept Dad occupied for 4 days.
Vedant laughed at them for over thinking this-I'm already grounded for disrupting class. Dad's got his hands full with me so this buys a few more days.
Arohi flashes her own worries-I've just got news they aren't coming back until Mom gets her powers and they know who is after her. We are in big trouble.

Sid had overheard the entire conversation feeling bad for his nephews and nieces-So this is what you've all been up to? U didn't think we wouldn't notice did U? We're vampires not retarded!!! Abhay's going to raise some hell in here.
Khushi was now busy with her doe eys at her uncle-Chachu i don't want to make Ppa mad but he's never going to let them go with permission so we forged his signatures to release the others from school.
Sid was impressed by the indepth planning-U kids are too good. 
Alina muttered-Sid don't encourage them. 

Abhay was back from his meetings relaying the urgent meeting-Turns out theres another power rise going on here. A facilities been uncovered by one of our European counterparts. Some scientists are testing the supernaturals . We have to be on guard bro.

Abhay noticed the room was too quiet. Not a pin drop could be heard-Where are the others??? Khushi!! Chahat wheres Prem?
Chahat simply shrugged her shoulders playing with her long hair-Probably out with the twins!!
Abhay muttered-Wheres Jeet? Karan? Angel? I haven't seen them in 4 days. I am trying not to be an overbearing, clingy father by giving U all some space but i want to know where my kids are at all times.
Arohi blurted out-With Mom!!!
Khushi nudged Arohi in the ribs-They're on a student exchange programme. We told U about it in passing.
Abhay had already heard-Mom????? Spill now!!! (Sounding cross roaring almost) From the beginning
Arohi caved in real fast resonating a little burdened like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders-They went to save Mom. She's in real trouble. Khushi got the SOS call so the others went after her.
Abhay felt like he was going to blow in fury. His kids still believed in this-Your Mother died. (Calming his tone so he doesn't frighten Arohi any more than she was already feeling right now) Pia died to protect us. She's never coming back. Khushi U have to stop feeding into these fantasies. Your mother left us. She's with God. Vedhant U are getting this right? You're all nearly 17 now. Adults almost U can't allow yourselves to get swayed into this false notion of people coming back. Pia's lost to us forever.
Chahat bravely defended-She's already back. Not as Pia but as someone even stronger. Dad she's come back for us. For U. Just like she said she would. 
Abhay couldn't believe this-I want them back here now!!! This trip is over. They are not chasing after a ghost. I'm not losing any of my children for a stranger. You're all smarter than this. How could they leave without my permission? Without me!!! They'll be grounded for life. This woman isn't Pia. Nobody can ever be Pia. Preet show them some sense.
Preet closed his eyes sadly telling his father the same-Papa it really is MOM! U can't feel it because you've cut yourself from the rest of the world. Outside of this family all U care about is us and being a good leader. 
Arjun concurred the same-Papa its true!!! Moms back. She's not an ordinary human either. This is why we feel this connection. Collectively we can find her anywhere but right now we aren't as powerful. Let them protect her for as long as they can until she comes into her full Powers. Please Dad!! 
Abhay demanded the other contacted him now mentally but nothing-Why can't i reach them? This nonsense has gone on long enough!!
Khushi pleaded again sounding a little shaken-Dad!! I've seen her. She looks just like Mom only sad. Mom needs us!!!! They'll kill her for Power. They want what she has. Bhai is trying to flush them out!
Abhay yells at his daughter shaking her-Enough!!!! (Feeling his raised voice only make Khushi react back with temper) This ends here. Next flight they will be here. If not i'll be forced to drag them back. This woman is using my kids weakness as her strength. (Displays his temper scaring his kids) I'll kill her if any harm comes to them. The woman can suffer for all i care but y kids are not pawns.
Khushi screams-U are so mean!!! How can U be so heartless??? You've blinded yourself!!! Mom needs us and U are being so ignorant. Nothing will happen to my Mom. All U know is to be a leader and a father, a good son but you've forgotten how to love again. You've forgotten Mom!!! I wish i was dead. I hate U. (Runs off to her room)
Abhay felt hurt at how his daughter who wouldn't ever raise her voice at him was now wishing she was dead-Khushi!!!
Chahat glares at her Dad but isn't as confrontational-U know how Khushi looks up to U. How much she wants to see U happy and i know you're upset we hid this from U but if we'd have told U would U have let them go? Why are U so cold all the time when it comes to Mom? (She bit her lips to stop herself from saying anything she'd regret) By the way we've all seen Mom and she is back. We're not delusional Dad. You'll be sorry when Mom arrives here because you'll have nowhere to hide.
Preet hated the look on his father's face like he was a lost soul-I'll go deal with Khushi. Bhai said he'll be with the others making sure they are safe.
Arohi was crying now-Papa we're sorry!! We hurt U. (Abhay's eyes were tearing) We all love U. But Mom needs us right now? We can't lose her now we got her.
Arjun followed Chahat to Khushi's room.

Vedant sat with his Dad trying not to add fire to the situation-They're all safe. We're sorry we have been so hard on U the past few days. 
Abhay nodded covering his face with his hands-This sounds unbelievable.
Vedhant scoffed-Tell us about it. We've known for years but you'd never believed us then so what chance do we have now as adults huh? Khushi'll come around it was all heat of the moment. She's going through a tough time. U know with her powers being all emotional and seeing the futures not a barrel of laughs either.
Haseena was by Abhay's side keeping the peace-Vedhant go see to your sisters and your brothers for now.
Abhay lambasted himself for shouting at them all-I've really messed up Mom!!! I just don't know what i'm doing right now! I can't let myself and feed my kids false illusions of what can never be. 
Haseena understood her sons dilemma-Your children are very powerful Abhay and if they are saying Pia's back then instead of shooting them down try to have an open mind. Anything is possible facts are stranger than fiction.

Abhay went to make up with his youngest who was besides herself in tears. As soon as he rapped on her door he felt her run out of her window to evade him.
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