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Posted: 9 years ago

Hello Friends,

Here is a New thread with MORE DETAILS AND AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, with regards to a change in the submission process!!
Hello Friends Hug
Hurray Party!  One of our most favorite season is here Dancing!
 T H E     H O L I D A Y     S E A S O N
And the crazies are proud to bring forth a
 F O R U M     D E C O R A T I O N    C O N T E S T
What is it you may ask?  Here is more informaiton on it!!
This is a forum wide contest, whereby we are providing each section of India-forums.com with an opportunity to participate and show the section's pride!
Interested members of each section should contact their development team members (if there are any), and make a common topic to recruit members from their forum to help out with the contest.
P.s. We shall also pass the message onto the section DTs of sections for which members wish to contribute to!
The next task is to plan a GRAND CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEAR POST! 
 The thread MUST have a CHIRISTMAS/ New Year THEME!
*It shoudln't be based on the theme of the show!!!*
 They CANNOT have any SERIAL related content on the thread.
*This is to ensure that the thread is generic to allow for unbiased voting!!!*
 You may ask any one for creations, as long as they agree!
*In other words you can PM any creators on IF for help, as long as they offer to help!*
 NOTE: The planning can be done on the same thread, given that many members may be interested in helping out with the post.  However, members may also opt to do the Planning part via PM to. 
Overall, the section members are to come together and create  a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE Holiday Season Thread.
Your Final Post, must be PMed to the following account:
December 21st, 2011
The individual posts will then be judged based on the following categories:
Caliber of Ideas
Are the ideas presented of a great quality?  Do they stand out well?  
Are the ideas and events suggented original, or something that has already been conducted by the CCs?  Have they taken an attempt to present an original activity?
Presentation Style
Is the presentation style appealing?
Overall Creativity
Are the posts creative?
The Winnin Post will be released as the CC Chirstmas Thread of 2011!!  So don't miss out on the
 F O R U M     D E C O R A T I O N    C O N T E S T
 Good Luck Everyone!!!
If you have any QUESTIONS, please feel free to PM me,
MP_Radha or post your questions here!  Thank you!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
 Q U E S T I O N S   &   C L A R I F I C A T I O N 
What exactly do we have to make?
This is basically an opportunity for members of a particular forum to gather and have a great time coming up with an X-mas themed post hun.   The post has to be creative, colorful, and may have any content that would attract and engage members.  You would work together in preparing the post content and send it to the crazycreative account.  And we will conduct an anonymous voting session, and the winner thread will be made a GA (by the organizers), and the rest would be made as stickies in individual sections that participate Embarrassed
Right now we are encouraging the interested members of any particular section to contact their DTs and inform them about this contest and prepare a sign up / recruitment thread.. in their particular sections (which could be made sticky by the section DTs).  Once members sign up.. you guys can brainstorm ideas and come up with a very CREATIVE/ ATTRACTIVE post content that has to be PMed.
P.s. for any sections without a DT, please contact me...

Do we have to plan an activity or game, where people can participate?  Or does it have to be an informative post?
The post content must be CREATIVE with the theme as x-mas/ holiday season.  It can be anything (activity/ game wise) as long as it attracts people and make them engaged, both activity wise and the overall post decoration/ creativity. 
Who makes the final post?
As described earlier, the members are to prepare a post content and send it to the crazycreative account, so an anonymous voting session can be conducted!  In the meantime, members can decide amongst themselves who will keep track of everything, and try to put things together Big smile
What if our section DT is inactive?

 Contact MP_Radha. 
Does the forum have to be an active one to take part in the contest?
No, any forums can take part in it, as long as the members get together and prepare the post content. 
Do we have to make a single Post content and send it to Crazy creative na?

We are told that we can make a game/an activity!  we have few ideas of games, activities and concepts; however, on the FAQ, its stated that we have to make a single post content and send it to the crazy creative ID, so how is that possible actually?
First of all, in the FAQ, it was mentioned only as post content, and not single!  As some people like to split up their work into couple of posts, however for the sake of anonymous voting, we expect all the content to be PMed all at once.  You may indicate *Post One*, *Post Two*, etc.  Its entirely upto the members.
However, here is an example of combining festival content and the activity together into a single post:
This is just an exampling of how we combine the activity with the festival into a single post.    However, your Christmas post has to be grander than this, and must bigger Big smile

to be edited as questions pop up...
Edited by MP_Radha - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
Woowww...that an awesome contest Radha...kudos for the beautiful idea :)
Posted: 9 years ago
Interesting Contest CC! Looking forward to taking part it in hopefully! Embarrassed
Posted: 9 years ago
WOW..that's sound's awesome... Big smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
wooow sound's awesome...

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