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Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar, as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is also a fascinating holiday with a rich history and diverse celebrations worldwide. 


Easter has roots in both Christian and pagan traditions. The history of Easter can be traced back to the Jewish holiday of Passover, which Jesus was celebrating with his disciples during the Last Supper. For Christians, Easter holds immense significance as it represents the victory of life over death. Easter is typically observed with special church services which include hymns, prayers, and the reading of Biblical passages related to the resurrection.


The significance of Easter lies in the belief that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. The Holy Week, begins with Palm Sunday, commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, and ends with Easter Sunday. Throughout this week, Christians engage in various activities, such as attending Maundy Thursday services, which remember the Last Supper, and Good Friday services, which reflect on Jesus' crucifixion. Easter Sunday itself is a day of great joy and celebration. Many churches hold special services, often followed by festive gatherings and meals with family and friends. It is a time for Christians to come together, and express gratitude for the sacrifice of Jesus.


Non-religious celebrations of Easter are also popular. One of the most well-known traditions is the Easter egg hunt, where children search for hidden eggs filled with treats. Decorating eggs is another fun activity, with various techniques like dyeing, painting, or using stickers.


Easter is celebrated worldwide with unique cultural traditions. In Greece, people engage in the "Anastasi" midnight church service, followed by a feast. In Spain, elaborate processions known as "Semana Santa" take place, featuring religious statues and traditional music. In the United States, Easter is celebrated with the White House Easter Egg Roll, where children roll colored eggs down a hill. In many other countries, special meals and treats are prepared during Easter celebrations.


Overall, Easter is a time of joy, renewal, and celebration. It brings people together both honor their faith and spend time with loved ones. On this occasion, Team Crazy Creatives wish IFians a Happy Easter!

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It's Easter time, which means....egg hunt time!smiley40

The Crazy Creatives bring to you - IF's very own Easter Egg Hunt!

We have hidden 10 eggs in various forum threads. Read the clues below to locate all the eggs and send them to us.


Please read and understand the following rules before taking part in the Egg Hunt.

Image All members are free to participate. Read the clues below to find the various eggs hidden inside the posts of various forums. The clues will lead you to the forum and the thread where you can search for the post that contains the egg, so read the clues carefully!

Image This is your game and your game alone. That means, no discussing clues or helping each other! Anyone caught cheating will get disqualified. This is to make it fair for other members who are working alone.

Image The clues given in this post are your only clues to find the eggs. In addition, participants can ask for 3 extra clues (either for 3 different questions or for one question) with each extra clue costing them 2 points.

Image Any general queries regarding the egg hunt can be asked in this thread, and one of the Crazy Creatives will be happy to answer.

Image Once you have found all the eggs, PM the links of the threads containing the eggs - preferably in the same order as the clues - to me (MochaQueen) before the deadline.

Image The Egg Hunt will end on Friday 5th April at 11:59 PM IST and I will post the answers after that along with the winner(s).


Egg Hunt Clues (search pages 1-10 of the threads to find the egg)

ImageKabhi tha pyaara banda toh kabhi jazbaati boss.

Kabhi thi komal bandi toh kabhi ek Mata jo hai jaan se pyaari.

Ab aaye hain dono aise kirdhaar mein jo chale nahi.

Dhoondo woh jagah jahan pata chale ke kaise chala unka yeh showImage

Image Translation: Sometimes a loving man and sometimes an emotional boss

Sometimes a sensitive girl and sometimes a Mata who is more precious than life

Both have now come in characters that just didn’t work

Search for a place where you can find out how their show ran Image

ImageMujhe lagaya do jagah jaata hai.

Mujhe dhoondne ke baad dhoondo woh jagah jahan mere leads ki hi baat hoti hai.

Ek nahi do nahi par hoon main inke combination main kahinImage

ImageTranslation: I can be put on 2 places

After finding me, search for a place where my leads are talked abou

tNot one, not two but a combination of these Image

ImageMeri kahani thi do beheno ke baare main.

Ek jo asmaan chahti thi aur ek jo zameen se pyaar karti thi.

Ban gayi main kahani serial serial ki lekin.

Aur ho gaye mere episodes ki ek nayi featImage

ImageTranslation: My story is the story of 2 sisters

One who wants the sky and one who loves the ground

But I became the same story seen in every serial

And I have reached this new feat in episodesImage

ImageAayi thi party main sab se der se.

Hoon main teesri devi iss channel ke liye.

