Update for 30th March - Kasamh Se!

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Posted: 16 years ago

Woaw, it feels awesome to do the update after such a long time! I must say that Doe and the others did a fabulous job of it and frankly it is so much fun to read the updates than do them…but as of now, I am really looking forward to do the update for today! Hope you guys like it! So here we go…


Aww, my poor teddy bear, coogly woogly Jai cries today….gosh, it was so heart-breaking! CryBtw, Jai screams on Jigs, cries in front of Pushkar and then tells Mohan that he is enjoying the party! This man, I tell you!Ermm


The episode commences with Jigs telling her "Jai Bhaiyaa" that Pia is in the party and is in a room upstairs. Jigs tells him that it was her duty to tell him and now he can do what he wants to. Jai looks completely rattled and then gets a deadly and lethal look on his face and looks upstairs and strides to the room with a determined, killer look on his face! As Jai goes near the room, Mohan comes out of it and looks shocked, Jai gives a suspicious look at Mohan and asks him who is there in the room, Mohan tells him calmly that there is no one inside, Jai doesn't believe him and walks inside the room anyway. Some girl is sitting facing the wall (so funny) and is dressed like Pia. Jai goes slowly near the girl and puts his hand on her shoulder and is taken aback when he sees someone else sitting there. Jai is embarrassed and apologizes to the girl and to Mohan and walks off from there. As he goes off, Bani and Pia come from behind the curtain and thank the girl and Mohan. Bani tells Pia that she has to leave from there immediately before Jai finds her. Bani thinks to herself that Mohan has helped them this time but he is Jai's closest friends and it won't be long before Mohan discloses everything to Jai.


As Jai walks down to the party, Jigs looks at him with great anticipation, till Jai comes to her and tells her (pretty loudly, everyone stares at them) that why is she always trying to hurt him, inspite of the fact that he is her brother. Jigs is completely shocked at Jais' reaction and he then loses control of his temper and tells Jigs that what satisfaction does she gain by hurting him everytime and making fun of his feelings. Jai tells her that she is just about the most selfish person he has ever knows and leaves the party. Everyone is staring at Jigs, who now has tears in her eyes and Ranveer, Pushkar, Mohan and all the others are looking at Jigs in amazement. Pushkar's eyes are only on Jai and he follows Jai outside.


Jai goes to the garden and breaks down crying like a baby. (Oh god, it was pretty painful to watch, poor thing! Man, I hate Pia so much!) The background music from HDDCS plays while Pushkar comes and looks at Jai with an expression of guilt and grief. Jai turns and looks at Pushkar and tells him that he has never been so heart-broken, so dejected and so betrayed before. Jai says that he had no idea that it hurts like hell when a dream is shattered. Jai places his hand on Pushkar's shoulder who is standing like a statue, Jai then says that everythign was a lie, Pia was the biggest lie of his life. Jai then says that he will light fire to everything Pia was associate with, he will destroy not only Pia but everyone she ever loved and cared for. Jai says that he loved Pia so much and she betrayed his feelings, his trust and his love. Jai wipes his tears and gets agitated again and tells Pushkar that he is going to destroy Pia and everyone associated with her. Jai says that his life is ruined, he is not going to spare Pia or that guy either from being destroyed by his hatred. Pushkar is maintaining a stony silence, while Mohan comes from behind and very cheerfully asks what is going on. Jai's expression changes and he tells Mohan that nothing has happened and that they should all go inside and enjoy the party. Mohan and Pushkar exchange a look while Mohan walks off with Jai, Pushkar is left with an expression of "OMG…what have I done." On his face!


Jai, Mohan, Pushkar, Jigs and Ranveer are at the party and some silly song sequence begins. The song is from the movie Company picturised on Isha Kopikkar, Bach ke tu rehna….Pushkar is looking only at Jai with a "puppy dog" look while Jigs is still wiping her tears and begins to leave the party. Ranveer tells Jigs that she doesn't have to go anywhere and that he will now make  a joke out of everyone present here and Jai will pay for what he has just done to Jigs.


Bani and Pia leave the party hall, while Pushkar looks at both of them going. Jai has an inkling that something is happening behind his back but he is too lost to notice. Bani and Pia are outside, where both of them break down crying. Pia tells Bani that she cannot bear to see Bani paying for Pia's mistakes. Bani tells her that "Taqdeer badalna hamare haathon mein nahin hota." Bani tells Pia that she could never see Pia being hurt at any cost and she will shield Pia from all grief as long as she can. Rano comes from behind and hugs Pia and tells her that she has made them cry and lot while Pia says that we always end up hurting those whom we love most. All the three sister have a hug-fest and Bani, poor kid, cries the most! The track, Meri duniya hai tujh mein kahin….. Beautiful scene…..very emotional!


Summary and Comments:

Performance Barometer : Jai, Jai and Jai again. No, I am not obsessed with him! But seriously, he was terrific today, as he has been for the past few episodes! Today, we saw the completely emotional side of Jai, breaking down like a child, crying his heart out in front of Pushkar (Of all the people!) I actually felt today, that Jai might have really loved Pia, to be so hurt and dejected! Ram's expression's, his dialogues, his body language was near perfect. The way his expression's turn from anger, to hurt, to heart-wrenching grief, to revengeful and then to a cool detachment is just laudable! It takes an actor of great caliber to enact such a wide range of expressions within a moment's notice! Second was Pushkar, who hardly had a line today, but his eyes said it all. The way his eyes reflect his inner turmoil, the feeling of how dreadful things have become and the horror of what he has done the person who loved him like a son, was awesome!!! Kudos to both the actors for a splendid performance. Bani and the others had nothing much to do, except cry and poor Bani should now be awarded a Doctorate for specializing in shedding copious tears for her sisters, for her friend, for her husband and for herself! Jigyasa was excellent in the short scene she had, the way her eyes well up with tears of humiliation! She is a fantastic actress and I think she adds new dimensions to Kasamh Se with her incredible performance! Ranveer is becoming slightly monotonous, he does nothing but smirk and look cunning all the time, wish he had more dialouges, he is a good actor overall, plus he looks so drooly!Wink Khandu is kinda growing on me these days, I really like his cool, calm, unruffled attitude and also the fact that he saved Bani from getting another blow from Jai! Kamal Sadanah acts very nicely and is looking much better than he did in his introuductory scenes!


Best Scene : Definitely the highlight of the episode, the one where Jai cries his heart out in front of Pushkar. Excellent acting, good dialouges and very emotional!


Jai's Dilemma : All those who were lambasting Jai will assuredly change their feelings when they see today's episode. The way Jai breaks down crying was just completely heart-wrenching. Jai has been betrayed by the very people who were nearest to his heart….Pushkar, who was almost like a son to him, Pia, who he loved and trusted so much, Jigs, his own sister, Aditya, his best friend, who held back Pia and Pushkar's truth from him…….I just hope Bani never joins this list!


Pushkar's Dilemma : I don't think Pushkar will ever have the guts to tell Jai about what he has done…and he will somehow convince Bani and Mohan to keep their mouths shut. As long as it was a matter of courage, Pushkar could have managed, but now that he has seen with his own eyes, what he has done to Jai, the feeling of guilt and sorrow weights too heavy in his mind. Earlier, he was upset with Jai because he felt that Jai had stolen Pia from him, but he now realizes that the only mistake Jai made was to fall in love with Pia and that both Pushkar and Pia are the ones who have betrayed Jai. Somehow, by running away with Pia, Pushkar has diluted his self-worth. He put love about loyalty, he put a girl he knew for barely some time before the man who gave him a life to live. Its very tough to feel any sympathy for Pushkar at the moment, especially after seeing Jai's anguish and pain.


Bani's Dilemma : Bani is truly caught in a cross-fire. She loves Pia more than her life but at the same time, she is now married and committed to a man who is hell bent on destroying Pia's life. Bani has to not only shield Pia from Jai's wrath but also make sure that she doesn't end up hurting Jai than he already is. Bani realizes that she is now not only someone's sister but also someone's wife, and that she had to take the interest of both of them before taking any decisions. Things would have been simpler if Bani had just hated Jai, but the fact is that even though she might not be in love with Jai, she is committed to him in marriage and knowing her nature, she will not do anything to harm or hurt Jai further. Bani is truly playing a game, which she is bound to lose in any case….no wonder all of us feel so bad for her!


Pia's Dilemma : Nothing except that she is a D-O-R-K! And I cannot feel one inch of sympathy for such a chicken-hearted girl. She walked out of her boyfriend's life to marry someone richer, she walked out of her would-be-husband's life to go back into her boyfriend's heart, she repeatedly broke her sister's trust in her, she betrayed not only her love, her family, the man who loved her, but also herself. Pia is indeed her biggest enemy herself!


No Promo for tomorrow, though I wonder what Creepy Ranveer is upto now! And yes, I don't want to see my Teddy bear Jai crying any more, except when Bani is around to give him her shoulder!


Lots of Love,


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Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks a ton MT for such nice and beautifully written update- highly appreciated- ClapClap
i love reading ur updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep them coming buddy- Tongue
i just wish jai accepts bani her wife and dont torture bani for peeya's deeds- Angry
cheers Smile
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Posted: 16 years ago
First of all Mistletoe, it is good to have you and your update back. graet update. I love to read your posts. they are very well written and obviously hillarious.

Posted: 16 years ago
omggg MT feel soo good to read ur updates again!!! lolz


man im soooooo amazed at pushy! he shud tell jai it was him! gosh how cud he live with such guilt! hes better of telling the truth!!! Embarrassed

and man i feel damn sorry for the sister! poor things shud of stay bk in mount abu instead of goin thru such disgusting Circumstance !!! Wink ((( hope these sister neva break up) love there love 4 each other !! now i wish i had a sister!!! Cry


o well hun cheers 4 update!! Wink Hug
Posted: 16 years ago

OH thanks for the great update...Nice to see you updating.. Tongue God Jai is really heartbroken he was madly in love with Pia and pushkar ka kia hoga... Tongue

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update. When are bani and jai gona have there scene i really wana see them two together.
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks MT , U R JIST FABBB Clap

i wonder mt , why people always get the wrong result for doing the right things??? Confused

i know wat jai said to jigs is absolutely true ,

but 2day at least jigs wasnt doing nything wrong,

i mean dat jigs should hav got this bombardment frm jai wen she has done nything nasty, but 2day i felt dat it wud hav been better if jai found out abt pia pushky.

Posted: 16 years ago

OH thanks for the great update...Nice to see you updating.. Tongue God Jai is really heartbroken he was madly in love with Pia and pushkar ka kia hoga... Tongue


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