Aur isme ban kar aayi hoon main kherImage

ImageTranslation: I was the latest to arrive at the party

I am the third goddess for this channel

And I have come as the danger in this showImage

ImageMaine kiya yeh show usse ek saal pehle.

Main pauncha tha teesre number tak woh sirf sixth tak.

Hamara show aaya aur gaya aisa afsana tha.

Pehle jagah jahan yeh afsana ki baatein huyi wohi tumhara thikana haiImage

ImageTranslation: I did this show a year before her

I reached the third place while she landed in sixth

Our show came and went, such was its story

You need to go to where this story was first spoken aboutImage

ImageMeri kahani hai sadiyon sadiyon purani.

Kabhi bani hai achi taran se toh kabhi logon ne band bajayi.

Aayi hai yeh kahani ek baar phir tumhare saamne.

Paunch woh ninth jahah jahan meri kahani hai suni jaatiImage

 ImageTranslation: My story is centuries old

Sometimes it has been told well and other times people ruined it

This story has come again

And now go to the ninth place where my story is discussedImage

ImageKabhi hoti hai masti toh kabhi hoti hain gambhir baat.

Kabhi hote hain purane naamo pe charcha toh kabhi ved puran pe.

Ek baar mujhe jaise dhust ke upar huyi thi charcha jahan meri achiyon pe huyi thi baat.

Akhri baar mujh par huyi thi baara saal pehle yeh vartlapImage

ImageTranslation: Sometimes there is fun, sometimes serious talks

Sometimes there is discussions on old names, sometimes on old transcripts

One time a bad person like me was discussed where my good was discussed

But this happened 12 years agoImage

ImageHoon main sukoon, hai mera khoon safed.

Kabhi main toh kabhi tum baat karte hain, tere mere sapno ke baare mein.

Par jab inhe sab se thak jaate hain toh paunch jaate hain iss jagah idhar udhar ki baatein karne.

Abhi tak yeh wala thread band kiya gaya nahi hai kyun ki hain isme pages kuch teesImage

ImageTranslation: I am the calm, but my blood is white

Sometimes you sometimes I speak, about our dreams

But when we get tired of all this then we head to this place to talk about anything

And our current place has just about 30 pagesImage

ImageHoon main ek pyaar ki kahani jisse repeat kiya jaa raha hai ek show mein ussi channel pe.

Hai yeh ek aisi anokhi kahani jo aaj bhi hai sab ke zubaan par.

Yahan jao aur dekho ke kitne logon ne darshayi hai meri kahani mere 14 pages meinImage

ImageTranslation: I am a love story which is being repeated in a show on that same channel

It is a unique story which everyone talks about

Come to my place and find the creative place with just 14 pages in itImage

ImagePichle kuch saalon mein yeh foreign language ho gayi hai bahut jaani pehchani

Isse language ke shows ki charcha bhi bahut hone lag gayi hain

Par baat hum kar rahe hain iss show ki jo hai bahut lambi

Ek fuzzy fruit bhi iske naam meinImage

ImageTranslation: In the past few years this foreign language has become quite well known

And the shows in this language have become quite popular

But we are talking about a story that is quite long

And even a fuzzy fruit features in its nameImage

Good luck finding the eggs and have a Happy Easter!



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Happy easter. Amru Dekho easter egg hunt agaya smiley42

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Happy Easter everyone! Don't forget to participate in the easter egg hunt contest. Tag others too who might be interested!

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Neela Hai Hum, Munafarid Heere Ki Jaise, Jeetenge Toh Hum Hi, Kahe Ki Hamare Andhar Jeet Ka Khoon Hain.

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Originally posted by Criticiser

Neela Hai Hum, Munafarid Heere Ki Jaise, Jeetenge Toh Hum Hi, Kahe Ki Hamare Andhar Jeet Ka Khoon Hain.

tum hi jeethogi mujhe ek bhi show nahi patha shayad smiley37

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Originally posted by Quantum-Dot

Happy Easter everyone! Don't forget to participate in the easter egg hunt contest. Tag others too who might be interested!

Happy Easter Everyone


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Originally posted by firewings_diya

tum hi jeethogi mujhe ek bhi show nahi patha shayad smiley37

Mujhe khud ye riddles samaj nahi aa rahi hai going to have to explore every forum to find these ande smiley36🥚

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Originally posted by Criticiser

Mujhe khud ye riddles samaj nahi aa rahi hai going to have to explore every forum to find these ande smiley36🥚

all the best naam roshan karke aana smiley36I will try too smiley36

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